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    Chun-Li by Jxt

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/29/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: "J T" <jxt@hotmail.com>
    Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 03:16:27 PDT
    |                                                                  |
    |                   StreetFighter Alpha 2                          |
    |                       in-depth FAQ;                              |
    |                          Chun-Li                                 |
    |                           v 1.00                                 |
    |                                                                  |
    1; Info about the FAQ and its author.
    2; Moves list for Chun-Li
    3; A few basic strategies
    4; Using all her moves
    5; Combinations
    6; Super moves & custom combo
    7; Traps and Showing off ;-)
    8; How do I kick ??'s butt?
    9; Other stuff...
                             1; FAQ Info
    1.1; This FAQ
    This FAQ is aimed at all SFA2 players who have not yet got to grips
    with, probably the best character in the game, Chun-Li. The people
    who will probably benefit most from this guide are ex-Guile players
    (In previous StreetFighters), Charlie/Nash players, and people who
    have mastered any other character, and are looking for a change. I
    have tried my very best to incorporate help for all Alpha 2 virgins.
    I'm an ex-Guile, so this is where many players and I share stuff, as
    those familiar with Guile's combos may feel at home with Chun-Li.
    1.2; The Author
    This is the bit where I get to show off, in the manner all FAQ 
    writers have a compulsion to :-) so here goes...
    I'm Jxt (Jxt@Hotmail.com). Mail me and tell me how good my FAQ is :-)
    Enough joking, I'd like info on any more strategies you may find, or
    even anything you may feel I have missed, so feel free to mail me.
    SFA2 is one of my fave games, ever, and my fave character is Chun-Li
    (As you may have guessed, really...). My main strength at this game
    is that I can Alpha-Counter.... ANYTHING! No, really I can.
    I'll also like to add that Chun-Li might just be the 'best' player
    in SFA2, but I don't know. Unlike SF2 where Guile was 'best', no such
    information is available for SFA2. Maybe the characters are all just
    SO balanced, there isn't a 'best' character... Maybe not...
    Also I'd like to add that over here in the UK, there are no strategy
    guides or anything available for this title that I know of, so all this
    info is mine. All mine. I apologise for any inaccuracies. Apart from
    dodgy spelling, I don't mind you e-mailing me and complaining about some
    little thing I may have got wrong, or missed. But that doesn't include
    Ken/Dan/etc. players slagging me off because I said they're not very good.
    Everyone's entitled to an opinion, aren't they?
    1.3; Ubiquitous Copyright bit
    As this FAQ was written in the UK, the laws kinda Auto-Copyright all
    this unpublished stuff, but seeing as I'm kind I'll let y'all have this
    FAQ on your web sites, etc. JUST as long as you acknowledge me (Jxt) in
    some way, and put my E-Mail someplace (Jxt@Hotmail.com) if this FAQ is 
    edited. And I don't want people just rewording the goddamn thing and 
    calling it 'theirs'. Plagiarism is theft, y'know... Thanx all.
    1.4; Thanx to...
    In the writing of this FAQ, I'd like to thank the following;
    Adrian Thorne (Thorne_A@Hotmail.com) for remaining a challenging
    	opponent, and being dumb enough to do moves for me to counter
    	heh heh :-)...
    Paul Buxton (No E-Mail address) for being another opponent that gives
    	me a challenge, even though he surprisingly turned from a
    	scum-sucking cheesemeister to master player overnight ;-)
    Dave Buxton (Dmc99@Yahoo.com) for actually getting used to Chun-Li
    	on the strength of my advice.
    Richard Leadbetter (Richard.Leadbetter@Ecm.Emap.com) and the rest
    	of the Sega Saturn magazine (UK) crew for recommending this 
    	game so heartily on the Sega Saturn. Wise words, indeed...
    Chun-Li for letting me play with her so much ^_^
    1.5; Help! I'm a newbie
    This is the section for you then...
    This is just a guide to all the terms that I have used in this FAQ,
    as they are aimed at Alpha veterans, and not everybody is one...
