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FAQ/Walkthrough by EnemyZero

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/31/02

                    Panzer Dragoon Saga for Sega Saturn
                        FAQ/Walkthrough.version 1.0

                 Created by EnemyZero of EnemyZero Online.

        This document is copyrighted with ALL rights reserved 2002 by
          EnemyZero Online and is exclusive to www.gamefaqs.com and
        www.enemyzero.com for all time. ANY unauthorized use, copying,
     distribution, or anything else like that is a violation of copyright
                   laws and is punishable. Private use ONLY.

       If you have anything to add, any corrections or error reporting,
        or suggestions then email them to faqs@enemyzero.com. I can't
         guarantee a reply to every email but if I do use any of your
                  info in the FAQ full credit will be given.

                           //table of contents//
      Ia...Update/Revision history

    II...Story analysis
     IIb...Panzer Dragoon timeline

        IIIa1...D-unit item locations
        IIIa2...Healing/Recovery items
        IIIa3...Misc. items
        IIIa4...Unsellable items
    IIIb...Edge's Guns
        IIIc1...Pure Life Forms
        IIIc2...Mutated Life Forms
        IIIc3...Imperial Forces
        IIIc4...Craymen's Fleet
        IIId1...Attack Class Berserks
        IIId2...Spiritual Class Berserks
        IIId3...Defense Class Berserks
        IIId4...Agility Class Berserks
        IIId5...Full-Gauge Class Berserks
        IIId6...Extra class Berserks

         Disk 1 Walkthrough
         Disk 2 Walkthrough
         Disk 3 Walkthrough
         Disk 4 walkthrough

     V...The Hunter's Quiz
      Va...Against Baldor, where is it safe?
      Vb...How do you hurt a Lathum?
      Vc...What makes a Nanyd Swarm scatter?
      Vd...Name a characteristic of the Lazara.
      Ve...Which do not live in the Valley?
      Vf...What is summoned by a Pludger?
      Vg...What is the Horned Stryder's attack?
      Vh...Magnata or Gelata, which is stronger?

    VI...Secrets and Extras
     VIa...Box game
        VIa1...Ancient Valley
        VIa2...Dermot's Ranch
        VIa3...Fleet on the lake
     VIb...Enemy data manipulation
     VIc...Extra dyne at the start of the game
     VId...Aronak Unit
     VIe...South Park reference
     VIf...John Woo reference
     VIg...Dragon Model list


	With the imminent release next year of Panzer Dragoon Orta for the
Xbox I've decided to revisit the classic Panzer games with some new EnemyZero
Online faqs (not that the old ones are bad, CjayC's for Saga helped me out
immensely back in the day). The Panzer series is one of my favorite series of
all time and I wish more people would have experienced it's universe...
hopefully the rumors that Sega will remake the games for the Xbox are true.

	These Panzer Dragoon guides are designed to be the ULTIMATE source for
info on the games including the most complete storyline info. ANY HELP FROM 
may have missed, with everyones help maybe we can start to complete the Panzer
Dragoon timeline that's been neglected since Team Andromeda disbanded.

      Ia...Update/Revision history

                Version 1.0 - October.27.2k2 - Initial release.

      Ib...Credits - A special thanx to everyone listed.

   Panzer Dragoon Academy - http://www.sun-inet.or.jp/~dds552/PDA/top.html
     for a lot of the storyline info. Site is only available in Japanese.

    II...Story analysis
	The best part about the Panzer series to me is the storyline of each
game and how they intertwine with each other. I don't believe any other 
company would make a relatively short game like the Panzer games and take the
time to flesh out such an awesome setting and universe. Every last detail has 
been worked out and they even made a timeline that goes back about 90 years
BEFORE any of the games. The storylines for all the games are extremely
intricate and best of all, emotional...even the shooting Panzers. I only hope
the legacy can live on with MULTIPLE new Panzer games (after Orta) including
a new RPG (like Saga) so we even get to see more of the universe I love so



        I will NOT, I repeat, NOT describe the storyline of the game
   like in my other Panzer Dragoon FAQs, just the beginning and maybe the 
  ending. If there is anything to explain, like theories, I will put it in
      the walkthrough itself, near the section it's revealed. I do NOT
     believe in ruining RPG storylines for people so I will not go into
      any storyline detail during the walkthrough except for stuff you
                     probably wouldn't know otherwise.

	Thousands of years have past since a once thriving human race was
pushed to the edge of extinction by their own bio-weapons, genetically 
altered creatures of their own creation who eventually turned against them.
Humans live in constant fear and struggle with the creatures endlessly, just
trying to regain some of their lost power.

              ***Panzer Dragoon Zwei happens around this time***	

	It was a losing battle until one day a faction of the humans, known as 
the Imperials, found the secret weapon they hoped would give them the 
upperhand once again...the Tower. The Imperials then used the ancient weapons
and devices inside the Tower to drive back some of the creatures and regain
some of their lost ground in the war for humanity.

	The Imperials became power hungry however and used the weapons found
within The Tower against the other surrounding nations with a goal nothing 
short of world domination. Other nations eventually found ancient weapons 
of their own and a seemingly endless series of wars took place.

            ***Panzer Dragoon Ein (one) happens around this time***

	Eventually the Empire created an Academy to study the ancient relics 
at their new capital (the old capital city of Teito was destroyed in the last
dragon encounter years earlier) and had completed work on it's invincible
flying flagship, the Grig Orig.

        Later at the 4th Excavation Site of the Empire, a young Imperial named 
Edge was in a small group of men who’s job was to guard the site. He wasn't 
happy about guarding it and didn't even know why they were assigned to 
guard it but he was with friends including his Captain who had raised Edge as 
his son and was secretly saving money for a good schooling for him.

        Suddenly an ancient monster attacked from inside the site and Edge,
showing no fear, jumped into the fray to save his companions. After dueling 
with the beast, his back was against a wall with the only way out through the
vicious beast ahead. Quickly raising its enormous claw in the air, the monster
shot its extendible claw out at Edge barely missing him and crumbling the wall
behind him. In a bright flash of luminous white light Edge and the
monster were stunned momentarily. Images rushed into Edge's head of a 
beautiful but surreal girl and as he turned his head he saw...her...

        His friends quickly yelled to him to snap him out of the trance he was 
in as the monster was creeping forward again. Quickly turning Edge, grabbed a 
rocket launcher and shot the bridge the monster was walking on, sending it 
crashing into the black abyss below. Gathering up his wounded friends and 
Captain they immediately headed for the exit.

        Upon entering the vast sunlight a gun shot rang out and Edge watched
as his Captain fell motionlessly to the ground. He looked up and saw 3 
Imperial soldiers, one of them a General, defiantly standing in front of them
with a fleet of black ships in the air. A fellow hunter and friend of Edges
was shocked and ran up to the men questioning what was going on. Why were
Imperials attacking Imperials? Before any answer could be given he was shot

        Now irate, Edge ran up to the men not understanding anything that was
going on and was about to die in the same ruthless way his friends were but
the mysterious General stopped his associate. The Imperials walked past Edge 
and headed for the blackness of the mine when Edge cryptically said something 
was in there. The General, turning his head to Edge, emotionlessly said "You 
saw her?" but as Edge was about to reply he was knocked out by a swift gun 
handle to the head. What was so special about this girl that he saw?

        Meanwhile, far away about the same time, an explosion disintegrated 
the Empire's Capital City, destroying everything in it's wake. The Emperor, 
not in the city as he was flying nearby in the invincible Grig Orig, saw the 
chaos from afar and somehow knew who it was...Craymen, the General who leads a 
small faction of ships called the Black Fleet against the Empire. Why did he 
betray and fight against the Empire now?

        Edge suddenly awoke to see the black ships flying away with the 
encapsulated girl in tow. Running after the ships he ran across one of the
wooden bridges over the endless abyss and was stopped dead in his tracks by 
the man who killed his friends. He then shot at Edge, knocking him into the 
darkness below.

        Miraculously Edge awoke in a pool of water still alive and seemingly
unhurt. How did he survive the gun shot and the long fall? Why did that 
General want that mysterious girl so much as to murder innocent people in cold 
blood? Somehow he knew the girl was the key to unraveling the mysteries set 
before him...

