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FAQ/Walkthrough by AstroBlue

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/06/02

  __           ___  __  __    __   __       __   __  __        ___       __
 |__) /\  |\ |  _/ |_  |__)  |  \ |__) /\  / _  /  \/  \ |\ |   _/ |  | |_  |
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                  Panzer Dragoon Zwei for the Sega Saturn
                    W A L K T H R O U G H   Version 1.0
             Written by AstroBlue (tetsuwan_blue(at)yahoo.com.au)

                       Last Updated: July 6th, 2002


Panzer Dragoon Zwei was my first Sega Saturn game, and I was stunned by what I
saw. I was constantly bombarded by Sony and Nintendo propaganda found in so
many gaming publications that told me that the Sega Saturn was incapable of
producing quality 3D graphics. Yet, in front of me were some of the most
engrossing and beautiful graphics I had ever seen (at the time). I never
bought another gaming magazine from that day forward ^_^

Official names of bosses and stages thanks to various sources, but namely:
* Lagi: The Art of Panzer Dragoon (www.moonapples.com/lagi/) and
* Panzer Dragoon Academy (www.sun-inet.or.jp/~dds552/PDA/top.html)

                         W A L K T H R O U G H

 E P I S O D E  1 - Elpis Village
Whilst riding on Lagi's back, Lundi picks up a discarded blaster and the
adventure begins. Four flying mutants called Xecom are you first targets, so
shoot them ^_^ Shoot away at the very village you are trying to protect for
points while you take down a further two Xecom. Soon a strange and seemingly
wingless dragon will "buzz" you, and then a large bio-mechanical sphere will
drop down from the ancient ship above and will proceed to roll at Lundi and
Lagi. Rapidly shoot at it and it will eventually explode, releasing three
Xecoms. Lock-on to all three by holding A, B or C and moving the cursor over
them, and then release the button so Lagi fires a bolt of energy from his
mouth (this is called a Homing Laser) continue you to do this with all enemy
formations to get the maximum amount of points.

A further three Xecom are attacking the village ahead, even further on from
them is a bipedal mutant called a Tadomn, it takes more shots than the Xecom
so blast away. After destroying another two Tadomn, look to your left (Left
Shift Button) to find an Assault Warship. Shoot this Assault Warship rapidly
to net thousands of points, but be careful of another Tadomn up ahead whilst
doing this. Shooting the "windmills" around here will also get you more points.
Eventually, Lagi will try to fly up towards the ancient ship but that strange
dragon will "clip" him and he will plunge downwards in a spiral.

 E P I S O D E  2 - Great Ravine
Waves of mutants called Goliathe will emerge from the sand and will attack in
groups of three, take them out with Homing Lasers. After 3 or so waves, face
forward as you'll want to shoot out all the Mecchania tepees on your left and
three Mecchania gliders that will fly at you. A Khourieat (pronounced ku-RI-ah)
with rider will come from one of the tepees, he does count towards your shot
down ratio so take him down. He'll roll about on the ground in a very painful
fashion >_< Anyway, up ahead you'll see a fork in the ravine path. If you don't
do anything or pull over to the right you'll proceed to Route 1, however if
you pull over to the left you'll go down Route 2. Shoot down the Mecchania
Gliders that come at you from behind and then make your choice.

Route 1 - Ground to Air
 Shoot at the tepee ahead and another Khourieat rider will run out. Soon,
 a formation of gliders will fly past the opening ahead, make sure you take
 them down. Once you make you way around the corner another group of will come
 at you from the front, then another two will attack from behind and then two
 more will attack from the front before you make it to the cliff's edge. Lagi
 will safely glide down to the floor of the ravine. Up ahead is a Mecchania
 Fortress, shoot down the four gliders that come at you from different cardinal
 directions and take out the turrets guarding the fortress from a distance.
 A glider will break through the greenish wall ahead just after another one
 buzzes you from behind.

 The following area is an extremely messy gunfight, many solo gliders
 will come at you from many directions, turrets litter the perimeter of the
 fortress, strange machinery will move slowly across the many archways and many
 Mecchania Airships are floating around in the sky, not to mention one is
 very close to the ground just after an arch. After breaking through another
 greenish wall, you will come to a pseudo mini-boss that is a huge
 fortification. Firstly, use homing lasers on all the turrets around the
 perimeter, then focus on the fortification. Shoot at its rotating cannons
 that are firing explosive spheres at you, once all of them are down you will
 move on. Two airships will fly out in front of you, fire at them as much as
 possible before they inevitably crash in front of you, blanketing the
 surrounding area in blinding smoke... things will go quiet.. time for a boss.