    Combo;		This means 'combination' of attacks. These are 
    		attacks that happen so quickly that there is no time
    		to recover between one and the next.
    TopDown;	A move which gets at an annoying Low-Blocker, as it
    		hits above their guard, like an air attack, but is
    		not as obvious. These are quite effective, if used
    Whiff;		This is not when one of the fighters fart. What this
    		means is when a move is pulled off, but does not hit,
    		it 'whiffs', stopping short of the opponent.
    'Cherry';	Play the game. Finish a round with a weak attack. Now
    		do you see what this means?
    Start;		In places where I have mentioned 'Start', it refers 
    		to the arcade machines 'Start' button. On any of the
    		home versions, it means whatever you have set for
    Alpha-Counter;	Explained later.
    Lv3;		Level 3 of a super combo. Perform it with all 3 
    		punches/kicks and it will use all 3 levels of your
    		super combo gauge...
    1.6; Help for arcade-goers
    Just a list of translations, from my terms to arcade terms.
    Light Punch;	Jab
    Medium Punch;	Strong
    Hard Punch;	Fierce
    Light Kick;	Short
    Medium Kick;	Forward
    Hard Kick;	Roundhouse
                            2; Moves List
    2.1; Special Moves
    100 Foot kick;		Press Any kick repeatedly
    Rising Phoenix Kick;	Hold Down (2 sec), Up+Any Kick
    Kioken;			Half-Circle Back, Down, Forward+Any Punch
    Axe Kick (topdown);	Half-Circle Forward, Down, Back+Any Kick
    Kick Flip (topdown);	Down-Forward+Hard Kick 
    2.2; Super Combo Moves
    1,000 Kick burst;	Hold Back (2 sec), Forward, Back, Forward
    			+ Any Kick
    Deadly Rising Phoenix;	Hold Down-Back (2 sec), Down-Forward,
     			Down-Back, Up-Forward + Any  Kick
    Kioushou;		Quarter-Circle Down, Forward x2, Any Punch
                          3; Some Basic Strategies
    3.1; Kicks
    Use lots. They are Chun-Li's premier form of attack.
    3.2; Fireballs
    These are best used to trick an opponent into jumping. Use a light
    Fireball, then crouch, and Hard Kick. Your opponent should jump into
    this, if they jump over your Fireball. If not, the Hard Kick has a
    small enough recovery time to leave you safe. Hard and medium 
    Fireballs are best used to get an opponent as they get up, or if they
    whiff a move, that you aren't too close to.
    3.3; Crouching Medium Kick
    Even faster then the Hard Kick, the Medium variety has an incredibly
    short recovery and decent range.
    3.4; Down-Back
    This beauty is probably the most important... Hold this direction at
    EVERY opportunity, as in the air it will allow you to air-block any
    attack that happens before yours, and also sets you up nicely for
    super combos and special moves, as Down-Back counts as Down AND Back
    at the same time. Also, if you go for a Medium or Hard Punch when
    meeting your opponent in mid-air you will most probably air-throw
    them. The only downside to this, is that the crouch-blocking that 
    you'll do on the ground leaves you quite vulnerable to topdowns and
    aerial attacks.
    3.5; Rising Phoenix Kick
    This has better range than you'd imagine. Experiment with it to see
    how effectively you can use it.
    3.6; Aerial attacks
    These are the starting point for any combos you might want to do.
    Experiment with a late (Aim for your opponent's stomach) kick, 
    followed by a low attack, for a simple combo. If you used the Down-
    Back holding technique, try tagging something on to the end of THAT.
    But, that will be covered later, as it becomes no longer a basic
    3.7; Cancel
    Try a Medium Punch at close range, and perform the motion for a 
    kioken. You may see that (If you did it right) the Medium Punch will
    be 'interrupted' with the kioken. This is called 'Cancelling' the
    Medium Punch. Experiment with this as it is the basis for many a 
    combination attack...
    3.8; Juggle
    Technical term, that. Notice that when you do a Hard Kick Rising
    Phoenix at close range, it will actually hit them twice after they
    leave the floor. This is called juggling. Other moves do this...
