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Character FAQ by niceboy23

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/19/04

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Character Guide
Written 2003-2004 Chase S.
Version 1.2 (12/08/04)
E-mail: spikeddeath (at) gmail (dot) com

    Intro                                                            1.0

Contents                                                             1.1
 1.0- Intro
1.1- Contents
1.2- Versions
1.3- Legal
1.4- Format
 2.0- Characters
2.1- Ryu
2.2- Ken
2.3- Chun-Li
2.4- Sakura
2.5- Morrigan
2.6- Felicia
2.7- Hsien-Ko
2.8- Donovan
 3.0- Hidden Characters
3.1- Dan
3.2- Akuma
3.3- Devilot
 4.0- Notes
4.1- Notes/Strats/Ect
4.2- Contact Info
4.3- Credits

Versions                                                             1.2

1.0- Made most of the guide.

1.1- Added all of the Note/Strats/Ect section and made a *huge* amount of
     spelling corrections.

1.2- Made the search system easier and made a change to the legal, just
     some minor stuff.

Legal                                                                1.3
First, I must get this out of the way. 
This document and its entire contents are absolutely copyrighted to 
the author. Under no circumstances is this document, in ANY 
amount to be, including but not limited to: copied, published, 
displayed or edited without prior consent to the author. 

If you disregard this, I will give you casual notice. If this is not
heeded, I will send you written notice, giving 30 days to remove it.
Once 30 days have expired, I will contact your host to get it removed,
or your account deleted.

I am not and will not be responsible for any damage, loss or injury 
caused by the reading and/or display of this document.

This FAQ is currently only authorized to be shown on the following: 


This FAQ must not be displayed anywhere else. If you wish to display 
this FAQ on your website, or report any infringements of the legal notice,
please contact me. (Contact details later).  You can always find the
latest version on GameFAQs.com.

All trademarks are acknowledged even if not mentioned.

Format                                                               1.4
Hi, and welcome to my character guide for Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo,
as you can see this guide is for the sole purpose of explaining each
character, their strengths, quotes, weaknesses, ect.  I don't want to slow
so let's just jump in starting with the format that the characters will be
organized in.

Name: What the characters name is.
Counter Pattern: What the pattern of the color counters dropped by that
character looks like.
		EEEEEE             Y- Yellow Gem	B- Blue Gem
		EEEEEE		   G- Green Gem		R- Red Gem
Pros: What's good about this character.
Cons: What's bad about this character.
Win Quotes: What his person says when they win.
Player Skill: What level of skill player this character is best for.
Extra notes: Anything extra about this character.

     Characters                                                      2.0

Ryu                                                                  2.1

Name: Ryu
Counter Pattern: RGBYRG
Pros: You can block portions of the enemies screen but this somewhat hard.
Cons: With the Counter Pattern it makes ease of using big chains.
Win Quotes: "All too easy... You just don't know the bliss of the bombs."
	    "Don't tell me, you only know how to play fighting games?"
	    "You need more training to stand a chance."
Player Skill: Beginner-Novice
Extra notes: The better you get the worse he is.

Ken                                                                  2.2

Name: Ken
Counter Pattern: YYYYYY
Pros: Useful attack pattern, makes it hard to setup long runs.
Cons: Small attacks building up big blocks making large setups for enemies.
Win Quotes: "I have proven the difference between you and me: you just suck!"
	    "It was a beautiful victory if I do say so myself."
	    "Not only am I disappointed, inside I am laughing at you."
	    "You must learn when to attack and when to defend."
Player Skill: Normal-Expert
Extra notes: Very useful when you get better at the game.

Chun-Li                                                              2.3

Name: Chun-Li
Counter Pattern: YYRRGG
Pros: You can really get a challenge when using her, builds up skill?
Cons: The pattern sets up big gems making easy combos and huge attacks.
Win Quotes: "I'm the strongest puzzle fighter in the world!"
	    "I'm too smart to fall for your stupid patterns."
	    "Sorry! But I don't know how to pull punches."
Player Skill: Somebody who wants a challenge.
Extra notes: Just horrible.

Sakura                                                               2.4

Name: Sakura
Counter Pattern: GBBBBY
Pros: Her counter makes it hard to setup chains when fighting her.
Cons: The two columns on both sides and the small rows are attack points.
Win Quotes: "Only my second game and I'm already the best!"
	    "Whew, you were good! I've got to train harder!"
	    "Yes... all part of the plan."
	    "You're smart, fast, and cheap! No wait, that's me! Ha ha ha."
Player Skill: Normal-Expert
Extra Notes: A good all round character, using big attacks will render the
enemy useless.

Morrigan                                                             2.5

Name: Morrigan
Counter Pattern: YBGGBY
Pros: Well protected counter pattern which is hard to break into.
Cons: Useful for most only the first stages where enemies don't have good
strategies against her, but in later stages she has less capabilities.
Win Quotes: "Baby, baby, baby... I didn't even sweat!"
	    "It's not whether I win or lose, just as long as I piss you off."
	    "Oh damn... I split a hair."
	    "The sun's rising. I'll rest 'til the morrow, then again."
Player Skill: Novice-Normal
Extra Notes: Pretty solid character, it just gets too complicated later.

