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Friendship FAQ by BoneIdol87

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/24/10

Shining Force 3 - Friendship System FAQ


1) Legal Stuff
2) Introduction
3) Version History
4) So what's this Friendship System then?
5) Friendship bonuses
6) Who gives which friendship bonuses?
7) Some simple rules about gaining friendship
8) How to lose friends (and alienate people)
9) Some general tips for building friendships
10) Finding your characters' Soul Mates
11) Useful items for building friendships
12) Some good battles for exploting the friendship system:
     12a) Scenario 1 - Chapter 3 - Vandal Battle
     12b) Scenario 1 - Chapter 4 - Flagard Castle Battle
     12c) Scenario 1 - Chapter 6 - Braff Battle
     12d) Scenario 1 - Chapter 6 - Collosus Battle
     12e) Scenario 2 - Chapter 5 - Dessheren all the way to Storich
     12f) Scenario 3 - Chapter 1 - Battle Vs Goriate and the Walcuray
     12g) Scenario 3 - Chapter 5 - First battle in Maya Village
     12h) Scenario 3 - Chapter 5 - Second Test of the Innovator
     12i) Scenario 3 - Chapter 5 - Battle vs Marki, the Snow Witch
     12j) Scenario 3 - Chapter 7 - Battle outside Bulzome's Palace
13) Getting the most out of the Heroes Test in Scenario 3
14) Glossary
15) Special Thanks and Acknowledgements
16) Want to contribute to this guide?

1) Legal Stuff

There are not a lot of restrictions on this FAQ legally; you are free
to do whatever the hell you want with this FAQ. Print it, publish it,
host it on your website, post it on forums, copy and paste it into
your own faq... whatever floats your boat.

The only caveat is that you must attribute credit where it is due - this
includes myself and anyone I have attributed in this FAQ.

2) Introduction

This FAQ is written to cover one of the most innovative, interesting
and exploitable aspects of Shining Force 3 - the Friendship System.

There isn't a lot known about the friendship system that is verified
as 100% fact. Most of the information in this FAQ is observations made
by myself and various people on the shiningforcecentral forums, although
I've tested all of the ones listed here and they do appear to be correct.
If this is not the case then please email me and let me know.

If there's any terms in this guide you don't understand, please
consult the glossary at the bottom of this guide.

3) Version History

0.1 - 16th November 2009
    Original trainwreck of a guide posted on Shining Force Central
    Forums for comments and suggestions.

0.2 - 19th November 2009
    Revised version reposted on SFC Forums. Added section on exploiting
    Collosus Battle, changed layout and fixed a lot of typos.

0.3 - 21st November 2009
    Updated Marki battle to take advantage of the Slow spell, added the
    Jester Wand to the useful items list, fixed more typos and attributed
    Lord Kane for his findings on how Support grants friendship bonuses
    when cast on NPCs.

0.4 - 8th December 2009
    Re-worded a few of the sections, edited the layout to fit more with
    gamefaqs rules. Attributed some more people.

0.5 - 11 January 2010
    Made note that friendships with Julian and Donhort don't transfer
    between Scenarios, removed the incorrect assertion that Slow doesn't
    boost friendships with the last person who attacked. Also changed the
    SF3 Translation Project URL to their new homepage and removed the
    Elbessem Temple battle from the exploitable battle lists, as it is
    pointless trying to get friendships with Julian and Donhort for
    Premium Disc battles.

0.6 - 19 January 2010
    Finally finished Scenario 3 and added a quick section on how to get
    the most out of the Heroes' Test in Scenario 3, since you'll probably
    be spending a lot of time here training up your characters for the
    Premium Disc. Also rewrote a lot of my somewhat waffling prose to
    make things more concise and easier to understand.

0.7 - 23 January 2010
   Added section on Hex editing friendship values in SSF savefiles for
   Scenario 1 and 2. Currently working on getting Scenario 3 values and
   writing a program to simplify this for people.

1.0 - 24 January 2010
   Added Scenario 3 values for hex editing friendships in SSF savefiles.
   Posted to gamefaqs.

4) So what's this Friendship System then?

As characters in Shinging Force 3 help each other in battle they become
more attached to one another. When a character is standing adjacent to a
character that they consider to be a friend they get bonuses to 1 or 2
statistics, depending on which character they're friends with.

This adds an extra level of strategy to the game which, if executed
correctly, can help you win against impossible odds - or make the
slaughter that much more hilarious if you love to power-level.

Every Character has a friendship with another character, which is
arranged in levels:

Ally        Starting Friendship Level. Absolutely no effect whatsoever.

Partner     First Friendship Level. Gives small bonus to stats when
            characters are standing 1 square away from each other.
            Characters become Partners after 10 Friendship Points.

Friend      Second Friendship Level. Gives a medium bonus to stats when
            characters are standing 1 square away from each other.
            Characters become Friends after earning a further 10
            Friendship Points.

Trusted     Third Friendship Level. Gives a large bonus to stats when
            characters are standing 1 square away from each other.
            Characters become Trusted after earning a further 10
            Friendship Points.

Soul Mate   Final Friendship Level. Gives a HUGE bonus to stats when
            characters are standing up to 2 squares away from each other.
            Soul Mates occur randomly every 15 Friendship Points earned
            once 2 characters are at Trusted level.

5) Friendship bonuses

There are 9 different types of friendship bonuses that your characters
give one-another. Some characters even give 2 friendship bonuses.

Attack        Boosts Attack. More Attack is always good.

Defense       Boosts Defense. Great for your Leader and any magic
              users, as the AI likes to go for these characters.

Luck          Boosts Luck, which consequently makes it less likely
              that a character will succumb to a status effect. If a
              Character gets their Luck stat to 9 they become immune to
              almost every status effect in the game, including instant
              kill attacks like Soul Steal.

Magic         Boosts the power of Magic and Items. This is INCREDIBLY
              useful when used with AOE spells.

Magic Resist  Boosts Magic Resistance to all elements. Magic is generally
              the most dangerous thing enemies throw at you so this can
              be very handy.

Critical      Boosts the chance that a character performs a critical
              hit or special attack. Note: Spells can Critical too.

Counter       Boosts the chance that a character will counter attack
              when hit by an enemy. This can be lethal when paired with
              equipment that boosts Counter.

Succumb       Lowers the chance that an enemy will perform a critical
              hit on that character. It's a bonus you won't really
              notice but it is pretty handy, especially against really
              annoying special attacks like Regret Hit.

Evade         Gives the character an increased chance to evade enemy
              attacks. This can be very useful for characters who are a
              bit on the fragile side.

                | Partner | Friend | Trusted | Soul Mate |
| Attack        |    + 5  |   + 7  |    +10  |      +15  |
| Defense       |    + 5  |   + 7  |    +10  |      +15  |
| Luck          |    + 1  |   + 1  |    + 2  |      + 2  |
| Magic         |    + 2  |   + 4  |    + 6  |      + 8  |
| Magic Resist  |    +15  |   +17  |    +20  |      +25  |
| Critical      |    +15% |   +17% |    +20% |      +25% |
| Counter       |    +15% |   +17% |    +20% |      +25% |
| Succumb       |    -15% |   -17% |    -20% |      -25% |
| Evade         |   1/16  |   1/8  |    1/6  |      1/4  |

6) Who gives which friendship bonuses?

Scenario 1:
    Synbios     Attack
    Dantares    Succumb
    Masquirin   Magic
    Grace       Magic Resist, Luck
    Hayward     Critical
    Obright     Defense
    Irene       Magic Resist, Counter
    Julian      Attack
    Cybel       Succumb
    Eldar       Evade
    Kahn        Magic Resist, Counter
    Noon        Magic
    Justin      Critical
    Horst       Defense
    Penn        Evade, Luck
    Rattchet    Attack
    Frank       Counter
    Hagane      Magic, Counter
    Murasame    Magic, Counter
    Fynnding    Evade

Scenario 2:
    Medion      Attack
    Cambell     Succumb
    Syntesis    Magic
    Uryudo      Magic Resist, Luck
    Walz        Critical
    Rock        Defense
    Bernard     Critical
    Zero        Evade
    Hazuki      Magic, Counter
    David       Attack
    Heboda      Magic
    Julian      Attack
    Donhort     Succumb
    Hera        Magic Resist, Counter
    Robby       Defense
    Arthur      Succumb
    Garosh      Critical
    Jade        Critical
    Penko       Evade, Luck
    Pappets     Critical

Scenario 3:
    Julian      Attack
    Gracia      Magic Resist, Luck
    Donhort     Succumb
    Kate        Critical
    Edmund      Attack
    Isabella    Magic Resist, Luck
    Bridgit     Magic
    Cyclops     Counter
    Rollie      Succumb
    Thousand    Defense
    Leon        Defense
    Honesty     Succumb
    Produn      Attack
    Harold      Critical
    Pendolf     Evade, Luck
    Spiriel     Attack
    Jubei       Magic, Counter
    Primula     Magic Resist, Luck
    Marky       Magic
    Turk        Critical
    Unoma       Magic Resist, Counter

Premium Disc:
    Jane        Magic Resist, Luck

7) Some simple rules about gaining friendship:

Friendship grows between 2 characters when either they both attack the
same enemy or they heal one another.

Curing status effects does NOT raise friendships (but it does increase a
character's experience with their equiped Weapon).

Friendship never takes into account damage dealt/healed.

Attacking an enemy only increases friendship with the last character who
attacked it. Having 3 characters attacking the same enemy will only raise
friendships between the 1st and 2nd and 2nd and 3rd characters that
attacked it.

Attacks can be physical or magical.

Missing an enemy does not raise friendships.

Killing an enemy gives twice as much friendship as just hitting it.

Attacking enemies with spells that hit multiple targets will stack;
so if 2 characters cast a spell on 5 enemies and killed them,
they would gain 10 times as much friendship as if they
both hit one enemy and didn't kill it.

Status-affecting spells only raise friendships if the enemy succumbs
to the status effect. This counts even if the enemy is already
afflicted with that particular status effect.

Support, Attack and Resist do not raise friendship when cast on your
characters. However, they do when multiple characters cast them on NPCs
such as Emperor Domaric and his Imperial Guards. Note: NPCs such as
Donhort, Monsters and Dragons do not count; they must have a non-green
highlight under their name when you move your cursor over them
and press C.

It is possible to go up multiple friendship levels in a single turn,
but requires abuse of AOE spells.

Friendships are retained when you load a save file in Scenario 2, 3 or
the Premium Disc. The only exceptions are Julian and Donhort with
Scenario 1 and 2 characters; so don't try and build up their
friendships for the Premium Disc battles.

                  Actions and their bonus to friendship
| Action                     | Points   | Explaination                 |
| Two characters attack one  |        1 |                              |
| enemy                      |          |                              |
| Two characters attack one  |    1x2=2 | 1 attack doubled due to kill |
| enemy, and the second one  |          |                              |
| kills it                   |          |                              |
| Character Heals            |        1 |                              |
| another character          |          |                              |
| Character casts Spark on   |  2x2+1=5 | 3 attacks, 2 of which are    |
| 6 enemies, then another    |          | doubled due to kill.         |
| character casts Blaze on   |          |                              |
| 3 of those which hit and   |          |                              |
| kill 2 of those            |          |                              |
| Character casts Support on |        0 |                              |
| another character          |          |                              |
| Character casts Support on |        2 | Support counts when cast on  |
| 2 NPCs, then another       |          | NPCs, this stacks like       |
| character casts support on |          | AOE attack spells.           |
| the same 2 NPCs            |          |                              |

Increasing a character's friendship level requires 10 points, with
exception of advancing from Trusted to Soul Mate, which has a random
chance of occuring once every 15 points.

8) How to lose friends (and alienate people)

Getting killed by an enemy decreases that character's friendship with
every character participating in the battle by one level; Soulmate
becomes Trusted, Trusted becomes Friend etc..

Getting killed by Curse feedback doesn't lower friendship levels,
however getting killed by Poison does.

Getting killed by a character with the Berserk status doesn't
lower friendship levels.

Killing your former characters from past Scenarios doesn't lower
friendship levels; feel free to just rip Synbios' reserve
force to pieces at the end of scenario 2.

Summon spells such as Wendigo distribute their damage between the
number of characters hit; a lone character getting hit by a summon
spell is an instant kill until very late in the games. Bunch your
characters up when fighting summoners like Fiale and Basanda or
cast Resist before you engage them.

Soul Steal can instantly kill your characters unless their Luck
stat is 8 or above. Be careful when fighting the bosses at the end
of the Heroes' Tests, as they tend to use it a lot.

9) Some general tips for building friendships

Always try and make sure that a character never attacks the same enemy
twice in a row.

While killing an enemy in one hit is incredibly satisfying, you don't get
any friendships for doing so (no one likes a show off).

Heal all wounded characters, no matter how minor the injury.

Occasionally let your healers join in the battle; you'll quickly find
you're healing the same people over and over and it's good to
make some new friends.