Route 2 - Air to Air
 Another tepee with a Khourieat rider is up ahead. Three waves of gliders
 will fly at you from the front, shoot them down or use lock-on homing lasers
 if you are fast enough. After the last turn of the ravine path, spin around
 180° to intercept the stream of gliders that will come at you from behind.
 Upon reaching the cliff, Lagi will spread his wings and soar... easily one
 of the most uplifting video game moments.

 Mecchania gliders will attack you from the front, three coming from the left
 and three coming from the right, spin around as another wave of three will
 come at you from behind and then turn to your left as yet another wave of
 three with a tag-along will come at you, lock-on to all four and fire
 homing lasers for more points. One more wave of three will come from the
 front before things get a tad messy. Three gliders will come at your from the
 front, then four from the right and a pair of small Mecchania zeppelins will
 fly out in front while another four speeders attack from your left, shoot away
 at the zeppelins with Homing Lasers. After you take them down a swarm of
 gliders will come out from behind the mountain peak to your left, lock-on to
 as many as you can but shoot any strays with normal shots before they
 disappear. A huge Mecchania zeppelin will soon appear, shoot at its sails
 whilst taking out the four gliders that intersect from different directions
 in front of you. Continue shooting at the zeppelin and any gliders it
 launches. Another three small zeppelins will come at you from the left,
 after shooting down these, one more wave of gliders and two more zeppelins
 will appear. Lagi will then land... time for a boss battle.

T r a n s p o r t  S h i p
It will appear from behind the rocky outcrop ahead, scaring a group of bats.
Firstly, it will hover over you unfolding the cannons on its underside.
Rapidly fire at the cannons and any missiles they shoot out. Next, more
cannons will fold out on the tips of hydraulic arms after it falls back behind
Lundi and Lagi, lock on to them and fire homing lasers to destroy them.
Continue to shoot at its hull rapidly, it will disintegrate in front of your
eyes. Shoot the debris for points and safety, especially the turquoise
containers. Soon it will fly out in front of Lundi and Lagi, when it does this
a cannon will fold out on its rear, take it out before it shoots at you and
continue to fire at the hull. The blue "shields" are actually weak points.
Once you get it down to almost nothing, it will fly beside you. Take out the
two port side cannons and attack it aggressively while avoiding the explosive
cylinders it will jettison. Eventually it will crash and burn.

 E P I S O D E  3 - Forest of Taboo
As the episode begins, shoot down the Mecchania speeder bikes that are flying
along side Lagi and Lundi. Be sure to destroy any cannon balls they shoot at
you so you don't sustain any damage. Note that each speeder takes at least two
homing laser shots to destroy. Up ahead cannon barges are hiding behind the
trees, when they pop out hold A, B or C and quickly move the cursor along
their length and then release to destroy them easily with homing lasers. Two
will appear directly in front of you from the trees, then two will be flying
along parrallel to you behind the trees and then another two will attack from
the front. More groups of speeder bikes will appear now, after about four
groups the forest gully will split in two, do nothing or fly to the right to go
down Route 1, or fly over to the left to go down Route 2.

Route 1 - Air to Air
 Four flying mutants called Gimn will appear up ahead and then there will be
 another wave of four to your left. After a while a red centipede like mutant;
 called a Naga will emerge from the leaf litter. Lock-on to as many segments
 of it as possible and attack with many homing lasers. Waves of Gimn and
 solitary Nagas will littler the forest up until the end boss. Watch your
 radar at all times.

Route 2 - Ground to Air
 Lagi will land on the ground and waves of flying mutants called Gimn will
 swarm this deep area of the forest. Lock-on to as many as possible and kill
 them with homing lasers. Eventually an assault battleship much like the one
 you saw in Episode 1 will fly down from the forest canopy. Attack it
 aggressively  with laser shots while taking out the smaller enemies it
 produces and stray Gimn with homing lasers. Waves of Gimn will then appear
 before another Assault Battleship appears, destroy it using the same modus
 of operandi as the last ship. After one or more waves of Gimn, Lagi will
 take flight again and things will get ominously silent.

