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FAQ/Walkthrough by MPeanut

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/26/14

------------------------2nd Impression Guide 1.2------------------------
The Complete Guide to Neon Genesis Evangelion: 2nd Impression for the
Sega Saturn.

By "Miracle Peanut" (aka Reinaldy) <z_gouki@mail.globy.com>  








Okay, this is my second game guide that I have written. It also happens
to be for another Evangelion game which I own. I know there is one
current gameguide/faq that is available for this game, but I found it
to be rather plain. I would like to say that I did not copy anything
from that guide, and all that is written here is my own work and
deduction. My goal is for this guide to be as complete as possible,
while also being easy to use and understand.

There might be some spoilers in this guide, so please be aware of that.
I would suggest you only use this guide if you are unable to do anything
or understand what is going on. I have a very small knowledge of Japanese
and this guide has been written from my basic deduction of the writting
in the manual and the events in the game. There is no English 
script translation of this game in existence.


It was in 1997 that Sega finally released a sequel to their first
Evangelion based game, 1st Impression. After a 12 month break, 2nd
Impression was released in Japan under much expectations from fans and
non-fans alike. This time, Sega want into overdrive and promoted this
game heavily and it received much press in gaming publications in
Japan. This was Sega's most successful game based on Evangelion, and
it is more widely know of than 1st Impression.

Like the previous game, 2nd Impression is a side story to the storyline
in the TV series, occuring right after Episode 14: "Weaving a story".
It plays almost exactly like its predecessor, but it's much more 
polished and the battle system is different. The game improves in 
almost every area that 1st Impression lacked, but the new battle system
leaves a lot to be desired.

To play this game, you just need a Sega Saturn and an ST Key to allow
you to play import games. A prerequiste is a good knowledge of Japanese,
but most Eva fans (like me) usually ignore this need and play the game
anyway. 2nd Impression is a very good game, if not the best Evangelion
game ever released. But some aspects of it could have been better if
Sega had spent a bit more time with it.


A new student transfers to Tokyo-3 and ends up in the same class as
the three Evangelion pilots; Shinji Ikari, Asuka Langley Sohryu, and
Rei Ayanami. The new girl is Magumi Yamagisha, and she shows a passing
intrest in Shinji, which could develop into something more depending
on the path you take in the game. But in the midst of her arrival comes
a new Angel. It is . . . the 12.5th Angel! Sega created yet another 
Angel that didn't appear in the TV series, and now it had come to
challenge NERV and its Evas. This is where you, playing once again
as Shinji, take control.



Before I start going into the main guide of how to play this game,
here are some major points to keep in mind while playing:

- This game is entirely in Japanese. Unless you know the language well,
be prepared to do a lot of guesswork.

- The best way to see all the possible pathways is to write down on
sheets of paper the direct results of each choice. Like this:

Scene: Shinji arrives at school with a slap mark
	Choice 1 - Shinji talks to Hikari
	Choice 2 - Shinji talks to Kensuke

This is the only way to see all the possible pathways, by narrowing 
down your choices each time you play the game.

- Is there a way to skip the FMV? Yes, there is a cheat to activate
video skipping. Go to the EXTRA GAME INFO section to see what it is.

- Winning or losing in the battle modes. In some of the earlier battles,
when the Angel is still in its first form, it is possible to lose and
still continue to the game. However, there might be some special
requirements in this instance. Ie, lose against the Angel in the first
half of the battle until an event is triggered, but then you might
need to win. Experiment to see what the results are. However, if you
lose against the Angel in the final battle (at night), then it's game

- Once again, don't worry about not being able to find the save 
option in the game. Like 1st Impression, the game automatically saves 
while playing, so just turn off the console when you want to finish. 
To pick up where you left off from, just load the save file from the 
main menu.

- This guide only includes a basic look at the game, not an indepth
guide, as there are loads of paths and options. It would take me ages
to map them all out and most of them are interconnected. What I'll
supply you with is all you need to play the game and enjoy it. The
rest is up to you.


This section is identical to 1st Impression, but I will explain it
again for those who have not played the previous game.