Try to make friendships with characters that compliment each other;
for example, friendships between Healers and Warriors will make Healers
more hardy to physical attacks and make Warriors less vulnerable to
Magic and Status Effects.

Even apparently one-sided friendships can be useful to both
characters; for example, the Magic bonus can be useful to
non-spellcasters as it also boosts the power of usable items.

Use AOE spells as much as possible. You can either spread out your
friendship growth between several characters or have 2 characters use AOE
attacks on the same enemies to quickly boost useful friendships.

Once 2 characters become Soul Mates, they can't go any higher. Try to
avoid having Soul Mates help each other unless strictly necessary.
Of course, position your units so they get to take advantage of your
hard-earned, 2-square friendship bonus.

Certain battles in the game have gimics that can be exploited for
getting friendships very quickly. There's a section on this later on.

Don't EVER let your characters die!

10) Finding your characters' Soul Mates

Characters with Soul Mates becomes absolute monsters; aside from the
utterly massive boost in stats, they no longer have to be standing
adjacent to one another to recieve these bonuses. This makes it much
easier to take advantage of not only their Soul Mate's friendship bonus,
but other characters' friendship bonuses as well.

Unlike upgrading friendships from ally to trusted, getting Soul Mates
has a random chance of occuring. It's been thrown around the internet
for a while that this happens every 15 Friendship Points, and my
experiences with grinding up a ton of Soul Mates via savestates in
the SSF emulator support this. Because of the random element, it
usually takes a very, very long time to get Soul Mates naturally.

By saving and resetting you can exploit this to get a Soul Mate
as soon as a character reaches 15 points. Unfortunately this means
that you have to keep explicit records of every character's
friendship growth once they reach Trusted. This is actually
surprisingly hard, especially if a battle goes pear-shaped and
you have to reset to an earlier save.

However, if you abuse AOE effects to earn a lot of Friendship Points in
one turn you can almost guarantee that you have a chance of getting a
Soul Mate. While difficult to set up, if you can kill 8 enemies in one
turn using 2 characters (and are prepared to do a bit of resetting),
you will definitely get a Soul Mate, no matter what.

It's still worth doing with 7 or 5 or even 2 enemies, it's just that
less enemies means more chance you are wasting your time resetting
because as you aren't due a chance at earning a Soul Mate.

Later on in this guide are a few battles that are great for exploiting
in order to get lots of Friendship Points in a single turn so you can
gather lots of Soul Mates quickly.

11) Useful items for building friendships

Ark Halberd

This is simply the best item for abusing the Friendship System.
You can use it for potentially infinite castings of Spark Level 3
(with a bit of reset-abuse), which is not only one of the most
damaging AOE spells in the entire game, but can also hit up to 13
enemies at once! Unfortunately only Knights and Spiriel can use it.

You can make this item at a Blacksmith by giving him a Large Mythril
ingot and telling him to make a weapon for a character wielding a
Halberd. You may have to retry a few times; the Ark Halberd is the
best Halberd that can be made with Mythril Ingots and, consequently,
it is a bit harder to get than the other 2 Mythril Halberds. You can
also buy these from the weapon shop at the very end of scenario 3.

Ultra Lance/Gale Lance

This casts Support Level 2 when used, but can only be used by
Knights. Support spells generally don't give any bonus to characters'
friendship... however if you cast support spells on NPC characters
then you get bonuses just as if you were casting spark on a bunch
of enemies (although you can't kill things for the double bonus
with support spells).

This makes this item incredibly good at the end of Chapter 5 and
beginning of 6 in Scenario 2, as you have 6-7 very stupid NPCs in
each battle that start right next to your force.

This is another Mythril Weapon, but you also find a few of these
through the game. You can even buy these from weapon shops
in Chapter 4 of Scenario 3.

Spark Glove

This Glove casts Spark Level 2 when used. It's not quite as good as
the Ark Halberd, as that casts Spark Level 3 and doesn't seem to
break as often, but it can do comparable damage as some glove users
can cast magic (and therefore get bonuses to certain elemental attacks)
and equiping it gives a higher bonus to magic power than the Ark Halberd.

The great thing about this though is that many glove users can't
cast magic at all, and Spark Level 2 still has the massive AOE
necessary to really grind up friendships as fast as possible.

It's another Mythril Weapon; you can forge it at a blacksmiths or
buy them from weapon stores towards the end of Scenario 3.

Milky Rod/Sleepy Rod

This weapon teaches your spellcasters Sleep, which is actually pretty
useful to get enemies to stay still while you blast them with AOE
spells. It also regenerates 2 MP every turn, which is incredibly
useful. I tend to kit out all my spellcasters with these.

Yet another Mythril weapon, so only promoted characters can use these.

Jester Wand

This weapon teaches your spellcasters Slow, which is great for gathering
friendships without actually hurting the enemies. Unlike other Status
Effect Spells this always works. A nifty trick with this spell is casting
it on Barrels and other 1-hit-kill targets to get some friendship
bonuses. The final ruins in Scenario 1 is a fantastic place
to use this trick.

Mythril Weapon. Promoted Characters only, etc. etc.

Eternal Wand

This is an Orifalcon Weapon, meaning you can only get it in from
blacksmiths near the end of Scenario 3. When a character equips it
they learn Spark (at level 1 + their Wand weapon level) AND
regenerate 2 MP every turn. Everyone without Spark who can
equip these should have them. Everyone with Spark should equip a
Milky/Sleepy Rod, because MP regeneration is just fantastic.

Iburu Ring/Evil Ring

Spark level 2 that every promoted character can use. The Attack bonus
looks nice but this item is Cursed, so it's best not to equip this.

You can get this item in a few places;

In Scenario 1 you can get one by searching one of the pillars in Lookover
Village in Chapter 5. You can also get one from the Item Merchant in
Melorie in Chapter 6 by haggling with her.

In Scenario 2 you can get one by searching one of the trees in the inner
courtyard of Garvin's mansion in Chapter 5 (it's one of the ones next to
the building where you fight Dessheren). You can also get one from the
Item Merchant in Storich in Chapter 6 by haggling with her.

In Scenario 3 you can get one by searching one of the rocks in the battle
against Galm in Chapter 5. You can also get one by haggling with the Item
Merchant on the Flagship in Chapter 6.

Black Ring

This is pretty useful for when you get enemies trapped in a perfect cross
shape. It hits up to 5 targets for about 10 damage. You find tons of
these throughout the game, usually in ruins or by haggling
with Item Merchants.

Elbessem Orb

This is another useful for when you get enemies trapped in a perfect
cross shape. It hits up to 5 targets for about 5-7 damage. You get it
in Scenario 1 and 2 as part of the plot.

Steel Tiara/Princess Circlet

2 MP regeneration and some nice stat bonuses. Those Spark and Aura spells
don't come cheap and MP regeneration helps a LOT.

12) Some good battles for exploting the friendship system:

12a) Scenario 1 - Chapter 3 - Vandal Battle

If you don't use the Elbessem Orb on him, all attacks against the Vandal
do 0 damage, but still earn you experience and friendship bonuses. It is
also just before characters start to join your force already promoted,
which makes it a great place to train up your characters if you plan to
promote them at a later level than the default 10.

Firstly, you want to get the Vandal to use up all his MP so he can't
Spark you. Just kill all the enemies outside the room whilst staying at
least 2 squares away from the doors. The Vandal will not leave it's room,
but will move all the way up to the doorway to Spark your characters.
Once all the enemies are dead send a decoy inside to make him use
up his MP with Spark.

If you can coax the Vandal into moving into a particular spot, he will
stop moving altogether, and you can abuse him with your ranged attackers.
If you have an autofire pad you can get your characters in position and
leave the C button taped down while you go do something else. When you
come back you should have a few characters with Soul Mates.

This isn't so good for your melee attackers though, so if you don't mind
actually sitting around for a few hours you can abuse the Vandal's AI so
they can join in too.

If the Vandal can attack Julian - or Synbios if he can't reach Julian -
he ALWAYS will. If you kit him out with a Life Ring (which heals 2 HP
every turn, you can get it in the Ruins in Chapter 1) and abuse Obright's
Defense Friendship, you can easily reduce his damage to 1.

The only thing to watch out for is the Vandal's special attacks; Regret
Hit always reduces its victim's hitpoints down to 1 and Photon Rage
always causes at least 8 hitpoints of damage.

Just save just before the Vandal's attack and reset if he uses a special
attack. You can lower the amount of resetting required by making use of
Dantares' and Cybil's friendship bonuses, which reduce the odds of being
hit with a Special attack.

NOTE: You can only get your characters' weapon levels to 2 before
      promotion; so switch weapons when reaching weapon level 2. Also,
      there are no shops in Chapter 3 until after you kill the Vandal, so
      make sure buy all the weapons you want to train and store lots of
      Medicinal Herbs at headquarters whilst in Chapter 2.

12b) Scenario 1 - Chapter 4 - Flagard Castle Battle

You can get some good friendship points with Synbios in this battle if he
has Spark Level 2. There are two groups of about 7 enemies stood between
Synbios and the rest of your force and Synbios can get into range to cast
Spark Level 2 on most of one of those groups in his first turn.

The big downside is that 3-4 of these enemies (probably some of the ones
you hit) will quickly surround Synbios and he'll be forced to kill one or
two of them in order to reunite with his army and get healed.

The Masked Monks give good experience and you'll get access to your first
Blacksmith after this battle, so you may want to take advantage of this
trick while you level your characters and stockpile gold to make
Mythril Weapons.

12c) Scenario 1 - Chapter 6 - Braff Battle

This battle is great for getting your characters to Soul Mate status.
There are LOTS of enemies all lined up in formation and you can typically
hit 5 or more with a single Spark or Slow spell. Killing 5 enemies with
one spell is an instant friendship level (with exception of Soul Mate,
which requires 8 and a bit of reset abuse).

You can potentially get everyone to be Soul Mates here if you have an
Iburu/Evil Ring or two. Your Knights should also have Ark Halberds, which
you can use to cast Spark Level 3. Irene, Kahn and Frank should also have
Spark Gloves, which they can use to cast Spark Level 2.

Not only do the enemies start in a nice, Spark-able formation, they tend
to bunch up too! You can really abuse those Spark spells here! If Kahn or
Murasame has learned Slow level 2 then you can also use that to help
grind friendship levels.

The only real caveat of this battle is that the enemies can do a lot of
damage; especially to Spellcasters, Swordsmen (there's a lot of knights)
and in fact any character unlucky enough to get isolated. On the plus
side this gives your healers plenty to do, which always helps with
getting your friendships up. Grace in particular is great here
as she should have Aura by now.

12d) Scenario 1 - Chapter 6 - Collosus Battle

The second-to-last battle of Scenario 1 is another fantastic battle for
improving your characters' friendships. This battle has the nifty gimic
of also having your reserve characters fight another battle while your
main force distracts the Collosus and the Imperial army. This means you
can get some friendships amongst your less-used characters.

However the bulk of your friendships will be earned by your main force;
the battle with your reserve forces is kinda "meh" for earning
friendships. Your healers will earn a LOT more friendships if they're
with the main force, so you should hire Piper the Priest as one of your
mercenaries in order to keep your reserve characters alive while your
healers get to have fun fighting a gigantic steam-powered robot.

As for the main force, there is a large group of very Spark-able enemies
guarding Aspia Castle. This is fantastic for getting friendships between
Synbios and your knights (assuming they have Ark Halberds), as they can
all get into Spark range before the enemies get a chance to move.

At the other end of the bridge, there are several Imperial Soldiers who
will respawn when you kill them. With a little bit of work, it's possible
to arrange your characters so that when the enemies reach you they'll
automatically be in an AOE-friendly cross formation. Cast Sleep once or
twice on them once they're in an optimal position and you're ready to
start really racking up the friendship points with items like Black Rings
and the Elbessem Orb. Unequiping your weapons can also make a huge dent
to the amount of damage you inflict with your spells so you can get more
hits off before they croak. Status-affecting spells are also quite
nifty here for gathering friendships, as all the Imperial Soldiers
have terrible Luck. Just avoid using Anti-spell as it never,
ever works against non-spellcasters.

Don't worry too much about getting as many hits as possible out of these
soldiers, the Imperial Army is considerate enough to throw fresh cannon
fodder at you when you kill them. Just be careful not to stand on a
square where an Imperial Soldier spawns otherwise that square won't spawn
any more enemies until you cast Return.

Finally, to top it all off, we have the Collosus constantly pecking away
at your army and constantly providing your healers with plenty to do.
It's Mostly Harmless, but it can hit a lot of people at once. This is
great for Healers, as they earn friendships on a per-heal basis, and you
can conserve your MP using low level spells. The only annoying thing
about the Collosus is that it attacks the Imperial Soldiers as
well as your force.

