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FAQ/Walkthrough by Xexex

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/12/06

                                 SONIC JAM
                                 For Saturn
              A Guide to Playing, and Walkthrough for, Sonic Jam

                                 Tim Miller
                                                          v1.2    12 April 2006


1 - Introduction
	1.1 - What is Sonic Jam?
	1.2 - What's the point of this guide?
	1.3 - Contact questions
2 - An Introduction to the Game's Sections
	2.1 - Where to go from the Title Screen
	2.2 - The 3D Sonic World
	2.3 - The Sonic Games
3 - Game Controls
	3.1 - Game Controls in the 3D World
	3.2 - Game Controls in the 2D Games
4 - The Museums in Sonic's 3D World
	4.1 - The Character House
	4.2 - The Music Shop
	4.3 - The Movie Theatre
	4.4 - The Art Gallery
	4.5 - The Hall of Fame
	4.6 - The Exit
5 - A Walkthrough to the Missions in Sonic's 3D World
	5.X - A Walkthrough for Task X
	5.9 - The Unlocked Ring by the Waterfall
6 - Walkthroughs for the Sonic Games
	6.1 - Sonic the Hedgehog
	6.2 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2
	6.3 - Sonic the Hedgehog 3
	6.4 - Sonic and Knuckles
7 - Cheats and Tips
8 - Acknowledgements
9 - Contact Details and Legal Stuff
	9.1 - Version History


1.1 - What is Sonic Jam?

Sonic Jam was released, by Sega, on the Sega Saturn in Japan In June 1997.  It
was released in the US and in Europe in August 1997.  It was marketed mainly as
a collection of the first four Megadrive┬╣ Sonic games in one package - that is,
	- Sonic the Hedgehog
	- Sonic the Hedgehog 2
	- Sonic the Hedgehog 3
	- Sonic and Knuckles
There's a lot more to it that that, though - there's a 3D world for Sonic to
run around in, and big archives of stuff relating to Sonic and his games from
Japan, the US and Europe.

Information on Sonmic Jam is available on GamerWiki at

┬╣ I'm British, so I call it the Megadrive.  Americans call it the Genesis.
It's the same thing.

1.2 - What's the point of this guide?

There's nothing out there yet, quite basically.  There are individual guides to
each of the Sonic games included within Sonic Jam, but not to the overall
package.  This FAQ aims to redress the balance.

In this FAQ you've therefore got as much information as I can provide about all
the parts of Sonic Jam which aren't included in other FAQs.  There are good
FAQs for each of the Sonic Games on the GameFAQs site, so I won't be
concentrating as much on these.

1.3 - You've got it wrong!  Can I email you?  Can I use this FAQ on my site?

See Section 9.  I have no idea why this should be at the beginning, but people
seem to look for it here ...


When you first run Sonic Jam, you'll be setting up a file on the Saturn's
internal memory.  This takes up 23 blocks of the memory, so if you haven't got
that much free, you'll get a message telling you of this.  If you have got this
much free, the game will start without telling you.

Being a Sonic Team game, Sonic Jam is a simple game to get into.  After a brief
introduction, you get a title screen, on which you press Start ...

2.1 - Where to go from the Title Screen

You now have two options:
	- Game
	- Sonic World

The first of these is where you can choose to play one of the four Megadrive
Sonic games (or, more accurately, the seven games, but I'll come to that
later).  This is covered in section 2.3.

Sonic World is a brand new section, written for the Saturn.  This is covered in
section 2.2.

2.2 - The 3D Sonic World

Welcome to Sonic World!  It's not really a world, to be honest, but more a
little enclave betwixt mountains, with one exit and a lovely little river
running through it.  Within this world, Sonic can run around to his heart's
content, jump on springs, collect rings, and there's no baddies to hurt him.
There's a couple of things to do though ...

Controls for Sonic in his 3D World can be found in section 3.1.