2nd Impression is split into two distinct game modes: the "active 
choice" and "battle" modes. In the active choice mode, the 
interactivity is limited to selecting one of the two or three
options that come up on screen, allowing you to proceed. Some choices 
are replies to questions, actions, or even trains of thought. But the 
fact that it's all in Japanese forces anyone without any knowledge of 
the language (like me) to take a guess and write down the result of 
the choice.

At various points in the game, a small text box will pop up at the 
bottom right hand corner of the screen and allow you to make a choice. 
Here is a legend of the commands to use:

Up/Down  - Highlight choice
A Button - Select Choice

That's pretty much all there is to this game mode. If you're able to,
you can translate the choices into English for a better idea of what 
they do.


Sega redesigned the battle system in 2nd Impression. It bears almost
no resemblaces to the one in 1st Impression, and it works differently.
In short, it is much easier to attack and defend, which eventually
makes the battle mode very boring. While there was a certain amount
of skill needed in 1st Impression to cause damage to the Angel and
defend yourself, there is none here.

The "slot machine phase" has been scrapped, and who attacks at the
start of the battle is predermined. The "movement phase" is also gone.
Attacking is now taken in turns, just like in an RPG, but you still 
are able to defend when the Angel attacks. Counter-attacking has been 
removed from your defense. Therefore, all the battle mode cosists of 
is an attack and defense phase.

The battle screen is composed of a target indicator focused on the 
Angel. There is a coloured line on the indicator that shows the Angel's
current state. Here is a quick description of what they mean:

Line is orange - Angel is about to attack
Line is green  - Angel is not attacking
Line is green with a red dot - Angel is not attacking/weakness found

In other words:

Green indicator  - Go to attack phase
Orange indicator - Go to defense phase

While you can attack the Angel at any time (even when the indicator is 
orange), you should ONLY attack it when it is green. You will cause
damage to the Angel, but the Angel will also cause damage to you. It's
just not worth the trade-off.


The target indicator is green and it's your turn to attack. Due to the 
simplicity of the battle system, there is less things to worry about 
and only a few commands to remember. There are two things you need to
deduct from the battle screen before you attack, and you must key in
the attack when the cursor in in the green area. If it is outside this
area, the attack might hit the Angel, but it won't do as much damage.
It might even miss it entirely.

Sometimes, the green targetting indicator might have a small red 
section marked out. This is the ultimate attack zone. Your job is to
stop the cursor within this red region, or very close to it. When you
do, Unit-00 will fire its Positron Sniper Rifle and three explosions
will erupt on the Angel's body compared to the single explosion when
you attack normally. You just have to time your button press so the
cursor stops right at the red region.

To assist you in combatting the Angel, I have done an ordered attack
FAQ like in my guide to 1st Impression. Just follow the order of 
these battle deductions and you will be beating the Angel every time 
you fight it. 

1. Is the Angel far or close?
	- If the Angel is far off, press B.
	- If the Angel is close, press C.

That's it! There's nothing else to do. The attack will be automatically 
performed after being keyed in.


x. The indicator is green.
	- This is when you attack.

x. The indicator is orange.
	- Look out, as the Angel is about to attack.

x. The indicator is green, but there is a red region.
	- Try to stop the cursor on this red region to cause three
	times as much damage to the Angel than with a normal attack.

x. Can I attack the Angel when the indicator is orange?
	- Yes, you can, but you will also take damage. It is not
	recommended that you attack the Angel when it is orange.

x. I have the option to choose different weapons. Do they make any
	- Yes, they supposedly do. But this is hard to test, so I will
	take Sega's word for it. In the manual, the weapons are graded
	in the follwing way, from weakest to strongest:

	Hand Gun - Pallet Gun - Bazooka - Positron Rifle

	Prog Knife - Active Sword - Smash Hawk - Sonic Glaive

	The green region on the targetting indicator gets smaller with
	each stronger weapon. ie, the green region is smaller for the
	Positron Rifle than for the Hand Gun. But when you get the
	hang of the battle system, it is recommened you always go with
	the Positron Rifle/Sonic Glaive combination for maximum damage.