                          4; Using her moves
    4.1; Standing
    Light Punch;	Used only for combos, usually. Comes accidentally
    		(And quite nicely, may I add) when trying to do a
    		Lv3 Kioushou at close range, and adds a welcome extra
    Medium Punch;	Again, used only in combos, like the Punch/Kioken
    		cancel described above.
    Hard Punch;	Cannot be cancelled, so is as much use as a bucket
    		of steam to a fireman. For range, go for another
    Light kick;	Essential for that 'cherry' victory. Other than that
    		it's not very good...
    Medium Kick;	Avoid this one, too.
    Hard Kick;	Comes accidentally when performing Rising Phoenix at
    		close range (Even the Super). Thanx, indeed...
    		It also has a use as an air-counter if you have not
    		'charged' up the Rising Phoenix, but your timing must
    		be impeccable.
    4.2; Crouching
    Light Punch;	Good in the more complicated combos, and that's it.
    Medium Punch;	Vital ingredient in most staple combos.
    Hard Punch;	Useless, even as a range attack.
    Light Kick;	Regard this as Light Punch, but this has the added
    		bonus of showing up accidentally before a Lv3 Deadly
    		Rising Phoenix. Nice.
    Medium Kick;	As Medium Punch, this is vital in staple combos, but
    		this is better, as it can be repeated on non-blockers
    		without risk, thanks to its range and decent recovery
    		time. Not too much, though, as explained later...
    Hard Kick;	Without a doubt Chun-Li's best ranged attack. This is
    		excellent for traps, and a nice safe move, but its
    		recovery is not as great as the Medium Kick. Use with
    		caution, as you do NOT want an opponent to get used
    		to seeing this.
    4.3; In the air
    Light Punch;	As with all light attacks, this almost guarantees
    		a little air supremacy, but use the kick instead...
    Medium Punch;	Great for starting combos. That's all.
    Hard Punch;	Also quite good for combos. More damage, too.
    Light Kick;	When in doubt in the air, use this move. It has
    		air supremacy, like the Light Punch, but has a much
    		better range. Jumping straight up is not too hot...
    Medium Kick;	Chun-Li's best combo-starter, as this can cross-over
    		if used correctly. Range is same as Light Kick, as
    		is the jumping straight up version...
    Hard Kick;	Dodgy. It changes, depending on how you jump. Jump
    		straight up and Kick is a good air-counter, if you're
    		confident that your attack will come first. Jumping
    		Back, or Forward produces a double-kick that juggles.
    		Ace for finishes, this but go for another attack 
    		unless you're confident and need the extra damage 
    		from the extra hit.
    Down+Medium Kick;Ok on an opponent who you figure you're not going
    		to be able to combo. As an added bonus, if the kick
    		is late enough, you can repeat it twice more to
    		juggle the opponent. Great for finishing with, and if
    		you're not confident that you can combo your opponent
    		it's cool for the damage...
    4.4; Special Moves
    100 Foot kick;	This is only cool in combos (If there are any, all her
    		old SF2 combos with this in don't seem to work...) or
    		to 'pin' your opponent whilst they get up from the 
    		floor, but that is just getting cheap...
    Rising Phoenix;	This is a brilliant air-counter, should you have
    		'charged' it up, and is great at close range/in combos
    		but is not much use elsewhere.
    Kioken;		Just a standard fireball, for boring fireball matches.
    		I prefer to use this for traps, and pinning a victim,
    		without getting too close...
    Axe Kick;	Only good in traps, where it works quite well, but 
    		only if your opponent does not expect it.
    Kickflip;	Although this is a top-down, it is not what it is best
    		used for. This move seems to have a high 'priority',
    		and works well Vs a jumping attack, but to use it like
    		this effectively, you must pre-empt your opponent.
    4.5; Super Combo
    1,000 K Burst;	Distance games, here, and that is all.
    Deadly Phoenix;	Basically use this if you have a spare level, in the
    		place of the regular version.