H a n u m a n n
As soon as its energy bar appears, spin around to look behind and begin to
attack it aggressively with homing lasers or even use Lagi's Berserk attack.
Lagi's Berserk attack will take about 20% of his life bar out, which is a nice
start. Shoot at the red globules it produces with your blaster for points, and
to prevent damage to Lagi. When Hanumann stops in front of you, beware of its
slashing arms, as they will cause massive damage on contact. When it begins
to swing from the forest canopy continue to use lock-on homing lasers, but
make sure use also lock-on to the fire mines it drops. Its last ditch attack
is throwing a boomerang like shuriken, watch your radar to avoid it at all
costs and continue hammering at Hanumann. Once it's dying, shoot at its mouth
to rack up lots of points from the red globules it produces.

 E P I S O D E  4 - Ancient Ruins
After shooting down two waves of Sweepers, there will be a fork in the
tunnels. Don't do anything at all or fly down low to go down Route 1 or 2, or
fly up real high for Route 3. Wave upon wave of Sweepers will attack you from
the front. Once you fly down to an aquaduct, get ready for the last split in
the ancient tunnels. If you do nothing or fly to the left you'll go via
Route 1 and if you fly to the right you'll go down Route 2.

Route 1 - Ground to Air
 Lagi will fly through a gap and then will land in the ruins. Get ready to
 shoot all the robot-like TekeTeke's on the ledge to your right. A little
 further on and eight TekeTeke's will encircle you, shoot as many as you can,
 but you'll have to be quick as the platform you're standing on will elevate.
 Strange mutants suspended from webs will appear on your travel upwards.
 Firstly there is one on your right, then left, then behind, and then left,
 right and behind. Shoot them before they shoot you. Soon the platform will
 reach its destination and Lundi and Lagi will pass through solid rock O_o
 TekeTeke's abound ahead, Lagi will soon take flight and more Sweepers will
 attack you from the front.

Route 2 - Air to Air
 After three or so waves of Sweepers attack from the front, you will fly into a
 very dark chamber of the ruins. Shoot the swarm of mutants called Goliathe
 that are swarming in the waters below. After another wave of Sweepers you will
 fly into another chamber, this one is well lit but filled with Beefly's. A
 single Beefly will attack and then suspended barriers will block the route,
 so shoot them down, after another single Beefly and a wave of Sweepers, there
 are more barriers. This time you will have to deal with Beeflys attacking you
 while you destroy the suspended barriers. Waves of sweepers will came attack
 you while manoeuvring through more tunnels.

Route 3 - Air to Air
 Waves of Sweepers will came at you, if you ever feel really intimidated
 during this route, use Lagi's Berserk attack. After flying downward to a
 tunnel below, a stream of projectiles will come at you from behind. Shoot
 every last projectile for heaps of points. Waves and waves of Beefly will
 attack you with venom, shoot them while manoeuvring through the gaps in the
 semi-opened "doors". After a wave of Sweepers, you will fly down below yet
 again. Make sure you watch of for waves of Sweepers shooting at your tail.
 After you go through white doors the Sweepers will come from the front again.
 A lone Beefly attacking will signal the end of the attacking hoards.

Up ahead are barriers suspended from the roof, shoot them to clear a path for
Lundi and Lagi. After Lagi flies through a narrow gap, you will just be able
to see a bunch of TekeTeke on the pontoon bridge up ahead. Homing laser them
dead from a distance. Things will go all quite now... you know what that means.

R a n d - D o u l a
Once it emerges from the water, begin to shoot at it like mad. It with then
jump out of the water and will shoot projectiles at you. Make sure you shoot
down all the projectiles whilst shooting Rand-Doula so Lagi doesn't take
damage. Soon enough it will begin to destroy the pontoon bridge you are
standing on in a very "Jaws"-like fashion. When its head is up fire rapidly at
it with normal blaster shoots, but when it is out of your sight use lock-on
homing lasers. Eventually it will submerge, swim under you and then burst up
in front of you, destroying the pontoon bridge in the process. And so Lagi must
takes flight. This is arguably the best time to use Lagi's Berserk attack on
it, as it stays in the air for quite some time. Continue to attack it
aggressively as it leaps from the water, you can cause quite a lot of damage if
you lock-on to the many segments of its tail and then fire homing lasers.