Felicia                                                              2.6

Name: Felicia
Counter Pattern: GBBRRY
Pros: She is good for long chains.
Cons: She has a horrible counter pattern that makes large chains easy.
Win Quotes: "I won by a tail's length. Now go to my litter box."
	    "Meow! How'd you like them apples?"
	    "You're stoned! Get it? Ha ha ha..."
	    "You're about as sharp as a circle!"
Player Skill: Beginner-Anybody who wants a challenge.
Extra Notes: Ok, but not good for Normal and Hard mode.

Hsien-Ko                                                             2.7

Name: Hsien-Ko
Counter Pattern: GGRRYY
Pros: Has a great pattern for mid-large attacks and huge attacks.
Cons: When Diamond Gem is used the attack pattern turns into big gems.
Win Quotes: "And again, I won with ease."
	    "Hey, it's not time for you to walk away. Try again."
	    "Why do you hold back?  Your overconfidence is your weakness!"
Player Skill: Normal-Expert.
Extra Note: Very good when in trouble, funny to watch her use the Super.

Donovan                                                              2.8

Name: Donovan
Counter Pattern: GGGBBB
Pros: Good for blocking the making of power gems, and he also has a
counter pattern that is pretty hard to take advantage of.
Cons: Small attacks or really big attacks leave huge chains or power
gems so Diamond Gems are lethal.
Win Quotes: "I'm the one who lives in darkness and shatters it."
	    "No one can interfere with my plans."
	    "I'll do anything to make this little girl happy again!"
	    "I'll put an end to the evil curse in my blood at all cost."
Player Skill: Most skill levels.
Extra Note: Very good when you get a hang of him, his pattern makes
him very useful for mid damage attacks, his Super is very cool also. :)

    Hidden Characters                                                3.0

Dan                                                                  3.1

Name: Dan
Counter Pattern: RRRRRR
Pros: He is the optimal character to practice your power gems against.
Cons: When playing as him you deliver big packages of reds for power gems.
Win Quotes: "Amateur! Go home and practice Dragon Punches."
	    "I'm going to make you cry like I did when my daddy died!"
	    "I thought I taught you well! You know nothing! Dummy!"
	    "Yeah! I'm the strongest there is! Just don't tell Sagat..."
Player Skill: Anybody who wants a *HUGE* challenge.
Extra Note: Play against him if you want a huge power gem.

Akuma                                                                3.2

Name: Akuma
Counter Pattern: RYBGRY
Pros: His attack pattern is hard to setup chains against.
Cons: If you use a Diamond and his diagonal pattern is penetrated, and
his attack is crippled. (See Note)
Win Quotes: "I am Akuma! Also the master puzzler!"
	    "Evil is what I am. Death is what I bring."
	    "You are a pathetic example of carbon based wastage!"
	    "To beat you is not enough, I must destroy you!"
Player Skill: Expert
Extra Note: I say the best level of player to use Akuma is an expert
because he has to first be unlocked which requires at least a Normal
player and he is best used by an expert.  He only does 1/2-2/3 of normal
attacks so he is weakened down to make his less powered.

Devilot                                                              3.3

Name: Devilot
Counter Pattern: YRGBYR
Pros: She has the best attack pattern.
Cons: She also has a crippled attack, I like Akuma better though.
Win Quotes: "Don't you recognize me? Cyberbots is Capcom's 1 game."
	    "I know you want me, but can you handle it?"
	    "Let the gems hold you as I plan for your death."
	    "You've been very bad. Now off to the gas chamber."
Player Skill: Normal-Expert
Extra Note: She has the best attack pattern, yes better than Akuma,
because even though her attack pattern is just switched her counter
pattern is harder to penetrate and Diamond Gems are not as effective as
they are on Akuma.
I say she is Normal-Expert because even the people who have played for
about 4-10 hours can be good with her, and Expert just know how to use
her in a better way.

    Notes                                                            4.0

Notes/Strats/Ect                                                     4.1

I always like to stack the blocks on the left hand side of the screen and
then switch stacking sides to unleash chains of weak attacks and when I
get a Diamond Gem. After I get the Diamond gem I look around and estimate
which block I have the most of, the mass destruction of blocks will often
trigger chains which will dramatically increase your chances of winning.

On "Easy" mode you will have to fight three opponents, the strategy I
recommend is building up power blocks and using crash gems on the rest
of the blocks. When using this strategy I recommend dropping the blocks
at a faster pace than your opponent so you can get little combos to add up
because the opponents do not push the blocks down as fast as possible so
you can add up small blocks to make medium-large combos.

On "Normal" and "Hard" mode you can use my strategy that I mostly use.

If you have any other good strategies contact me and I will put them up
if I see they are worthy of using, this of course gets you credit in this

Diamond Gem Damage-
Usually the Counter Gems are worth less than one ~0.5, but all other gems
are worth 1, non-differential if they are regular, crash, or power gems.
For example, if you have a 3x3 Power Gem you should save it for a crash
gem because it will give you an attack of ~22 in comparison to a weak 9 if
the power gem is destroyed with the use of a Diamond Gem.

Contact Info                                                         4.2

If you want to contact me you can contact me on my e-mail, spikeddeath (at)
gmail (dot) com, just replace the () with the appropriate symbol.
If you have an questions, hints, tips, corrections, ect. tell me.
If you think you disserve credit from me then contact me and I'll change it.

Credits                                                              4.3

I would like to thank the following people:

Me: For putting in the work that it took to make this guide, and the
dedication to gaming.

CJayC: For accepting this guide onto his site.

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