    Kikuoshou!;	Where ISN'T this effective? It can be used well in 
    		pins, combos, as an air counter, and it can fool your
    		opponent, as the Lv3 version has a little more range,
    		and if they think you're whiffing the move, the last
    		bit may catch them out, if they're just waiting to
    4.6; Alpha-Counters
    Heheheheheh... this is where my main strengths come into play, as the
    Alpha-Counter is what I'm best at. Although it may annoy an opponent
    to hell, they are probably the reason I'm just so good with Chun-Li...
    I could write an entire FAQ on the Alpha-Counter, in general, as I
    know so much about the execution of these, etc... but in this FAQ, I
    will only detail Chun-Li's strengths in Alpha-Countering...
    PUNCH!;		This counter produces a double-palm strike, a la the
    		Kioken, but without the fireball. It takes about the
    		same time to pull off, but it seems to have a higher
    		priority than almost ANYTHING in the game. Except for
    		dragon-punches and multi-hit moves (Unless you AC the
    		last hit) this counter will pummel anything. I laugh
    		at how many Lv3 Psycho-Crushers have been hit by this.
    KICK!;		Just like a regular Medium Kick whilst crouching. But
    		uses up a level of your SC bar. Worth it? You decide.
    4.7; Others
    Throwing;	Regarded as very cheap. It is. Although it is good on
    		an annoying opponent who does nothing but block.
    Air-throw;	Nothing but pure style. Use for 'cool points' on a
    		whiffed dragon punch, or any of its' variants.
                               5; Combos
    5.1; Two hits
    As explained before, jump in with a late attack, and then as soon
    as you land, do another. It may help if you rapidly tapped the same
    button, e.g. Hard Punch. Try this with a low attack, making sure that
    you hold down-back from the very moment you leave the ground. Why?
    It's a good habit - I'll explain later...
    5.2; Automatic combos
    Try any super combo, or the 100 foot kick at close range.
    5.3; Special moves in combos
    Try a medium punch, followed by a Kioken cancel. Or try crouching
    next to your opponent, and Medium Kick, cancelled with a Rising
    Phoenix. If you have difficulty doing this, try changing your timing.
    Pressing Up+Kick the moment the medium kick hits works.
    5.4; Staple combos
    These generally follow the form: (Jump+Attack, Attack, Special Move)
    Try jumping in with a Medium Punch. Rapidly tap it so that it hits
    right after you land. As soon as it hits, cancel with a kioken.
    Or try my particular fave; Jump in with a Medium Kick, followed by
    a Crouching Medium Kick and cancel with a Rising Phoenix. A good
    5 hits there.
    5.5; A little more
    Try the whole hog and replace a special move with the super-combo 
    version. Now THAT'S getting good!
    5.6; Weird ones
    Chun-Li has more combos than that! There's the 3x heel kick juggle
    above, and others. Try replacing a crouching Medium Kick with a 
    crouching Hard Kick, in the 5 hit Rising Phoenix combo above. This
    juggles, and works best in a corner. Not that useful, but you may
    want to know...
                        6; Super Moves & Custom Combo
    I may have said all this stuff about the SC's before, but for 
    completion's sake...
    6.1; 1,000 kick burst
    This is a good one for range, as it dashes toward the opponent.
    This is best used on a whiffed move, or to damage a blocking opponent
    if you are on the verge of winning. It has a bit of a large recovery
    time, though...
    6.2; Deadly Rising Phoenix
    Basically use this in place of the Rising Phoenix for more damage, or
    at close range, as your opponent recovers.
    6.3; Kioushou!
    Chun-Li's best 'pin' move, used to hit an opponent as they get up, if
    they do not block, but try to Special Move you as they get up...
    It works pretty well as an aerial counter, too.
    6.4; Custom Combo
    For Chun-Li there is only ONE custom combo that is worth bothering 
    with. Activate the Custom Combo mode, and hold Down, whilst rapidly
    tapping Hard Kick. If done correctly Chun-Li should knock the opponent
    over with a crouching Hard Kick, and go into the 100 Foot Kick to 
    juggle for the rest of the hits. This works best in a corner, at Lv3.