2.2.1 - The Museums

Scattered around the 3D world are five museums detailing aspects of Sonic's
life and work.  These are:
	- The Character House
	- The Music Shop
	- The Movie Theatre
	- The Art Gallery
	- The Hall of Fame
Detailed explanations of these can be found in section 4.  To go into a museum,
walk up to the door and press A, B or C.

2.2.2 - The Missions

Near the exit (and near to where you start) is a red and white platform
(described in the manual as a "trampoline" ... it's not a trampoline).  If you
jump on this, it'll give you a task and a time limit.  Complete that task
within the time limit, and you'll get another task.

There are eight "missions" in all, and detailed explanations of these can be
found in section 5.

2.3 - The Sonic Games

Included in the package are the four main Sonic games that were released for
the Megadrive.  From the menu that appears, you can choose:
	- Sonic the Hedgehog
	- Sonic the Hedgehog 2
	- Sonic the Hedgehog 3
	- Sonic and Knuckles
and the last one gives you a new menu:
	- Sonic the Hedgehog
	- Sonic the Hedgehog 2
	- Sonic the Hedgehog 3
	- No lock-on

The latter may need some explaining.  Sonic and Knuckles was released as a
special "lock-on" cartridge which allowed you to play any other game through
it.  Most games came up with a "no way!" message, but not the previous Sonic
games ...

Note that the Sonic the Hedgehog included here is Version 2.  This includes
slightly altered backgrounds compared to the first version, including more
animation and slightly clearer details.

Details of these games can be found in section 6.


Within menus, the following controls apply:
	Directional pad (or d-pad)       move cursor
	A or C                           select option
	B                                cancel last selection

3.1 - Game Controls in the 3D World

Moving Sonic into the third dimension has meant an overhaul of the control
system.  There's still the typical run-and-jump structure to it though ...

If you have the Saturn analogue controller, I would thoroughly recommend it for
this section of the game, it makes it a lot easier to control

	Analogue stick or d-pad          move Sonic relative to camera
	A, B or C                        jump
	Y                                far view
	Z                                near view
	X                                TV camera view*
	Left/Right Trigger               rotate camera around Sonic
	Start                            pause

*(after all missions complete)

3.2 - Game Controls in the 2D Games

Sonic the Hedgehog is the ultimate in easy-to-play games.  In effect, there is
only one button - jump.  Used in different ways, however, there are many

	Analogue stick or d-pad          move Sonic
	A, B or C                        jump
	When running, down               makes Sonic roll
	When standing, down              makes Sonic duck
	When standing, down then A/B/C   rev up a spin dash*
	When in air, A/B/C **            instant shield if no powerup held
	                                 fireball if fire shield held
	                                 bubble bounce if water shield held
	                                 double jump if electric shield held

*(in Sonic 2 onwards, and Sonic 1 if turned on in options)
**(in Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles only)

When playing as Knuckles:

	When in air, A/B/C               glide

Knuckles can grab hold of walls if you glide him into them, and can climb up
and down by pressing, you guessed it, up and down.  To get off the wall, jump.

When playing as Tails:

	When in air, A/B/C               fly (keep tapping A/B/C)


Our tour looks at the museums in a clockwise order, starting from the red and
white platform.  Follow the path around, and you'll come to the first museum.

Also note that scattered around are "code cards" which give details of cheats
that can be used in the Sonic games.  See section 5.6 for the locations of

4.1 - The Character House

This museum has two entrances - one good, one bad.  These refer only to the
things contained - you won't get punished for going in the bad one!  The good
has a golden statue of Sonic outside, and a picture of Sonic above the door.
The bad side has Robotnik in Sonic's place.

We'll start with the good side.  Enter here, and you'll be given a menu:
Each of the first three options brings up an information page and sketches of
the character you've selected.  The last option brings up a few pages of
sketches of the little animals Sonic rescues from Robotnik's badniks.

In the bad side of the museum, the menu reads:
	Badniks:  Sonic the Hedgehog
	          Sonic the Hedgehog 2
	          Sonic the Hedgehog 3
	          Sonic and Knuckles
The first option gives an information screen and sketches as with the good
side; the last four options show badniks from the selected game along with
their names.