Make sure you have Grace equiped with a Milky Rod and the Steel Tiara/
Princess Circlet (you can get it from the item store in Malorie), as
she'll regenerate an awe-inspiring 4 MP per turn! That means you can cast
Aura Level 1 for the same MP as Heal Level 1! Not only does this make it
very, very hard to actually kill anyone in your army, it also lets you
take advantage of the respawning enemies for an incredibly long time.

12e) Scenario 2 - Chapter 5 - Dessheren all the way to Storich

This counts for pretty much every battle where you are accompanied by
Emperor Domaric and his 5 Imperial Guards (and General Rogan, if you got
the ship's key in Scenario 1).

If you cast Support or Resist on the Emperor and his Guards (or any other
NPC), it counts as an attack in the friendship system. It's really only
Cambell, Uryudo, Syntesis, Hedoba, Hera and Arthur who can abuse this to
it's full potential; as they have access to Support Level 2.

All the other characters can only cast buff spells by using the Nimble
Boots, which cast Support level 1, which can hit a maximum of 4 NPCS.

12f) Scenario 3 - Chapter 1 - Battle Vs Goriate and the Walcuray

This battle is great for Gracia and Isabella to become Trusted by the
rest of your force.

Every turn the Walcuray hits most of the map for about 7-10 damage.
If you don't have Isabella make sure Gracia casts Aura from the safety of
the sidelines. If you do and she's learned Aura, get her and Gracia to
take turns healing each other with Herbs while one of them casts Aura
on the force.

12g) Scenario 3 - Chapter 5 - First battle in Maya Village

This battle is the ultimate in Spark Abuse. You start the battle with
an utterly HUGE horde of enemies all bunched together very close to your
force. Julian, in fact, can get into Spark range in his first turn and
can bring 8 enemies onto low health in one Spark Level 3. This makes it
pathetically easy for anyone who can cast Spark (or Slow) to become
Soulmates with him.

    When you start the Chapter make sure you arrange your force and kit
    them all out with Spark-casting weaponry before you go to the Church.
    You cannot get back into headquarters once this battle starts!

If you have Julian start the battle Emperor-Palpatine-style, make sure
you place him next to the mailbox(?) thing so only 3 enemies can hit him
at once. Obviously, make sure he can survive 3 hits; equip him with a
White Ring if necessary.

Word of caution; these enemies hit like a truck, but they have no magic
at all. Try and group your characters together in a way that prevents
them from taking too many hits.

12h) Scenario 3 - Chapter 5 - Second Test of the Innovator

This is another Aura-abusing battle. This battle involves trying to
manuveur 4 mud dolls to stand next to Gracia (who can't move in this
battle), but if they stand on certain squares they will cast magic
against your entire force. The squares will either cast Spark Level 2,
Blaze level 3, Freeze level 3, Aura level 2 or summon a monster. Once
they reach Gracia they will stop moving.

You can trap the mud dolls on the squares you want with your characters
and then bunch everyone up to take full advantage of Aura's AOE effect.
Aura isn't great for earnins Soul Mates, as it only ever adds one
friendship point per character it heals, but it is useful for getting
your whole force up to Trusted with your healers.

Bunch your characters up like this so you can cast heal everyone without
wasting MP casting Aura Level 4:

    (o = character, X = mud doll)


This is also the perfect time to level up Gracia, as he and Julian
are Promoted automatically after this battle.

12i) Scenario 3 - Chapter 5 - Battle vs Marki, the Snow Witch

Every turn Marki will use her Blizzard special attack, which hits every
character in the valley she inhabits. There are also little areas at the
side of the valley which are protected from Marki's Blizzard special
attack, and several blocks of ice blocking the way to Marki that each
have 1 hitpoint and must be destroyed in order to proceed. These blocks
of ice yield 5 experience points each and are recreated every time Marki
uses Blizzard.

There are two ways to abuse this battle:

Firstly, if you position your characters correctly she'll hit every
single one of them and you'll be able to cast Aura on 11 characters.
Either put your Aura-caster in one of the protected side areas, or heal
them with another healer.

Secondly, the ice blocks are vulnerable to status effects. This is
completely nonsensical, but very cool. There's one block that you can
target with Spark to destroy 7 at once for 35 experience points. Combine
this with Slow Level 2 (which always works and has a large AOE) and you
have the fastest way to get Soul Mates in the entire game.

Obviously, give all your Spellcasters Jester Wands so they can cast Slow.
If they don't have Wands at level 3 yet make them smack ice blocks with
them to quickly level up Wands while other characters are busy grinding
friendships. Produn and Primula will be able to cast Slow Level 2 right
off the bat and you should have a ton of characters capable of either
casting Spark or using items that cast Spark.

NOTE: Make sure you pick up a few Jester Wands in Maya Village before you
      get to this battle, as that is the last shop that sells them.

12j) Scenario 3 - Chapter 7 - Battle outside Bulzome's Palace

This is the battle before the final confrontation with Bulzome and his
high priests. It's a battle where you get to control Synbios', Medion's
and Julian's forces simultaneously. It's pretty damn epic. :)

Synbios' and Medion's battles feature a crapload of high-HP enemies that
are all grouped together in a tight formation; utterly ripe for abusing
AOE spells. Smack in the middle of these is the boss; a High Priest who
spends most of his time healing his minions.

When he isn't healing, he will cast Inferno on your forces; its only
Level 1 but it can still do a hefty chunk of damage - especially if your
characters haven't reached their final promotions. Aside from him there's
nothing even remotely dangerous so charge at the main force and let the
Sparks fly! Sorry, couldn't resist...

Julian's battle is less spectacular for friendship grinding. There's
fewer enemies than Synbios and Medion's battles and they're much more
spread out so you can't abuse Spark all that ofte. However it does
feature an upgraded Walcuray you can abuse to grind your healers'
friendships up to trusted without too much effort.

13) Getting the most out of the Heroes Test in Scenario 3

The Heroes' Test isn't all that spectacular for friendship grinding, but
you'll probably be spending a lot of time here training up your
characters to take on the Premium Disc special battles, so you may as
well kill 2 birds with one stone.

For the first half of the Heroes' Test you'll find that you're killing
nearly everything in a single hit; which is both bad for friendships and
only gives half the experience available for that enemy.

To avoid this, have your non-spellcasters use items like Evil/Iburu
Rings, Black Rings, Ark Halberds, Spark Gloves etc. on the enemies before
you kill them. Magic users can get away with casting their weaker spells
if they unequip their weapons beforehand and they can also use Status
Effect spells. Status Effect spells are particularly handy once a caster
starts to get 1 experience from enemies; they always give around 6-10
experience points per cast, depending on the number of targets.

Towards the second half you'll find the enemies have a decent amount of
HP and some floors actually have groups of 3 enemies instead of the usual
2. They will also start grouping up as they come after your force.
Provided you're careful not to step into their attack range as you
approach you can take advantage of this with AOE spells like Spark and
Slow to get some nice friendship bonuses.

Be sure to be very careful on the last floor of the Heroes' Test; it can
be very tricky to keep everyone alive. Make sure you don't rush into the
centre area until you've disposed of the Titans and you should be
alright. One thing to keep in mind is that Taros will almost always
target your leader if he is in range; arrange your force so that if Taros
casts Spark on your leader it will hit him and him only. This will stop
your healers from burning through their MP casting Aura every turn.

14) Hex editing save files

If you're playing on an emulator it is possible to edit and/or check your
characters' friendship values using a hex editor. I recommend HxD, it's
easy to use, free and can easily work out checksums for you.

This guide currently covers how to edit savefiles made by recent versions
of SSF with hook backup library enabled. I'll expand this section to have
information on working with other emulator save files in the near future.

Save files are located in the following directories:



A quick note on how hex works. Hex is just another way of counting;
normally you count with units of 10 but in hex you count with units
of 16 instead.

Counting to 20 in decimal:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Counting to 20 in hex:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

You'll notice that the locations are written like 0x5CF. The 0x
just means "nothing but 0s to the left of this value", so for
0x5CF you'll look for something like 00000005CF in the Hex Editor,
which would be the 1487th byte in the save file.

The values store in the locations listed are:
00-09: Ally
0A-13: Partner
14-1D: Friend
1E-2C: Trusted
2D: Soulmate

The locations of each characters friendships are as follows (Locations
are the same in future games, including the Premium Disc):

Scenario 1:

0x5BC: Dantares - Synbios
0x5BD: Masqurin - Synbios
0x5BE: Masqurin - Dantares
0x5BF: Grace - Synbios
0x5C0: Grace - Dantares
0x5C1: Grace - Masqurin
0x5C2: Hayward - Synbios
0x5C3: Hayward - Dantares
0x5C4: Hayward - Masqurin
0x5C5: Hayward - Grace
0x5C6: Obright - Synbios
0x5C7: Obright - Dantares
0x5C8: Obright - Masqurin
0x5C9: Obright - Grace
0x5CA: Obright - Hayward
0x5CB: Irene - Synbios
0x5CC: Irene - Dantares
0x5CD: Irene - Masqurin
0x5CE: Irene - Grace
0x5CF: Irene - Hayward
0x5D0: Irene - Obright
0x5D1: Julian (Scenario 1) - Synbios
0x5D2: Julian (Scenario 1) - Dantares
0x5D3: Julian (Scenario 1) - Masqurin
0x5D4: Julian (Scenario 1) - Grace
0x5D5: Julian (Scenario 1) - Hayward
0x5D6: Julian (Scenario 1) - Obright
0x5D7: Julian (Scenario 1) - Irene
0x5D8: Cybel - Synbios
0x5D9: Cybel - Dantares
0x5DA: Cybel - Masqurin
0x5DB: Cybel - Grace
0x5DC: Cybel - Hayward
0x5DD: Cybel - Obright
0x5DE: Cybel - Irene
0x5DF: Cybel - Julian
0x5E0: Eldar - Synbios
0x5E1: Eldar - Dantares
0x5E2: Eldar - Masqurin
0x5E3: Eldar - Grace
0x5E4: Eldar - Hayward
0x5E5: Eldar - Obright
0x5E6: Eldar - Irene
0x5E7: Eldar - Julian
0x5E8: Eldar - Cybel
0x5E9: Kahn - Synbios
0x5EA: Kahn - Dantares
0x5EB: Kahn - Masqurin
0x5EC: Kahn - Grace
0x5ED: Kahn - Hayward
0x5EE: Kahn - Obright
0x5EF: Kahn - Irene
0x5F0: Kahn - Julian
0x5F1: Kahn - Cybel
0x5F2: Kahn - Eldar
0x5F3: Noon - Synbios
0x5F4: Noon - Dantares
0x5F5: Noon - Masqurin
0x5F6: Noon - Grace
0x5F7: Noon - Hayward
0x5F8: Noon - Obright
0x5F9: Noon - Irene
0x5FA: Noon - Julian
0x5FB: Noon - Cybel
0x5FC: Noon - Eldar
0x5FD: Noon - Kahn
0x5FE: Justin - Synbios
0x5FF: Justin - Dantares
0x600: Justin - Masqurin
0x601: Justin - Grace
0x602: Justin - Hayward
0x603: Justin - Obright
0x604: Justin - Irene
0x605: Justin - Julian
0x606: Justin - Cybel
0x607: Justin - Eldar
0x608: Justin - Kahn
0x609: Justin - Noon
0x60A: Horst - Synbios
0x60B: Horst - Dantares
0x60C: Horst - Masqurin
0x60D: Horst - Grace
0x60E: Horst - Hayward
0x60F: Horst - Obright
0x610: Horst - Irene
0x611: Horst - Julian
0x612: Horst - Cybel
0x613: Horst - Eldar
0x614: Horst - Kahn
0x615: Horst - Noon
0x616: Horst - Justin
0x617: Penn - Synbios
0x618: Penn - Dantares
0x619: Penn - Masqurin
0x61A: Penn - Grace
0x61B: Penn - Hayward
0x61C: Penn - Obright
0x61D: Penn - Irene
0x61E: Penn - Julian
0x61F: Penn - Cybel
0x620: Penn - Eldar
0x621: Penn - Kahn
0x622: Penn - Noon
0x623: Penn - Justin
0x624: Penn - Horst
0x625: Rattchet - Synbios
0x626: Rattchet - Dantares
0x627: Rattchet - Masqurin
0x628: Rattchet - Grace
0x629: Rattchet - Hayward
0x62A: Rattchet - Obright
0x62B: Rattchet - Irene
0x62C: Rattchet - Julian
0x62D: Rattchet - Cybel
0x62E: Rattchet - Eldar
0x62F: Rattchet - Kahn
0x630: Rattchet - Noon
0x631: Rattchet - Justin
0x632: Rattchet - Horst
0x633: Rattchet - Penn
0x634: Frank - Synbios
0x635: Frank - Dantares
0x636: Frank - Masqurin
0x637: Frank - Grace
0x638: Frank - Hayward
0x639: Frank - Obright
0x63A: Frank - Irene
0x63B: Frank - Julian
0x63C: Frank - Cybel
0x63D: Frank - Eldar
0x63E: Frank - Kahn
0x63F: Frank - Noon
0x640: Frank - Justin
0x641: Frank - Horst
0x642: Frank - Penn
0x643: Frank - Rattchet
0x644: Hagane - Synbios
0x645: Hagane - Dantares
0x646: Hagane - Masqurin
0x647: Hagane - Grace
0x648: Hagane - Hayward
0x649: Hagane - Obright
0x64A: Hagane - Irene
0x64B: Hagane - Julian
0x64C: Hagane - Cybel
0x64D: Hagane - Eldar
0x64E: Hagane - Kahn
0x64F: Hagane - Noon
0x650: Hagane - Justin
0x651: Hagane - Horst
0x652: Hagane - Penn
0x653: Hagane - Rattchet
0x654: Hagane - Frank
0x655: Murasame - Synbios
0x656: Murasame - Dantares
0x657: Murasame - Masqurin
0x658: Murasame - Grace
0x659: Murasame - Hayward
0x65A: Murasame - Obright
0x65B: Murasame - Irene
0x65C: Murasame - Julian
0x65D: Murasame - Cybel
0x65E: Murasame - Eldar
0x65F: Murasame - Kahn
0x660: Murasame - Noon
0x661: Murasame - Justin
0x662: Murasame - Horst
0x663: Murasame - Penn
0x664: Murasame - Rattchet
0x665: Murasame - Frank
0x666: Murasame - Hagane
0x667: Fynnding - Synbios
0x668: Fynnding - Dantares
0x669: Fynnding - Masqurin
0x66A: Fynnding - Grace
0x66B: Fynnding - Hayward
0x66C: Fynnding - Obright
0x66D: Fynnding - Irene
0x66E: Fynnding - Julian
0x66F: Fynnding - Cybel
0x670: Fynnding - Eldar
0x671: Fynnding - Kahn
0x672: Fynnding - Noon
0x673: Fynnding - Justin
0x674: Fynnding - Horst
0x675: Fynnding - Penn
0x676: Fynnding - Rattchet
0x677: Fynnding - Frank
0x678: Fynnding - Hagane
0x679: Fynnding - Murasame