    Like this, I got 49 hits! This does awesome damage, too!
                          7; Traps & Showing off
    7.1; Traps: Master Strategies
    These are THE strategy to use against good players. More often than
    not, they work, but do not use any one strategy too much: Players will
    moan about this being 'cheap' if they keep falling for it, or they
    will start to expect it coming (Bad thing...)
    Here is a list of some of my best...
    *Kioken (Opponent Jumps) Down+Hard Kick (Hits them as they land)
    *Use a lot of Jump Attack, Crouch Attack combos.... then after about
     ten or so, do a Jump Attack, then Axe Kick. Your opponent expects a
     low attack, so low blocks, and gets the Axe Kick in the face. :-D
    *Sling LOTS of Hard Punch fireballs, and if your opponent likes to
     jump them, throw in a Light Punch one, to disorientate their timing.
     Man, this is an old trick, but still works, heh heh.
    *'Blitz Bomb' your opponent. That is, when you're Lv3, throw 3 Lv1
     Kioushou's at your opponent up close. Chances are they will only
     expect the one, so you may get them. If not, this actually amounts
     to more blocked damage than a Lv3 Kioushou.
    *If your opponent blocks the first two hits of a combo, wait a while
     and do a crouching Hard Kick. This should hit your opponent who will
     have tried to hit you by now. If they're still blocking, go for a
     throw instead...
    *Leap off the wall if your opponent is keeping their distance. You'll
     seemingly drop from nowhere, right near them.
    *About 5 or so Axe Kicks in a row on a defensive player will get them
     constantly high-blocking. Crouch and Hard Kick them.
    *Jump in with a Medium Kick, and follow through with forward+Light Punch
     then roll down to down+light kick, then roll to back+Hard Kick. This is
     NOT a combo, but a brilliant trap. Because Chun-Li's combos tend to have
     low attacks in the middle, your opponent will [Block] the leap in, [Low
     Block] the rest, which is where the axe-kick will hit. If they do not
     low-block, the down+Light Kick will get them, and they will instantly
     low-block for whatever comes next. Nasty.
    7.2; Showing off
    Sorry about the inclusion of this section, it's just that I play as
    Dan now and again, and I just can't help trying to make a match more
    interesting, esp. if it's a boring 'Fireball Fight' or something.
    *Taunt (Start). This is cool, as it can hit the opponent. Finishing
    off with this is class, and it is really embarrassing to an opponent
    if they Psycho Crusher or something, and your taunt hits it, which
    it can, as it seems to have superiority over a LOT of other moves.
    The only downers are the timing must be spot on, and it's only once
    per round. Oh well, c'est la vie...
    ****ULTIMATE COOL POINTS!!!**** for finishing off with this!
    *Alpha Counter something useless, like a Fireball, so that you will
    not hit them. They'll probably ask why the hell you did that. I just
    reply 'Just showing off', but I guess you could make out that your
    opponent is so lame that you just had to use a level on something less
    easier than whipping their butt ;-)
    *Master the alpha counter. Wait until you're at Lv3, then AC the next
    three moves they do, in quick succession. Hard to do, but this will
    *REALLY* annoy your opponent. But it shows them how 'good' you are.
    NB; The ultimate show off is to Alpha Counter the raging demon.
    This can be done, but only against a human player, as you actually AC
    whatever comes BEFORE it (The ubiquitous Jabbing/Kicking into thin air).
    I've done it. It's cool. And it annoys the hell out of who you AC...
                        8; How do I kick ??'s butt?
    NB; Most of the following CPU info is based on playing on difficulty 6 or 
    above. I complete the game on 8 regularly using these, but I don't see why
    these tactics won't work on any of the lower difficulties, I mean, we all
    have to start SOMEWHERE!
    8.01; Vs Ryu
    CPU Ryu plays all 'old skool', slinging fireballs like hell, and he
    has this annoying knack of recovering from anything just as you have
    launched an attack. Just try and get him with ranged moves, as he
    powers up his Fireball. Other than that, he has this annoying habit of
    using 'ticks' (quick moves that are nigh-on impossible to counter on the
    recovery) and using Dragon Punches at inhumanly timed points.
