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Move List and Guide by WorknMan-rat

Version: 13 | Updated: 09/25/1997

Written by WorknMan (worknman@rat.org)
Revision #13
Last Updated July 9th, 1996/September 25th, 1997

          WorknMan's Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Sega Saturn FAQ

What's New
Where to get this FAQ
Codes and Secrets
Game Details
Bugs And Glitches
My Thoughts On The Game
Frequently Asked Questions Section (Read Before Emailing!!)
Subscription List
Email Me
Move FAQ (Contains moves, fatalities, secrets and codes from the
          arcade version)

What's New
September 25th
I decided to update this page because I have gotten sooooo much mail
about the CRAZY CYRAX code. No, this was not an ommission on my part.
It was actually here at one time but the latest revision of this FAQ
was lost when its home site went down and this older revision was brought
back from the grave when Rat restored this MK site in its older state.
Anyway, here's the code. In the attract mode, enter:
C-R-A-Z-Y-C-Y-R-A-X with the control pad to get the cheat menu.
As I remember, the 'R' is the right button on the TOP of the control
and not 'right' on the directional pad. Since I haven't played this game
in over a year, I don't remember for sure so try them both :)

BTW: If you're still playing this game, stop wasting your time and get
MK Trilogy for Saturn .. it's out in case you didn't know.

Revision #13
Added: A couple of new glitches to the "Bugs and Glitches" section
Corrected: The 2 Saturn specific vs screen codes I had were written down
           wrong, can't believe anybody didn't notice and tell me sooner:(
Simplified: You only need one controller to enter UKKs (duh!)
Updated:    You can do the free play code on the game's copyright screen
Confirmed:  All of the previous "unconfirmed" glitches
Updated:    Frequently Asked Questions Section

Wow, things have been very quiet this past week. I had a feeling it would
be this way.

Revision #12
Added: All three character's UKKs (See Codes and Secrets section)

Revision #11
Added: Freeplay code (gives you unlimited kredits - see Codes and Secrets 
Added: 2 Saturn Specific vs screen codes .. text messages (Codes and Secrets)
Added: Bugs and Glitches Section
Added: Game Details Section
Added: "My Thoughts On the Game"

Also removed several sections that don't really apply anymore since the
game is now out.

Where To Get This FAQ
As with most of my other MK3 home version FAQs, Rat will be hosting this
one as well. Here is where you can always find the latest revision.
Please note that this FAQ on FTP is no longer supported.
Also, see subscription list info in this FAQ.

On the web at: http://rat.org/pub/mk/faqs/umk3sat.faq

*** NOTE ***
If you have an MK page, feel free to link this FAQ if you want, you need
not ask permission, so long as you agree to the following:
* You must *link* it to it's WWW home (see URL above).  I don't want
  anybody hosting it because there will be outdated revisions all over
  the place. That includes you too, **GAME PLAYERS MAGAZINE and
  This will also (hopefully) prevent people from sticking their name on
  it and calling it theirs.
* You email me and let me know that you have added it to your page and
  let me know where to find your page (URL).

A combo FAQ written by Sub-Zero and myself.

Codes and Secrets
These are all codes that can be found only on the Saturn version of UMK3.
All codes related to the arcade version (that also work on the Saturn)
will be listed in the move FAQ (such as the code to play as Human Smoke).

Entering these three codes will let you play as the three hidden characters ..
symbolized by three dragons in the character select screen.

Mileena:          700-723
Ermac:            964-240
Classic Sub-Zero  760-520

Note - These codes are NOT permanent, meaning that you will have to enter
       them every time you turn on the game.

Here's how to enter the codes:
After your game is over, you'll see a screen with 3 boxes, each box containing
six symbols. Pressing the appropriate buttons changes the symbols on all of
the boxes.

**Controller 1**
Button X    Button Y     Button Z
1st Box     Second Box   Third Box
Button A    Button B     Button C
4th Box     5th Box      6th Box

So, for Mileena's UKK, do it like this
**Controller 1**
Press BUTTON X 7 times
Press BUTTON A 7 times
Press BUTTON B 2 times
Press BUTTON C 3 times

This code will give you an ulimited number of kredits (continues).
At the title screen (the purple background with "Ultimate MK3" and the
skulls, do the following motions on the control pad:
Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Down

If you did this right, you should hear Shao Kahn say "Excellent"
Note - This code can also be done at the Copyright screen when the game
is first starting.

These are both text message, don't know if they mean anything.

200-002  IT SHOULD WORK!? - P.A.B.
300-003  PUB! - D.K.P.

Some time ago, I was thumbing through the Ultimate Guide to Fighting
Games - 1996 Edition (put out by EGM) when I noticed what looked like
a cheat screen for UMK3 Saturn. I kinda had mixed feelings about adding
it to this FAQ (fearing it was something they just drew up .. they just
showed the screen, no info on what it was) so I didn't mention it here,
until now. The reason why I do mention it is because I spotted the exact
same screen in the latest issue (May 96) of Video Games magazine .. the
screen looks something like this:

                        Mortal   Kombat   3

                        FREE PLAY       OFF
                        ERMAC           OFF
                        OLD SUB-ZERO    OFF
                        MILEENA         OFF
                        FATALITY TIME    ON
                        1 ROUND MATCH   OFF


There is a very good possibility that this cheat screen is real, although
I don't yet have the code to access it.