Scenario 2

Scenario 1 Character Positions are in the same place.
Julian from Scenario 1 isn't used.

0x67A: Medion - Synbios
0x67B: Medion - Dantares
0x67C: Medion - Masqurin
0x67D: Medion - Grace
0x67E: Medion - Hayward
0x67F: Medion - Obright
0x680: Medion - Irene
0x681: Medion - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x682: Medion - Cybel
0x683: Medion - Eldar
0x684: Medion - Kahn
0x685: Medion - Noon
0x686: Medion - Justin
0x687: Medion - Horst
0x688: Medion - Penn
0x689: Medion - Rattchet
0x68A: Medion - Frank
0x68B: Medion - Hagane
0x68C: Medion - Murasame
0x68D: Medion - Fynnding
0x68E: Cambell - Synbios
0x68F: Cambell - Dantares
0x690: Cambell - Masqurin
0x691: Cambell - Grace
0x692: Cambell - Hayward
0x693: Cambell - Obright
0x694: Cambell - Irene
0x695: Cambell - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x696: Cambell - Cybel
0x697: Cambell - Eldar
0x698: Cambell - Kahn
0x699: Cambell - Noon
0x69A: Cambell - Justin
0x69B: Cambell - Horst
0x69C: Cambell - Penn
0x69D: Cambell - Rattchet
0x69E: Cambell - Frank
0x69F: Cambell - Hagane
0x6A0: Cambell - Murasame
0x6A1: Cambell - Fynnding
0x6A2: Cambell - Medion
0x6A3: Syntesis - Synbios
0x6A4: Syntesis - Dantares
0x6A5: Syntesis - Masqurin
0x6A6: Syntesis - Grace
0x6A7: Syntesis - Hayward
0x6A8: Syntesis - Obright
0x6A9: Syntesis - Irene
0x6AA: Syntesis - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x6AB: Syntesis - Cybel
0x6AC: Syntesis - Eldar
0x6AD: Syntesis - Kahn
0x6AE: Syntesis - Noon
0x6AF: Syntesis - Justin
0x6B0: Syntesis - Horst
0x6B1: Syntesis - Penn
0x6B2: Syntesis - Rattchet
0x6B3: Syntesis - Frank
0x6B4: Syntesis - Hagane
0x6B5: Syntesis - Murasame
0x6B6: Syntesis - Fynnding
0x6B7: Syntesis - Medion
0x6B8: Syntesis - Cambell
0x6B9: Uryudo - Synbios
0x6BA: Uryudo - Dantares
0x6BB: Uryudo - Masqurin
0x6BC: Uryudo - Grace
0x6BD: Uryudo - Hayward
0x6BE: Uryudo - Obright
0x6BF: Uryudo - Irene
0x6C0: Uryudo - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x6C1: Uryudo - Cybel
0x6C2: Uryudo - Eldar
0x6C3: Uryudo - Kahn
0x6C4: Uryudo - Noon
0x6C5: Uryudo - Justin
0x6C6: Uryudo - Horst
0x6C7: Uryudo - Penn
0x6C8: Uryudo - Rattchet
0x6C9: Uryudo - Frank
0x6CA: Uryudo - Hagane
0x6CB: Uryudo - Murasame
0x6CC: Uryudo - Fynnding
0x6CD: Uryudo - Medion
0x6CE: Uryudo - Cambell
0x6CF: Uryudo - Syntesis
0x6D0: Waltz - Synbios
0x6D1: Waltz - Dantares
0x6D2: Waltz - Masqurin
0x6D3: Waltz - Grace
0x6D4: Waltz - Hayward
0x6D5: Waltz - Obright
0x6D6: Waltz - Irene
0x6D7: Waltz - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x6D8: Waltz - Cybel
0x6D9: Waltz - Eldar
0x6DA: Waltz - Kahn
0x6DB: Waltz - Noon
0x6DC: Waltz - Justin
0x6DD: Waltz - Horst
0x6DE: Waltz - Penn
0x6DF: Waltz - Rattchet
0x6E0: Waltz - Frank
0x6E1: Waltz - Hagane
0x6E2: Waltz - Murasame
0x6E3: Waltz - Fynnding
0x6E4: Waltz - Medion
0x6E5: Waltz - Cambell
0x6E6: Waltz - Syntesis
0x6E7: Waltz - Uryudo
0x6E8: Rock - Synbios
0x6E9: Rock - Dantares
0x6EA: Rock - Masqurin
0x6EB: Rock - Grace
0x6EC: Rock - Hayward
0x6ED: Rock - Obright
0x6EE: Rock - Irene
0x6EF: Rock - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x6F0: Rock - Cybel
0x6F1: Rock - Eldar
0x6F2: Rock - Kahn
0x6F3: Rock - Noon
0x6F4: Rock - Justin
0x6F5: Rock - Horst
0x6F6: Rock - Penn
0x6F7: Rock - Rattchet
0x6F8: Rock - Frank
0x6F9: Rock - Hagane
0x6FA: Rock - Murasame
0x6FB: Rock - Fynnding
0x6FC: Rock - Medion
0x6FD: Rock - Cambell
0x6FE: Rock - Syntesis
0x6FF: Rock - Uryudo
0x700: Rock - Waltz
0x701: Bernard - Synbios
0x702: Bernard - Dantares
0x703: Bernard - Masqurin
0x704: Bernard - Grace
0x705: Bernard - Hayward
0x706: Bernard - Obright
0x707: Bernard - Irene
0x708: Bernard - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x709: Bernard - Cybel
0x70A: Bernard - Eldar
0x70B: Bernard - Kahn
0x70C: Bernard - Noon
0x70D: Bernard - Justin
0x70E: Bernard - Horst
0x70F: Bernard - Penn
0x710: Bernard - Rattchet
0x711: Bernard - Frank
0x712: Bernard - Hagane
0x713: Bernard - Murasame
0x714: Bernard - Fynnding
0x715: Bernard - Medion
0x716: Bernard - Cambell
0x717: Bernard - Syntesis
0x718: Bernard - Uryudo
0x719: Bernard - Waltz
0x71A: Bernard - Rock
0x71B: Zero - Synbios
0x71C: Zero - Dantares
0x71D: Zero - Masqurin
0x71E: Zero - Grace
0x71F: Zero - Hayward
0x720: Zero - Obright
0x721: Zero - Irene
0x722: Zero - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x723: Zero - Cybel
0x724: Zero - Eldar
0x725: Zero - Kahn
0x726: Zero - Noon
0x727: Zero - Justin
0x728: Zero - Horst
0x729: Zero - Penn
0x72A: Zero - Rattchet
0x72B: Zero - Frank
0x72C: Zero - Hagane
0x72D: Zero - Murasame
0x72E: Zero - Fynnding
0x72F: Zero - Medion
0x730: Zero - Cambell
0x731: Zero - Syntesis
0x732: Zero - Uryudo
0x733: Zero - Waltz
0x734: Zero - Rock
0x735: Zero - Bernard
0x736: Hazuki - Synbios
0x737: Hazuki - Dantares
0x738: Hazuki - Masqurin
0x739: Hazuki - Grace
0x73A: Hazuki - Hayward
0x73B: Hazuki - Obright
0x73C: Hazuki - Irene
0x73D: Hazuki - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x73E: Hazuki - Cybel
0x73F: Hazuki - Eldar
0x740: Hazuki - Kahn
0x741: Hazuki - Noon
0x742: Hazuki - Justin
0x743: Hazuki - Horst
0x744: Hazuki - Penn
0x745: Hazuki - Rattchet
0x746: Hazuki - Frank
0x747: Hazuki - Hagane
0x748: Hazuki - Murasame
0x749: Hazuki - Fynnding
0x74A: Hazuki - Medion
0x74B: Hazuki - Cambell
0x74C: Hazuki - Syntesis
0x74D: Hazuki - Uryudo
0x74E: Hazuki - Waltz
0x74F: Hazuki - Rock
0x750: Hazuki - Bernard
0x751: Hazuki - Zero
0x752: David - Synbios
0x753: David - Dantares
0x754: David - Masqurin
0x755: David - Grace
0x756: David - Hayward
0x757: David - Obright
0x758: David - Irene
0x759: David - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x75A: David - Cybel
0x75B: David - Eldar
0x75C: David - Kahn
0x75D: David - Noon
0x75E: David - Justin
0x75F: David - Horst
0x760: David - Penn
0x761: David - Rattchet
0x762: David - Frank
0x763: David - Hagane
0x764: David - Murasame
0x765: David - Fynnding
0x766: David - Medion
0x767: David - Cambell
0x768: David - Syntesis
0x769: David - Uryudo
0x76A: David - Waltz
0x76B: David - Rock
0x76C: David - Bernard
0x76D: David - Zero
0x76E: David - Hazuki
0x76F: Hedoba - Synbios
0x770: Hedoba - Dantares
0x771: Hedoba - Masqurin
0x772: Hedoba - Grace
0x773: Hedoba - Hayward
0x774: Hedoba - Obright
0x775: Hedoba - Irene
0x776: Hedoba - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x777: Hedoba - Cybel
0x778: Hedoba - Eldar
0x779: Hedoba - Kahn
0x77A: Hedoba - Noon
0x77B: Hedoba - Justin
0x77C: Hedoba - Horst
0x77D: Hedoba - Penn
0x77E: Hedoba - Rattchet
0x77F: Hedoba - Frank
0x780: Hedoba - Hagane
0x781: Hedoba - Murasame
0x782: Hedoba - Fynnding
0x783: Hedoba - Medion
0x784: Hedoba - Cambell
0x785: Hedoba - Syntesis
0x786: Hedoba - Uryudo
0x787: Hedoba - Waltz
0x788: Hedoba - Rock
0x789: Hedoba - Bernard
0x78A: Hedoba - Zero
0x78B: Hedoba - Hazuki
0x78C: Hedoba - David
0x78E: Julian (Scenario 2) - Dantares
0x78F: Julian (Scenario 2) - Masqurin
0x790: Julian (Scenario 2) - Grace
0x791: Julian (Scenario 2) - Hayward
0x792: Julian (Scenario 2) - Obright
0x793: Julian (Scenario 2) - Irene
0x794: Julian (Scenario 2) - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x795: Julian (Scenario 2) - Cybel
0x796: Julian (Scenario 2) - Eldar
0x797: Julian (Scenario 2) - Kahn
0x798: Julian (Scenario 2) - Noon
0x799: Julian (Scenario 2) - Justin
0x79A: Julian (Scenario 2) - Horst
0x79B: Julian (Scenario 2) - Penn
0x79C: Julian (Scenario 2) - Rattchet
0x79D: Julian (Scenario 2) - Frank
0x79E: Julian (Scenario 2) - Hagane
0x79F: Julian (Scenario 2) - Murasame
0x7A0: Julian (Scenario 2) - Fynnding
0x7A1: Julian (Scenario 2) - Medion
0x7A2: Julian (Scenario 2) - Cambell
0x7A3: Julian (Scenario 2) - Syntesis
0x7A4: Julian (Scenario 2) - Uryudo
0x7A5: Julian (Scenario 2) - Waltz
0x7A6: Julian (Scenario 2) - Rock
0x7A7: Julian (Scenario 2) - Bernard
0x7A8: Julian (Scenario 2) - Zero
0x7A9: Julian (Scenario 2) - Hazuki
0x7AA: Julian (Scenario 2) - David
0x7AB: Julian (Scenario 2) - Hedoba
0x7AC: Donhort - Synbios
0x7AD: Donhort - Dantares
0x7AE: Donhort - Masqurin
0x7AF: Donhort - Grace
0x7B0: Donhort - Hayward
0x7B1: Donhort - Obright
0x7B2: Donhort - Irene
0x7B3: Donhort - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x7B4: Donhort - Cybel
0x7B5: Donhort - Eldar
0x7B6: Donhort - Kahn
0x7B7: Donhort - Noon
0x7B8: Donhort - Justin
0x7B9: Donhort - Horst
0x7BA: Donhort - Penn
0x7BB: Donhort - Rattchet
0x7BC: Donhort - Frank
0x7BD: Donhort - Hagane
0x7BE: Donhort - Murasame
0x7BF: Donhort - Fynnding
0x7C0: Donhort - Medion
0x7C1: Donhort - Cambell
0x7C2: Donhort - Syntesis
0x7C3: Donhort - Uryudo
0x7C4: Donhort - Waltz
0x7C5: Donhort - Rock
0x7C6: Donhort - Bernard
0x7C7: Donhort - Zero
0x7C8: Donhort - Hazuki
0x7C9: Donhort - David
0x7CA: Donhort - Hedoba
0x7CB: Donhort - Julian (Scenario 2)
0x7CC: Hera - Synbios
0x7CD: Hera - Dantares
0x7CE: Hera - Masqurin
0x7CF: Hera - Grace
0x7D0: Hera - Hayward
0x7D1: Hera - Obright
0x7D2: Hera - Irene
0x7D3: Hera - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x7D4: Hera - Cybel
0x7D5: Hera - Eldar
0x7D6: Hera - Kahn
0x7D7: Hera - Noon
0x7D8: Hera - Justin
0x7D9: Hera - Horst
0x7DA: Hera - Penn
0x7DB: Hera - Rattchet
0x7DC: Hera - Frank
0x7DD: Hera - Hagane
0x7DE: Hera - Murasame
0x7DF: Hera - Fynnding
0x7E0: Hera - Medion
0x7E1: Hera - Cambell
0x7E2: Hera - Syntesis
0x7E3: Hera - Uryudo
0x7E4: Hera - Waltz
0x7E5: Hera - Rock
0x7E6: Hera - Bernard
0x7E7: Hera - Zero
0x7E8: Hera - Hazuki
0x7E9: Hera - David
0x7EA: Hera - Hedoba
0x7EB: Hera - Julian (Scenario 2)
0x7EC: Hera - Donhort
0x7ED: Robby - Synbios
0x7EE: Robby - Dantares
0x7EF: Robby - Masqurin
0x7F0: Robby - Grace
0x7F1: Robby - Hayward
0x7F2: Robby - Obright
0x7F3: Robby - Irene
0x7F4: Robby - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x7F5: Robby - Cybel
0x7F6: Robby - Eldar
0x7F7: Robby - Kahn
0x7F8: Robby - Noon
0x7F9: Robby - Justin
0x7FA: Robby - Horst
0x7FB: Robby - Penn
0x7FC: Robby - Rattchet
0x7FD: Robby - Frank
0x7FE: Robby - Hagane
0x7FF: Robby - Murasame
0x800: Robby - Fynnding
0x801: Robby - Medion
0x802: Robby - Cambell
0x803: Robby - Syntesis
0x804: Robby - Uryudo
0x805: Robby - Waltz
0x806: Robby - Rock
0x807: Robby - Bernard
0x808: Robby - Zero
0x809: Robby - Hazuki
0x80A: Robby - David
0x80B: Robby - Hedoba
0x80C: Robby - Julian (Scenario 2)
0x80D: Robby - Donhort
0x80E: Robby - Hera
0x80F: Arthur - Synbios
0x810: Arthur - Dantares
0x811: Arthur - Masqurin
0x812: Arthur - Grace
0x813: Arthur - Hayward
0x814: Arthur - Obright
0x815: Arthur - Irene
0x816: Arthur - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x817: Arthur - Cybel
0x818: Arthur - Eldar
0x819: Arthur - Kahn
0x81A: Arthur - Noon
0x81B: Arthur - Justin
0x81C: Arthur - Horst
0x81D: Arthur - Penn
0x81E: Arthur - Rattchet
0x81F: Arthur - Frank
0x820: Arthur - Hagane
0x821: Arthur - Murasame
0x822: Arthur - Fynnding
0x823: Arthur - Medion
0x824: Arthur - Cambell
0x825: Arthur - Syntesis
0x826: Arthur - Uryudo
0x827: Arthur - Waltz
0x828: Arthur - Rock
0x829: Arthur - Bernard
0x82A: Arthur - Zero
0x82B: Arthur - Hazuki
0x82C: Arthur - David
0x82D: Arthur - Hedoba
0x82E: Arthur - Julian (Scenario 2)
0x82F: Arthur - Donhort
0x830: Arthur - Hera
0x831: Arthur - Robby
0x832: Garosh - Synbios
0x833: Garosh - Dantares
0x834: Garosh - Masqurin
0x835: Garosh - Grace
0x836: Garosh - Hayward
0x837: Garosh - Obright
0x838: Garosh - Irene
0x839: Garosh - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x83A: Garosh - Cybel
0x83B: Garosh - Eldar
0x83C: Garosh - Kahn
0x83D: Garosh - Noon
0x83E: Garosh - Justin
0x83F: Garosh - Horst
0x840: Garosh - Penn
0x841: Garosh - Rattchet
0x842: Garosh - Frank
0x843: Garosh - Hagane
0x844: Garosh - Murasame
0x845: Garosh - Fynnding
0x846: Garosh - Medion
0x847: Garosh - Cambell
0x848: Garosh - Syntesis
0x849: Garosh - Uryudo
0x84A: Garosh - Waltz
0x84B: Garosh - Rock
0x84C: Garosh - Bernard
0x84D: Garosh - Zero
0x84E: Garosh - Hazuki
0x84F: Garosh - David
0x850: Garosh - Hedoba
0x851: Garosh - Julian (Scenario 2)
0x852: Garosh - Donhort
0x853: Garosh - Hera
0x854: Garosh - Robby
0x855: Garosh - Arthur
0x856: Jade - Synbios
0x857: Jade - Dantares
0x858: Jade - Masqurin
0x859: Jade - Grace
0x85A: Jade - Hayward
0x85B: Jade - Obright
0x85C: Jade - Irene
0x85D: Jade - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x85E: Jade - Cybel
0x85F: Jade - Eldar
0x860: Jade - Kahn
0x861: Jade - Noon
0x862: Jade - Justin
0x863: Jade - Horst
0x864: Jade - Penn
0x865: Jade - Rattchet
0x866: Jade - Frank
0x867: Jade - Hagane
0x868: Jade - Murasame
0x869: Jade - Fynnding
0x86A: Jade - Medion
0x86B: Jade - Cambell
0x86C: Jade - Syntesis
0x86D: Jade - Uryudo
0x86E: Jade - Waltz
0x86F: Jade - Rock
0x870: Jade - Bernard
0x871: Jade - Zero
0x872: Jade - Hazuki
0x873: Jade - David
0x874: Jade - Hedoba
0x875: Jade - Julian (Scenario 2)
0x876: Jade - Donhort
0x877: Jade - Hera
0x878: Jade - Robby
0x879: Jade - Arthur
0x87A: Jade - Garosh
0x87B: Penko - Synbios
0x87C: Penko - Dantares
0x87D: Penko - Masqurin
0x87E: Penko - Grace
0x87F: Penko - Hayward
0x880: Penko - Obright
0x881: Penko - Irene
0x882: Penko - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x883: Penko - Cybel
0x884: Penko - Eldar
0x885: Penko - Kahn
0x886: Penko - Noon
0x887: Penko - Justin
0x888: Penko - Horst
0x889: Penko - Penn
0x88A: Penko - Rattchet
0x88B: Penko - Frank
0x88C: Penko - Hagane
0x88D: Penko - Murasame
0x88E: Penko - Fynnding
0x88F: Penko - Medion
0x890: Penko - Cambell
0x891: Penko - Syntesis
0x892: Penko - Uryudo
0x893: Penko - Waltz
0x894: Penko - Rock
0x895: Penko - Bernard
0x896: Penko - Zero
0x897: Penko - Hazuki
0x898: Penko - David
0x899: Penko - Hedoba
0x89A: Penko - Julian (Scenario 2)
0x89B: Penko - Donhort
0x89C: Penko - Hera
0x89D: Penko - Robby
0x89E: Penko - Arthur
0x89F: Penko - Garosh
0x8A0: Penko - Jade
0x8A1: Papetts - Synbios
0x8A2: Papetts - Dantares
0x8A3: Papetts - Masqurin
0x8A4: Papetts - Grace
0x8A5: Papetts - Hayward
0x8A6: Papetts - Obright
0x8A7: Papetts - Irene
0x8A8: Papetts - Julian (Scenario 1)
0x8A9: Papetts - Cybel
0x8AA: Papetts - Eldar
0x8AB: Papetts - Kahn
0x8AC: Papetts - Noon
0x8AD: Papetts - Justin
0x8AE: Papetts - Horst
0x8AF: Papetts - Penn
0x8B0: Papetts - Rattchet
0x8B1: Papetts - Frank
0x8B2: Papetts - Hagane
0x8B3: Papetts - Murasame
0x8B4: Papetts - Fynnding
0x8B5: Papetts - Medion
0x8B6: Papetts - Cambell
0x8B7: Papetts - Syntesis
0x8B8: Papetts - Uryudo
0x8B9: Papetts - Waltz
0x8BA: Papetts - Rock
0x8BB: Papetts - Bernard
0x8BC: Papetts - Zero
0x8BD: Papetts - Hazuki
0x8BE: Papetts - David
0x8BF: Papetts - Hedoba
0x8C0: Papetts - Julian (Scenario 2)
0x8C1: Papetts - Donhort
0x8C2: Papetts - Hera
0x8C3: Papetts - Robby
0x8C4: Papetts - Arthur
0x8C5: Papetts - Garosh
0x8C6: Papetts - Jade
0x8C7: Papetts - Penko

