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FAQ/Walkthrough by adam3k3

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/05/06

                                BBB  vBBB   BD9                             
                          BBB  5B BT Bv B  BI B  QBBG                       
                      r   B YB  B  B B  B, B  B  B  B                       
                    BB7Bv B  3B9B  BBB  TBBG  BOB  B  DB8B                  
                 7   B  B3BB  ;,       .     B ;   B BS .B  .               
               aB;BG 3w  G3  .  .,,,,,,,,:: IB   , TBw  B  BBBB             
                B  3BBB     ,,,,,,:::,.     BB :::.    5BEB  rE             
            BBZ  B      ,,:,,::.            BB ::.,:,:.     B: ,DBa         
           BQ  BBBE ,,,:,.        ;3BBBBBBBBBB     ,:,:,,,, BBB5  B7        
            YB,     ,,,,. :BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBGBB 8B    ,,,,,,     5B          
        BBBB7 BG ,,:,,.       wBBBBBBBBBBBBBTBBBBBB   :,,,,::: BO 3BBB      
        B.  YD3  ,:,,,  BBBBBBB  vBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBS  ,:,,,::  Br   BB     
          BZ    ,::,,: GBBBBB        BE .BBBBBBBBBBBBB  .:,,,:,   .BS       
     .BBBD:BS :,,,,,,: BBa   3B   5BB  BBBBBBBB8DBBBBBB  ::,,,,,,.B7IBBBE   
     BB    ;  :,,,,,,: vB95BBBE 8BBSBBB; 8BBBB   SBBBBBB  ,,,,,,.  ;    Bv  
       OBr   ::,,,,,,,  BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBO 3BBBB  BBBBBBB  ,,,,,:,  3DBw    
    OB5: BZ ,:,,,,,,,,.  BBBBBBBGvwIBBBrBBB3.BBBBBBBBBBBBT ,,,,,,,..B   YY  
    B    ,  ,..,:::::::  Q,BB    BBZSBB  BBBBv5BBBBBBBBBBB .,,,,,:, ;T7. 9B 
    EBB8T  ,            BBB     BBBB8BBD .BBBB9;EBBBBBBBBB  ,,,,,,:  .5BBBT 
   BB35.   : BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB ,.   BB BBBBBBBBBBBB     BBB .,,,,,,.   5wIB 
       .BB .    B ,aBBBBBBBBB     OBBB TBBBBBBBBBBB  BBBB w  ,,,,,,.TB      
    G8BEE  ,,  wB9      BBBBB7.3BBBBBB  BBBBBBBBBBB  9   BB .,,,,,:. GBBBO  
       .BBY ,::  BBBBBBB,   BBBBBBB   .   BBBBBBBBBBBBBB   ,,,,,,:, BB,     
     BB      .:.   aBBv              ..   BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB   .,,,:      BB   
     .BZBBBBw :,,       ,,,::,..,,:,,,:  BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB   ,:: BBEBaBB   
          8B   ,,,,,,,,,,,,   ,,,,,,,.  EBBBBBBBBBBBB   ZBBB5 ,   aB        
        BS   7  .,,,,,,,,,. I  ,,,,,, .BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB      v   3   5B.     
        B3BBB Bw.:,,,,,,,,.TBB ,,,::,  rBBBBBBBBY wBBBB   .  . B5rBB3BT     
         .   Bw     ,,,,,,.    :,     TBBBBBBZ      BBBB        B   .       
           BG   aB;               5GEBBBBBBBI    :; YBBBBB :BBQ  vB         

                       Clockwork Knight FAQ/Walktrough
                               For Sega Saturn
                                 Version 1.00
                               By Adam Copper
                          E-mail: adam3k3@gmail.com                       

                 This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2006 Adam Copper
                            Adam3k3 FAQer Profile
                         Last Revision May 5th, 2006

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.........................................[INT]
2. Version History......................................[VHS]
3. Playing Basics.......................................[BSC]
4. Walktrough...........................................[WLK]
 4-1. Stage 1...........................................[ST1]
 4-2. Stage 2...........................................[ST2]
 4-3. Boss 1............................................[BS1]
 4-4. Stage 3...........................................[ST3]
 4-5. Stage 4...........................................[ST4]
 4-6. Boss 2............................................[BS2]
 4-7. Stage 5...........................................[ST5]
 4-8. Stage 6...........................................[ST6]
 4-9. Boss 3............................................[BS3]
 4-10. Stage 7..........................................[ST7]
 4-11. Stage 8..........................................[ST8]
 4-12. Boss 4...........................................[BS4]
 4-13. Boss 5...........................................[BS5]
7.Legal Disclaimer......................................[LDR] 

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the section code into the search bar and click Find.