Don't expect to find a lot of "Saturn version" specific codes in this
game. It will mostly be a straight up arcade port. All of the hidden
characters will be in, along with Human Smoke. Most likey, Noob Saibot
will not be playable and Rain will definitely not be in the game.

Since I now have the game (or rented it anyway), I can now give you specific
details about graphics, gameplay, etc. This is primarily for those who haven't
gotten to play the game yet and will probably be removed in a later revision.

First off, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this game was modeled
after the Sony Playstaion version of MK3 (the coders at Eurocom have never
played the SNES or Genesis versions). The beginning of the game where you
configure the controls and set options is EXACTLY like the PSX version, they
didn't even bother to change the MK3 logo to UMK3. There are options to
change your controls, set the volume of the music, turn off the blood and
fatalites, and various other options.
I will now list some noteworthy things about Saturn UMK3, especially if
something is different than the arcade version.

* There are three UKKs to unlock three hidden characters. The "UKK" screen
  pops up at the end of a game, just as it does in the arcade version. The
  only difference being that the UKKs are 6 digits long instead of 10. I
  seriously doubt that these UKKs will be permanent (meaning you'll have
  to enter them every time you turn on the game). Somewhere, I am positive
  there is a "cheat screen" to enable these characters. When you enter
  in a correct code, the screen doesn't cycle through all the backgrounds
  like the arcade, it just goes black, flashes, and goes to the portal
* All of the vs screen codes from the arcade seem to work except for the
  2 on 2 codes
* The demo screen with the short clips of the characters fighting
  (where Rain is seen) was left out of the Saturn version.
  removed from the Saturn version
* The Human Smoke code is the same in the Saturn version as it was in the
  arcade (see Move FAQ for the code)
* The music for the new Ultimate backgrounds is different in the Saturn
  version than in the arcade. For example, the Scorpion's Lair stage in
  the arcade had the same music as the Pit III stage, the Saturn version
  plays another track. There was no new music added for the Saturn version,
  they just changed which tracks are played for different stages.
* When you uppercut someone through the ceiling, you fight the next round on
  the lower chamber instead of the higher one
* If you hold both HPs after the hell pit fatality, you see Dan Forden pop
  out, but its Shao Kahn's voice saying "Crispy!".  Hold both HPs and Runs,
  and you'll hear Shao Kahn say "Crispy!" twice in a row.  Pretty stupid uh?
* The music is redbook audio, identical to the arcade version
* The CPU isn't quite so annoying as it was in the arcade, it actually
  attacks every once in awhile:) The cheezy jump back-spear pattern
  doesn't seem to work on the Saturn
* The 999-999 vs screen code says "Saturn Rev 1.0"
* When attempting to grant mercy in the third round, the word "MERCY!"
  just pops on, then off the screen. No fancy spinning fade out like the
* Fatality sounds can be off in some instances.  Similar to the Playstation
* Standard button configuration places Run and Block in the middle row of
  the six  buttons and also atop the contoler with the Left and Right buttons.
  Really handy if  you're used to playing the SNES version of MK3.
* Alot of the voices seem as if they are pitched too high.  Almost as if
  they were  talking through a "tin can".  Especially Sindel's scream.
* Like Playstation MK3, the announcer doesn't announce the round numbers ..
  all you hear is "FIGHT"
* There is pretty much no music on the "Choose Your Destiny" screen between
  fights .. only at the end.
* Reptile's force ball does not have an explosion associated with it, as in
  the arcade version.
* They changed the sound of Scorpion's and Smoke's harpoon to a really
  dull sound .. but this is kinda cool because you hear Scorpion say
  "Come 'ere!" when he spears an oppenent, it doesn't cut off halfway like
  it does in the arcade.
* Once, I played the 8 player tournament mode and at Shao Kahn's treasure
  chest, I chose the first question mark (random prize) and it gave me a
  Friendship Demonstration, don't know if this was in the arcade version or 
* Strykers friendship is the same as the Playstation.  Sonya's friendship has
  a bunch of flowers growing out of the ground, instead of one. Jax's stomp 
  fatality is as good as the Playstations attempt to mimick the arcade. 
  (Instead of growing into a giant, he just sorta floats off the screen :)

To be honest, the access time in this game is *horrible!*

* Be prepared to wait 7-12 seconds between each fight
* The access time for the Shang Tsung morhps is slightly longer than in
  the PSX version .. about 4-5 seconds
* In the 2 on 2 mode, there is about a 4 second pause when you defeat
  a player and the next one jumps in
* Kahn's Treasures Chest is just like the Arcade.  I tried the supreme
  demonstration by competing the 8 man tournament, and it took 27 minutes
  from start to finish!  I say 8  minutes was finishing moves, the other
  19 were "NOW LOADING".  The "NOW LOADING" will last for about 6 seconds
  between each fatality. Sometimes, the finishing moves are cut off short
  before they finish. In the case of Cyrax's helicopter, it cuts off even
  before the halfway point!
* There is a small pause after you enter the finishing move, and also during
  the move itself. The Saturn pauses to load the "Da-Da-Da!!!"
  music, then pauses again to grab the approiate finishing move. This first 
  pause was also present in the  Playstation version of MK3, but the second 
  was not.