4.2 - The Music Shop

This museum has all the sounds from the four Sonic cartridge games and Sonic
Jam, for both background music (BGM) and sound effects (SE).  The first menu
lists the games, and when you select one a second menu opens up inviting you to
select a BGM number or SE number.

Some highlights:

Sonic the Hedgehog   - BGM - 000: Sega!
                             001: Green Hill Zone, it all started here
                             004: Starlight Zone, maybe the best tune
                             007: Invincibility
                             009: The Special Stage
                             013: The best boss music
                       SE  - 018: Sonic drowns
                             043: To the special stage
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - BGM - 002: Chemical Plant Zone
                             008: Casino Night Zone
                             013: Wing Fortress Zone
                             018: The Special Stage
                             021: The ending music
                       SE  - 051: I have no idea!
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - BGM - 001: Angel Island Zone
                             007: Carnival Night Zone
                             028: The Special Stage
                             030: Bonus stage (gumball machine)
                             048: Launch Base Zone (come on!)
                             050: A very triumphant theme
                       SE  - 030: Fall, Sonic, fall
                             112: Warming up a motor
Sonic and Knuckles   - BGM - quite a lot is the same as Sonic 3
                       SE  - 155: Rushing wind

Note that Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles often have two sounds for one event -
two sounds for collecting rings, for example.  There are more sound effects in
Sonic 3 than in Sonics 1 and 2 combined!

4.3 - The Movie Theatre

This museum contains animated excerpts from Sonic's life ... er, OK, it's just
films of Sonic.  Included are the following:

- The opening and closing films from Sonic CD, with the original music:
	- opening: You Can Do Anything
	- closing: Believe in Yourself
  These are quite possibly the best Sonic songs there are - only Supersonic
  Racing and Open Your Heart come close!

- "Sonic*The*Hedgehog" - a Japanese advert/trailer for an animated series -
  all the voices are in Japanese so I've no idea what they're saying.

- "Sonic the Animation" - A short American animation about Sonic being named
  'Man of the Year'.  Partly computer generated, and set to music.

- Sonic Ride - an 'unpublished' CG animation which really hasn't dated very well

- Commercials - Japanese adverts for Sonic the Hedgehog (2), Sonic 2 (2), Sonic
  3, Sonic Spinball (with "funky action"!), Sonic CD, Sonic Chaos, Triple
  Trouble, and Sonic Drift

4.4 - The Art Gallery

You really won't want to spend much time here.  Pictures of:
	- Sonic
	- Sonic and Tails
	- Sonic and Friends
sound OK, but when you see Sonic looking at a snail with a rainbow in the
background ... pass the vomit bucket.

4.5 - The Hall of Fame

This is up on the central island, if you're having trouble finding it!  The
museum is a history of Sonic (it's called "The Tracks of Spin" - I'm assuming
that's some sort of pun).  Listed in the museum are:
	- trivia on Sonic appearances and miscellaneous facts
	- release dates and box art for all games*

*(including Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, in the US and Europe only.  This
is a conversion of a Japanese game, Puyo Puyo)

*(also including Chaotix on the 32X.  One day I'll find a copy for sale!)

Note that dates are in US format next to the game, but in Japanese format in
the top left corner of the screen.

4.6 - The Exit

Not strictly a museum, but bye!  This'll take you back to the title screen.


Sonic's 3D world isn't just used to look at the museums, oh no.  It's also home
to a very basic set of games which just go to show that the Saturn can just
about handle a 3D Sonic game as well ...

To play each of the missions, go to the red and white platform near the
entrance.  Jump on the platform, and instructions for the next mission will
appear.  You have to jump onto this platform when you've finished to stop the
timer, so don't forget where it is!  You can tell when you can go back to the
platform as a brief sound effect will signify the end of a mission.  However,
this does play after you get 20 rings every time, even if you're on mission 6,
so beware.

Before you try any of the missions, make sure you know your way around the
area.  Have a good explore.  For each mission I've included my time for it,
which I set while compiling this walkthrough.  This is not the best time you
can get, it just indicates what's easily possible.