Scenario 3:

Julian uses his Scenario 1 slot and Gracia uses Julian's Scenario 2 slot.
All locations for every other character from Scenario 1 and 2 (including
Donhort) are in exactly the same locations.

Also note that Rogan wasn't included in the game (he can be hex edited
into the game but he's a tad buggy) and Jane is just a placeholder for
the Premium Disc; her stats and friendships must be edited in a Premium
Disc save file to have any effect.

0x8C8: Kate - Synbios
0x8C9: Kate - Dantares
0x8CA: Kate - Masqurin
0x8CB: Kate - Grace
0x8CC: Kate - Hayward
0x8CD: Kate - Obright
0x8CE: Kate - Irene
0x8CF: Kate - Julian
0x8D0: Kate - Cybel
0x8D1: Kate - Eldar
0x8D2: Kate - Kahn
0x8D3: Kate - Noon
0x8D4: Kate - Justin
0x8D5: Kate - Horst
0x8D6: Kate - Penn
0x8D7: Kate - Rattchet
0x8D8: Kate - Frank
0x8D9: Kate - Hagane
0x8DA: Kate - Murasame
0x8DB: Kate - Fynnding
0x8DC: Kate - Medion
0x8DD: Kate - Cambell
0x8DE: Kate - Syntesis
0x8DF: Kate - Uryudo
0x8E0: Kate - Waltz
0x8E1: Kate - Rock
0x8E2: Kate - Bernard
0x8E3: Kate - Zero
0x8E4: Kate - Hazuki
0x8E5: Kate - David
0x8E6: Kate - Hedoba
0x8E7: Kate - Gracia
0x8E8: Kate - Donhort
0x8E9: Kate - Hera
0x8EA: Kate - Robby
0x8EB: Kate - Arthur
0x8EC: Kate - Garosh
0x8ED: Kate - Jade
0x8EE: Kate - Penko
0x8EF: Kate - Papetts
0x8F0: Rogan - Synbios
0x8F1: Rogan - Dantares
0x8F2: Rogan - Masqurin
0x8F3: Rogan - Grace
0x8F4: Rogan - Hayward
0x8F5: Rogan - Obright
0x8F6: Rogan - Irene
0x8F7: Rogan - Julian
0x8F8: Rogan - Cybel
0x8F9: Rogan - Eldar
0x8FA: Rogan - Kahn
0x8FB: Rogan - Noon
0x8FC: Rogan - Justin
0x8FD: Rogan - Horst
0x8FE: Rogan - Penn
0x8FF: Rogan - Rattchet
0x900: Rogan - Frank
0x901: Rogan - Hagane
0x902: Rogan - Murasame
0x903: Rogan - Fynnding
0x904: Rogan - Medion
0x905: Rogan - Cambell
0x906: Rogan - Syntesis
0x907: Rogan - Uryudo
0x908: Rogan - Waltz
0x909: Rogan - Rock
0x90A: Rogan - Bernard
0x90B: Rogan - Zero
0x90C: Rogan - Hazuki
0x90D: Rogan - David
0x90E: Rogan - Hedoba
0x90F: Rogan - Gracia
0x910: Rogan - Donhort
0x911: Rogan - Hera
0x912: Rogan - Robby
0x913: Rogan - Arthur
0x914: Rogan - Garosh
0x915: Rogan - Jade
0x916: Rogan - Penko
0x917: Rogan - Papetts
0x918: Rogan - Kate
0x919: Edmund - Synbios
0x91A: Edmund - Dantares
0x91B: Edmund - Masqurin
0x91C: Edmund - Grace
0x91D: Edmund - Hayward
0x91E: Edmund - Obright
0x91F: Edmund - Irene
0x920: Edmund - Julian
0x921: Edmund - Cybel
0x922: Edmund - Eldar
0x923: Edmund - Kahn
0x924: Edmund - Noon
0x925: Edmund - Justin
0x926: Edmund - Horst
0x927: Edmund - Penn
0x928: Edmund - Rattchet
0x929: Edmund - Frank
0x92A: Edmund - Hagane
0x92B: Edmund - Murasame
0x92C: Edmund - Fynnding
0x92D: Edmund - Medion
0x92E: Edmund - Cambell
0x92F: Edmund - Syntesis
0x930: Edmund - Uryudo
0x931: Edmund - Waltz
0x932: Edmund - Rock
0x933: Edmund - Bernard
0x934: Edmund - Zero
0x935: Edmund - Hazuki
0x936: Edmund - David
0x937: Edmund - Hedoba
0x938: Edmund - Gracia
0x939: Edmund - Donhort
0x93A: Edmund - Hera
0x93B: Edmund - Robby
0x93C: Edmund - Arthur
0x93D: Edmund - Garosh
0x93E: Edmund - Jade
0x93F: Edmund - Penko
0x940: Edmund - Papetts
0x941: Edmund - Kate
0x942: Edmund - Rogan
0x943: Isabella - Synbios
0x944: Isabella - Dantares
0x945: Isabella - Masqurin
0x946: Isabella - Grace
0x947: Isabella - Hayward
0x948: Isabella - Obright
0x949: Isabella - Irene
0x94A: Isabella - Julian
0x94B: Isabella - Cybel
0x94C: Isabella - Eldar
0x94D: Isabella - Kahn
0x94E: Isabella - Noon
0x94F: Isabella - Justin
0x950: Isabella - Horst
0x951: Isabella - Penn
0x952: Isabella - Rattchet
0x953: Isabella - Frank
0x954: Isabella - Hagane
0x955: Isabella - Murasame
0x956: Isabella - Fynnding
0x957: Isabella - Medion
0x958: Isabella - Cambell
0x959: Isabella - Syntesis
0x95A: Isabella - Uryudo
0x95B: Isabella - Waltz
0x95C: Isabella - Rock
0x95D: Isabella - Bernard
0x95E: Isabella - Zero
0x95F: Isabella - Hazuki
0x960: Isabella - David
0x961: Isabella - Hedoba
0x962: Isabella - Gracia
0x963: Isabella - Donhort
0x964: Isabella - Hera
0x965: Isabella - Robby
0x966: Isabella - Arthur
0x967: Isabella - Garosh
0x968: Isabella - Jade
0x969: Isabella - Penko
0x96A: Isabella - Papetts
0x96B: Isabella - Kate
0x96C: Isabella - Rogan
0x96D: Isabella - Edmund
0x96E: Brigit - Synbios
0x96F: Brigit - Dantares
0x970: Brigit - Masqurin
0x971: Brigit - Grace
0x972: Brigit - Hayward
0x973: Brigit - Obright
0x974: Brigit - Irene
0x975: Brigit - Julian
0x976: Brigit - Cybel
0x977: Brigit - Eldar
0x978: Brigit - Kahn
0x979: Brigit - Noon
0x97A: Brigit - Justin
0x97B: Brigit - Horst
0x97C: Brigit - Penn
0x97D: Brigit - Rattchet
0x97E: Brigit - Frank
0x97F: Brigit - Hagane
0x980: Brigit - Murasame
0x981: Brigit - Fynnding
0x982: Brigit - Medion
0x983: Brigit - Cambell
0x984: Brigit - Syntesis
0x985: Brigit - Uryudo
0x986: Brigit - Waltz
0x987: Brigit - Rock
0x988: Brigit - Bernard
0x989: Brigit - Zero
0x98A: Brigit - Hazuki
0x98B: Brigit - David
0x98C: Brigit - Hedoba
0x98D: Brigit - Gracia
0x98E: Brigit - Donhort
0x98F: Brigit - Hera
0x990: Brigit - Robby
0x991: Brigit - Arthur
0x992: Brigit - Garosh
0x993: Brigit - Jade
0x994: Brigit - Penko
0x995: Brigit - Papetts
0x996: Brigit - Kate
0x997: Brigit - Rogan
0x998: Brigit - Edmund
0x999: Brigit - Isabella
0x99A: Cyclops - Synbios
0x99B: Cyclops - Dantares
0x99C: Cyclops - Masqurin
0x99D: Cyclops - Grace
0x99E: Cyclops - Hayward
0x99F: Cyclops - Obright
0x9A0: Cyclops - Irene
0x9A1: Cyclops - Julian
0x9A2: Cyclops - Cybel
0x9A3: Cyclops - Eldar
0x9A4: Cyclops - Kahn
0x9A5: Cyclops - Noon
0x9A6: Cyclops - Justin
0x9A7: Cyclops - Horst
0x9A8: Cyclops - Penn
0x9A9: Cyclops - Rattchet
0x9AA: Cyclops - Frank
0x9AB: Cyclops - Hagane
0x9AC: Cyclops - Murasame
0x9AD: Cyclops - Fynnding
0x9AE: Cyclops - Medion
0x9AF: Cyclops - Cambell
0x9B0: Cyclops - Syntesis
0x9B1: Cyclops - Uryudo
0x9B2: Cyclops - Waltz
0x9B3: Cyclops - Rock
0x9B4: Cyclops - Bernard
0x9B5: Cyclops - Zero
0x9B6: Cyclops - Hazuki
0x9B7: Cyclops - David
0x9B8: Cyclops - Hedoba
0x9B9: Cyclops - Gracia
0x9BA: Cyclops - Donhort
0x9BB: Cyclops - Hera
0x9BC: Cyclops - Robby
0x9BD: Cyclops - Arthur
0x9BE: Cyclops - Garosh
0x9BF: Cyclops - Jade
0x9C0: Cyclops - Penko
0x9C1: Cyclops - Papetts
0x9C2: Cyclops - Kate
0x9C3: Cyclops - Rogan
0x9C4: Cyclops - Edmund
0x9C5: Cyclops - Isabella
0x9C6: Cyclops - Brigit
0x9C7: Rollie - Synbios
0x9C8: Rollie - Dantares
0x9C9: Rollie - Masqurin
0x9CA: Rollie - Grace
0x9CB: Rollie - Hayward
0x9CC: Rollie - Obright
0x9CD: Rollie - Irene
0x9CE: Rollie - Julian
0x9CF: Rollie - Cybel
0x9D0: Rollie - Eldar
0x9D1: Rollie - Kahn
0x9D2: Rollie - Noon
0x9D3: Rollie - Justin
0x9D4: Rollie - Horst
0x9D5: Rollie - Penn
0x9D6: Rollie - Rattchet
0x9D7: Rollie - Frank
0x9D8: Rollie - Hagane
0x9D9: Rollie - Murasame
0x9DA: Rollie - Fynnding
0x9DB: Rollie - Medion
0x9DC: Rollie - Cambell
0x9DD: Rollie - Syntesis
0x9DE: Rollie - Uryudo
0x9DF: Rollie - Waltz
0x9E0: Rollie - Rock
0x9E1: Rollie - Bernard
0x9E2: Rollie - Zero
0x9E3: Rollie - Hazuki
0x9E4: Rollie - David
0x9E5: Rollie - Hedoba
0x9E6: Rollie - Gracia
0x9E7: Rollie - Donhort
0x9E8: Rollie - Hera
0x9E9: Rollie - Robby
0x9EA: Rollie - Arthur
0x9EB: Rollie - Garosh
0x9EC: Rollie - Jade
0x9ED: Rollie - Penko
0x9EE: Rollie - Papetts
0x9EF: Rollie - Kate
0x9F0: Rollie - Rogan
0x9F1: Rollie - Edmund
0x9F2: Rollie - Isabella
0x9F3: Rollie - Brigit
0x9F4: Rollie - Cyclops
0x9F5: Thousand - Synbios
0x9F6: Thousand - Dantares
0x9F7: Thousand - Masqurin
0x9F8: Thousand - Grace
0x9F9: Thousand - Hayward
0x9FA: Thousand - Obright
0x9FB: Thousand - Irene
0x9FC: Thousand - Julian
0x9FD: Thousand - Cybel
0x9FE: Thousand - Eldar
0x9FF: Thousand - Kahn
0xA00: Thousand - Noon
