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Reviewed: 07/06/03 | Updated: 07/06/03

Not in my House!

WWF In Your House is the sequel to WWF Wretlemania the Arcade game, to get the idea of the game think of NBA Jam gameplay + Mortal Kombat gameplay + WWF characters. I like WWF Wrestlemania which I've played on the Sega Genesis but In Your House is a disappointment to me. I thought it was going to be better than its predecessor, in terms of graphics and sound it did but in gameplay it didn't. Here's my review: (Note I don't review controls only describe and comment on them and my rating system is 1 being worst and 10 being the best)

GRAPHICS - It's good, digitized characters with their own wrestling arenas and vibrant colors. But the backgrounds on most of the arenas are plain and dull, most notable is Owen Hart's arena with only some cards on the background and nothing more *yawn*. The graphics get a 6/10.

MUSIC and SOUND - This is where the game really shines with authentic WWF music and wrestler themes. The WWF 1996 intro music is rockin', I really liked it and pumps up the volume each time it plays. The wrestler themes are very good from Bret ''the hitman'' Hart's theme to Shawn Michael's ''Sexy boy'' theme, it's all good, a treat for WWF fanatics. The sound effects are nicely done too, real character voices with Vince McMahon commentary and the punching, kick, slam, action sounds, etc. are presented well. Music and Sound deserves a 10/10.

CONTROLS - It's as simple and easy as WWF Wrestlemania Arcade. The control configuration is so simple I that don't need to explain it, you can learn the control scheme in no time. There are awkward moments in controlling your character though, there is lag time in character animations, sometimes when you have already pushed a button, it takes a split-second or a second for you to see the animation to execute. Also there are time when collision detection is a bit off, I've flying kick a running character and I'm sure it'll hit him but didn't.

GAMEPLAY - The same as Wrestlemania arcade but with many flaws. The wrestlers don't seem to run or move as fast as those in the previous game. There are some lag and collision detection issues. And there are times when the control are not as responsive as its predecessor. And the loading time when a new wretler enters the arena could get frustrating. Gameplay is enhanced though, with new moves and special attacks, combos, and finishing moves. Gameplay gets a ''fun sometimes'' rating of 6/10

REPLAY VALUE and EXTRAS - Multi-player mode is a factor for replaying this game again. Experimenting with the moves, combos, and the finishing moves could be fun but a single-player game could get boring fast. Seeing the intro over and over again is quite a treat, with the rockin' music and great WWF match highlights. There are no extras that I know of, maybe there's a secret character or arena but I've already played and finished the game more than twice and unlocked nothing. Aside for the multiplayer mode, there is no more reason to play this game more, with only 10 characters, there's not much variety to choose from or characters to experiment with. Replay value gets a 5/10, Extras get a zero.

Gameplay that is as good as its predecessor, I'd say this game is only 80% the gameplay of Wrestlemania the arcade game because of its flaws(lag, collision detection, some minor slowdown, control response time). More characters! why not include the other WWF wrestlers available at 1996 roster? 15-20 characters would be great considering that this is a wrestling game and a 2D game. Better backgrounds!, how about more busy backgrounds rather than plain and boring ones. And extras, secret silly characters(like those in NBA Jam), and modes of play(like a steel cage match or backstage brawl).

It's not as good as its predecessor, WWF WrestleMania the Arcade game is 2 times better than this even if the graphics and sound are not as good, the gameplay is way better. If you're a wrestling fan, you might wanna check it out, otherwise it's a good rent but not worth the purchase.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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