Other than the things mentioned above, graphic, sounds, and gameplay seem to
be right on target with the arcade version.

Part of the fun of playing any MK3 home version is finding all of the bugs
and glitches and believe me, the Saturn version has plenty of 'em:)
Who the hell tested this game anyway?

This is by FAR, the coolest glitch I've seen in the game! Here is how it works:
1.Turn on the game
2.Go to the Game Konfigurations menu and select the Shang Tsung morphs
  to "All"
3.Start a two player game and choose Shang Tsung as one character and Kitana
  as the other
4.Enter the random morp vs screen code (444-444)
5.Now, pay careful attention to SHANG TSUNG.
  If you wait a few seconds, he will still be Shang Tsung but his energy bar
  will say "Kitana." At this point, do Kitana's fan toss (F,F,HP+LP). You
  will see what looks like a character fly across the screen and nail your
  opponent and your character will TURN INTO what looks to be a distorted
  Shang Tsung fireball. You can hit him to knock him out of it.
  Now (if Shang Tsung still has "Kitana on his energy
  bar .. if not, wait a few more seconds and the same thing will happen
  again), do the square wave punch and see Shang fly across the screen. Be
  careful though, doing the fan lift will cause your character to morph into
  Kabal and it will crash the game! This works with EVERY character, almost
  always producing different bizarre results. The drawback is that doing most
  special moves will crash the game. However, I have found that using Kabal
  doesn't seem to crash it (or didn't for me anyway) so he might be a good
  character to try it with. And remember, the Shang morphs have to be set
  to "ALL" for this glitch to work. Also, when morphing, Shang often times
  looks distored, a cross between himself and the other character:)

First, you have to beat the game on the Supreme Master level or tournament mode
and then at Shao Kahn's treasure chest, pick the next to the last square for
the MEGA ENDURANCE MATCH. If you beat the MEM, it will take you back to the
ladder (the choose your destiny screen). When I did it, the ladder had Reptile
as the next character I was supposed to fight but I fought Kano instead. The
next match took me to Sindel on the ladder but I fought an endurance match
against Noob and Ermac. Next on the ladder was the endurance match but I fought
Kano instead. Next on the ladder was Motaro but I fought Nightwolf instead. 
This continued and I actually went one or two notches ABOVE the ladder and then
the game crashed and threw me back to the CD audio screen. I may not have the
characters on the ladder in exactly the right order but you get the idea.
Tip - Probably the easiest way to beat the MEM is to choose Cyrax and throw
the net again and again, the CPU is a sucker for that move:)

Ever notice that you're always playing the same three or four backgrounds
over and over and over again? This has plagued the arcade version of UMK3
and was also present in the PC version of MK3. Here's a simple work around.
When you first turn on the game and start a one player game, you will begin
fighting on The Scorpion's Lair stage (lava in the background). If you
uppercut someone and send them flying through the roof, for the rest of
the game, you will simply cycle through the four new Ultimate backgrounds
and never see any of them from old MK3 (unless you enter vs screen kodes
to access them). All you have to do is not uppercut when you first fight
on that stage and the old MK3 backgrounds will be accessible. By default,
the game cycles through all of the Ultimate background before moving to
the MK3 backgrounds.

If you enter the vs screen code to play Galaga (642-468), after both
players lose all their ships, the game crashes.

While fighting against your opponent in round one let the
time tick down to 1 second in a room that has a level above you (ex. subway,
soul tower, bank). This is the important part, make sure your enemy has enough
energy so that one uppercut will NOT kill them.  Thus, with one second on the
clock, uppercut them into the higher chamber.  The round will stop with your
opponent frozen in the air with the broken ground around him [which you just
knocked him through].  Notice, your character never jumped up through the 
ground since the round was over.  Thus the Saturn still thinks your in the 
lower chamber.  So at the start of the next round, you and your opponent will 
start in the higher chamber with a lot of weird control problems.  The board 
will not scroll as usual, but if you walk or leap away from your enemy, they 
will slide backwards!!! But heres the really good part, walk over and uppercut
them.  It knock your enemy into the air, and back through the floor on which 
your standing!! Needless to say, it is a hell of an uppercut.  Then the game 
will function as normal. I think the Saturn is trying to superimpose the
higher chamber background over the lower one for this reason.  Do the above
mentioned trick in the subway.  You'll start round 2 on the street as you 
should, except there are no lines on the road, the background with Kahn's 
tower flickers in and out, no swilrling debris, and there are three very small
white horozontial lines, one of which flickers.  Look framiliar?  The flicker 
is the bad light located in the subway you were just in. I think this double 
image is the cause of all the control problems.  Also, when you uppercut your 
enemy, everthing goes back to normal. Thus, you perged the lower chamber from 
the display enabling the game to fuction normally again.