1. I n t r o d u c t i o n                                                [INT]
The beautiful Chelsea has been kidnapped and its up to you Sir Pepperouchau 
to rescue her and save the day. Haw simple yet so fun this 2D side scroller 
really is but than again what do you expect from a gaming company like Sega? 
What a fanboy I am. Any way this Walkthrough will guide you through all the 
stages and help you fight the bosses, if you have anything to add drop me an 
email. Until next time, cheers. 

2. V e r s i o n  H i s t o r y                                           [VHS]
Version 1.00 (May 5th, 2006)
- Finished the Walkthrough

3. P l a y i n g  B a s i c s                                             [BSC]
Basic knowledge

Well as I said, this is a side scroller game so basically all you have to do 
is walk to the end of the stage killing anything in your way. There is a time 
limit of 5 minuets (4 in hard mode) in each stage so you if you don’t hurry 
you will lose one try and start all over again. You have three hits, each time 
you get hit by an enemy you lose one, you can also add additional hits by 
collecting Gold Keys. At the end of each stage is a mix of letters rolling on 
the ground, pay attention to the missing letter Shown jump on it to get bonus 


Controls are pretty easy, just like any other 2D game Here is an explanation 
of each button:

D-Pad: Move your character around.

A/C Button: Jump.
B Button: Attack.

L/R button: Display or Hide status bar. 

Pick and throw: To pick up enemies, attack them until there stunned than hold 
the attack button and walk toward them. Same applies to some objects. To place 
an enemy or object down press down on the D-pad. Press the attack button to 
throw any enemy or object.  

Run: Tap the D-pad twice to the direction you wish to run and hold it pressed.

Crouching: Press down on the D-pad to crouch avoiding attacks and looking down.

Looking up: Hold up on the D-pad to move the camera up a little. 

Pushing objects: Walk toward the object you want to push. 

Pulling objects: Walk toward an object and hold the attack button, than walk 
backwards to pull it. 


Level: Set the difficulty to Normal Hard or Training*. 
* Not all levels are available on this difficulty. 

Players: Set the lives from 3 to 6. 

Control: Change the controls. 

Press the R button to shift to the next set of options.

Sound: Set it to Stereo or Mono.

BGM: Select a song and press A button to play it.

SE: Select the sound and press A to hear it.


There are many items or power ups in this game, here is the full list:

Gold Key

Restores all hits and add additional one. 

Silver Key 

Restores all current hits.

Bronze Key

Restores one hit. 

Oneon’s Helmet

You get an extra Try.

Garluch’s Helmet

You get three Tries.

Pa Zur’s Sphere

A ball star icon inside. It will make you invincible for a couple of seconds. 
Note that you will still die if your crashed or fell to your death outside the 

Time Bonus 

This clock icon adds 5 seconds to your time limit. 

Imperial Crown

You collect them in stages, they can be used in two ways:

1. If you have at least 20 Crowns you can continue when all your Tries end. 
Each continue cost 20. 

2. You can play a bonus game called Soltia Roulette (see down section). 

Soltia Roulette

You can pay 5, 10 or 15 Crowns to join, the more you pay the more chances you 
get for wining. After the boxes stop spinning you get to open one box and see 
if you win. If you win you can try to double it by playing again without 
paying but if you lose you lose your prize. 

4. W a l k t r o u g h                                                    [WLK]
There are 4 rooms, each room contains 3 stages. The first two are actual 
stages while the 3rd one is a boss stage, kill him and you will move into 
the next room with another 3 stages and so on. Note that this FAQ was written 
assuming your playing the Normal difficulty. 

Betsy’s Room

Stage 1 [ST1]

From the start of the stage attack the enemy ahead of you, pick him and run 
throwing him at the next enemy. Pick the key ahead and the invincible Sphere. 
Now run crashing all the enemies ahead until you come to a falling toy houses. 
You can ether walk to them and step back as they shake and fall or simply run 
as fast as you can avoiding them. Now run forward getting the key and picking 
up the enemy near it. Now run forward and throw him at the coming enemies. 

