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FAQ/Walkthrough by TSchulze

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/23/1997

Created by Thomas Schulze 4/23/97

Here's some help for those having difficulty completing the import version of 
this game

Control Pad      For General Movement though 3-D Dungeons
                 Double Tap foward and hold to run
A Button         Call up command menu
B Button         Cancel command or 
                 hold button to move left and right without turning
C Button         Investigate or speak to people 
X Button         Look up and down  
Y Button         Look left and right
Z Button         Look straight ahead
L Button         Scroll though pixies left
R Button         Scroll though pixies right
Start Button     Map for dungeon

There are 7 types of menus. 

Main Menu
Top - Investigate
Right - Items (goes to sub menu)
Left - Magic
Bottom - Military Operations (goes to a sub menu)

Items Sub Menu		Military Operations Sub Menu
Top - Use Item          Top - Member's Profile
Right - Equip           Right - Orders (Manual/Auto)
Left - Exchange Item    Left - Organize Party
Bottom - Drop Item      Bottom - Customize 

Main Menu (during fight)
Top - Fight (goes to fight sub menu)
Right - Orders (Manual/Auto)
Left - Organize Party
Bottom - Run away

Fight Menu 
Top - Attack
Right - Use item 
Left - Use magic
Bottom - Defend

Shop Menu                     Church Menu
Top - Buy                     Top - Save Game
Right - Special Deals         Right - Cure Poison
Left - Sell                   Left - Resurrection
Bottom - Fix Weapon           Bottom - Promote


The pixie can be used right before the monster's first attack.  Here's
what need to be done for a successful attack.  Use either A or C 
to attack.  Depending on how the monster enters the screen determines
what pixie you need to use.  Here's a guide.

Name                  Monster's method of approach
Pixie                 Frontal Assault
Fairy                 Attack from above
Sucubus               Attack from the left
Encubus               Attack from the right
Leprechaun            Attack from below

MAGIC SPELLS - here's a list of possible spells for your party

ARTHUR Heal      Recover hit points (1 member in party)
       Spark     Lighting Blast
       Slow      Enemies agility and defense are lowered
       Attack    Attack strength increased
       Return    Exit Dungeon
       Surprise  Enemy vision is suppressed
       Inferno   Destroy Barrier/Laser Blast

FORTE  Blast         Fire Blast
       Mellow Spell  Suppress Magic Damage
       Anti-Spell    Enemy spell casting is prevented
       Soul Steal    Life of enemy is extinguished
       Freeze        Freeze Spell 
       Spark         Lighting Blast 
       Attack        Attack level raised
       Sleep         Put enemy to sleep
MELODY Heal         Recover hit points (1 member in party)
       Antidote     Recover from poison
       Elemental    Air,Water,Fire,Earth Elementals
       Aura         Recover hit points (all party members)
       Hell Blast   Wind Storm 
       Support      Agility and Defense raised
       Raise        Raise from the dead
       Life Line    Recover hit points on every turn

RODIE  Katon                Fire Blast
       Ayakashi             Impairs Enemies Vision
       Raijin               Lighting Blast
       Splash               Enemies Magic is Extinguished
       Madoromi             Sleep Spell
       Kumoito (Spider Web) Enemies Agility and Defense lowered
       Ranshin (Insanity)   Muddle Spell

RISA   Heal          Recover hit points (1 member in party)  
       Return        Exit Dungeon      
       Resist        Suppress Blast Damage
       Aura          Recover hit points (all party members)
       Antidote      Recover from poison
       Support       Agility and Defense raised
       Anti-Spell    Enemy spell casting is prevented
       Mellow Spell  Suppress Magic Damage

AKANE  Iyashi      Recover hit points (1 member in party)
       Gedoku      (Antidote) Recover from poison 
       Kamikaze(Divine Wind) Suppress Blast Damage 
       Hayate      Agility and Defense raised
       Kamaitachi  Wind Storm
       Kigaku      Recover hit points (all party members)
       Shinkakushi Life of enemy is extinguished


Here's a brief walk though of how to get though the game

After fighting Rodie, Forte will be possessed and you will meet Rikukus, Panzer, 
Erize the sorceress and Galem, their leader.  After that Arthur will wake up and 
be facing the aliens that were shot down by Rikukus, Panzer and Erize.  Aliens 
will explain why there are there and will enter your body to offer protection.  
This is the reason for Arthur, Rodie and Melody always having 1 hit point even 
after they die.  The aliens will keep you alive!