0xA01: Thousand - Justin
0xA02: Thousand - Horst
0xA03: Thousand - Penn
0xA04: Thousand - Rattchet
0xA05: Thousand - Frank
0xA06: Thousand - Hagane
0xA07: Thousand - Murasame
0xA08: Thousand - Fynnding
0xA09: Thousand - Medion
0xA0A: Thousand - Cambell
0xA0B: Thousand - Syntesis
0xA0C: Thousand - Uryudo
0xA0D: Thousand - Waltz
0xA0E: Thousand - Rock
0xA0F: Thousand - Bernard
0xA10: Thousand - Zero
0xA11: Thousand - Hazuki
0xA12: Thousand - David
0xA13: Thousand - Hedoba
0xA14: Thousand - Gracia
0xA15: Thousand - Donhort
0xA16: Thousand - Hera
0xA17: Thousand - Robby
0xA18: Thousand - Arthur
0xA19: Thousand - Garosh
0xA1A: Thousand - Jade
0xA1B: Thousand - Penko
0xA1C: Thousand - Papetts
0xA1D: Thousand - Kate
0xA1E: Thousand - Rogan
0xA1F: Thousand - Edmund
0xA20: Thousand - Isabella
0xA21: Thousand - Brigit
0xA22: Thousand - Cyclops
0xA23: Thousand - Rollie
0xA24: Leon - Synbios
0xA25: Leon - Dantares
0xA26: Leon - Masqurin
0xA27: Leon - Grace
0xA28: Leon - Hayward
0xA29: Leon - Obright
0xA2A: Leon - Irene
0xA2B: Leon - Julian
0xA2C: Leon - Cybel
0xA2D: Leon - Eldar
0xA2E: Leon - Kahn
0xA2F: Leon - Noon
0xA30: Leon - Justin
0xA31: Leon - Horst
0xA32: Leon - Penn
0xA33: Leon - Rattchet
0xA34: Leon - Frank
0xA35: Leon - Hagane
0xA36: Leon - Murasame
0xA37: Leon - Fynnding
0xA38: Leon - Medion
0xA39: Leon - Cambell
0xA3A: Leon - Syntesis
0xA3B: Leon - Uryudo
0xA3C: Leon - Waltz
0xA3D: Leon - Rock
0xA3E: Leon - Bernard
0xA3F: Leon - Zero
0xA40: Leon - Hazuki
0xA41: Leon - David
0xA42: Leon - Hedoba
0xA43: Leon - Gracia
0xA44: Leon - Donhort
0xA45: Leon - Hera
0xA46: Leon - Robby
0xA47: Leon - Arthur
0xA48: Leon - Garosh
0xA49: Leon - Jade
0xA4A: Leon - Penko
0xA4B: Leon - Papetts
0xA4C: Leon - Kate
0xA4D: Leon - Rogan
0xA4E: Leon - Edmund
0xA4F: Leon - Isabella
0xA50: Leon - Brigit
0xA51: Leon - Cyclops
0xA52: Leon - Rollie
0xA53: Leon - Thousand
0xA54: Honesty - Synbios
0xA55: Honesty - Dantares
0xA56: Honesty - Masqurin
0xA57: Honesty - Grace
0xA58: Honesty - Hayward
0xA59: Honesty - Obright
0xA5A: Honesty - Irene
0xA5B: Honesty - Julian
0xA5C: Honesty - Cybel
0xA5D: Honesty - Eldar
0xA5E: Honesty - Kahn
0xA5F: Honesty - Noon
0xA60: Honesty - Justin
0xA61: Honesty - Horst
0xA62: Honesty - Penn
0xA63: Honesty - Rattchet
0xA64: Honesty - Frank
0xA65: Honesty - Hagane
0xA66: Honesty - Murasame
0xA67: Honesty - Fynnding
0xA68: Honesty - Medion
0xA69: Honesty - Cambell
0xA6A: Honesty - Syntesis
0xA6B: Honesty - Uryudo
0xA6C: Honesty - Waltz
0xA6D: Honesty - Rock
0xA6E: Honesty - Bernard
0xA6F: Honesty - Zero
0xA70: Honesty - Hazuki
0xA71: Honesty - David
0xA72: Honesty - Hedoba
0xA73: Honesty - Gracia
0xA74: Honesty - Donhort
0xA75: Honesty - Hera
0xA76: Honesty - Robby
0xA77: Honesty - Arthur
0xA78: Honesty - Garosh
0xA79: Honesty - Jade
0xA7A: Honesty - Penko
0xA7B: Honesty - Papetts
0xA7C: Honesty - Kate
0xA7D: Honesty - Rogan
0xA7E: Honesty - Edmund
0xA7F: Honesty - Isabella
0xA80: Honesty - Brigit
0xA81: Honesty - Cyclops
0xA82: Honesty - Rollie
0xA83: Honesty - Thousand
0xA84: Honesty - Leon
0xA85: Produn - Synbios
0xA86: Produn - Dantares
0xA87: Produn - Masqurin
0xA88: Produn - Grace
0xA89: Produn - Hayward
0xA8A: Produn - Obright
0xA8B: Produn - Irene
0xA8C: Produn - Julian
0xA8D: Produn - Cybel
0xA8E: Produn - Eldar
0xA8F: Produn - Kahn
0xA90: Produn - Noon
0xA91: Produn - Justin
0xA92: Produn - Horst
0xA93: Produn - Penn
0xA94: Produn - Rattchet
0xA95: Produn - Frank
0xA96: Produn - Hagane
0xA97: Produn - Murasame
0xA98: Produn - Fynnding
0xA99: Produn - Medion
0xA9A: Produn - Cambell
0xA9B: Produn - Syntesis
0xA9C: Produn - Uryudo
0xA9D: Produn - Waltz
0xA9E: Produn - Rock
0xA9F: Produn - Bernard
0xAA0: Produn - Zero
0xAA1: Produn - Hazuki
0xAA2: Produn - David
0xAA3: Produn - Hedoba
0xAA4: Produn - Gracia
0xAA5: Produn - Donhort
0xAA6: Produn - Hera
0xAA7: Produn - Robby
0xAA8: Produn - Arthur
0xAA9: Produn - Garosh
0xAAA: Produn - Jade
0xAAB: Produn - Penko
0xAAC: Produn - Papetts
0xAAD: Produn - Kate
0xAAE: Produn - Rogan
0xAAF: Produn - Edmund
0xAB0: Produn - Isabella
0xAB1: Produn - Brigit
0xAB2: Produn - Cyclops
0xAB3: Produn - Rollie
0xAB4: Produn - Thousand
0xAB5: Produn - Leon
0xAB6: Produn - Honesty
0xAB7: Harold - Synbios
0xAB8: Harold - Dantares
0xAB9: Harold - Masqurin
0xABA: Harold - Grace
0xABB: Harold - Hayward
0xABC: Harold - Obright
0xABD: Harold - Irene
0xABE: Harold - Julian
0xABF: Harold - Cybel
0xAC0: Harold - Eldar
0xAC1: Harold - Kahn
0xAC2: Harold - Noon
0xAC3: Harold - Justin
0xAC4: Harold - Horst
0xAC5: Harold - Penn
0xAC6: Harold - Rattchet
0xAC7: Harold - Frank
0xAC8: Harold - Hagane
0xAC9: Harold - Murasame
0xACA: Harold - Fynnding
0xACB: Harold - Medion
0xACC: Harold - Cambell
0xACD: Harold - Syntesis
0xACE: Harold - Uryudo
0xACF: Harold - Waltz
0xAD0: Harold - Rock
0xAD1: Harold - Bernard
0xAD2: Harold - Zero
0xAD3: Harold - Hazuki
0xAD4: Harold - David
0xAD5: Harold - Hedoba
0xAD6: Harold - Gracia
0xAD7: Harold - Donhort
0xAD8: Harold - Hera
0xAD9: Harold - Robby
0xADA: Harold - Arthur
0xADB: Harold - Garosh
0xADC: Harold - Jade
0xADD: Harold - Penko
0xADE: Harold - Papetts
0xADF: Harold - Kate
0xAE0: Harold - Rogan
0xAE1: Harold - Edmund
0xAE2: Harold - Isabella
0xAE3: Harold - Brigit
0xAE4: Harold - Cyclops
0xAE5: Harold - Rollie
0xAE6: Harold - Thousand
0xAE7: Harold - Leon
0xAE8: Harold - Honesty
0xAE9: Harold - Produn
0xAEA: Pendolf - Synbios
0xAEB: Pendolf - Dantares
0xAEC: Pendolf - Masqurin
0xAED: Pendolf - Grace
0xAEE: Pendolf - Hayward
0xAEF: Pendolf - Obright
0xAF0: Pendolf - Irene
0xAF1: Pendolf - Julian
0xAF2: Pendolf - Cybel
0xAF3: Pendolf - Eldar
0xAF4: Pendolf - Kahn
0xAF5: Pendolf - Noon
0xAF6: Pendolf - Justin
0xAF7: Pendolf - Horst
0xAF8: Pendolf - Penn
0xAF9: Pendolf - Rattchet
0xAFA: Pendolf - Frank
0xAFB: Pendolf - Hagane
0xAFC: Pendolf - Murasame
0xAFD: Pendolf - Fynnding
0xAFE: Pendolf - Medion
0xAFF: Pendolf - Cambell
0xB00: Pendolf - Syntesis
0xB01: Pendolf - Uryudo
0xB02: Pendolf - Waltz
0xB03: Pendolf - Rock
0xB04: Pendolf - Bernard
0xB05: Pendolf - Zero
0xB06: Pendolf - Hazuki
0xB07: Pendolf - David
0xB08: Pendolf - Hedoba
0xB09: Pendolf - Gracia
0xB0A: Pendolf - Donhort
0xB0B: Pendolf - Hera
0xB0C: Pendolf - Robby
0xB0D: Pendolf - Arthur
0xB0E: Pendolf - Garosh
0xB0F: Pendolf - Jade
0xB10: Pendolf - Penko
0xB11: Pendolf - Papetts
0xB12: Pendolf - Kate
0xB13: Pendolf - Rogan
0xB14: Pendolf - Edmund
0xB15: Pendolf - Isabella
0xB16: Pendolf - Brigit
0xB17: Pendolf - Cyclops
0xB18: Pendolf - Rollie
0xB19: Pendolf - Thousand
0xB1A: Pendolf - Leon
0xB1B: Pendolf - Honesty
0xB1C: Pendolf - Produn
0xB1D: Pendolf - Harold
0xB1E: Spiriel - Synbios
0xB1F: Spiriel - Dantares
0xB20: Spiriel - Masqurin
0xB21: Spiriel - Grace
0xB22: Spiriel - Hayward
0xB23: Spiriel - Obright
0xB24: Spiriel - Irene
0xB25: Spiriel - Julian
0xB26: Spiriel - Cybel
0xB27: Spiriel - Eldar
0xB28: Spiriel - Kahn
0xB29: Spiriel - Noon
0xB2A: Spiriel - Justin
0xB2B: Spiriel - Horst
0xB2C: Spiriel - Penn
0xB2D: Spiriel - Rattchet
0xB2E: Spiriel - Frank
0xB2F: Spiriel - Hagane
0xB30: Spiriel - Murasame
0xB31: Spiriel - Fynnding
0xB32: Spiriel - Medion
0xB33: Spiriel - Cambell
0xB34: Spiriel - Syntesis
0xB35: Spiriel - Uryudo
0xB36: Spiriel - Waltz
0xB37: Spiriel - Rock
0xB38: Spiriel - Bernard
0xB39: Spiriel - Zero
0xB3A: Spiriel - Hazuki
0xB3B: Spiriel - David
0xB3C: Spiriel - Hedoba
0xB3D: Spiriel - Gracia
0xB3E: Spiriel - Donhort
0xB3F: Spiriel - Hera
0xB40: Spiriel - Robby
0xB41: Spiriel - Arthur
0xB42: Spiriel - Garosh
0xB43: Spiriel - Jade
0xB44: Spiriel - Penko
0xB45: Spiriel - Papetts
0xB46: Spiriel - Kate
0xB47: Spiriel - Rogan
0xB48: Spiriel - Edmund
0xB49: Spiriel - Isabella
