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Reviewed: 03/10/06

Saddle up, son. We're going to Egypt!

Oh gee I’ll tell you what. Even if this version is a bit similar to the playstation version, the fact that it accomplished True3D to the fullest extent on the Saturn is truly outstanding! Saturn, unless harnessed by Sega, usually couldn’t do True3D very well, with few exceptions. This is one of them. I’ll never forget playing it the first time too, it was just mind blowing, even today!

Story. Back in the ancient days of Egypt, Karnak was a shining example of how a city was supposed to be. It’s peaceful and pleasant. In today’s world, Karnak lives on; until now. Hostile alien forces take over, causing havoc, pain and fear throughout the city. Special Forces from around the world were sent in, but as usual they never returned alive. Worse yet, these forces have snatched and ran off with the mummified body of King Ramses and are using its power as their own. So now it’s up to you, a lone operative from a group of the best, to take down this entire empire. So basically, same story but a new theme. You actually get to see the story somewhat unfold as you talk to the spirit of King Ramses, so that’s always a nice touch.
Story? 7/10

Graphics. It’s like I said. It just blows me away that in this version, you can look up and down, and move between floors in true 3D. After that though, the levels could have been maybe a bit more practical looking. The layouts in some are ok, but maybe some more detailing could have been done, especially in Karnak city. Ah but what can you do. At least it’s non-linear, so that’s a saving grace. The sprites have excellent detail and are well drawn, with complimentary lovely and fluent animations. I love the way they explode when they die too. Always have loved such gore in my games, twisted me!
Graphics? 9/10

Sound. Simply superb. Ok, I’ve never really listened to Egyptian music, but as far as the music goes in this game, it’s fantastic. It’s got this nice sound to it that when I imagine it, it sounds like it really is Egyptian. And it’s spiced too. You’ve got some calm melodic music, along with others that sound like you’re truly fighting to survive. And despite being a small soundtrack, it never gets old. All the songs are placed appropriately too. The sounds are just too wicked. Guns blasting sound real, the monsters full of anger, and the sounds when collecting ammo and health are actually quite nice! They’re just too cool.
Sound? 10/10

Gameplay. You start out weak. Very weak in fact. All you start with is a Machete. From here on you have to work your way up. As you work your way through the levels, you’ll gain more weapons, and you’ll also gain artifacts that aid you in your quest. The weapons are quite mixed. You have both conventional firearms such as the pistol, M60 flamethrower and what not along with ancient weapons like the Cobra Staff and Ring of Ra. Excellent weaponry that spices up the gameplay. Many maps also have multiple exits to different worlds but only one exit will be apparent at first. As you gain artifacts as a reward from Ramses and the Gods for your bravery, you’ll find some of the levels have more accessible exits. This results in expanding more access around your world and thus getting you closer to your goal. The combat in this game is cool too. For enemies we have Egyptian oriented enemies, such as the anubis zombies, bastets, and other cool and wicked creatures. They all have their own attacks, so be weary and think about how to go about killing them. And don’t worry about the lack of ammo and health being scattered around either. When you slay your foe or break open a jar, sometimes they drop a magical sphere that’s either red or blue and the bigger they are, the more filling. The blue ones fill up some ammo on the weapon you’re currently holding, while red ones simply heal you. You can find some super ones that completely heal you or fill your entire weaponry system. Life Vessels also increase your maximum health; and considering the odds you’re up against, be thankful when you find them.
Gameplay? 10/10

Replay. It doesn’t really take long to finish it, but it’s a thrilling ride the entire way. Plus you won’t find all the pieces to a communication device the first time you finish it, so you’ll be back in the levels hunting the remaining pieces down. Have fun!
Replay? 5/10

Overall, this has truly earned an 8 out of 10.

Rating: 8

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