        The rest of the storyline is for you to unfold...

     IIb...Panzer Dragoon timeline

                              Not finished yet!!

	These lists are totally complete and beside each one is the section 
that it's in so it's easy to search for. If I have missed anything let me 


        IIIa1...D-unit item locations - These mysterious items are the key to
                unlocking the Light Wing dragon class, the 2nd highest 
                evolution. Once all of them are collected your dragon will 
                automatically morph, you can't collect them all until near the 
                end of the game.

                D-unit 01 - In the Above the Excavation Site area. You must go 
                            back after defeating Arachnoth and examine the 
                            group of birds who take you to their nest.
                            (Section IVfD1/IVgD1)
                D-unit 02 - In the tunnel under the waterfall of Deep Canyon 
                            (Section IVeD1)
                D-unit 03 - In the Garil Desert/Desert - Worm Lair, the very 
                            first area.
                            (Section IViD1)
                D-unit 04 - In the Garil Desert/Desert - Blue Ruins.
                            (Section IVkD1)
                D-unit 05 - In the Uru - Sunken Southern Ruins area near the
                            entrance to the Uru - Passage.
                            (Section IViD3)
                D-unit 06 - In the Uru - Deep North area after beating 
                            (Section IVnD2)
                D-unit 07 - In the Uru/Black Ruins. The room with the 6 memory
                            devices lead to from the Underground Dome.
                            (Section IVdD3)
                D-unit 08 - In the Uru/Black Ruins. B4F passageway with like 
                            10 break targets.
                            (Section IVdD3)
                D-unit 09 - In the Forest of Zoah.
                            (Section IVcD4)
                D-unit 10 - In the Forest of Zoah.
                            (Section IVcD4)
                D-unit 11 - In the Tower 14F North area.
                            (Section IVhD4)
                D-unit 12 - In the Tower 14F North area.
                            (Section IVhD4)

        IIIa2...Healing/Recovery items - Items are listed alphabetically.

                Ambrosia - Heals ALL HP and BP.
                Anesthetic - Cures the PAIN condition.
                Antidote - Cures the POISON condition.
                Berserk Micro - Heals 50 BP.
                Berserk Minor - Heals 100 BP.
                Berserk Medis - Heals 250 BP.
                Berserk Maxis - Heals 500 BP.
                Elixir Medis - Heals 500 HP.
                Elixir Minor - Heals 200 HP.
                Elixir Maxis - Heals 1000 HP.
                Free Action - Cures the STOP condition.
                Full Elixir - Heals all HP.
                Recover - Cures all conditions.
                Restore Speed - Cures the SLOW condition.
                Revive - Cures the STUN condition.
                Unbind - Cures the BIND condition.

        IIIa3...Misc. items - Items are listed alphabetically.

                Albertson Fan - No use.
                Amirkhan Ring - No use.
                Armor Chip - Increases defense for a limited time.
                Blast Chip - Single use attack item.
                Bone Slasher - No use.
                Coolia's Dung - No use.
                Dinys Chip - No use.
                Dual Blast Chip - Single use attack item that hits twice.
                Feener Armor - No use.
                Flash Chip - Lets you run from a battle.
                Gara - No use.
                Gem Lens - No use.
                Gem Stone - No use.
                Gipson Lens - No use.
                Lamp Oil - No use.
                Lickuern Eyes - No use.
                Lindstrum Unit - No use.
                Macral Liquid - No use.
                Macral Shell - No use.
                Macran Jewel - No use.
                Nando Drill - No use.
                Olfactory lobe - No use.
                Power Chip - Increases laser power for a limited time.
                Relic - Armor - No use.
                Relic - Engine - No use.
                Relic - Weaponry - No use.
                Shell Plate - No use.
                Shield Chip - Creates a defensive shield for a limited time.
                Speed chip - Increases speed for a limited time.
                Stolarium - No use.
                Telepathy Shard - While in possession your radar will change
                                  colors with the enemy encounter rate and
                                  while in battle you will be able to see
                                  enemies weak spots and health.
                Tri-Blast Chip - Single use attack item that hits three times.
                Zaal Nuts - No use.
                Zoah Harvest - No use.

        IIIa4...Unsellable items - Items are listed alphabetically.

                Aronak Unit - Given to Edge by the little girl in the Holy
                              District of Zoah, must have a Zwei save file.
                              (Section IVaD3)
                Base Manual - Given to Edge by Raul in the Caravan after 
                              talking to Vaiman the first time.
                              (Section IVbD3)
                Bible 1 - In the furnace in the Holy District of Zoah
                          (Section IVaD3)
                Bible 2 - On the bookshelf of Jared's shop in Zoah.
                          (Section IVbD2)
                Dome Gate Key - In the Black Ruins/B4F area.
                                (Section IVqD2)
                Dragon Bible - Given to Edge by the Elder Hunter at the
                               Caravan at night.
                               (Section IVaD2)
                Dragon Book 1 - On the bookshelf of Jared's shop in Zoah. 
                                (Section IVbD2)
                Dragon Book 2 - In the Gatekeeper's house in Zoah after you 
                                get access to the Holy District if you donated
                                money to him before.
                                (Section IVaD3)
                Dragon Book 3 - In Paet's room after talking to Viaman.
                                (Section IVaD3)
                Dragon Booster - Inside the Shellcoof.
                                 (Section IViD3)
                Dragon Crest - Inside the Shellcoof.
                               (Section IViD3)
                Dragon Report - On Vaiman's bookshelf after getting the Temple
                                Key from him.
                                (Section IVfD3)
                Elevator Key - Inside the 4th Excavation Site.
                               (Section IVaD1)
                Hand Gun - Inside the 4th Excavation Site.
                           (Section IVaD1)
                Inpenia Coin - Edge starts with this.
                Junk - The first Ship Parts turns into this after showing them
                       to Paet.
                       (Section IVfD2)
                Kuo Pollen - Found in the Garil Desert/Desert - Green Oasis 
                             from a plant.
                             (Section IVjD1)
                Leader's Note - Given to Edge by his Captain.
                                (Section IVcD1)
                Letter 1 - Given to Edge by Paet after the Imperial Air Force
                           Post is destroyed.
                           (Section IVfD3)
                Letter 2 - Examine Azel at your Camp directly after the
                           Imperial Air Force area.
                           (Section IVjD3)
                Memory Report - Given to Edge after asking Zadoc about Zoah in
                                the Seeker Stronghold.
                                (Section IVbD4)
                Old Diary - Given to Edge by Zadoc after talking to him in the
                            Seeker Stronghold.
                            (Section IVbD4)
                Paet's Report - Given to Edge by Paet in the Guardian Flame
                                room of the church.
                                (Section IVfD3)
                Palmer Amulet - Given to Edge by a female washing Coolias in
                                the Caravan after getting the Ship Parts from
                                the Georgius.
                                (Section IVgD2)
                Pass - Given to Edge by the man at the entrance to Zoah on
                       disk 3.
                       (Section IVaD3)
                Picture Board - Given to Edge by Juba in Zoah.
                                (Section IVbD2)
                Protect Key 1 - In the Uru - Deep North area.
                                (Section IViD2)
                Protect Key 2 - In the Uru - Deep North area.
                                (Section IVkD2)
                Protect key 3 - In the Uru - Deep North area.
                                (Section IVnD2)
                Recorder - Received by examining the crashed battleship in
                           Deep Canyon Gulch.
                           (Section IVeD1)
                Seeker Map - Given to Edge by the Seeker in the Caravan right
                             after the start of disk 4.
                             (Section IVaD4)
                Ship Parts - Underneath the Shellcoof at Georgius, after 
                             showing them to Paet they turn to Junk.
                             (Section IVeD2)
                Ship Parts - Given to Edge by Gash after the Guardian Dragon.
                             (Section IVgD2)
                Ship Report - On the bookshelf of Jared's shop in Zoah. 
                              (Section IVbD2)
                Soldier Guide - Edge starts with this.
                Temple Key - Given to Edge by Vaiman after the Imperial Air
                             Force Post is destroyed.
                             (Section IVfD3)
                Tobitama Rock - Received from bring all three Tobitamas back 
                                to the nest in Uru.
                                (Section IVcD3)
             ***Tower Report 1 - Where the heck is this book! I can't find it
                Tower Report 2 - Given to Edge by Zadoc after returning to the
                                 Seeker's Stronghold with Azel.
                                 (Section IVfD4)
                Tower Report 3 - On the bookshelf in the library of the 
                                 Seeker Stronghold.
                                 (Section IVbD4)
                Verato Pipe - Given to Edge by Raul in the Caravan if you 
                              visit him during the right times.
                              (Section IVaD2)
                Villatuya Fruit - Above the Forest of Zoah after the Infested
                                  Grig Orig battle.
                                  (Section IVpD4)
                World Map - Given to Edge by his Captain.
                            (Section IVcD1)
                Zoah Bible - On the bookshelf of Jared's shop in Zoah. 
                             (Section IVbD2)

