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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Croc, a Kiddie game thats way too hard for Anyone.

GAMEPLAY: CROC was a good idea, but a not so good game. Its supposed to be a mario64 type of platformer but it ends up seeming like a green barney running around in a nicely decigned 3D world. In croc you play a crocodile who was raised by these little brown furry gremling looking creatures called gobbo’s, he was found we he was an egg raised by the gobbos, and not he must free the gobbos from some evil demon looking guy named Dante. The Controls are pretty straight forward, theres Jump, Attack, and a button to make croc do a backflip. The Main character Croc is the only character you can choose hence the name Croc. You start off in a little valley below a mountain and you must make your way through the game jumping on the little bad guys, Dantinis (dante’s minions),Vampire fish, Giant bees, giant worm ,so on and so on.

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Audio is very good the sounds are pretty clear, and the music has a light fun tone to it. The graphics are Decent for the saturn, seeing as how it doesnt do 3D as well as the PSX, but theres a serious camera problem, the camera is fixed at a point on the sreen which is usually behind you unless you turn sideways in which case it is facing your side, you can move the camera up, or down a little bit, but thats about it as far as moving the camera is concerned which is a very big problem because the camera gets stuck behind walls and crap all the time and you cant see where youre going until its too late, other than that the graphics are pretty good.

STORY: The story is pretty good, and sometimes funny, it seems that as a child croc was put in a basket and floated downstream where he was found by theking of the gobbos, and raised as one of them, where he remained until he started growing bigger and realized he wasnt one of them, at which time Baron Dante decided to Invade the Kingdom and take over. So now its up to Croc to Set the gobbos free and restore peace. A very good story, which make this seem like a kiddie game, but its way too hard for kids…mainly because ot the damn camera position, in fact its too hard for me hence the reason I never play it.

REPLAY: Its got a lot of replay value if youve got a lot of patience, cuz its gonna take you a while to beat this game.

BUY OR RENT: It might turn out that I just suck which is the reason I cant get past the 3rd section of the first level, or it might be that this game is way too hard, rent it and find out for yourself….that is if theres anyplace on earth that still rents Saturn games or anyone left who still owns one. I dont recommend buying this game, but if you dont mind the camera being fixed in one position, and youre looking for a challenge then go for it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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