Run forward avoiding the pencils spikes by jumping on the cubes. Jump on the 
wooden platform and wait till it goes all the way up. Get all 5 Imperial Crowns
than jump down and run forward passed the falling houses and to the end of the 

Stage 2 [ST2]

Pick up the ball and throw it on the clock ahead, continue walking forward 
and two enemies will jump in. Kill one and throw the other on a nearby clock. 
Jump on one the first box after it fells than jump on the upper left platform 
getting all 7 Imperial Crowns, invincible Sphere and and picking up a spring. 

Place it under the graph getting the time bonuses. Run forward killing all 
enemies and avoiding the falling boxes until you come to a dead end with a 
box. Go near it and open it by pressing attack button repeatedly than jumping 
in it.Run forward avoiding the punches while getting the gold Key. Open the 
box and jump in it. Run forward crashing the clock ahead until you come to a 
set of pullable cubes. Pull them, get the invincible Sphere than run forward 
until you come to another set of pushable cubes. 

Push them forward, jump on them and jump into the upper books. Run ahead 
getting the time bonuses avoiding the punches till you come to yet another 
set of moveable cubes. Push it ahead so the next book cant move and hurt you. 
Crash the clock and run to another cube with moving book ahead. Push it and 
run forward avoiding the next movable book. Run forward crashing the enemy 
ahead and into the stage’s end.  

Boss 1 [BS1]

Wait until the gentleman toy comes near you and drop its hat, immediately 
jump to the other side and start attacking him until the hat jumps back on 
his head. The head will try to jump on you, avoid it and repeat . Now his 
head will pop up, attack it until it dies while watching the hat as it will 
also try to hit you. Great job next stop is Kevin’s Room. 

Kevin’s Room

Stage 3 [ST3]

Run forward climbing up while crashing the enemies until you come to batter. 
Don’t push it to its case, instead jump it and fall down into the hole ahead 
picking the helmet. Ignore the second battery as well and continue forward 
into the 3rd battery. This time push it in its case, jump on the button next 
to it and quickly jump on the nearby box. You can also jump up getting Imperial
Crowns while its transferring you. 

When you reach the other side continue until you come to another battery, 
push it and press the button. A bowling ball will clear all obstacles in 
your way until the last 2. Crash them and continue running forward and 
jumping to the next area. Continue your way crashing all enemies ahead 
until the stage ends. 

Stage 4 [ST4]

From the start of the stage push the battery to its case and jump on the 
trains button, your set for a ride. Stand at front and open the gate by 
using attack button.  Now try not to fall of the train as you jump, crouch 
or crash any enemy ahead. When your in the part where the train goes beneath 
you, jump on the platform ahead of you and into the next train. 

When the train stops under the next platform, make your way by jumping and 
going to the right side into yet another train. When the train reaches the 
ground jump of it and get inside the box ahead. Jump of it and continue to 
end the stage. 

Boss 2 [BS2]

This boss is really easy, every time he drops two enemies than transform to a 
walking robot and try to attack you. Crash the two enemies he throw than keep 
attacking him. Repeat and after 15 hit he will be useless plastic. Feeling 
hungry? You better be because whey are going to the Kitchen!


Stage 5 [ST5]

Beware: the ground is slippery and will easily make you slide and fall so 
watch out. Run forward crashing all enemies ahead till you come to a red 
balancer, jump on it and enter the pipe by standing next to it and pressing 
up. Make your way ahead by crashing and watching obstacles especially the 
falling water and fire. When you come to white cube, push it and ride it till 
the end. Enter the next pipe. Run ahead and end the stage. 

Stage 6 [ST6]

Run ahead into the pipe. Wait till the water goes down than carefully jump 
on the plate and into the next one watching the falling water. Jump on another 
flouting platform while crashing any enemy, wait and make sure its safe and 
clear than jump. Keep dong this until you reach the safe ground with a pipe, 
inter and end the stage. 

Boss 3 [BS3]

As soon as he starts walking toward you it means his open to the 
attack, attack him once and he will slide backwards than forward 
and crash. Immediately run toward him and attack until his shell 
falls back on him. Now watch out of him trying to jump on you. 
Repeat until he goes down. Now into the final part. 


Stage 7 [ST7]

Pickup the spring and place it on the wood ahead and jump to the upper right 
platform getting the Helmet ahead. Return and keep going forward crashing the 
enemies. Ahead are some spikes that you have to jump with enemies popping right
on top of it so you have to carefully time your jump or just run like crazy. 

