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Reviewed: 11/13/00 | Updated: 11/13/00

A sub-par sequel to Wrestlemania.

WWF In Your House was released in late 1996 for the Sega Saturn. This game is the sequel to the previous year's game, WWF Wrestlmania: The Arcade Game.
Midway, the developers of Mortal Kombat, developed it, Acclaim distributed it. This game features 10 WWF wrestlers. This game features an updated roster and personalized stages for the wrestlers.

Graphics-10/10- The large, digitized wrestlers are all very well animated (almost all of the wrestling moves are perfect) and the game never slowed down (even with 4 of the larger wrestlers on-screen at once), truly an amazing feat.

Pros- Large characters. Well animated wrestlers.
Cons- Minor amounts of slowdown.

Sound-9/10- The theme music is decent enough, it's not of the best quality, but it gets the job done. The in-game commentary is amazing, the commentators provide witty comments that rarely repeat. The sound effects are exceptional, they all fit their actions.

Pros- Great commentary. Sound effects fit.
Cons- Theme music is disappointing.

Control-8/10- The button taps are a lot like Mortal Kombat (this can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference), personally I like it and it really suits this game well,the controls are very crisp and accurate most moves can be done very easily,however some of the more complex moves (mostly trademark moves) cannot be.

Pros- Super-responsive controls.
Cons- The game's more complex moves can be a pain to execute.

Gameplay-8/10- This game features a ton of unique and crazy moves that are good for a laugh. Among them are the Undertaker's Jumping Chokeslam, and the British Bulldog's bite attack.

Pros- Crazy moves.
Cons- The gameplay is too shallow.

Challenge-6/10- The difficulty level in the game is adjustable. The only real difficulty in the game comes from the cheap AI patterns of some of the wrestlers.

Replay Value-3/10- Once you have seen all of the moves and won the title there really is not any reason to play, this is the game's only serious shortcoming.

Overall-6/10- The game has great graphics, sound and control. The gameplay may seem shallow, but it's very addictive, at least for a short period of time.

Rent or Buy?-Buy- Buy this game if you see it for a good price(under $15) it is very unique and is a game purchase that few will regret.

Final Thought- If you're a wrestling fan looking for a quick fix, and you don't mind that it's a five year old game, buy it.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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