0xB4A: Spiriel - Brigit
0xB4B: Spiriel - Cyclops
0xB4C: Spiriel - Rollie
0xB4D: Spiriel - Thousand
0xB4E: Spiriel - Leon
0xB4F: Spiriel - Honesty
0xB50: Spiriel - Produn
0xB51: Spiriel - Harold
0xB52: Spiriel - Pendolf
0xB53: Jubei - Synbios
0xB54: Jubei - Dantares
0xB55: Jubei - Masqurin
0xB56: Jubei - Grace
0xB57: Jubei - Hayward
0xB58: Jubei - Obright
0xB59: Jubei - Irene
0xB5A: Jubei - Julian
0xB5B: Jubei - Cybel
0xB5C: Jubei - Eldar
0xB5D: Jubei - Kahn
0xB5E: Jubei - Noon
0xB5F: Jubei - Justin
0xB60: Jubei - Horst
0xB61: Jubei - Penn
0xB62: Jubei - Rattchet
0xB63: Jubei - Frank
0xB64: Jubei - Hagane
0xB65: Jubei - Murasame
0xB66: Jubei - Fynnding
0xB67: Jubei - Medion
0xB68: Jubei - Cambell
0xB69: Jubei - Syntesis
0xB6A: Jubei - Uryudo
0xB6B: Jubei - Waltz
0xB6C: Jubei - Rock
0xB6D: Jubei - Bernard
0xB6E: Jubei - Zero
0xB6F: Jubei - Hazuki
0xB70: Jubei - David
0xB71: Jubei - Hedoba
0xB72: Jubei - Gracia
0xB73: Jubei - Donhort
0xB74: Jubei - Hera
0xB75: Jubei - Robby
0xB76: Jubei - Arthur
0xB77: Jubei - Garosh
0xB78: Jubei - Jade
0xB79: Jubei - Penko
0xB7A: Jubei - Papetts
0xB7B: Jubei - Kate
0xB7C: Jubei - Rogan
0xB7D: Jubei - Edmund
0xB7E: Jubei - Isabella
0xB7F: Jubei - Brigit
0xB80: Jubei - Cyclops
0xB81: Jubei - Rollie
0xB82: Jubei - Thousand
0xB83: Jubei - Leon
0xB84: Jubei - Honesty
0xB85: Jubei - Produn
0xB86: Jubei - Harold
0xB87: Jubei - Pendolf
0xB88: Jubei - Spiriel
0xB89: Primula - Synbios
0xB8A: Primula - Dantares
0xB8B: Primula - Masqurin
0xB8C: Primula - Grace
0xB8D: Primula - Hayward
0xB8E: Primula - Obright
0xB8F: Primula - Irene
0xB90: Primula - Julian
0xB91: Primula - Cybel
0xB92: Primula - Eldar
0xB93: Primula - Kahn
0xB94: Primula - Noon
0xB95: Primula - Justin
0xB96: Primula - Horst
0xB97: Primula - Penn
0xB98: Primula - Rattchet
0xB99: Primula - Frank
0xB9A: Primula - Hagane
0xB9B: Primula - Murasame
0xB9C: Primula - Fynnding
0xB9D: Primula - Medion
0xB9E: Primula - Cambell
0xB9F: Primula - Syntesis
0xBA0: Primula - Uryudo
0xBA1: Primula - Waltz
0xBA2: Primula - Rock
0xBA3: Primula - Bernard
0xBA4: Primula - Zero
0xBA5: Primula - Hazuki
0xBA6: Primula - David
0xBA7: Primula - Hedoba
0xBA8: Primula - Gracia
0xBA9: Primula - Donhort
0xBAA: Primula - Hera
0xBAB: Primula - Robby
0xBAC: Primula - Arthur
0xBAD: Primula - Garosh
0xBAE: Primula - Jade
0xBAF: Primula - Penko
0xBB0: Primula - Papetts
0xBB1: Primula - Kate
0xBB2: Primula - Rogan
0xBB3: Primula - Edmund
0xBB4: Primula - Isabella
0xBB5: Primula - Brigit
0xBB6: Primula - Cyclops
0xBB7: Primula - Rollie
0xBB8: Primula - Thousand
0xBB9: Primula - Leon
0xBBA: Primula - Honesty
0xBBB: Primula - Produn
0xBBC: Primula - Harold
0xBBD: Primula - Pendolf
0xBBE: Primula - Spiriel
0xBBF: Primula - Jubei
0xBC0: Marky - Synbios
0xBC1: Marky - Dantares
0xBC2: Marky - Masqurin
0xBC3: Marky - Grace
0xBC4: Marky - Hayward
0xBC5: Marky - Obright
0xBC6: Marky - Irene
0xBC7: Marky - Julian
0xBC8: Marky - Cybel
0xBC9: Marky - Eldar
0xBCA: Marky - Kahn
0xBCB: Marky - Noon
0xBCC: Marky - Justin
0xBCD: Marky - Horst
0xBCE: Marky - Penn
0xBCF: Marky - Rattchet
0xBD0: Marky - Frank
0xBD1: Marky - Hagane
0xBD2: Marky - Murasame
0xBD3: Marky - Fynnding
0xBD4: Marky - Medion
0xBD5: Marky - Cambell
0xBD6: Marky - Syntesis
0xBD7: Marky - Uryudo
0xBD8: Marky - Waltz
0xBD9: Marky - Rock
0xBDA: Marky - Bernard
0xBDB: Marky - Zero
0xBDC: Marky - Hazuki
0xBDD: Marky - David
0xBDE: Marky - Hedoba
0xBDF: Marky - Gracia
0xBE0: Marky - Donhort
0xBE1: Marky - Hera
0xBE2: Marky - Robby
0xBE3: Marky - Arthur
0xBE4: Marky - Garosh
0xBE5: Marky - Jade
0xBE6: Marky - Penko
0xBE7: Marky - Papetts
0xBE8: Marky - Kate
0xBE9: Marky - Rogan
0xBEA: Marky - Edmund
0xBEB: Marky - Isabella
0xBEC: Marky - Brigit
0xBED: Marky - Cyclops
0xBEE: Marky - Rollie
0xBEF: Marky - Thousand
0xBF0: Marky - Leon
0xBF1: Marky - Honesty
0xBF2: Marky - Produn
0xBF3: Marky - Harold
0xBF4: Marky - Pendolf
0xBF5: Marky - Spiriel
0xBF6: Marky - Jubei
0xBF7: Marky - Primula
0xBF8: Turk - Synbios
0xBF9: Turk - Dantares
0xBFA: Turk - Masqurin
0xBFB: Turk - Grace
0xBFC: Turk - Hayward
0xBFD: Turk - Obright
0xBFE: Turk - Irene
0xBFF: Turk - Julian
0xC00: Turk - Cybel
0xC01: Turk - Eldar
0xC02: Turk - Kahn
0xC03: Turk - Noon
0xC04: Turk - Justin
0xC05: Turk - Horst
0xC06: Turk - Penn
0xC07: Turk - Rattchet
0xC08: Turk - Frank
0xC09: Turk - Hagane
0xC0A: Turk - Murasame
0xC0B: Turk - Fynnding
0xC0C: Turk - Medion
0xC0D: Turk - Cambell
0xC0E: Turk - Syntesis
0xC0F: Turk - Uryudo
0xC10: Turk - Waltz
0xC11: Turk - Rock
0xC12: Turk - Bernard
0xC13: Turk - Zero
0xC14: Turk - Hazuki
0xC15: Turk - David
0xC16: Turk - Hedoba
0xC17: Turk - Gracia
0xC18: Turk - Donhort
0xC19: Turk - Hera
0xC1A: Turk - Robby
0xC1B: Turk - Arthur
0xC1C: Turk - Garosh
0xC1D: Turk - Jade
0xC1E: Turk - Penko
0xC1F: Turk - Papetts
0xC20: Turk - Kate
0xC21: Turk - Rogan
0xC22: Turk - Edmund
0xC23: Turk - Isabella
0xC24: Turk - Brigit
0xC25: Turk - Cyclops
0xC26: Turk - Rollie
0xC27: Turk - Thousand
0xC28: Turk - Leon
0xC29: Turk - Honesty
0xC2A: Turk - Produn
0xC2B: Turk - Harold
0xC2C: Turk - Pendolf
0xC2D: Turk - Spiriel
0xC2E: Turk - Jubei
0xC2F: Turk - Primula
0xC30: Turk - Marky
0xC31: Unoma - Synbios
0xC32: Unoma - Dantares
0xC33: Unoma - Masqurin
0xC34: Unoma - Grace
0xC35: Unoma - Hayward
0xC36: Unoma - Obright
0xC37: Unoma - Irene
0xC38: Unoma - Julian
0xC39: Unoma - Cybel
0xC3A: Unoma - Eldar
0xC3B: Unoma - Kahn
0xC3C: Unoma - Noon
0xC3D: Unoma - Justin
0xC3E: Unoma - Horst
0xC3F: Unoma - Penn
0xC40: Unoma - Rattchet
0xC41: Unoma - Frank
0xC42: Unoma - Hagane
0xC43: Unoma - Murasame
0xC44: Unoma - Fynnding
0xC45: Unoma - Medion
0xC46: Unoma - Cambell
0xC47: Unoma - Syntesis
0xC48: Unoma - Uryudo
0xC49: Unoma - Waltz
0xC4A: Unoma - Rock
0xC4B: Unoma - Bernard
0xC4C: Unoma - Zero
0xC4D: Unoma - Hazuki
0xC4E: Unoma - David
0xC4F: Unoma - Hedoba
0xC50: Unoma - Gracia
0xC51: Unoma - Donhort
0xC52: Unoma - Hera
0xC53: Unoma - Robby
0xC54: Unoma - Arthur
0xC55: Unoma - Garosh
0xC56: Unoma - Jade
0xC57: Unoma - Penko
0xC58: Unoma - Papetts
0xC59: Unoma - Kate
0xC5A: Unoma - Rogan
0xC5B: Unoma - Edmund
0xC5C: Unoma - Isabella
0xC5D: Unoma - Brigit
0xC5E: Unoma - Cyclops
0xC5F: Unoma - Rollie
0xC60: Unoma - Thousand
0xC61: Unoma - Leon
0xC62: Unoma - Honesty
0xC63: Unoma - Produn
0xC64: Unoma - Harold
0xC65: Unoma - Pendolf
0xC66: Unoma - Spiriel
0xC67: Unoma - Jubei
0xC68: Unoma - Primula
0xC69: Unoma - Marky
0xC6A: Unoma - Turk
0xC6B: Jane - Synbios
0xC6C: Jane - Dantares
0xC6D: Jane - Masqurin
0xC6E: Jane - Grace
0xC6F: Jane - Hayward
0xC70: Jane - Obright
0xC71: Jane - Irene
0xC72: Jane - Julian
0xC73: Jane - Cybel
0xC74: Jane - Eldar
0xC75: Jane - Kahn
0xC76: Jane - Noon
0xC77: Jane - Justin
0xC78: Jane - Horst
0xC79: Jane - Penn
0xC7A: Jane - Rattchet
0xC7B: Jane - Frank
0xC7C: Jane - Hagane
0xC7D: Jane - Murasame
0xC7E: Jane - Fynnding
0xC7F: Jane - Medion
0xC80: Jane - Cambell
0xC81: Jane - Syntesis
0xC82: Jane - Uryudo
0xC83: Jane - Waltz
0xC84: Jane - Rock
0xC85: Jane - Bernard
0xC86: Jane - Zero
0xC87: Jane - Hazuki
0xC88: Jane - David
0xC89: Jane - Hedoba
0xC8A: Jane - Gracia
0xC8B: Jane - Donhort
0xC8C: Jane - Hera
0xC8D: Jane - Robby
0xC8E: Jane - Arthur
0xC8F: Jane - Garosh
0xC90: Jane - Jade
0xC91: Jane - Penko
0xC92: Jane - Papetts
0xC93: Jane - Kate
0xC94: Jane - Rogan
0xC95: Jane - Edmund
0xC96: Jane - Isabella
0xC97: Jane - Brigit
0xC98: Jane - Cyclops
0xC99: Jane - Rollie
0xC9A: Jane - Thousand
0xC9B: Jane - Leon
0xC9C: Jane - Honesty
0xC9D: Jane - Produn
0xC9E: Jane - Harold
0xC9F: Jane - Pendolf
0xCA0: Jane - Spiriel
0xCA1: Jane - Jubei
0xCA2: Jane - Primula
0xCA3: Jane - Marky
0xCA4: Jane - Turk
0xCA5: Jane - Unoma