    IIIb...Edge's Guns

        IIIb1...Assassin - Mortal damage to any WEAK point. POWER +90%
                Berserk Leech - Absorbs life force, minimum BP. POWER +0%
                Berserk Vampire - Absorbs life force, maximum BP. POWER +0%
                High Vulcan - Increases gun firepower. POWER +50%
                Mauler - Increases rounds fired. POWER +20%
                Pulverizer - Doubles gun firepower. POWER +100%
                Sniper - Heavy damage to any WEAK point. POWER +0%
                Tri-Burst - Tracks three targets. POWER -30%

    IIIc...Enemies - I can totally confirm these lists are 100% complete
                     because I had 100% Enemy Data Collection when I beat
                     the game.

        IIIc1...Pure Life Forms               Enemy Type

                Anti-Basic                    BOSS
                Anti-Eye                      BOSS
                Anti-Panzer                   BOSS
                Anti-Stripe                   BOSS
                Anti-Valiant                  BOSS
                Arangata                      MINOR BOSS
                Atolm Dragon                  BOSS
                Atolm, Ancient                BOSS
                Atolm, Orbs                   BOSS
                Atolm, Orbs II                BOSS
                Battle Droid                  MINOR BOSS
                Drenholm                      MINOR BOSS
                Drone                         COMMON
                Glide Dragon                  COMMON
                Golia Hunter                  RARE
                Golia Tracker                 RARE
                Guardian Dragon               BOSS
                Hellion                       COMMON
                Infested Grig Orig            BOSS
                Lazara                        COMMON
                Lazara Hammer                 COMMON
                Lazara Hunter                 COMMON
                Lazara Skimmer                COMMON
                Photon Cannon                 MINOR BOSS
                Plasma Spider                 COMMON
                Protodrone                    COMMON
                Reactor                       MINOR BOSS
                Scavenger                     COMMON
                Scorpitara                    COMMON
                Sentinel                      COMMON
                Sestren                       BOSS
                Sestren Exsis                 BOSS
                Sestren Morphic               BOSS
                Twin Guardians                MINOR BOSS

        IIIc2...Mutated Life Forms            Enemy Type

                Absorbora                     COMMON
                Absorborac                    RARE
                Arachnoth                     BOSS
                Baldor                        COMMON
                Baldor Queen                  MINOR BOSS
                Basilus                       BOSS
                Dracolyth                     RARE
                Energ                         MINOR BOSS
                Fighter Gigra                 BOSS
                Gelata Urchin                 COMMON
                Gigra                         BOSS
                Gigralyph                     BOSS
                Hopper                        COMMON
                Hunter Gigra                  BOSS
                Kolba                         RARE
                Large Egg                     COMMON
                Lathum                        MINOR BOSS
                Lucich                        COMMON
                Lumid                         COMMON
                Lumid Queen                   COMMON
                Magnata Urchin                COMMON
                Mutant Flier                  COMMON
                Mutant Hopper                 COMMON
                Nanyd                         COMMON
                Nanyd Queen                   COMMON
                Neo-Stalker                   COMMON
                Neo-Stryder                   COMMON
                Pattergen                     COMMON
                Pattergo                      COMMON
                Pludger                       COMMON
                Sand Mite                     RARE
                Slime Feeder                  COMMON
                Small Egg                     COMMON
                Stryder                       COMMON
                Stryder, Hunter               COMMON
                Swift Gigra                   BOSS
                Winged Lucich                 COMMON

        IIIc3...Imperial Forces               Enemy Type

                Battle Cruiser                RARE
                Behemoth                      MINOR BOSS
                Deathmaker                    BOSS
                Enforcer                      COMMON
                Exterminator                  BOSS
                Grig Orig                     BOSS
                Gunship                       MINOR BOSS
                Instigator                    COMMON
                Marauder                      COMMON
                Missle Cruiser                COMMON
                Plasma Cannon                 COMMON
                Punisher                      COMMON
                Pyro                          COMMON
                Raider                        COMMON
                Skiff                         COMMON
                Stinger                       COMMON
                Warship                       RARE

        IIIc4...Craymen's Fleet               Enemy Type

                Annihalator                   COMMON
                Flagship                      MINOR BOSS
                Inferno                       COMMON
                Punisher                      COMMON
                Rogue                         COMMON
                Spectre                       MINOR BOSS


        IIId1...Attack Class Berserks

                Chain Laser - Homing laser. Great at the start of the game.
                     20 BP - 2 Gauges
                Laser Storm - Shafts of light from above.
                     30 BP - 2 Gauges
                Prism Laser - A focused blast of energy.
                     45 BP - 2 Gauges
                Lightning Storm - Lightning that rips the sky.
                     68 BP - 2 Gauges
                Berserker Rage - Countless arrows of light.
                    215 BP - 2 Gauges

        IIId2...Spiritual Class Berserks

                Holy Sphere - Scorching sphere of fire.
                     25 BP - 2 Gauges
                Cleansing Wave - High frequency shock wave.
                     38 BP - 2 Gauges
                Judgment Day - Fiery spheres from the sky.
                     56 BP - 2 Gauges
                Armageddon - Engulfs enemies with fire. Great for Excellents.
                     84 BP - 2 Gauges
                Dragon Phoenix - Summons supreme dragon. Best attack Berserk.
                    253 BP - 2 Gauges

        IIId3...Defense Class Berserks

                Heal - Recovers HP.
                     17 BP - 1 Gauge
                Vengeance Orbs - Spheres of energy.
                     50 BP - 2 Gauges
                Heal-Maxis - Recovers more HP.
                     38 BP - 1 Gauge
                Shield - Time-limited shield. Most useful non-attack spell.
                    113 BP - 2 Gauges
                Genesis - Restores HP completely.
                     84 BP - 1 Gauge

        IIId4...Agility Class Berserks

                Phantom Slashers - Blades of wind.
                     25 BP - 2 Gauges
                Escape - Mesmerizes enemies. Lets you escape a battle.
                      5 BP - 2 Gauges
                Wraith Slashers - Numerous blades of wind.
                     56 BP - 2 Gauges
                Recover - Normalizes status.
                     50 BP - 1 Gauge
                Onslaught - Countless blades of wind.
                    127 BP - 2 Gauges

        IIId5...Full-Gauge Class Berserks

                Healing Wing - Normal Class - When all 3 gauges are full your
                               dragon will slowly recover HP.
                Assault Wing - Attack Class - When all 3 gauges are full your
                               dragons laser power will increase.
                Berserker Wing - Spiritual Class - When all 3 gauges are full
                                 you dragon will slowly recover BP.
                Swift Wing - Agility Class - When all 3 gauges are full the
                             speed of your gauges will increase afterwards.
                Protection Wing - Defense Class - When all 3 gauges are full
                                  your dragons defense will increase.