If you can do this glitch on the Subway or Scorpion's Lair stages, keep the
glitch going until the screen says "Finish Him" and then do the character's
pit fatality on the upper floor! (Remeber, things still have to be
"screwed up" and *not* back to normal when you do the pit).
Also, this trick seems to DISABLE THE START BUTTON on the losing player's

Big glitch here! If you preform your characters pit fatality atop the bell 
tower WHILE the the word "Fini.." is being spoken, there will be a brief pause
while the cd-rom loads info, and your character will execute the pit fatality.
The neat trick here is that your defeated opponent will NOT land on any 
spikes.  Apparantly, if you pull this off FAST enough, the Saturn doesn't have
time to load the finishing move and the spikes.  Thus, your opponent lands on 
a spikeless floor in the spread eagle position.  Pretty funny, its like a big 
splat instead of the normal impaling.  If you did the pit fatality too slow, 
the spikes will be loaded as normal.  So try to set up your final blow with a 
sweep or standing HP, so your right beside your opponent when they are defeated.
And remember, its gotta be super fast!

Beat the game with Sub-Zero (this might work with any character) on
the second Master tower, and at Shao Kahn's treasure chest, go to the 12th
block and hit right once more and the dragon cursor should be 1/4 of the left
side of the screen.  Hit a button and the screen should say "Tournament 
Outcome" but it froze and you'll have to reset it.
Note - This does not work when beating tournament mode!!

If you are playing as Scorpion (or H. Smoke I think) and you are on the
fourth tower when you get to the second endurance round w/ Scorpion,
Jade, and Kitana (I don't think they ever change) if you finish Scorpion
with a spear and pull him in he dissapears as usual but as Jade is
jumping in the game crashes.  You can't hit reset.  Only turning the
saturn off then on will work.
Note - This glitch has also been known to work with Human Smoke.

Yeah .. plain and simple, the game kicks ass, with one *BIG* exception -
the access time. This is primarily the reason why I am a strong critic
of CD-ROM based game systems. No matter how impressive their CD quality
music and the FLV (Full Lotion Video) may be, these systems will never
measure up to a cartridge system with the same processing capabilities,
and Ultimate MK3 for the Saturn is a good example of why.
I believe this game would have shined on the Nintendo 64 but on the
Saturn, you can tell the system is working damn hard to keep the access
time from being any longer than it is now .. and this is painfully
obvious through some of the missing sound effects. I know that this
probably isn't the fault of Eurocom as much as the limitations of the
Saturn itself. The game (in some strange respect) just doesn't seem
to "sparkle" like the arcade version did, and I don't expect any of you
to understand what the hell I meant by that comment, I think it's just
my imagination.
I'm not saying the game is a bad translation - in my opinion, it is about
90% of what the arcade was. But seeing "NOW LOADING" on the screen
all too often and actually waiting more than playing, it really killed
the game playing experience for me.
But, for all of those who can stomach the wait and are fans of UMK3, I
would definitely recommend this game .. as it contains (almost) everything
that its arcade counterpart has to offer .. and *definitely* a step above
Probe's crappy Saturn port of MK2!

I always put a section like this in a home version FAQ to (hopefully)
cut down on the amount of redundant email I get. Not that the email
is bad in itself, it's just different people writing with the same
questions. Probably about 90% of reader questions will be covered here.

Q: Can you tell me how to do <insert move or code here>?
A: Let it be known that if it's not anywhere in this FAQ, then I
   don't know about it, so don't ask.

Q: Any other secret characters besides Human Smoke?
A: Yes. Mileena, Classic Sub-Zero, and Ermac. The codes to access
   them are in the "Codes and Secrets section)

Q: Any other secret characters, I mean *really* secret?
A: If a character is not listed in this FAQ, they either don't
   exist or I don't know about them.

Q: I'm having trouble doing <insert move or fatality here>?
A: Keep trying:)

Q: Is there going to be a UMK3 for <insert home system here>?
A: SNES and Genesis probably ... that's all I know.

Q: Can you send me all the combos for all the characters?
A: Yeah right:) Seriously, check out:

Q: Are there really nudealities?
A: I will ignore all questions of this type

Q: Can you send me codes?
A: All the codes I have are in this FAQ

Q: Can you send me the latest FAQ revision?
A: I do not make "special deliveries" when it comes to mailing,
   if you want updated revsions, get on the subscription list:)

Q: Can you email me whenever you find anything new (codes, etc.)?
A: If I kept a list of everyone who requested this, it would have over
   a 100 names on it. In case you didn't know, that's what the
   subscription list is for:P

Q: I know you said that Rain wasn't in the game but ....
A: TRUST ME on this one!

Get On The FAQ Subscription List
As with my other MK3 home version FAQs, I will be doing a subscription
list for this one as well. If you subscribe, you will recieve a the
latest revision of this FAQ every time it is updated .. it's a way
to keep you from having to check the website for the latest update.
I will send updates to you through
email. To subscribe, simply drop me a line at worknman@rat.org and say
you want to be added to the Saturn UMK3 subscription list. Subscriptions
are free of charge and will last until the final revision of this FAQ is
written, or until you would like to be taken off the list. There is no
automated response anymore, you'll just start getting the updates:)

PLEASE NOTE - There have been a few people who subscribed but when I
sent out the reply, the email address came back as being bad. If you
subscribed and haven't recieved anything yet, that's most definitely
why. Sorry, but there's nothing I cad do about this:(

Email Me
Do you have a question, comment, suggestion(s), or info? Why not email
me about it.