    A Human Ryu can be extremely annoying. One of the oldest (And sadly, one
    of the most common) Ryu tricks is the waiting game. He will just crouch in
    the same spot and wait... If you fireball, he will. If you walk toward, he
    will sweep you, if you jump, he will Dragon Punch you. This is one of the
    most annoying scenarios to be in, and can get extremely boring. The only
    thing I can recommend is to keep at it and hope your opponent will make
    a mistake, fluffing up a Dragon Punch, etc. or try any of the following;
    * Range games; Walk back and forth, and try to lure him to do something 
    that will have him in recovery, i.e. a Fireball. Or jump short of him and 
    block his Dragon, then grab him afterwards with anything.
    * Pro Range games; Walk near enough to him, so he may sweep you, but
    Alpha-Counter it. Well, I did say 'pro' ;)
    *Start a 'Fireball Fight'!!!; ...And hope you don't mess up. Ever. Chun's
    fireball may take longer to execute, but as a bonus, it has one of the
    shortest fireball recoveries in the game! Keep it up long enough (Yeah, 
    boring I know, but so is the Ryu player's 'waiting game'...) and you will
    eventually hit with your fireball. Of course, if he decides he's bored of
    it and jumps, you can always try for the crouching Hard Kick trap!
    * Lv3 Kioushou!; To make it look like its going to whiff, and actually 
    have it hit. This is particularly useful, actually...
    As a special note, I'll just say that I hate Ryu: He's an extremely boring
    character. And everyone plays him. Yawn.
    8.02; Vs Adon
    Hmmm... CPU Adon will require you to get extremely (And I mean REEEALLLLY)
    cheap with the crouching Hard Kicks. Just try to stick to your regular
    moves, because you cannot afford the huge recovery time on your specials,
    as Adon will take you down pronto. The Axe-Kick is OK, though if you are
    in a good enough position to use it (in a corner, generally).
    Human Adons are more forgiving with the recovery times, but tend to jump
    around like monkeys on speed with an incendiary device up their ass. Use
    Chun-Li's air advantage to beat them, but other than that treat them as
    you would the CPU Adon, just not so cheap. The important thing is - NO
    FIREBALLS! This is exactly what they want you to do, as Adon's moves are
    designed specifically against these. Another thing to do is to very 
    regularly jump toward your opponent and attack VERY early with a high
    priority move. Or hang back and AC what you can. And use the kioshou, as
    it may surprise you how well it air-counters.
    8.03; Vs Chun-Li (In survival mode, etc)
    CPU Chunners, I would not know about, using Chun-Li, anyway. From what I
    have gathered with other characters, CPU Chun-Li is not really as good as
    she could be. No problem, then.
    As for the Human Chun-Li... I have no idea. Hardly anybody plays this
    excellent character. Hopefully, this FAQ will change all that, and I may
    be able to finish this section someday...
    8.04; Vs Guy
    Guy is THE air character. Who nobody plays :( so this section is mainly
    about CPU Guy, as yet. As I said, Guy is, like, KING of the air, so all
    you need to remember is KEEP OUT OF IT! Easier said, than done, surely.
    Well, no. He falls for almost every ground trap I know, and as long as
    you're not jumping around like your ass has exploded, he shouldn't be
    too much of a problem.
    Against a human Guy, try to master the use of the kickflip, as performing
    this makes for an excellent pre-emptive air counter. You have no real need
    to keep out of the air, unless the Guy player is REAL good, as they are
    more forgiving than the CPU.
    8.05; Ken
    One word: Mincemeat. He will be; CPU Ken will whiff about 95% of all the
    moves he'll ever do, and is not a problem unless you jump into them (Hey
    it happens to us all!), and as for the Human Ken. No problem. Ken players
    are all boring, and you can see what they're doing as soon as the start.