You'll notice once you've done your changes that Shining Force 3 refuses
to load your save file. This is because there's 3 bytes near the start of
the save file that act as a checksum: a short code that verifies that the
file hasn't become corrupted. If you're using HxD it's really easy to
generate a new checksum; just follow the instructions below:

1) Select from byte 0x18 all the way to the end of the save file.
2) Click Analysis in the top menu, then from there click Checksums.
3) Select Checksum 32 and OK
4) Copy the number that comes up in the bottom window into bytes
   0x15 - 0x17 (work from right to left, so 0006AB66 becomes 66 in byte
   0x17, AB in byte 0x16 and 06 in byte 0x15.
5) Save the file and load in your emulator of choice.

15) Glossary

AOE:            Area of Effect; spells that can hit multiple targets
                at once, such as Blaze, Spark or Aura. There are 2 ranges
                of AOE - one that hits every target within one square of
                the main target and one that hits every target within 2
                squares of the main target.

Cursed:         Cursed Items cannot be removed without paying a fee to
                the local priest. Not only this, but a character wielding
                a cursed item will often be unable to perform their
                selected action, and they will sometimes take feedback
                damage. If a character dies because of feeback damage
                they won't lose any friendships.

Haggle:         Starting a conversation with a shop keeper over
                and over until a hidden item becomes available
                in the deals section.

Large Mythril:  Large Mythril allows you to make Mythril Weapons with the
                assistance of a blacksmith. Mythril Weapons can only be
                equiped by characters who have achieved their
                first Promotion.

Orifalcon:      Exactly like Large Mythril but its only available in
                Scenario 3. The weapons made from this can only be
                equiped by characters who have had their second
                Promotion. It should be spelled Orichalcum, but its a
                typo in the game.

Promotion:      Promotion resets a character's level to 1, but gives them
                higher stats, access to more powerful weapons and spells
                and allows them to learn a 3rd special attack.

                You get a second promotion towards the end of Scenario 3
                that gives your characters access to Orifalcon weapons.

Weapon Level:   As characters use weapons more, they get better at using
                them; this is reflected in the characters' Weapon Levels.

                When a character's Weapon Level increases, they can do
                more physical and magical damage and get access to a new
                Special Attack (which occurs instead of a Critical Hit).
                Characters typically have 1-4 different types of Weapon
                which they can equip and level up. Level 2 is the
                maximum level until after the Character's first
                promotion. All characters in Scenario 3 join Promoted.

16) Special Thanks and Acknowledgements

Sonic Team
    For creating such a wonderful, wonderful game.

    For creating the amazing SSF Sega Saturn emulator and giving me
    the power of savestates for testing things.

    For his fantastic Let's Play Shining Force 3 videos and for
    stumbling on the fact that getting killed by Curse Feedback
    doesn't lower friendship. All hail the Evil, Gimicky Penguin!

    For being THE best Shining Force 3 information site on the
    internet. Without this site, this FAQ wouldn't exist.

    Jumesyn also provided a ton of stuff from the official japanese
    strategy guides that I would have no clue how to find out,
    such as how powerful the Critical, Succumb, Counter and Evade
    friendship bonuses are at different levels.

    For having such a wonderful community, and for somehow
    managing to keep running.

    For writing a post suspicously similar to this faq in 2006 (only with
    actual evidence and lots of numbers that made my head hurt).

Culley O'Fursdom
   For pointing out how Scenario 3-centric my guide was and pointing
   out how good the Braff Battle is for healers and for help with Hex
   editing characters' friendships.

Lord Kane
   For his post on how support spells gain friendships when cast on
   NPCs. Thanks also for pointing out how I said Produn is with
   Emperor Domaric, when it should be Rogan... my bad.

Sinful Force
   For calling me out on my assertion that curing status effects raises
   friendship; I need more people peer-reviewing my ramblings. ;)

   For his fantastic post on hex editing SSF Scenario 1 Save Files

The Shining Force 3 Translation Team
    For finally allowing me to play Scenario 2 and 3 in English.
    You guys seriously rule!

    As a quick aside, if you're interested in playing a translated
    version of these games you can download the translation patch
    from here:


    Our SEGA overlords don't like that sort of thing very much

Anyone I've missed
    A lot of the stuff in this faq are based off of various posts I've
    seen at one time or another on the internet. Thankyou all for making
    this possible; I just was bored enough to test and compile them all.

16) Want to contribute to this guide?

If there's anything you want to add/challenge drop me an email at:


In particular, suggestions for extra battles to exploit the friendship
system (especially in Scenario 2) would be very welcome.

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