Soon it will submerge and release a lot small pink orbs. Don't shoot them if
you are low on life, as once destroyed their orbital will fly towards you, it's
quite hard to avoid. If you have lots of life, lock-on to as many as you can,
fire homing lasers and then fly around the screen in a swirling motion to avoid
them. Once it resurfaces it will use sweeping lasers on you, do fancy flying to
avoid them while continually hammering it with homing lasers. If it submerges
deeply and faces you, get read to dodge its huge tails as it flails it at you.
If you take too long it will release some small biomedical guns that will shoot
at you, ignore them and continue firing at Rand-Doula until it dies. Make sure
you look behind once it dies for a cool sub-aquatic explosion.

 E P I S O D E  5 - Frozen Sea
A Shellkouff guardian called Nuse will welcome you to this wintry wonderland
by releasing smaller ships that fire plasma death at you. Sway up and down
and continually fire your blaster to hit Nuse and clear a way through the
plasma. If you take too long to take Nuse out, it will fire a whole swarm of
smaller enemies that will fly in front of you in a very organised pattern, fire
at some of them to punch a hole to fly through safely. After a short lull after
taking down Nuse, small mutants called Tarran will fly up in waves and will
shoot you from behind. So look behind you and get ready to get them before they
get you, after a final swarm attacks you from behind, another wave will attack
you from the right and then one more from the front. The ancient ship
Shellkouff will pass in front of you and then another swarm of Tarrans will
come at you. Nuse will come back for more after three streams of connected
Tarran attack, lock-on to as many as you can and wait for them to break up
before you shoot them with homing lasers, you'll get more points that way.

N u s e
Nuse is probably the second easiest boss in the game. Don't use homing lasers
on it, as its orbiting shields will just absorb them. Instead, keep a steady
stream of blaster fire on it at all times as it circles Lundi and Lagi. Ignore
its lasers, they always seem to miss. Just watch out for Nuse twitching as this
means it's shooting meteors at you. Make sure you shoot every meteor it fires
at you, since it's really the only attack you have to worry about. After a
couple of hundred blaster shots it will die.

 E P I S O D E  6 - Shellkouff
This first part of the episode is probably one of the most hectic parts in the
game. If you are unsure, just use Lagi's Berserk attack and tap L or R rapidly
to kill everything in sight. Anyway, if you're brave, Shellfish (which look
like small bipedal robots) will jump out of the hatches shooting balls of fire
as you, shoot them down with homing lasers. Once you pass the second pair of
hatches, look behind you and shoot the tanks on the ground and the wave of
flying mutants called Sealance that will attack your behind, coming from Lagi's
right side (note that's to the left if your facing behind). Then, quickly shoot
the laser towers along the banks of the trench, and then the three tanks and
a wave of Sealances that will attack Lagi's left side. Get ready to take out
all the barriers that pop up in the trenches, the laser towers that litter
the banks of the trench and the stream of Sealance that will pour out of the
opening ahead. Once inside the Shellkouff, you will battle a wave of Sealances,
some tanks, another wave of Sealances and then a group of tanks that will
position themselves around the circumference of the tunnel. Lock on to them all
and kill them with homing lasers. After one final wave of Sealances, you will
fly out to the port side of the Shellkouff.

Lagi will hover in front of the whisker like engines of the Shellkouff. Firstly
take out all the missile pods and the three laser bays which are just in front
of where the whisker engines attach to the Shellkouff. Plus, take out any of
the missiles they are firing. Once all armaments have been taking out, start
firing at the whisker engines. Lock-on to parts of all three engines and fire
homing lasers at them. If you take them all out simultaneously you will get
more points. Lagi will then proceed to fly inside Shellkouff again, five waves
of Sealances will attack you in here before you exit out to the underside of
the Shellkouff.

Shoot down all the biological stalactites which are attached to the
Shellkouff's underside for points. Up ahead is more messy gun fighting very
reminiscent of beginning of the level. I suggest you use your Berserk attack,
which is probably full thanks to all the shooting you have had to do. Sealances
will attack you from behind, then another wave of Sealances will attack you
from behind, then another wave of Sealances will come from the left and will
attack your front and a hatch will release a couple of Shellfish to attack.
Once you've killed these Shellfish, shoot the three green laser cannons that
just opened up behind you with homing lasers. Two move waves of Sealance will
attack you from behind and one last group of Shellfish will be released from a
hatch ahead... a bunch of panels will explode from the bottom of the
Shellkouff, exposing the Guardian Dragon who "buzzed" you in the first Episode
and is currently undergoing a metamorphosis in a cocoon.