    Go for strict, anti-'old skool' tactics and this will become one of your
    easiest victories. Quote springs to mind;
     'I can read you like an open book, moron. Rewrite!' -Sie Kensou, KOF '95
    8.06; Vs Dhalsim
    Hmmm... The CPU plays him as the exact opposite of Guy, so here's where
    you change your tactics and become completely air-based. Almost. Just try
    to remember which moves have better air superiority.
    Vs a human Dhalsim (If there are any you know, these are sadly rare) you
    will get a decent challenge, right up there in the ranks of decent Adon
    players. Just remember this: They will try their best to keep you at a
    distance. Well, so be it. Chun-Li is such a good character that she can
    fight up close OR from afar. Your crouching Hard Kick has priority over
    most of Dhalsim's moves, too.
    5.07; Vs Rolento
    CPU Rolento doesn't need much explanation, as he jumps STRAIGHT INTO all
    of your moves. I wouldn't have a clue about human players, which is a
    shame, as I think Rolento could *possibly* equal Chun-Li in the 'best
    character' stakes.
    5.08; Vs Sakura
    CPU Sakura is another annoyance, mostly due to the annoying habits that
    Ryu has. Treat her more or less the same, but there is more room for
    being creative, as she's easier.
    Human Sakuras are very rare (Word is that she's crap! Tut tut, only about
    three characters actually ARE, and Sakura isn't one of them) so all I can
    say is treat as Ryu/Ken, as although she's different, many will play her
    the same.
    5.09; Vs Gen
    CPU Gen is not much of an annoyance. In fact... He's just a moving combo
    training dummy.
    Human Gens are actually quite annoying. Most stay in the one fighting style
    and use the Dragon-Kick thing with annoying regularity. LATE kicks are the
    thing here, from the air. A competent Gen can rip you apart in seconds,
    though, as he tends to punish mistakes and predictability. Lay off the air
    attacks, and try to stick to regular moves, with the exception of a well
    used Axe Kick or Kickflip.
    5.10; Vs Zangief
    CPU Zangief is a dummy. Try going all tactical, and you might get your
    ass whipped, as he seems to have unlimited range (Almost) on his throws.
    However, he's more than happy to just stand there and get hit by EVERY
    fireball you fire. So do it! Even if its just to clock up the PERFECTS to
    get to fight Shin-Gouki...
    Human Zangiefs are few and far between, but thankfully not very good.
    Unless they're really cheap (Double Lariat vs EVERYTHING) then there is
    no real problem here. Even if they are cheap, there isn't.
    5.11; Vs Nash (AKA Charlie)
    Nash is just SOOOO similar to Chun-Li in many ways, but he's weaker. This
    means that you'll actually have to fight WELL. Even against the CPU, 
    although CPU Nash falls for combos more often than he should. Human Nash
    players tend to be defensive, so distance games may be in order.
    5.12; Vs Sagat
    Uh... be glad that you can jump. You'll need it. IMO Sagat is purely the
    WORST character in SFA2, after Zangief, that is (Apologies, Sagat players).
    If you can dodge fireballs, you've won(!). Same goes for Human players, as
    there aren't many (For once I'm glad of it) and they are all the same.
    Boring Fireball matches ahoy! There is an exception to the rule, but they
    tend to be boring veterans of the waiting game. If you can best a waiting
    game Ryu player, then you should be well equipped to deal with this.
    5.13; Vs Rose
    Rose is a wierdass. She ended up in the wrong game, methinks. No wonder
    Capcom's DarkStalkers seemed to lack characters, as this one went to
    Alpha instead. Enough kidding, CPU Rose is quite good, but falls for 
    things far too easily, so if something doesn't work, try again. Although,
    not too stupidly. I mean, try it again if it was going to do loadsa damage
    or something. As for human players, the challenge is finding one :( .
    5.14; Vs Birdie
    See Zangief. There's not much difference, apart from you may need the
    crouching Hard Kick a lot more here...
    5.15; Vs Sodom
    CPU Sodom is not something I like. Why? Well, I'll just stress this:
    STAY OUT OF THE DAMN CORNER! He'll just grab you with the command throws.