        IIId6...Extra Class Berserks

                Energy Prism - Laser with unstable output.
                     27 BP - 2 Gauges
                Plasma Vortex - Concentrated laser blast.
                     60 BP - 2 Gauges
                Hunting Scythe - Homing energy wave.
                     64 BP - 2 Gauges
                Plasma Swarm - Focused energy beams.
                     80 BP - 2 Gauges
                Astral Phantoms - Phantasmic counter-attack.
                     54 BP - 2 Gauges

	If anything's wrong or any suggestions email: faqs@enemyzero.com. I've
played through the game many times and played through it AS I wrote this
walkthrough so everything SHOULD be very accurate.
        Using this walkthrough I got 100% in everything at the end of the
game...Enemy Data Collection, Target Destruction Rate, Field Map Coverage, and
Spiritual Closeness Points.

Disk 1 Walkthrough

     IVaD1...Inside the 4th Excavation Site

         IVa1D1...Items to get - Shell Plate x1
                                 Hand Gun
                                 Elevator Key

           The only thing to really do in this area is open up the 2 targets 
on the left to get the three items then access the elevator to move on. You 
must examine both control consoles on each side. Also on the wall across from 
the items there is a dragon crest high in the air that you can examine.

     IVbD1...Above Excavation Site

         IVb1D1...Break targets - 3
                  Items to get - Coolia's Dung x1
                                 Dinys Chip x3
                                 Gara x1
                                 Gem Stone x1
                                 Gipson Lens x1
                                 Nando Drill x1
                                 Shell Plate x1
                                 Stolarium x2

           There are no enemies in this area so take it easy and fly towards 
the end but make sure you explore both paths to get all the items and map 
coverage. There are a bunch of green squares on your radar which are the 
containers hanging from the wires with flags on them. Examine them all 6 times
each to destroy them and net you a few more items.

     IVcD1...Excavation Site

         IVc1D1...Items to get - Dinys Chip x1
                                 Leader's Note
                                 Stolarium x1
                                 World Map

           There are a few items in some boxes, search them before examining
the Captain’s body. On the far left there is an airship engine that you can 
examine. While talking to the Captain you'll get the World Map and Leader's 

     IVdD1...Above Excavation Site

         IVd1D1...Break targets - 9
                  Unbreakable targets - 13 (Laser level 6)
                  Items to get - Blast Clip x1
                                 Elixir Medis x1
                                 Elixir Minor x6
                                 Dinys Chip x4
                                 Free Action x1
                                 Gara x1
                                 Gem Stone x1
                                 Nando Drill x2
                                 Revive x1
                                 Telepathy Shard x1
                  Enemies - Baldor

           Another straight forward area, just make sure you hit all the break 
targets and containers along the way, including the one RIGHT behind you when 
you start out, just rotate your dragon around and shoot it. The side 
passageways lead back to the main path so make sure you go through them all 
because they contain more break targets.
	   Eventually you'll reach a split in the path which your dragon can't
go down because of the fans creating a wind net. Go the opposite direction and
through a tunnel after the save device and turn them off using the machine. 
You can't destroy any of the fans yet so stop trying...you'll have to come 
back much later...

     IVeD1...Deep Canyon Gulch

         IVe1D1...Break targets - 6
                  Items to get - Berserk Micro x1
                                 D-unit 02
                                 Elixir Medis x1
                                 Elixir Minor x2
                                 Energy Prism
                  Enemies - Arachnoth BOSS
                            Baldor Queen BOSS
                            Gelata Urchin
                            Magenta Urchin

           Just keep flying forward and examine the wrecked ship to get the
Recorder. Eventually you'll fight...

BOSS - Baldor Queen - Right when you start out shoot her weak spot as much 
                      as you can until she release a group of Baldors. 
                      When that happens the front green area will turn 
                      red, QUICKLY move to opposite side which should 
                      still be green and get a shot in on her weak spot
                      again. When the group of Baldors move to that side,
                      quickly move to the other side which should be green 
                      again and get another shot in. Keep doing that and 
                      you should get a really good rating.

           After she's dead enter the passageway under the waterfall and break 
all the targets, one of them contains a new Berserk. After exiting the tunnel
and going towards the exit, make sure you backtrack down the other path on the
right to cover the map and there's a break target. After moving forward a 
little more you'll fight another Baldor Queen after which go through the 
tunnel ahead and save. When you exit...

BOSS - Arachnoth - Right when you start move to either side of it and wait
                   while charging up your gauges. As soon as it turns 
                   towards you quickly swing around to its rear and hit it
                   with as many lasers as you can because that's where it's
                   weak. Just stay there and wait for it to turn at you again 
                   then swing to its rear and do the same thing. After a few 
                   times of hitting it like that it should become Enraged and 
                   do a charge attack pattern but if you didn't do enough
                   damage yet it will do its Tentacle attack pattern where
                   every area is red so basically whatever you do you'll get
                   hit with the Tentacle attack so just take it. After the 
                   Tentacle attack hits you the green areas to its side appear 
                   again so move there and do the same things as the beginning 
                   of the battle, heal if you need to. Keep following the 
                   pattern until it becomes Enraged at which point there 
                   are no safe spots except behind it but don't bother. 
                   Move to its front so it's facing away from the wall. 
                   Now whenever it attacks it will Charge at you, hitting 
                   you then knocking itself unconscious on the opposite 
                   wall of the canyon, revealing its weak spot. When it's 
                   weak spot is revealed hit it with lasers for over 200 
                   damage (Holy Sphere does about 240). When it wakes up again 
                   stay in front of it and do it all over after it charges 
                   again. Be sure to watch your health and heal if needed.

           When everything's over and you're on the World Map, before going to 
the Village of Cainus, head back to Above Excavation Site for a secret.

     IVfD1...Above Excavation Site

           Head forward and go left when the path splits. Remember the birds 
you passed before? You can now examine them which causes them to fly around
while your dragon follows. At the end of the second circle they'll bring you
to a secret area, the Conana's Nest.

     IVgD1...Conana's Nest

         IVg1D1...Break targets - 2
                  Items to get - Ambrosia x1
                                 D-unit 01

           The only thing to get here is the 2 break targets. Once you get 
them leave to the World Map and head to the Village of Caines.

     IVhD1...Village of Caines/Camp

           After some cinemas you'll end up at camp. Walk up to your dragon 
and give him a name, MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS. There's one Berserk called Astral
Phantoms that you can ONLY get if you're nice to your dragon. Every time you
make camp, make sure you go up to your dragon and pet him. Doing this will
earn you Spiritual Closeness points, when you get 40 you'll learn Astral
Phantoms. I think you get around 2 every unique time you pet him. Talk to Gash 
and select Yes to take him along then ask him any questions you want. After 
you're done, save and exit to the Garil Desert (the same desert from the first 
game, anyone?).

     IViD1...Garil Desert/Desert - Worm Lair

         IVi1D1...Break targets - 6
                  Unbreakable targets - 1 (Laser level 6)
                  Items to get - D-unit 03
                                 Elixir Medis x1
                                 Elixir Minor x1
                                 Free Action x2
                                 Shield Chip x3
                                 Telepathy Shard x1
                  Enemies - Lathum BOSS
                            Nanyd Queen
                            Stryder, Hunter

           When you first start out grab the map on the radar then travel the
perimeter of the place to get full map coverage. Right in the center is an
ancient broken ship that you can't destroy yet. Get all the break targets
first half of the area and fly though the 3 pillars to trigger an event that
opens the first blocked tunnel. Go inside and get the break target then go 
back and examine the green mound in front of the other blocked tunnel.

BOSS - Lathum - Right away use your lasers on it and hopefully you'll uncover 
                it's soft spot, which is red colored. Once you find it stay 
                out of the red area and keep shooting it as fast as you can.
                It will hit you once and awhile with a steam attack but it's
                nothing to worry about. If the Lathum does a Mucus Shift its
                soft spot will change to a different spot. Just keep repeating 
                till it's dead.

           Go through the newly opened tunnel to the Green Oasis.

     IVjD1...Garil Desert/Desert - Green Oasis

         IVj1D1...Break targets - 7
                  Items to get - Berserk Micro x1
                                 Dinys Chip x2
                                 Elixir Medis x1
                                 Elixir Minor x1
                                 Kuo Pollen
                  Enemies - Hoppers
                            Nanyd Queen
                            Stryder, Hunter

           This area's pretty straightforward, go around and fill your map up
while getting all the break targets. There will be a worm stuck in a whirlpool
and if you examine it another red worm will come out and open a tunnel for you
where you can get a new weapon for Edge. One of the plants you can access will
give you the Kuo Pollen so make sure you get them all. After you get 
everything examine the Oasis, then the ruin, then enter the new opening.