So go to it, and jump on it, and start the first task ...

5.1 - A Walkthrough for Task 1

Task 1: Get 20 Rings!  Yes, it really is that simple.  You have 60 seconds to
pick up 20 rings, and then return to the platform.  This is pretty easy, really
- you can get roughly 20 rings by just running down the path, over the bridge,
and to the character museum, if you collect the rings surrounding the golden

My time: 27"58

5.2 - A Walkthrough for Task 2

Task 2: Hit the three red lampposts!  The best thing you can do here is to look
for the lampposts before jumping on the platform and starting the task.  Once
you know where the three are, it's relatively simple to jump on the platform,
run to them all, then back to the start within the 60 seconds time limit.

The lampposts are positioned in these places:
	- right next to the platform
	- over the bridge towards the character museum
	- on the path outside the movie theatre.
This is probably the best order to do them in.  When finished, you may find it
quicker to run along the river bank to get back to the platform.

My time: 37"58

5.3 - A Walkthrough for Task 3

Task 3: Get 50 rings!  This is rather a lot more difficult than task 1, as
you'd imagine.  Again, run around the world to see where rings are a few times
before you try and complete the task.

It is possible to complete this task simply by running around the central
island and pick up the rings as you go, ensuring you pick up all the ones on
the path and outside the museums.  Hopefully you'll then be able to then return
to the red and white platform before your 60 seconds runs out.

My time: 47"32

5.4 - A Walkthrough for Task 4

Task 4: Touch Tails!  This mission is either very simple, or very infuriating.
Normally the latter for a few tries, then the former ...

Tails flies around the level to a set pattern, normally around the central
"island", and this is the ideal place to catch him.  There is a bit of a
problem though, in that the game camera is *dire*.  You can normally only know
when Tails is near you from listening for him - he sounds like a helicopter.

The clever thing to do, therefore, is to get up onto the central island, and
watch out for him.  When you see him, wait until he's near, and jump towards
him.  If all goes well, he'll catch you.  You've completed your objective now,
so jump down and run to the red-and-white platform to finish within the 90
seconds time limit.

There's a cleverer way though.  Jump on the start platform so it shows your
objective, but don't move off it.  Wait until you hear Tails, then jump off to
start the timer, and Tails will be flying right next to you.  Jump up and touch
him, then run back to the platform.  Easy!

My time: 03"38

5.5 - A Walkthrough for Task 5

Task 5: Hit five blue lampposts!  Some of these are really difficult to get to,
so you're going to have your work cut out to finish in 90 seconds.  If you've
spent too long on any particular lamppost, you'll probably need to start again.
The lampposts are positioned thus:
	- a platform to the left of the character house
	- under the bridge between the raised islands
	- a platform to the right of the movie theatre entrance
	- a platform to the left of the gallery entrance
	- on the central island, on the same side as the hall of fame
and I'd suggest you try them in this order.  Don't forget to go back to the
platform afterwards!

My time: 52"34

5.6 - A Walkthrough for Task 6

Task 6: Find the seven secret cards!  This is quite an easy task to complete in
the 120-second time limit, assuming you can remember where they all are.  If
you can't, well here's a handy list ...
	- at the end of the river, on the bank behind a bush
	- under the bridge on the way to the character house
	- around the back of the character house
	- on a high platform to the left of the movie theatre - use the tree
	  next to it as a platform to jump that high
	- in the river at the waterfall end, a little way along the riverbed
	- around the back of the art gallery
	- on a very high platform, to get to which you must use the moving
	  platform to the right of the hall of fame on the central island
You do not to actually activate the cards, you just need to run over them.  I
would recommend doing them in the order above; then you can do a stylish jump
from the high platform onto the end-point!

My time: 1'11"12

5.7 - A Walkthrough for Task 7

Task 7: Pop the three balloons!  What's that?  You haven't seen any balloons?
I'm not surprised.  They're up high, you'll have to use springs and platforms
to get them.