My email address is:   worknman@rat.org
Thanks for reading, c ya in the next update!!

This is a list of people/sources who have sent me info that I have
added to the FAQ. List is in no particular order of importance, I will
add new additions to the top of the list.

Smoke <merkel@InforMNs.k12.mn.us>
   Sent me what turned into be the "Ethel, What Tha Hell Was That" Glitch
Jeremy Collins <bono@dfw.net>
  The Mega Endurance Mixup Glitch
   First one to send me the UKKs, I still don't know who found them and how.
CnCplayer@aol.com (a.g.mk)
   The freeplay code
Snapper (Jeremy Snapp) <snapper@greene.xtn.net>
   Sent me a lot of the game details, before I even had a chance to play it:)
   Also sent me a few of the glitches included in the FAQ
   For the move FAQ
typhoon <typhoon@net-gate.com>
   One of the main contributors to this FAQ, too many things to mention:)
Bryce Petit <bryce@ns.poweramp.net>
   EGM2 Article Info
Andrew Michelson <Vaultkpr@ix.netcom.com>
   Game Informer Info
Next Generation Online
   Release Date Info
Ryan Berberich   <wrichard@prairie.lakes.com>
   Release Date Info
Cyber Rat        <CYBER_RAT@wow.com>
   Release Date Info
Paul Hamrick Jr. <104540.2513@compuserve.com>
   Told me about the Video Games magazine article on Saturn UMK3
   Provided info about Eurocom.
Various Retailers and sources
   Saturn UMK3 release date info
Kano <keith@altair.cs.oswego.edu>
   Sent me info about Saturn UMK3 release date.

UMK3 Moves List (Arcade Specific)
This is a move FAQ for UMK3 which was written by Rat and copied here
with full permission from the author (thanks Rat). It has been altered
somewhat to fit the Saturn version, some things (that didn't apply to
the Saturn version) have been removed.

This is everything from the arcade version. Any "Saturn specific" moves
or codes will be listed in their appropriate sections somewhere in this

Ultimate Mortal Kombat III FAQ (moves list) for Sega Saturn
By: Ratman (Edited by WorknMan)
Send any corrections or additions to: worknman@rat.org


Detail: The object of this FAQ is to be a cheat sheet, not a compendium.

Key -------------------------------------------------------------------------

U = Up                   HP = High Punch                  HK = High Kick
F = Forward                                 BL = Block
D = Down                 LP = Low Punch                   LK = Low Kick
B = Back       R = Run

Move (distance): movement

For movement:

"-" means "then"
"+" means "and"
So D-F-HP+LP means Down, then forward, then hit HP and LP at the same time.

Hold button (other thing) more things
So "hold LP (D-F-D-F) HK" means
"Hold LP, then tap D-F-D-F, then let go of LP, then hit HK, release HK"

A word about "Hold button"...
Sometimes you have to hold the button a certain amount of time. If
something doesn't work that involves holding a button, hold it longer.

If something requires UP, it helps to hold block, but it is not necessary.

Special things --------------------------------------------------------------
VS. screen codes

On the VS screen (in 2 player mode), you can cycle through the 6 symbols by
hitting LP, Block, and LK on both sides. Cycle backwards by hitting UP and
the button. The numbers are the number of times you hit the button.

Key (number is number of times you hit the button):
0 MK Dragon          5 Lightning Bolt
1 MK Logo            6 Goro
2 Yin-Yang           7 Raiden
3 Number three       8 Shao Kahn
4 Question Mark      9 Skull

999-999 - Show what revision you have.
010-010 - Throwing Encouraged (displays funny message when you throw)
100-100 - No Throws
020-020 - No Blocking
987-123 - No Meters (all meters at the top are hidden)
300-300 - Silent Kombat (no music)
788-322 - Quick Uppercut Recovery (no lag after you uppercut)
033-000 - Half Energy for Player 1 (start with 1/2 energy every round)
000-033 - Half Energy for Player 2 (start with 1/2 energy every round)
707-000 - Quarter Energy for Player 1 (start with 1/4 energy every round)
000-707 - Quarter Energy for Player 2 (start with 1/4 energy every round)
044-440 - Sans Power (starts game on round 3 with almost no energy)
688-422 - Dark Fighting (screen lights up when you hit)
444-444 - Randper Kombat (random morphing) (or 460-460)
985-125 - Psycho Kombat (dark,randper,no meters,no block,quick uppercut)
466-466 - Unlimited Run (run meters don't go down after combo/run)
642-468 - Galaga (game over for both players after you play)

Kombat Zone: (Lets you fight on that stage)

091-190 - Bell Tower
077-022 - Bridge
933-933 - Ermac's Portal
666-333 - Graveyard
330-033 - Jade's Desert
004-700 - Kahn's Kave
880-220 - Kahn's Tower
600-040 - Kombat Temple
050-050 - Noob's Dorfen (Bell Tower)
820-028 - Pit III
002-003 - River Kombat
343-343 - Roof
666-444 - Scorpion's Lair
123-901 - Soul Chamber
079-035 - Street
880-088 - Subway

Text: (displays a little message)

717-313 - Rain can be found at the graveyard
          (this code is probably more BS to get you to try to find him.
           Don't fall for it!)
448-844 - Don't jump at me - MXV
122-221 - Skunky!! - E.F.
004-400 - Watcha gun do ? - E.B.
550-550 - Go see Mortal Kombat the live tour!
282-282 - No Fear (it's a pinball game)
123-926 - No Knowledge that is not power
987-666 - Hold Flippers during casino run (pinball game reference)

Winner Fights: (Winner of 1st round plays a certain character, and
                it's game over for the loser)

969-141 - Winner Fights Motaro
769-342 - Winner Fights Noob Saibot
033-564 - Winner Fights Shao Kahn
205-205 - Winner Fights Human Smoke


To throw, you only need to hit LP while you are up close. You DO NOT need
to hit any direction on the joystick. In fact, you can even push back on
the joystick and you can still throw provided you are still close enough.