    One tip I can give, is to try to attack him from one side, then leap over
    him, and attack from the other. The reason for doing this is just 'coz
    he is so GOOD at getting you in the corner, where you don't wanna be.
    Keep on the move, also. As for a human Sodom - GUESS WHAT! There aren't
    any. Why does nobody play some of the better characters..?
    5.16; Vs Gouki (AKA Akuma)
    Uh, just think 'Ryu', except a little more careful, as when he teleports
    through a whiffed move, it can spell doom. Or 'shit', depending on your
    outlook. Human Gouki players will play him just like Ryu, also- but watch
    THEIR super combo bar. If at Lv3, they will likely try to sweep you, then
    pin you with the 'Raging Demon'. Easy to dodge, really. As soon as the
    screen darkens, hold up-back to jump out of its way. As you start to 
    descend, tap Medium Kick. There, you dodged it, and kicked them. If you
    were smart enough to hold down-back from your ascent, you can actually
    combo them. Many Gouki players see the Raging Demon as the ultimate in
    style, and will pull it off regularly. This will silence them.
    5.17; Vs Dan
    CPU: Moving Combo Practise. NEXT!
    As for the human player, if they actually PLAY as Dan, they will have
    some kind of pretence that he's the best character or something, just
    because they might win with him. Big wow. This is actually NOT because
    Dan is good, but because they are all annoying little bastards that like
    to play the waiting game. Use CPU Ryu tactics to the full, here.
    I play as Dan, for a laugh, and a challenge. People like this are very
    rare, and you can tell who they are, as they'll doubtless go for a super
    taunt at some time. Let them. There is nothing to gain from a cheap hit.
    I always let Dans complete the entirety of the super taunt. And so should
    you, as a nod of respect to all the 'just playing for a laugh' Dans.
    1.18; Vs Vega (AKA M.Bison)
    Chun-Li was MADE for this fight! Everything that Vega does, Chun-Li has
    a move to nullify it. I have mentioned in this FAQ the priority (Or lack
    of) that the Psycho-Crysher has. As long as you time your moves OK, this
    fight should be over seconds after it's started. I've never met a *good*
    human Vega, though. Most just don't play him too well, or is it that Chun's
    moves all work so well against Vega's...?
                             9; Other stuff
    9.1; The other costume
    On the character select screen, hold START for around 4 seconds, and
    then press any button, whilst still holding it. This allows you to 
    play as Chun-Li in her original costume. The only differences with
    her are that her Kioken is different (Hold Back, 2 sec, Forward + Any
    Punch) and the first two screens of her ending feature this costume.
    That is all. Some may actually prefer this Chun-Li as her Kioken
    motion means it is often easier to include in a combo. I know I used to.
    9.2; Spinning-Bird-KICK!
    Many people were gutted that this was removed. Why? It was too slow
    to perform, left Chun-Li very vulnerable and looked bizzare.
    What do you think? Mail me (Jxt@Hotmail.com) with your views.
    9.3; Translations
    Only a few yet. Chun-Li's name actually roughly means 'The Beautiful
    Springtime' and her win quote, Yatta! actually means a simple 'I did it'
    Sorry about the lack of these, but I only speak English. And maybe a
    little 'bad English' ;-) which is why these may (For all I know) be wrong.
    9.4; I'm all annoyed
    Just a couple of words here. Somebody PLEASE play as ANYONE besides Ryu
    or Ken. Why do so many people pick boring characters? A whole section of
    my FAQ has suffered because of it, and I'm not happy. And besides, I get
    sick of kicking the same asses all the time ;)
    9.5; A final word
    Well, I hope this FAQ has learned you a thing or two, or has actually
    got you playing as Chun-Li! If it has been any use, or you have any
    questions or suggestions, please mail me (Jxt@Hotmail.com) and say.
    I'd love the feedback, and I may even follow up this FAQ with another
    about any other characters I like. Anyway, to all SFA2 players 
    everywhere, -Respect-.
                              End of the FAQ

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