     IVkD1...Garil Desert/Desert - Blue Oasis

         IVk1D1...Break targets - 6
                  Items to get - Berserk Minor x1
                                 Dinys Chip x2
                                 D-unit 04
                                 Elixir Medis x1
                                 Elixir Minor x1
                  Enemies - Fighter Gigra BOSS
                            Gigralyph BOSS
                            Gigra BOSS
                            Hunter Gigra BOSS
                            Nanyd Queen
                            Sand Mites
                            Stryder, Hunter
                            Swift Gigra BOSS

           Just fly around filling you map up and get all the break targets
then examine the two ruins in each of the north corners to open the entrance
to the ruin your trying to get into.
           ***Special Note*** The Sand Mite enemies won't show up until after
beating the Gigra so come back afterwards to get them logged and level up a 
little, they give GREAT experience for this early in the game.

BOSS - Gigralyph - Shoot this form with your regular gun then deal with...

BOSS - Gigra - Once he appears keep shooting the Gigralyph until the Gigra 
               eats him and changes form. When it's in its Mobile Form get to
               the rear of it and don't do anything, just charge up your 
               gauges until he moves behind you. Nail him with everything you 
               have then move back to his rear quickly. Sometime it'll go 
               under the sand and use it's Quake attack which will do around
               100 damage so be ready and heal afterwards if you need to. In
               it's Defensive Form stay at the rear again and use any Berserks
               you want to. Finally it will change into it's Complete Form
               which you can deal with the same way as the Mobile Form. He's
               actually pretty easy and shouldn't even hit you once if you 
               play him right.

           Your dragons first metamorphosis occurs and you can now change your 
dragon's type anytime you want. After leaving Camp head back to the Desert to
fight the Sand Mites or head to the Caravan.


           The only thing you can do here now is talk to the Elder Hunter in 
the very first tent to your right upon entering. After you leave his tent at 
night you're allowed to buy stuff from the store so stock up on whatever you
think you'll need and talk to the Hunter Raul back where the Coolias are 
because he's only there at night and he'll give you an item at a later time 
if you do. Head for the Forbidden Zone.

     IVmD1...Forbidden Zone

         IVm1D1...Break targets - 8
                  Items to get - Gipson Lens x2
                                 Shell Plate x3
                                 Stolarium x2
                                 Telepathy Shard x1
                  Enemies - Atolm Dragon BOSS
                            Flagship BOSS
                            Lazara Hammer
                            Lazara Hunter
                            Lazara Skimmer
                            Punisher BOSS

           This area is pretty easy, just fly around methodically and hit all 
the break target as well as the 8 pieces of the machine that launched out when
you entered (they're green squares on your radar). And make sure you get full 
map coverage! After you examine all of the 8 parts make sure you save at the
save device before to examine the transport machine. This is actually my 
favorite area of the entire game too...I just love the way it looks and the
water effects are sweet for the Saturn...

BOSS - Punishers - You'll start out to their backs in a safe spot so stay 
                   there and charge up your gauges. Once their all full move 
                   to the front and hit their weak spots with regular bullets.
                   They shouldn't last to long depending on how powerful your
                   dragon is (you can change him to an Attack/Agility dragon
                   and make even shorter work of them).

BOSS - Flagship - At first stay in the back area that green and shoot away 
                  using Chain Lasers, they do over 300 damage to the ship so 
                  use em and use em some more. As soon as they get a Homing 
                  Mine ready, move away from the back. The ship will keep 
                  moving you back to the rear but keep moving away until the 
                  Homing Mine is launched. After they launch 2 mines they 
                  will have to take a break to reload and they will lower 
                  their altitude. When that happens just keep staying in the 
                  green and firing lasers or Chain Lasers.

BOSS - Atolm Dragon - At first stay to the side and take any laser blasts he
                      shoots at you. Being a Normal class dragon helps because
                      your life will automatically refill when you have 3 full
                      gauges, negating Atolm's lasers. When you have 3 gauges 
                      built up (and healing yourself if your a Normal type 
                      dragon) move to his back and hit him ONCE with your gun 
                      on his weak spot. If you hang around to long at his back 
                      he'll teleport you to his front and nail you with heavy 
                      damage. After every time he moves around YOU, swing 
                      around to his back, hit him once then move to the side 
                      again. Keep doing this and he'll die pretty quickly. 
                      Once and awhile Azel will say "Ne-Rai" and every area 
                      will turn red except for his front so make sure you can 
                      fly there easily at all times. Shortly after she says 
                      Ne-Rai Atolm will let loose his Berserker Rage attack 
                      that you are only safe from up front. Lather, rinse, 
                      repeat till he's dead.

Disk 2 Walkthrough


         IVa1D2...Items to get - Dragon Bible 1
                                 Verato Pipe

           If you talked to Raul the Hunter in the Caravan before, come back
here again at night and he'll give you a Verato Pipe and ask you to do a quest 
for him. The shop also has a ton of new stuff. Talking to the Hunter by the 
dead monster will net you the Dragon Bible 1. When done messing around at 
night Wait until Morning and talk to the lady inside the biggest tent then 

     IVbD2...Village of Zoah

         IVb1D2...Items to get - Amirkhan Ring
                                 Bible 2
                                 Dragon Book 1
                                 Elixir Medis x1
                                 Gem Lens x1
                                 Picture Board
                                 Ship Report
                                 Zoah Bible

           Try to come here at night first because the bar, your initial 
destination, is only open at night. Go there first and talk to Juba, the odd
looking bartender on the rotating chair. Buy a drink and get the Elixir Medis 
then quiz him about everything, after you ask About the Empire he'll give you 
the Picture Board item. Upstairs is the infamous South Park reference (Secrets
section VIIe).
           After talking to Juba exit through the single door closest to him
and hang a right. Find the well and examine it to enter it. On the other side
there will be a child who will give you the Amirkham Ring, he's only there at
night so do this now before you forget. Last thing is the store almost right
at the entrance. Go in and Talk to the owner once then examine the books on
the shelf to the right and he'll say you can keep whichever books you want.
Examining the shelf 4 more times will get you 4 new books. As soon as you're 
done with that go back to the entrance and Wait Until Morning.
           Once it's nice and light out go up the small set of stairs 
immediately to your left after starting out and turn right, following the path
until you can turn right again to a semi-hidden doorway. Enter and talk to the
guy at the stove a bunch of times. Eventually he'll ask you for 100 Dyne for
more food, if you give him it he'll give you some items later, which I'll 
warn you about. Near the Zaal Nuts rack under the tent by the entrance to the
bar there are 2 wooden poles sticking out of the ground, examine them for a
Gem Lens. After that go to the other side of this district, through the 
passage by the bar entrance and right when you exit the passageway hang a 
right, walking towards the well. When you get to where the well is there will 
be a door to your right, enter it and examine the gun behind the Hunter in the 
second room. After that talk to him multiple times and he'll eventually quiz 
you (answers are in Section VI), if you win the quiz you get the Tri-Burst 
gun. Finally enter the bar from the single door and talk to the barmaid, 
she'll recognize the pipe Raul gave you and gladly accept it as a gift from 
macdaddy Edge. If you go back to the Caravan now Raul will give you a reward 
of 1000 Dyne for finding someone from the village. Meet up with Paet finally
in the far corner of the side of the district your on to get your next 

     IVcD2...Georgius/Above Georgius

         IVc1D2...Enemies - Lazara
                            Lazara Hunter
                            Lazara Skimmer

           Just fly forward and enter the whirlwind.


         IVd1D2...Break targets - 17
                  Items to get - Gipson Lens x2
                  Enemies - Hellion

           First off turn around and get the field map then turn back around 
and basically fly around the whirlwind hitting all of the guardians who are
trying to keep the whirlwind going, I'm guessing to keep the Shellcoof 
protected. If you get too close to the middle you'll sometimes end up fighting
a Hellion and they're a pain in the butt so avoid getting close, shoot all the
guardians from a distance. After the last one is destroyed the Shellcoof
reveals itself.