To block a throw, hold BACK or DOWN+BACK. No block required.
This works even if you are getting up, or stunned (frozen, spinning, etc).
It has been this way since MK1.


I have listed the standard ground combo for each character.
Some combos end with the opponent being in the air, and you can continue
to inflict more punishment.
Note I have removed the percentages and hits. The only reason I have combos
here is so you know the "push buttons in a sequence" combos. There are far
better combos than the ones I list here.


- Don't hit block during the winning round
- You can be anywhere on the screen (unless otherwise specified)
- You can do a friendship/babality after a doing a mercy (optional)

Stage fatalities:

Scorpion's Lair
Shao Kahn's Tower
The Subway
The Pit III

(see "Stage:" to see how to do these for each character)
(the distance is always "up close")

If you hold both run buttons after you do the stage fatality on
Scorpion's Lair, you can hear Shao Kahn say "Crispy".
If you hold both HP buttons, Dan Forden will pop out and Shao Kahn will say
You can hold both run buttons AND both HP buttons, Shao Kahn says
"Crispy" twice ... somewhat different from the arcade.

Mercy: Hold RUN (D-D)

This gives your opponent a little bit of energy back after you beat them.
- You have to hold run a certain amount of time. Around 2-3 seconds.
- Your opponent has to have won one round.
- You can be anywhere on the screen except close.
- You have to do this if you want to do an Animality. After the mercy has
  been done, and it says "Finish him/her" again, anyone can do an animality.
- You can't do more than one mercy per match.
- You may do any finisher (Fatality, Friendship, Stage or Babality) after
  the mercy. This does not mean you HAVE TO do the mercy first.

Random Select: Just like MK2.

Up-Start at the select screen.
The default players have to be selected for this to work.

Sometimes the guy doesn't say "toasty".
Freeze your opponent while he/she is in danger. To prove this, do the mercy
with sub-zero, then just keep freezing your opponent.

Ending codes
After you beat Shao Kahn, you can choose a symbol. The higher skill level
you choose, the more symbols you can pick from.

Novice:  1-4
Warrior: 5-6
Master:  7-8
Master:  9-12 (The higher Master level)

1  MK Dragon      : See the character's ending
2  MK Logo        : Galaga
3  Yin-Yang       : Fight Ermac
4  Number three   : Fight Noob Saibot
5  Question Mark  : Random select (selects another code)
6  Lightning Bolt : Fatality Demonstration #1
7  Goro           : Fatality Demonstration #2
8  Raiden         : Fatality Demonstration #3
9  Shao Kahn      : Fight Noob and Ermac
10 Skull          : Fight Classic Sub-Zero and Noob
11 Question Mark  : Fight Noob,Ermac,Human Smoke,Classic Sub-Zero,Mileena
12 Question Mark  : Supreme Demonstration

Play as Human Smoke
Choose Smoke. When any round is starting, hold HP+HK+BL+RUN and hold the
joystick back.
So if you were player 1, hold it left, and player 2 would hold it right.

Characters (in alphabetical order) ------------------------------------------

Classic Subzero
Freeze:           D-F-LP
Freeze ground:    D-B-LK
Slide:            B+LP+BL+LK
Fatality (close): D-D-D-F-HP
Stage: F-D-F-F-HP
Standard Combo:   HP-HP-LK-B+HK-F+LK

Grenade Close: Hold LK (B-B-HK)
Grenade Far:   Hold LK (F-F-HK)
Net:           B-B-LK
Teleport (can do in air): F-D-BL
Air throw (while you on ground, and victim in air): D-F-BL
           Then LP to throw.
Fatality (anywhere):  D-D-U-D-HP
Fatality (close): D-D-F-U-R
Animality (close):  U-U-D-D
Friendship: R-R-R-U
Babality: F-F-B-HP
Stage: R-BL-R
Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-HP-HK-B+HK

Fireball: D-B-LP
Exploding Teleport Punch: D-B-HP
Telekinetic Slam: B-D-B-HK
Fatality (close): R-BL-R-R-HK
Fatality (sweep): D-U-D-D-D-BL
Stage: R-R-R-R-LK
Standard Combo: HP-HP-B+LP-HK-B+LK

Human Smoke
Spear: B-B-LP
Teleport Punch: D-B-HP
Throw (in air): BL
Fatality (close): R-BL-R-R-HK (does the same thing as Ermac too. Lame.)
Babality: D-B-B-F-HP
Stage: F-U-U-LP
Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-B+HK