Whatever skill needed to defend against the Angel was thrown out the
window the moment Sega decided to implement the defend button. When
the target indicator is orange, do the following:

1. The Angel is about to attack.
	- To defend against the attack, press A.

It's that simple. You can defend at any time while the Angel is 
preparing its attack. There is no need to stop the indicator in the
orange region.	

HOWEVER, there is the option for you to manually dodge the Angel's 
attack. Unfortunately, I have not been able to figure it out, no
matter how much I have played this game. The manual doesn't explain
it much, and neither does the in-game tutorial.

The defense system works similar to the one in 1st Impression, but
it is missing some important things. Firstly, it is hard to judge
from what direction the Angel is going to attack. To do a defense
move, you must do the following:

1. What direction is the attack coming from?
	- Press and hold UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT corresponding to the
	direction of the attack.

2. Perform defense move.
	- Press X/Y/Z.

Sometimes, I have managed to dodge an attack successfully. But most
often than not, I usually get hit. I just don't know how the system
works. If someone has managed to figure it out, then please tell me.
But for the mean time, you would be better off just using the A button.


x. Can I counter-attack the Angel while defending?
	- No, you can only defend.

x. Can I defend while the indicator is green.
	- You can, but that's when you should be attacking, not

x. What are the X, Y, Z buttons used for?
	- Manual defense. I still don't know how this works, so I can't
	really explain it. But if someone knows how it works, then
	please contact me.


x. Is there any secrets in this game?
	- Yes! This time, Sega included some cool things to unlock.
	There are two areas of secrets: the character portaits and the
	"omake" (extras for fans). Whenever you play the game and get
	a unique story, you will get a character portrait in the
	section where you can load/save games. All the characters from
	the TV series and Magumi are there to unlock.

x. How many have you got?
	- Only half of them. It's very hard to know what you have to do
	to get the other ones. I've played the game over and over
	without any success. This might have something to do with the
	many branching pathways in the game.

x. And the other secrets?
	- By playing the game and getting the various endings and
	branching storylines, you can unlock the following things:

	- A picture gallery
	- An advertisement for 1st Impression
	- A music theater
	- An Evangelion 3D model viewer
	- A sub-game (remember the training Shinji and Asuka did 
	against the 8th Angel? This is it.)

	I have got all of the above, but I'm hoping there are maybe
	more things to unlock than this. If anyone has got more than
	these five things, then please tell me. 

x. How do I get the "best" ending?
	- I can't tell you this, as people have already figured it out.
	I'm not sure if they'd give me permission to use it in my 
	guide. The description of how to attain the best ending can
	be found in the Evangelion 2nd Impression section at 

x. Have you seen all of the possible pathways?
	- After playing this game through a large number of times,
	I still haven't seen all of the videos. Looking through the
	manual, the edge of each page shows still shots from the FMV
	in the game. Somehow, you should be able to get Asuka to sing
	at the carnival instead of Magumi, but no matter what I have
	done, I just can't get that pathway. There is also a pathway
	where Shinji and Rei observe the body of the Angel, but I
	also haven't been able to go this direction. Any help in
	attaining these videos would be appreciated.

x. Are there any cheats for this game?
	- There is only one, but it's a useful one. The be able to
	skip FMV, key in the following button combination on the
	"Press Start Button" screen:

	C, A, R, R, Y, A, L, L

	No you should be able to skip FMV simply by pressing the start
	button. You still will be able to make choices. However, this
	cheat does not work for the in-game FMV, so you'll have to
	watch that. 


June 2014 update - clean-up of layout.

I hope this guide has been a help for you in playing this great game
based on the awesome anime by Gainax.

This guide may be distributed, but not modified in any way 
without explicit permission from the author.

This guide, 2nd Impression Guide was written by Revelation.
This guide is copyright (c) 2001-2008, Revelation.
Neon Genesis Evangelion is a trademark of Gainax/Project EVA.
Sega Saturn and 1st/2nd Impression (c) 1995, 1996, 1997 Sega 

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