     IVeD2...Georgius/Outside the Shellcoof

         IVe1D2...Break targets - 9
                  Unbreakable targets - 2 (Laser level 2)
                                        10 (Laser level 3)
                                        1 (Laser level 4)
                  Items to get - Gipson Lens x2
                                 Shell Plate x2
                                 Ship Parts
                                 Stolarium x3
                                 Telepathy Shard x1

           There are a ton of break targets everywhere, most of them 
unbreakable up to this point with your dragon's low laser level. Fly around,
completing your map coverage and get all the break targets BEFORE you get the
ship parts Paet wants which are in a break target directly underneath the
ship. Don't worry about all the stuff you can't get, we'll be back later. 
After you get all 8 possible break targets, get the ship parts.

     IVfD2...Village of Zoah

         IVf1D2...Items to get - Junk

           Ummm, ok. After visiting Paet again he sends you back to the 

     IVgD2...Georgius/Outside the Shellcoof/Village of Zoah

         IVg1D2...Items to get - Palmer Amulet
                                 Ship Parts
                  Enemies - Guardian Dragon BOSS
                            Gunship BOSS

           Enter the Shellcoof through the new hole in the side, fight a
couple bosses...you tha man.

BOSS - Gunship - Easy, easy, easy. If your dragon is a normal class one then
                 just go to the back or front and charge up 3 meters, taking
                 the Gunships Tracer attacks and automatically healing any 
                 damage from them when your 3 gauges are full. Keep hitting it
                 with lasers and Chain Lasers until it's gone.

BOSS - Guardian Dragon - Again, get to the side and charge up 3 gauges, 
                         automatically healing any damage the Guardian Dragon
                         does to you with it's lasers. After it opens it's 
                         plates up, quickly swing to the back and nail it's 
                         weak spot with the Sniper (you did buy one right?), 
                         using up all 3 attack gauges and swing back to the 
                         side. It should close it's plate now so stay at the 
                         side and charge up 3 gauges again. Keep the pattern 
                         up until the Dragon goes Berserk at which point just 
                         move to it's rear and keep firing until it's dead, 
                         heal if you need to. The Guardian Dragon is actually 
                         really easy and dies pretty quickly.

           After the battle your dragon will evolve again (Lasers level 3)
and you'll end up back at camp. Talk to Gash about stuff then as you're 
leaving he'll give you the Ship Parts for Paet. Head to Zoah and talk to Paet
for the next part of the adventure. You can talk to Juba about Uru now also. 
By making a quick trip to the Caravan during the day you can get the Palmer 
Amulet from a female washing a Coolia named Marcus, give her the Amirkhan Ring 
in return.

     IVhD2...Uru/Uru - Sunken Southern Ruins/Uru - Passage

         IVh1D2...Break targets - 8
                  Items to get - Antidote x3
                                 Berserk Micro x1
                                 Dinys Chip x2
                                 Elixir Medis x1
                                 Free Action x4
                  Enemies - Dracolyth
                            Lumid Queen

           First things first, fly around the ENTIRE map, as much as you, can 
to get the maximum map coverage and get all the break targets. At the L-shaped
tunnels, connected by a circular shaped structure on the corner of the L, 
examine the circular structure 3 times to get it to move so the tunnel 
connects to the opening in the wall. Then head toward the entrance to the 
tunnel and examine the swimming whale when it gets near the pillar blocking 
the tunnel entrance. Enter, save, and exit the other side.

     IViD2...Uru/Uru - Deep North

         IVi1D2...Items to get - Protect Key 1
                  Enemies - Annihalator BOSS
                            Inferno BOSS
                            Rogues BOSS

BOSS - Annihalator - Eaaaaasy. Just move to the side where it's green and 
                     charge up some meters, rotating around when the cannon 
                     turns towards you, and move to the front to nail the weak 
                     spot. It should die after only a few hits with a Sniper.

BOSS - Rogues - Crayman's ships suck. Just move to the side again, charge up
                some attack gauges, move to the back and hit them with lasers.
                They'll die after about 2 or 3 times of doing that.

BOSS - Rogues - Same as above.

BOSS - Annihalator w/ Inferno - Get to the back and dodge the cannon as needed
                                coming back to the rear once and awhile to
                                hit the 3 Infernos with your gun. After 
                                they're just defeat the Annihalator as you did 

           No enemies or break targets here, just explore the whole area and
examine the glowing device in the northwestern area then fly south and examine
the large black rock to get the first Protect Key. Back track to the Sunken 
Southern Ruins.

     IVjD2...Uru/Uru - Sunken Southern Ruins

         IVj1D2...Enemies - Annihalator

           Fly towards the lock for the Protect Key 1 (it's the one to the 
west) and examine it to use the key. Crayman's ships are around here now so
you might run into a random battle with one. Defeat them all the same as 
before. Head back to Uru - Deep North.

     IVkD2...Uru/Uru - Deep North

         IVk1D2...Items to get - Protect Key 2

           Grab the key from the newly uncovered black rock and head back to 
the Sunken Southern Ruins.

     IVlD2...Uru/Uru - Sunken Southern Ruins

         IVl1D2...Break targets - 5
                  Unbreakable targets - 1 (Laser level 4)
                  Items to get - Armor Chip x1
                                 Berserk Medis x2
                                 Dinys Chip x1
                                 Elixir Maxis x1
                                 Shield Clip x2
                  Enemies - Drenholm BOSS
                            Lumid Queen

           Unlock the second seal then...

BOSS - Drenholm - Move over to one side and hit an engine with anything you 
                  want, Chain Laser and Prism Laser work really good as does
                  just you're regular gun. Once the engine is dead, move to 
                  the other side and take out the other one BUT beware of his 
                  Lightning attack...it does major damage so as soon as he 
                  hits you with it heal yourself, better safe then sorry. When
                  both engines are damaged Drenholm will Separate into two 
                  parts. Quickly use Vengeance Orbs to deflect it's Eye Beam 
                  attack and move to the rear to hit the bottom half’s newly 
                  revealed weak spot. If the flying half does its Lightning 
                  Needle attack, IMMEDIATLY move out of the way, to either 
                  side. If you wait even a second it will use Thunderstrike 
                  which will hit you if the Lightning Needles are around you. 
                  After it's over, move to the back again and Vengeance Orbs, 
                  hitting the weak spot when you can. Eventually it will power
                  up and combine again so start all over and kill him.

           After Drenholm is dead head back to the Uru - Passage. There are
some new enemies here now and a host of new break targets, one you can't break 
just yet right before the passage entrance.

     IVmD2...Uru/Uru - Passage

         IVm1D2...Break targets - 5
                  Items to get - Dinys Chip x1
                                 Elixir Medis x2
                                 Elixir Maxis x3
                                 Plasma Vortex

           The black doors will now open but skip the one at the beginning, go
to the one across from the save device and follow the hall for 2 break 
targets and a device which will open up a black doorway in the hall passed the
first black door you skipped. Go back to it and get 3 more break targets. 
Save then enter Uru - Deep North.

     IVnD2...Uru/Uru - Deep North

         IVn1D2...Break targets - 8
                  Items to get - Berserk Minor x1
                                 Dinys Chip x2
                                 D-unit 06
                                 Free Action x1
                                 Full Elixir x1
                                 Power Chip x1
                                 Protect Key 3
                                 Speed Chip x1
                  Enemies - Atolm, Orbs BOSS

           Fly around and get all the new break targets then get the 3rd and
final Protect Key from the southern most black rock and examine the Black 

BOSS - Atolm, Orbs - Just like before but this time he has 4 probes floating
                     around that you need to deal with. Kill them all first
                     then kill him the same way as before. He has a new 
                     Lightningstorm attack that does around 390 damage so be
                     ready...you shouldn't have to heal at all if your good 
                     with keeping all 3 gauges full most of the time, 
                     automatically healing yourself if you're a normal class.