Boomerang High: B-F-HP
Boomerang Middle: B-F-LP
Boomerang Low: B-F-LK
Returning Low Boomerang: B-B-F-LP (Will only return if your opponent is a
                                   human and if they duck the boomerang)
Projectile Invincibility: B-F-HK
Glow Kick: D-F-LK
Fatality (close): U-U-D-F-HP
Fatality (close): R-R-R-BL-R
Animality (close): F-D-F-F-LK
Friendship (anywhere): B-D-B-B-HK
Babality: D-D-F-D-HK
Standard Combo: HP-HP-D+LP-LK-HK-B+LK-B+HK

1 Missile: B-F-HP
2 Missiles: F-F-B-B-HP
Gotcha Grab: F-F-LP (tap LP to keep punching)
Backbreaker (in air):  BL
Quad Slam (after starting a throw): tap HP
Ground Pound: Hold LK
Dashing Punch: F-F-HK
Fatality (close): Hold BL (U-D-F-U)
Fatality (far): R-BL-R-R-LK
Animality (close): Hold LP (F-F-D-F)
Friendship: LK-R-R-LK
Babality: D-D-D-LK
Stage: D-F-D-LP
Standard Combo: HK-HK-D+HP-HP-BL-LP-B+HP

Top Spin: B-F-LK
Eye Spark (can do in air): B-B-HP
Ground Saw: B-B-B-R
Fatality (outside sweep):  D-D-B-F-BL
Fatality (close): R-BL-BL-BL-HK
Animality (close): Hold HP (F-F-D-F)
Friendship (anywhere except closer than sweep): R-LK-R-R-U
Babality: R-R-LK
Stage: BL-BL-HK
Standard Combo: LK-LK-HP-HP-D+HP

Knife Throw: D-B-HP
Knife Uppercut: D-F-HP
Cannon Ball: Hold LK
Diagonal Cannon ball: F-D-F-HK
Grab and Shake: D-F-LP
Throw (in air): BL
Fatality (close): Hold LP (F-D-D-F)
Fatality (sweep): LP-BL-BL-HK
Animality (close): Hold HP (BL-BL-BL)
Friendship: LK-R-R-HK
Babality: F-F-D-D-LK
Stage: U-U-B-LK
Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-LK-B+HK

Fan lift: B-B-B-HP
Fan Throw: F-F-HP+LP
Square Wave Punch: D-B-HP
Fatality (close): R-R-BL-BL-LK
Fatality (close): B-D-F-F-HK
Animality (between close and sweep): D-D-D-D-R
Friendship: D-B-F-F-LP
Babality: F-F-D-F-HK
Stage: F-D-D-LK
Standard Combo: HP-HP-B+LP-F+HP

Kung Lao
Hat Throw: B-F-LP
Teleport: D-U
Flying Kick (in air): U-D-HK
Spin: F-D-F-R (tap R)
Fatality (anywhere): R-BL-R-BL-D
Fatality (inside sweep, but not up close): F-F-B-D-HP
Animality (close): R-R-R-R-BL
Friendship (over sweep): R-LP-R-LK
Babality: D-F-F-HP
Stage: D-D-F-F-LK
Standard Combo: HP-LP-HP-LP-LK-LK-B+HK

Liu Kang
Fireball High: F-F-HP
Fireball Low:  F-F-LP
Flying Kick:   F-F-HK
Bicycle Kick: Hold LK
Fatality (anywhere):  F-F-D-D-LK
Fatality (anywhere):  U-D-U-U-BL+R
Animality (sweep): D-D-U
Friendship: R-R-R-D+R
Babality: D-D-D-HK
Stage: R-BL-BL-LK
Standard Combo: HP-HP-BL-LK-LK-HK-LK

Sai Throw: Hold HP
Warp kick: F-F-LK
Roll:      B-B-D-HK
Fatality (far):   B-B-B-F-LK
Fatality (close): D-F-D-F-LP
Animality (close): F-D-D-F-HK
Friendship: D-D-B-F-HP
Babality: D-D-F-F-HP
Stage: D-D-D-LP
Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-HK-U+LK-U+HK

Arrow:  D-B-LP (can be done really fast after a combo)
Hatchet Uppercut:  D-F-HP
Shadow Shoulder:  F-F-LK
Glow (reflects missiles):  B-B-B-HK
Fatality (close): U-U-B-F-BL
Fatality (far): B-B-D-HP
Animality (close):  F-F-D-D
Friendship (anywhere outside sweep): R-R-R-D
Babality: F-B-F-B-LP
Stage: R-R-BL
Standard Combo: LK-HP-HP-LP-Hatchet-Hatchet

Acid Spit: F-F-HP
Force Ball Slow: B-B-HP+LP
Force Ball Fast: F-F-HP+LP
Slide:  B+LP+BL+LK
Invisibility: U-D-HK
Run Past and Elbow: B-F-LK
Fatality (jump distance): B-F-D-BL
Fatality (sweep): F-F-U-U-HK
Animality (close): D-D-D-U-HK
Friendship (close): D-F-F-B-HK
Babality: F-F-B-D-LK
Stage: BL-R-BL-BL
Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-B+HK