After talking to people in the village and meeting Risa, Basso and Doyle, spend 
one night in the tavern.  Doyle will wake you up in the middle of the night and 
talk to you.  After that night, head toward the forest and look for an 
underground cave in the forest's graveyard by looking in the graves.  Find the 
grave with the lock.  You will fight your first boss.  After that Doyle will 
help you open the path to the underground caves.

After going though the caves you will go to the castle and be thrown in jail.  
Doyle will break you out and you will head for the sewers.  Use the crystal you 
find on the doors and find the pieces for the walls to open paths.  After this 
you will get the key for the Ghost House.

In the ghost house you will use the running technique to go through doors 
(double tap and hold).  You will need to collect the holy water to get the book 
from the poltergist room.  Use the book in the library to open a wall to get the 
crank.  Use the crank to start the clock.  Fight the boss.

After defeating the Knight in the clock, go to the graveyard outside of the 
mansion and go to the graveyard and find a passage to an underground dungeon.  
From there you will now be able to go though the door which could not be 
previously be open.  After going though the door and up some stairs you will 
meet a vampire.  Defeat him and Galem will help you
out.  He will replish your magic points and hit points.  He then will give you a 
rock which will unable you to walk on ceilings (this is to be used in the south 
dungeon).  Basso will leave your party until you come across him again when 
trying to go though the southern cave.  Go though the cave and defeat the snake.  
Go to the south village and find Akane.  >From there go to the southern dungeon.

The southern dungeon is a little confusing because you will be traversing the 
maze upside down from time to time.  When you first enter the dungeon there will 
an area where many pillars rise in front of you.  If you go though the maze of 
pillars, there is a box with a pick axe.  Use this pick ace to break all the 
pilliars which contain an eye symbol.  This will help you (eventually) get to 
the end of the maze.  You need to obtain a key and open a door in the dungeon.  
From there you are faced with a puzzle.  The room contains 7 gems, 2 statues, 6 
wall scrolls and 1 sword.  Here is a loose translation of the wall scrolls. 

1) To obtain the sword each god must have gems equal in worth
2) The ruby is worth twice that of a black onyx
3) The aquamarine is worth half that of the black onyx
4) The net worth of the opal and saphire is worth the same as the net
   worth of the black onyx and emerald
5) The diamond is worth the same as the net worth of the aquamarine and
6) The emerald is worth the same as the net worth of aquamarine, black
   onyx and opal

Here is what this translates to........
Diamond = 7, Emerald = 6, Saphire = 5, Ruby = 4, Opal = 3, 
Black Onyx = 2, Aquamarine = 1
Do the math if you want to know how the I did this.
All you need now to do is pick up all 7 gems and give a value of 14 to each 

For example: Give the Emerald,Saphire,Black Onyx,Aquamarine to one statue and 
Opal,Diamond,Ruby to the other. Any combination of
14 will work.  Hope your good at telling them apart!  Right when you are about 
to pick up the sword, you will be attack by the boss of the dungeon.

Next step is to go back to the southern town and talk to the head ninja.
After doing so he will tell you that Doyle is hiding somewhere.  Next go to the 
castle town and go back into the dungeon there through the well.  Akane will say 
that she notices something odd down in the dungeon.  Go to an area with many 
docks and akane will find a magical boat.  Take this boat and you will go to a 
lower part of the castle after going though the lower half, you will be 
transported to the throne room where the king and Forte are possesed by the 
demons from early in the game.  After defeating the demons the priest will tell 
you to use your sword on them.  After doing that Rikukus the wizard will join in 
the fight.  After defeating the wizard, Forte will join your party.  After that 
the path to the north village will open up so you don't need to go back though 
the forest and caves again.  In the northern town, search for a tree in a 
corner.  If you investigate the tree you will find out it is Doyle in disguise.  
From here you can go to the eastern dungeon.