More specifically, they're placed in the following locations:
	- between the stone arch and the character house
	- via two moving platforms off the central island on the side opposite the
	  hall of fame
	- between the red and white platform and the exit

To get the first, you will have to hitch a lift with Tails - you can spend all
day jumping but it won't do you any good!  As with task 4, wait at the start
until you hear Tails, then jump and get him to carry you.  Make sure the camera
is directly behind you, and when you get to the balloon, jump straight at it.

For the last balloon, you will have to jump onto a tree top, then onto the
platform, and then onto the balloon.

It is quite tricky to finish this in the two-minute time, but once you've
worked out all the balloons, you'll have no trouble.

My time: 47"04

5.8 - A Walkthrough for the Final Task

Task 8: Get 100 rings!  Yes, indeed.  It's hard.  You've got two and a half
minutes to get every single ring on the level.  It's hard, but it's not
impossible.  It'll take you a few goes to work out where the rings are, but
after that you're laughing.  Here's a handy guide as to what order seems
	22 on the way to the character house, including around statues
	10 on the path to the music shop, including outside the music shop
	5 outside the movie theatre
	3 under the arch between the movie theatre and the river
	9 near the waterfall on the same side as the movie theatre
	2 near the arch but slightly further "downriver"
	6 above the spring by the arch
	4 on the way to the gallery
	7 on the path to the right of the gallery entrance
	3 in the air (you have to jump to collect) on the way back to the platform
	3 by the exit
Now run back toward the art gallery, and use the platform to get up on the
central island ...
	7 on the central island on the same side as the hall of fame
	5 on the bridge
	8 on the central island on the opposite side to the hall of fame
And finally there's a few bits and pieces ...
	2 on the island with the tree that we used to get the second balloon
	2 collected while on the moving platform used to get the last card
	2 over the spring near the gallery which is jumped onto from the
	central island
Now run home!

My time: 2'01"32

5.9 - The Unlocked Ring by the Waterfall

When you finish task 8, you'll see an animation of a giant ring appearing by
the waterfall.  Well, you know all about Sonic and giant rings, don't you?

To jump through it, you'll have to jump onto one of the revolving wind
turbines, then onto the raised platform to the left of the waterfall.  From
here you can jump into the ring.

You'll then see the credits for Sonic Jam - watch out for some of the artwork,
including Sonic with his Mega-CD-style "infinity" legs, and Tails carrying
Sonic while flying.


There are already good walkthroughs for the actual Sonic games on the Internet.
In this section, therefore, I will explain only the options made available
through Sonic Jam.

The subsection headers below give details of the game you have selected from
the "game" main screen (see section 2.3).

6.1 - Sonic the Hedgehog

The Options menu gives the following:
	View manual (Japanese or US)
	Time out on/off
	Spin dash on/off

In the original Sonic game, there was no spin dash move.  For authenticity you
can turn it off here.  There are few places it comes in useful, however, so you
might as well leave it on.

"Time out" refers to an overall time limit of 10 minutes for each stage, as
existed in the original games.  If you want to explore more, turn this off.

The Extra Game menu has two options.

"Time Attack" is a game where you choose your level, and get the best time you
can.  Remember the days of trying to beat 29 seconds on the Green Hill Zone Act
1?  Now you can save your time for posterity (mine's 28"93 at the moment)!
Note that you can only play on those stages you have reached in the normal game.

"Special Stage" allows you to play through the special stages one at a time
without going through the main game.  The idea is to get all six emeralds in
one go - it's harder than it sounds!

If you choose "Game Start", get ready to play Sonic the Hedgehog!  Not just yet
though - one more menu to go through, which has either three or four options.
The three default options are:
which all refer to difficulty levels.  The harder difficulties have more
enemies and different object placement.  You will also sometimes have a fourth
	Saved Game
which only appears if you've played already and exited a game from the pause

Once you've chosen your difficulty, the game starts.  One final note - in-game
there is a pause menu which appears when you press Start.  This allows you to:
	- continue the game
	- start the game from the beginning
	- exit the game to the title screen
If you choose the last option, the game will record which level you're on, and
you'll be able to restart there (with the same score, number of lives and chaos
emeralds) through the "Saved Game" option mentioned above.