Spear: B-B-LP
Teleport Punch: D-B-HP
Throw (in air): BL
Fatality (jump distance): D-D-U-HK
Fatality (close): F-F-D-U-R
Animality (close): F-U-U-HK
Friendship (close): B-F-F-B-LK
Babality: D-B-B-F-HP
Stage: F-U-U-LP
Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-B+HK

Teleport+Uppercut (can do in air): F-F-LK
Missile (dumb):  F-F-LP
Missile (smart): F-D-B-HP
Fatality (sweep): LP-R-R-BL
Fatality (over half screen): F-F-F-B-BL
Animality (close):  F-F-D-U
Friendship (half screen): R-R-R-R-D
Babality: B-D-D-D-HK
Stage: R-R-R-D
Standard Combo: HP-HP-HK-HK-B+HK

Shang Tsung
1 Fireball:  B-B-HP
2 Fireballs: B-B-F-HP
3 Fireballs: B-B-F-F-HP
Volcanic Eruption: F-B-B-LK

Classic Subzero: BL-BL-R-R
Cyrax:     BL-BL-BL
Ermac:     D-D-U
Jade:      F-F-D-D+BL
Jax:       F-F-D-LP
Kabal:     LP-BL-HK (have to do it fast)
Kano:      B-F-BL   (have to do it fast)
Kitana:    F-D-F-R
Kung Lao:  R-R-BL-R
Liu Kang:  F-D-B-U-F
Mileena:   R-BL-HK
Nightwolf: U-U-U
Reptile:   R-BL-BL-HK
Sektor:    D-F-B-R
Scorpion:  D-D-F-LP
Sheeva:    Hold LK(F-D-F) or F-D-F-LK-LK
Sindel:    B-D-B-LK
Sonya:     D+R+LP+BL
Stryker:   F-F-F-HK
Sub-Zero:  F-D-F-HP

Fatality (close): Hold LP (D-F-F-D)
Fatality (close): Hold LP (R-BL-R-BL)
Animality (sweep): Hold HP (R-R-R)
Friendship: LK-R-R-D
Babality: R-R-R-LK
Stage: U-U-B-LP
Standard Combo: LK-HP-HP-LP-B+HK

Teleport Stomp: D-U
Stomp: B-D-B-HK
Fireball: D-F-HP
Fatality (close): F-D-D-F-LP
Fatality (close):  Hold HK (B-F-F)
Animality (close): R-BL-BL-BL-BL
Friendship: F-F-D-F-pause-HP (pause is to prevent fireball. Or you can
                              Hold HP(F-F-D-F) release HP, then hit HP.)
Babality: D-D-D-B-HK
Stage: D-F-D-F-LP
Standard Combo: HP-HP-LP-HK-HK-LK-B+HK

Fireball: F-F-LP
Fireball (in air): D-F-LK
Fly: B-B-F-HK (press BL to land)
Scream: F-F-F-HP
Fatality (sweep): R-R-BL-R-BL
Fatality (close): R-BL-BL-R+BL
Animality (anywhere): F-F-U-HP
Friendship: R-R-R-R-R-U
Babality: R-R-R-U
Stage: D-D-D-LP
Standard Combo: HK-HP-HP-LP-HK

Harpoon: B-B-LP
Teleport+Uppercut (can do in air): F-F-LK
Invisibility: U-U-R (do while invisible, and you will reappear)
Throw (in air): BL
Fatality (across screen): U-U-F-D
Fatality (sweep): Hold R+BL (D-D-F-U)
Animality (outside sweep):  D-F-F-BL
Friendship (across screen): R-R-R-HK
Babality: D-D-B-B-HK
Stage: F-F-D-LK
Standard Combo: HP-HP-LK-HK-LP

Energy rings: D-F-LP
Leg Grab: D+LP+BL
Square Wave Punch:  F-B-HP
Bicycle Kick:  B-B-D-HK
Fatality (more than half screen): Hold BL+R (U-U-B-D)
Fatality (anywhere): B-F-D-D-R
Animality (close): Hold LP (B-F-D-F)
Friendship: B-F-B-D-R (they changed what it does in Ultimate)
Babality: D-D-F-LK
Stage: F-F-D-HP
Standard Combo: HK-HK-HP-HP-LP-B+HP

Shoot gun: B-F-HP
Grenade High: D-B-HP
Grenade Low: D-B-LP
Baton Trip: F-B-LP
Baton Toss: F-F-HK
Fatality (close):  D-F-D-F-BL
Fatality (a tiny bit closer than full screen):  F-F-F-LK
Animality (sweep): R-R-R-BL
Friendship: LP-R-R-LP
Babality: D-F-F-B-HP
Stage: F-U-U-HK
Standard Combo: LK-HP-HP-LP

Freeze: D-F-LP
Ice Shower: D-F-HP
Ice Shower (in front): D-F-B-HP
Ice Shower (behind): D-B-F-HP
Ice Statue: D-B-LP
Slide:  B+LP+BL+LK
Fatality (close): BL-BL-R-BL-R
Fatality (outside of sweep): B-B-D-B-R
Animality (close): F-U-U
Friendship: LK-R-R-U
Babality: D-B-B-HK
Stage: B-D-F-F-HK
Standard Combo: HP-HP-LP-LK-HK-B+HK (in 2.1 leave out LP for more damage)


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