D r a g o n  C o c o o n
The Guardian Dragon has quite a lot of attacks at its disposal. Its pattern
goes: release spawn while attacking with green lasers, orange homing shots,
blue bolts of energy and then there is a short lull before the cycle starts
again. Basically, focus your attention on dodging attacks and firing homing
lasers at it and its spawn it produces while it's attacking. While in the lull,
just fire at the cocoon rapidly with your normal laser shots. Eventually the
cocoon will disintegrate  and the Shellkouff will begin to plummet down.

 L A S T  E P I S O D E
This episode is just an epic battle with the Guardian Dragon.

G u a r d i a n  D r a g o n
As soon as you see it, begin to blast away at its head with normal laser shots.
When it flies away from you and plumes its "feathers", swerve to one side to
avoid being hit by a torrent of spores. Shoot a bunch of homing lasers at it
while you stay away from the spore trial. Shoot the stream of small enemies it
produces before they can attack you and Lagi. It will fly in front of you and
plume its feather's next, fly in between a gap in its feathers when it drops
back and begin to fire again. After releasing more small enemies it will fly
up real close beside Lundi and Lagi, this is the perfect time to use Lagi's
Berserk attack or to shoot it rapidly with your blaster.

This next attack is pretty devastating, it will fly in front of you and will
try to club you to death with its cocked tail. Avoid this by swooping out of
the way the second you see it lunging for you. After three or so swipes at you
it will fly out in front of you and will fire behind at you. Avoid its shots
and fire homing lasers at it, soon it will return fire with its own homing
lasers. After a little while, its attack cycle will start again. After you
cause enough damage to it, it will disintegrate into the sea.

However, the Guardian Dragon's Pure Form was still intact in its core. So it
busts out of the water for one final assault.

P u r e  F o r m
This is a very basic battle, the Guardian Dragon will weave in and out over
the sea, leaving a trail of fluorescent spores in the wake of its dragonfly
like wings. Just stay out of the way of the trail and attack it constantly.
It's faster to shoot it with normal laser shots but it's also incredibly hard
to aim, so you may be best with homing lasers. When it shoots projectiles at
you, I suggest you use homing lasers whilst dodging them, even if you are using
normal shots to attack the Guardian Dragon. After a fairly long dogfight, the
Guardian Dragon will be defeated... for now.

With the Guardian Dragon and Shellkouff out of the way, it's time to watch
an ending. Note that I wrote AN ending not THE ending. ^_^

                            A  P  P  E  N  D  I  X

* If you press A, B or C in a relatively slow rhythmic beat, Lundi will fire
  his gun almost as rapidly as if you were to hit the button as rapidly as you
  possibly can. This saves your Saturn controller from more wear and tear, and
  your thumb from getting osteoarthritis latter in life ^_^

* Most people think that "Dragoon" is fancy way of writing Dragon. In fact, a
  Dragoon is a heavily armed cavalryman. In other words; a Dragoon is a soldier
  who rides a horse and wields a gun. So... Lundi is a Dragoon not Lagi.

Dragon Evolution Requirements
Hatchling    - Initial Form
Glideling    -  2 Points
Windrider    -  6 Points
Armonite     - 13 Points
Skydart      - 15 Points by the end of Episode 4.
Brigadewing  - 18 Points
Blue Dragon  - 24 Points

Pandora's Box
This wonderful extra appears in the Options menu after you finish the game
once. It contains a myriad of options (read: cheats) that let you tweak the
game in almost every way possible (that may be over exaggerating just a little
bit). More options open up as you play the game; for example, you can only
make Lagi start as a Dragon you've played as, and you can only choose to view
the endings you've actually seen. However if you fulfil one of these
conditions, every option in the box will open up, they are:

* Have a save game from "Panzer Dragoon Saga" saved to your Saturn's memory.
* Have a "TOTAL TIME" of 30:00.
* Have a "BEST SHOT DOWN RATIO" of 100%.
* Have a "TOTAL CLEARED GAME NO." of 20.


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