     IVoD2...Underground Ruins of Uru/B1F

         IVo1D2...Break targets - 6
                  Items to get - Blast Chip x2
                                 Elixir Medis x4
                                 Elixir Minor x9
                                 Flash Chip x5
                                 Restore Speed x2
                  Enemies - Large Egg
                            Mutant Flier
                            Mutant Hopper
                            Small Egg
                            Winged Lucich

           Save at the save device and hang a right (north on the map) to find
another device that will unlock the door. Go through the door and hit the 
break targets then turn right again. At the next T intersection take either
direction because this path just loops back around. There are 2 side rooms 
along the way, one contains the device to unlock the door and one contains
break targets. Once you loop back to where you started go through the now
unlocked door and into the elevator at the end.

     IVpD2...Underground Ruins of Uru/B2F East/B3F East

         IVp1D2...Break targets - 1
                  Items to get - Hunting Scythe
                  Enemies - Lucich
                            Mutant Flier
                            Mutant Hopper
                            Slime Feeder
                            Winged Lucich

           First of head straight to fall down a hole. You'll end up in B3F so
follow the path there and take the elevator back up to B2F East. After going 
though the door turn right (if you need to, backtrack slightly to get the map 
coverage) and fall down another hole at your first left. In B3F follow the 
path to go back up again. Turn right when in B2F again and this time keep
following the path past the second hole (going down the slope). In the big
room at the end examine the device then leave, falling down the new hole to
B3F. Stay stationary and turn to your right when you get control again to 
examine a device right beside you. It fills up the 2 holes on B2F that you 
fell down so head back there. After getting off the elevator in B2F turn right
and fly over the second hole you fell down to get a break target then fly over 
the first one and down the slope, examining a door.

     IVqD2...Underground Ruins of Uru/Underground Dome/B3F West/B4F

         IVq1D2...Break targets - 21
                  Unbreakable targets - 8 (Laser level 1)
                                        1 (Laser level 3)
                  Items to get - Blast Chip x6
                                 Dinys Chip x4
                                 Dome Gate Key
                                 Elixir Maxis x3
                                 Elixir Medis x7
                                 Elixir Minor x2
                                 Free Action x3
                                 Power Chip x1
                                 Restore Speed x1
                                 Speed Chip x2
                  Enemies - Absorbora
                            Basilus BOSS
                            Energ BOSS
                            Mutant Flier
                            Mutant Hopper
                            Slime Feeder
                            Winged Lucich

           Once in the dome examine the blue door in front of you after 
getting the field map then turn and exit through the one behind you. Save if 
you want then turn left, following a path until examining the device at the 
end which will unlock the door right beside the save device. Go through it, 
follow the path, take an elevator down. When you first start out on B4F skip 
the first right path you'll pass by and explore ALL of the other paths. Just 
follow the map and systematically go down each path, get all the items on that 
path and take the elevator back up to start all over (getting any break 
targets along the way, there are a bunch you can't get now so don't fret) 
until you have the Dome Gate Key. Head back to the Underground Dome but 
remember to save before entering the door!

BOSS - Energ - This guys pretty easy if you know what to do. First hit all of
               the Absorboras with a gunshot to aim them all upwards. Now keep
               dodging the red area as it rotates and use your lasers on the
               Absorboras. After 3 laser blasts the Absorboras should kill the
               Energ. Having a Tri-Burst equipped really speeds it up.

           Enter the previously locked door ahead of you...

BOSS - Basilus - Stay to the front and try to hit all the Absorobras when 
                 they're NOT facing you or you will get hit like before. Move
                 to the sides quickly if you need to hit them from there. Once
                 they're all gone his front area will turn red and the rest of 
                 him green, at that point move to his rear and nail his weak 
                 spot with whatever you have. He'll try to turn around to face 
                 you so keep moving and keep hitting his weak spots which can
                 also be hit from the sides. The Absorboras will come back so
                 kill them again the same way and repeat.

Disk 3 Walkthrough

     IVaD3...Camp/Village of Zoah

         IVa1D3...Items to get - Aronak Unit
                                 Bible 1
                                 Dragon Book 2
                                 Dragon Book 3
                                 Dual Blast Clip x1
                                 Lamp Oil x1
                                 Recover x2
                                 Shield Clip x1
                                 Zaal Nuts x3
                                 Zoah Harvest x2

           The first place you should go is to Camp to save up and pet your
dragon which SHOULD be learning Astral Phantoms about now if you've been 
petting him on a regular basis (that sounds bad...). Paet is also at your Camp
will tell you what you need to do next in the Village of Zoah.
           Come to Zoah during the day and talk to the guy walking around near 
the entrance and he'll give you a Pass to the Holy District. Before you go
though, head to the entrance again and Wait Until Night.
           When it's night, talking to Juba (you can ask him about Uru now), 
get a Dual Blast Clip, Lamp Oil, and Shield Clip from examining various items 
in the house with the man hiding in a secret room (near where Paet was). You 
can also get 2 Recovers from the Hunter's house near the well. After you get 
everything, Wait Until Morning and head to the Holy District.
           At the Holy District entrance turn right and examine the racks of
nuts there to get a Zoah Harvest. Run up the little ramp and examine another
rack to the right of the house to get another Zoah Harvest. Follow the path 
around the church and talk to the man wandering around a few times and he'll
give you some Dyne to not tell anyone you see him in the Liberal District.
There is also a little girl walking around the area so talk to her then follow
her to her hiding spot and talk to her a few more times, she'll eventually 
give you 3 Zaal Nuts. Examine the furnace she's hiding behind to get the 
Bible. Walk up the big set of stars near there to enter Vaiman's house. After
leaving Vaiman's house talk to the little girl again repeatedly and she'll 
give you the Aronak Unit, a music box you can use while at camp IF you have a
save file from Panzer Dragoon Zwei in the Saturn's memory. Keep talking
to the man again and he'll sometimes offer to sell you Zaal Nuts for 500 Dyne
each or buy a Macral Jewel for a whopping 9000 Dyne...yes 9000.
           Head out to the Liberal District and talk to the man wandering 
around by the entrance again. He'll sometimes mention the money you lent him
(IF you lent him the money when I told you to) and how he can't pay you back.
He'll tell you to go to his house at night to have some items so do just that.
In his house at night examine the dark brown pile above the doorway which will
bring up a list of choices, choose the middle one to get Dragon Book 2.
           Ok, last thing, I swear...During the day go talk to Paet (where he
usually is) and he'll tell you to visit his house at night. Go to the Holy
District and Wait Until Night. Run past the church to Viaman's house but don't
go up the stairs, instead run around the outer wall of his house until you get
to a dead end. Look up and examine the ladder up high to enter Paet's room.
Talk to him and examine stuff to get the Dragon Book 3. You can leave Zoah 
now! But not to where you're thinking...


         IVb1D3...Items to get - Base Manual

           Head here first and talk to Raul. He'll give you the Base Manual 
and mention that someone is sick. Talk to the shop owner a few times and it
will be revealed that the antidote is from a certain species of bird which
Juba mentioned lives at Uru.

     IVcD3...Uru/Uru - Sunken Southern Ruins

         IVc1D3...Items to get - Tobitama Rock
                  Enemies - Kolba
                            Lumid Queen

           Just fly around and bring all three baby Tobitamas back to the nest
to get the rock.
           The Kolba enemies are extremely rare and pretty hard...I ran into 
them during the daytime and near the Tobitama nest. You can only kill them 
with a good Berserk (Armageddon) before they run but it's worth it. They give 
you about 500 exp. EACH and fly in groups of 4 or so...do the math.
           After your done head back to the Underground Ruins of Uru to finish 
business there.

     IVdD3...Underground Ruins of Uru/B2F East/B?F/B3F East/B??F

                             ****SPECIAL NOTE****
           You don't have to do anything in this section right now because
a lot later in the game you HAVE to come back here but I like doing stuff as
soon as I can so skip this section or do it...it's up to you.