If you want to see the paused game without the Sonic Jam menu box, press X+Y+Z.

6.2 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

All the options for Sonic 2 are the same as for Sonic 1, but the spin dash is
always on.

6.3 - Sonic the Hedgehog 3

All the options for Sonic 3 are the same as for Sonic 2, but the saved game
method was included in the original Sonic 3 cartridge, so it is accessed
through the game's menu.

6.4 - Sonic and Knuckles

Sonic and Knuckles was released as a special cartridge which had connectors in
the top to which another cartridge could be added.  When you plugged Sonic and
Knuckles into the Megadrive, and another Sonic game on top, you got a whole new
game.  You could also play Sonic and Knuckles on its own.

6.4.0 - Sonic and Knuckles With No Lock-On

All the options for Sonic and Knuckles solus are the same as for Sonic 3.

6.4.1 - Sonic and Knuckles with Sonic the Hedgehog Locked-On

When Sonic and Knuckles first came out, people soon noticed that you could just
plug any cartridge into the top.  Doing so got you a screen with the four Sonic
characters, and a scrolling message:

This was true with the original Sonic game too - try it now by choosing Sonic
as the lock-on cartridge.

However, with Sonic as the lock-on, the characters were brighter and more
colourful than normal.  And with good reason - there's a hidden game here!
Press C and you'll find a game which basically consists of bonus levels from
Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles.  When you get through a level, you'll get a
code to let you continue from that point in future.

6.4.2 - Sonic and Knuckles with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Locked-On

When Sonic 2 is plugged into Sonic and Knuckles, you get to play the whole of
Sonic 2 as Knuckles, including his gliding move.  There's some places you'll
never see otherwise!  There's a good FAQ for "Knuckles in Sonic 2" by Aster

The options available are the same as for Sonic 2, but you can't view the
manual since there wasn't one!

6.4.3 - Sonic and Knuckles with Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Locked-On

This is it - the biggest and best Sonic adventure there is!  There's no "extra
game" mode here - basically this is Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles rolled into
one, so the games haven't been duplicated.  Options are as Sonic 3, but with
the view manual removed as well.

Just play the game!


To view all the films in one go, go into the movie theatre in Sonic World and
hold down X+Y+Z while pressing C.  All the films will be shown in order.

If you put the Sonic Jam CD into a PC CD drive, you'll find some good images
that you can use as backdrops for whatever operating system you use.

Once you've completed all eight missions and seen the credits, you can watch
yourself running around the 3D world from a "TV perspective" by pressing X.

When you've paused the game, you'll have a big pause menu in the middle of the
screen.  To make this vanish, press X+Y+Z.

To skip straight to the last mission in Sonic World, hold down A+start when
selecting "Sonic World" from the title screen.


Thanks to:
Sonic Team for making something that I can complete
Tamsyn Heritage for pointing out rings to me
Tails for the lift


The email address associated with this FAQ is sonicjam@economic-truth.co.uk -
you should use this for all correspondence.

I (Tim Miller) retain all copyright over this document, since I wrote it.  If
you want to use it on your website, email me and ask.  I will probably say yes,
and specify that the actual content is not altered in any way (formatting will
probably be OK - not changing to American spelling though ...).  However, you
must ask first.

If you notice any errors on this FAQ, please email me.  If you have any
suggestions to additional material, please email me.  If you have any questions
that aren't answered, please email me.  In all cases, don't be offended if I
don't get back to immediately, or don't take your comments completely on board.
I'm just like that.

9.1 - Version History

v0.1 : 13 March 2002    - Added everything and sent to GameFAQs
v1.0 : 5 June 2002      - Finally tidied it all up and finished checking details
v1.1 : 27 February 2003 - Added information about the version of Sonic 1
v1.2 : 12 April 2006    - Added GamerWiki information

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