After that will be a box, open it and hop in. Now there will be a new type 
of enemies. You cant hurt these guys and cant jump them with the spikes roof 
ahead but there is a way. Take some distance from them and keep jumping forward
and they will walk backwards, keep doing this till you come to the box. Jump 
on it and scare them away enough distance so you can open and hop it. A wall 
will come up and down, run as fast as you can crashing all enemies ahead and 
stop in the safe ground. Wait till it goes up again and run ahead. 

Another type of enemies will appear, the exploding candles. Throw them on the 
wood ahead to destroy it getting the Imperial Crowns. Run ahead and another 
moving wall will appear followed by a wooden bridge with explosive candles. 
Watch out as they can destroy this bridge if they explode. When you come to 
another moving wall walk to the wooden box to the left of the Danger sign and 
press the attack button to get the invincible sphere. Run ahead crashing the 
enemies to end the stage

Stage 8 [ST8]

Run forward without opening any box and crashing all enemies on the way. 
Enter the box that’s located just before the last one. Hop in the next box. 
Crash the explosive candles and inter the box ahead. Jump on the moving 
platform and wait till the next one comes up or down so its safe to jump. 
Repeat doing this while watching the enemies till you come to a safe ground 
with a box, enter it and finish the stage. 

Boss 4 [BS4]

The boss will fall down and try to jump on you. Attack him as he land and try 
not to stay in one place so he doesn’t jump on you. After couple of jumps he 
will break the ground and you both will fall. Now his body will fly and try 
to hit you. Pick up the head and throw it at the big Square part (the one with 
X mark). Throw the head at it a couple of times while dodging his moves and he 
will explode. 

Boss 5 [BS5]

Its looks like its not over yet. This boss is a joke, all you have to do is 
hit one of his arms than a cup full of pencils will fall, stay near it or pull 
it so that his face hit it. After couple of hits he will go down. 

Congratulations you have completed this awesome game. It wasn’t that hard, 
now was it?! 

5. S e c r e t s / C h e a t s                                            [SCT] 
Bonus Points

For a 1,000,000 point bonus, finish stage 2-2 in under 30 seconds. Make sure 
you get the clock if you hope to make it!

Level Select
At the title screen, press Left, Up, Right, Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, R. 
Press Up or Down to select your starting level.

Warp to Final Level
Perform the Level Select described above, and then press Left, Right, Right, 
Up, Right, Right, Up, Down, Right, Right, Up, Right.
999 Lives

For 999 of 'em, try this trick. At the "Press Start" screen, press Up, Right, 
X nine times, Down, X six times, Left, X seven times, Z, X, Y, Y, Y, Z.

6. F A Q                                                                  [FAQ]
Q: Was this game ported to anything else besides Saturn? 

A: No, its Saturn Exclusive. 

Q2: Is there a second part?

A2: Yes, Clockwork Knight 2.  

7. L e g a l  D i s c l a i m e r                                         [LDR] 
Copyright (c) 2006 Adam Copper
This document is registered with the Copyright Office. This FAQ or any 
part of it may not be placed on any public display including and not 
limited to websites, magazines, or any other distributed form without 
my written permission. No money must be made of it, selling or giving 
away with a parches is prohibit. This FAQ was created for private personal 
use only, violation any of these terms will result in taking legal action 
against you immediately.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.
This FAQ can only appear on the following websites:

.(GameFAQs) http://www.gamefaqs.com
.(Cheat Codes) http://www.cheatcodes.com 
.(Neosekeer) http://www.neosekeer.com
.(IGN) http://faqs.ign.com

If anyone fined this FAQ on any unlisted site please inform me ASAP.
E-MAIL: adam3k3@gmail.com

Contac information

I may be contacted at any time via my e-mail, (adam3k3@gmail.com).
If you have any questions, contributions, corrections, or anything else
feel free to e-mail, just make sure to put "Game Name" as a subject and
watch how fast I delete your e-mail if you acutely put "Game Name" as a

Credits/Special Thanks
. Game Manual: Some info from it.
. IGN.com: Got the cheats from it.
. All listed websites for accepting my FAQs.
. You for reading this FAQ.
. Me for creating this FAQ for all of you out there.

FAQ Created by 
        ___       __               _____ __  _____
       /   | ____/ /___ _____ ___ |__  // /_|__  /
      / /| |/ __  / __ `/ __ `__ \ /_ (/ //_//_  \
     / ___ / /_/ / /_/ / / / / / /__/ / ,  \___/ /
    /_/  |_\__,_/\__,_/_/ /_/ /_/____/_/|_/_____/

-End of Document-

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