Some things to remember in the eastern dungeon.  To get in the dungeon, use your 
sword.  You need to find food for the turtles in order to ride them.  You can 
smash though some walls.  You will later get a mystic eye which will allow you 
to see an invisible path.  This path is opposite a wall scroll and across a body 
of water.  After crossing the path you will fight the boss.  After this battle 
you will receive the mirror shield and Risa as a party member.  You can now go 
to the western dungeon.

To get into the dungeon use the mirror shield. When in the dungeon, collect 4 
items (white in color) and give one item to each of the 4 statues in the dungeon 
(they are females holding out their hands).  This will cause the water of life 
to flow for the well on the second floor.  After doing that, go to the third 
floor and go to the far east room with the trap which rotates you 90 degrees.  
To get past this trap, face the wall while stepping on the stone to open the 
door.  Hold B and push left.  You will turn 90 degrees.  Then push forward.  You 
should be able to make it though the door.  In this room should be a vase for 
the water of life.  Get the vase and fill it up with the water of life that is 
on the second floor.  Go to the fourth floor and use the vase.  The plant will 
come to life.  This is the boss of the level.  You will receive the comma jem.

Go talk to the king and priest.  After doing so exist the throne room and go 
left.  At the end of the hallway there should be a set of doors which will now 
open for you.  There will be a picture of a tower as you walk in the door way.  
Use the three items on the picture (sword, comma gem and mirror shield) and 
enter the picture.  After doing so, you will be stuck in this town until you 
solve the puzzle and complete the dungeon.  The stones on the ground will 
require you to do the following.

1) The south stone states that you must judge the four stones
2) The east stone states that your right hand must face the tower and
   you must walk from the south across the stone
3) The middle stone states that your left hand must face the tower and 
   you must walk from the east across the stone
4) The west stone states that your right hand must face the tower and 
   you must walk from the north across the stone
5) The north stone states that both hands must face the tower and you
   must walk from the south across the stone.  If you have completed the
   tasks you will be rewarded.

You will hear a confirmation tone on stones 2-4 if done correctly.  Remember to 
hold the B button when trying to do the above steps.  The last step is easy.  
Just go towards the tower!

This dungeon requires a lot of flip switching so you can run across the moving 
floors and create steps to the floors above.  On the second floor, go to the 
carving on the floor and receive a piece of the carving.  You will go though the 
dungeon and place the piece on the carving on the fifth floor and cause the roof 
to lower so you can access the sixth floor.  You will find other carving on the 
sixth floor.  Take this piece and use return magic and go to the second floor.  
Put the piece back and a portal will be created.  Walk into it and it will flip 
you upside down.  Fall into the hole and into the inverse gate and face the boss 
on the sixth floor.  After defeating the boss you will go to a telport pad and 
go to the seventh floor where the tower spirit will give Arthur, Rodie and 
Melody new magic spells.   

Use the inferno magic given to you by the tower spirit on the magic seal.  The 
north dungeon is actual very easy (in terms of puzzles).  All you need to do is 
flip two switches.  It's just that the last dungeon is long and the enemies are 
hard!!!  Get ready for a roller coaster ride!

Remember to do the following....Keep Melody ALIVE!!! She can revive your members 
if they die.  Second, use Akane's Level 3 Aura magic at every turn.  Also it's 
nice to have at least 3 of the items which can give your magic users 100 points 
of magic back.  Use Rodie's Raijin magic, Arthur's Inferno magic and Forte's 
Spark Magic.  Just a word of warning...like most last battles...this is a long 

Good Luck!!!!

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