         IVd1D3...Break targets - 21
                  Items to get - Ambrosia x1
                                 Armor Chip x3
                                 Berserk Maxis x1
                                 Blast Clip x1
                                 Bone Slasher x1
                                 D-unit 07
                                 D-unit 08
                                 Dinys Chip x2
                                 Dual Blast Clip x7
                                 Elixir Maxis x1
                                 Olfactory Lobe x1
                                 Power Chip x3
                                 Shield Chip x3
                                 Speed Chips x8
                  Enemies - Absorborac

           In B1F head into the elevator then hang a right after exiting it 
and keep following the path until you get to a hole in the ground that was
previously filled with water. Enter it and switch to the Floater and exit the
room. This next area is basically a bunch of downward sloping passageways 
where at the end it a break target and a hole. After falling through the hole
your on your dragon again and can fly back up to B2F to start all over again.
Go down all the passages and get all the items BUT avoid turning LEFT at the 
final intersection until you go through all the other paths because it leads 
to the next area. Whenever you're on B3F fly around a little because there's
a rare enemy there called Absorborac on the slope.
           Once in the second area (B??F) get all 6 break targets then drop 
down another hole where you'll be back in B3F East. Head to the Underground 
           Once there, enter the door high up in the air straight across from 
the one you came in from. There's one break target there and 6 devices giving 
you clues about the mysterious Light Wing dragon class and Azel...Keep heading 
down the passage for another break target. Head back to the Underground Dome 
and exit the bottom door on the west wall. Follow the right path too the 
elevator too B4F and the hall with a ton of break targets you couldn't get 
before. After you get them all exit the Black Ruins and head back to the 
Caravan. Sell the Tobitama Rock to the Shop Owner and he'll give you 5 Speed 
Chips as well as some Dyne. Next stop...the Imperial Air Force Post.

     IVeD3...Imperial Air Force Post

         IVe1D3...Break targets - 60
                  Items to get - Anesthetic x10
                                 Berserk Medis x1
                                 Berserk Micro x3
                                 Berserk Minor x3
                                 Blast Chip x5
                                 Dinys Chip x10
                                 Elixir Maxis x3
                                 Elixir Medis x4
                                 Elixir Minor x4
                                 Full Elixir x2
                                 Revive x4
                                 Shell Plate x3
                                 Stolarium x8
                  Enemies - Battle Cruiser
                            Behemoth BOSS
                            Deathmaker BOSS
                            Missile Cruiser
                            Plasma Cannon

           Yeah! My least favorite area in the entire game! Ok, there are a 
ton of break targets so watch your radar and make sure you shoot EVERYTHING
that's pink. The break target number above is only the number of containers
that actually have an item in them because I don't THINK any of the search
lights or anything count towards your Break Target %. A special note for the 
white things with containers underneath them, if you shoot the white part it 
will destroy the containers so shoot all 3 containers FIRST then the white 
part. Just fly around, fight battles and shoot stuff until the Behemoth 
appears. Making your dragon a Spiritual dragon helps a lot because the only 
way to easily beat most of the enemies here is with Berserks.

BOSS - Behemoth - This guys not to hard to deal with as long as you have a lot
                  of BP or are quick in refilling it. In it's first form just
                  stay wherever you want and keep using Armageddon as it's the
                  only berserk that does a good amount of damage. It's does
                  cost 84 BP though so be ready to refill your meter if you 
                  need to. Just take the cannon hits and keep hitting him. 
                  After it's gone it will come back underneath you with it's
                  shields closed. Just stay put and use Vengeance Orbs and 
                  charge up some action meters. As soon as the shields open up
                  nail the weak spot with as many laser blasts as possible. It
                  will do one devastating attack on you but your Vengeance 
                  Orbs will take care of it. Keep hitting it until it's 
                  shields close again then cast Vengeance Orbs again and wait. 
                  It should die this next round of laser blasts to the weak 

          Keep flying around and shooting things, especially all the various 
items in the containers, but your ultimate goal now is the Control Tower 
almost in the center of the map. It has 6 break targets on it so shoot 
them all then go straight ahead (follow the newly surfaced wall) then examine
the launch platform on the other side of the outside wall.

BOSS - Deathmaker - Immediately move to either side in the green and start 
                    lasering the booster there. Whenever the Deathmaker says
                    enemy spotted to the left or right (whichever side your 
                    on), quickly move to the front or back to take a machine 
                    gun hit instead of something much worse. After that it 
                    will go back to normal again so keep nailing the sides 
                    until both boosters are gone then move to it's front and
                    keep nailing it there with lasers. Once it launches just 
                    keep using lasers but make sure to space them out...if it
                    gets hit by something it will start to spin around. If
                    you hit it again while it's spinning the laser will be
                    deflected so just wait for it to stop spinning before
                    you hit it again. You should beat it with plenty of time 

           Head to Zoah again...

     IVfD3...Village of Zoah

         IVf1D3...Items to get - Dragon Report
                                 Letter 1
                                 Paet's Report
                                 Temple Key

           Talk to Paet in front of the church in the Holy District then 
enter. After the scene if you go bug Vaiman at his house he will give you 500
Dyne and tell you to get out. Head back to the Liberal District and talk to
Paet again near his airship to get the Letter. It'll become night 
automatically so head back to Paet's airship. Once it's day again head back to
Vaiman's house and talk to him to get the Temple Key which unlocks the door
inside the church. Search his first bookshelf to get the Dragon Report. Now go
to the church at night and examine the Guardian Fire. Enter the Guardian Fire 
room again and talk to Paet to get Paet's Report then head out to the world 
map and Mel-Kava.

     IVgD3...Mel-Kava/Inside Mel-Kava/Mel-Kava Central Reactor

         IVg1D3...Break targets - 7
                  Items to get - Anesthetic x1
                                 Berserk Maxis x1
                                 Olfactory Lobe x2
                                 Recover x3
                                 Restore Speed x1
                                 Telepathy Shard x1
                  Enemies - Auto Defense System BOSS
                            Lazara Hunter
                            Photon Cannon BOSS
                            Plasma Spider

           Fly towards the ship and then when your on the underside keep 
flying forward, slightly passed the passageway above you and destroy both of
the things shooting green energy at you. Go through the passageway on top of
you. Keep flying forward, getting the break target and saving along the way.

BOSS - Auto Defense System - Hit the weak spot with lasers whenever it's 
                             shield is out of the way but when it changes it's 
                             attack, move to a green area and wait for it to 
                             turn towards you then immediately hit it with 
                             lasers and move to a green area QUICKLY. Keep 
                             doing that until it changes it's attack again and
                             EVERY area is red. It will keep doing attacks 
                             that cause various status ailments on you but 
                             ignore them...just stay in front of it and keep
                             lasering away at its weak spot, it'll die before
                             you (hopefully...).

           Head back out to the bottom of the ship and fly forward.

BOSS - Photon Cannon - Ummm...just stay in the green area and shoot it's weak 
                       spot there.

           Go forward some more and an watch as some tentacle looking things
swing down and rise up again. The trick for you to do is when they swing down, 
try to position yourself right in the center of them so when they come back
up they will push you up and into a secret passage of the ship with a couple
break targets and an elevator. Take the elevator and follow the passage after
exiting, getting a few more break targets. After exiting this hall you'll be 
at the Central Reactor.
           At the reactor stay under the platform and rotate around examining 
the 6 bridges around the reactor. Fly underneath one of them and go up a 
little then turn around towards the reactor and shoot the targets there.

     IVhD3...Mel-Kava/Light Energy Reactor/Mel-Kava Deck/#2 Central Reactor

         IVh1D3...Enemies - Atolm, Ancient BOSS
                            Atolm, Orbs II BOSS

           Move forward a little and keep shooting the Light Energy Reactor 
until it's toast. You'll be outside now so keep flying forwards slowly and try 
to hit everything that shows up on your radar. Lock-on to them when they're 
open to destroy them. Go through the passage in front of you. I don't think 
these targets count towards your ending percentage but if they do, again, let 
me know. All of the targets also shoot green energy at you so be ready to 
dodge then enter the passageway at the end. In the #2 Central Reactor shoot 
the 4 black machines that are emitting energy and fly down slightly and shoot 
the 4 parts of the reactor.

BOSS - Atolm Dragon - Immediately after starting move to the green area in 
                      front of Atolm then IMMEDIALTY move back to the side 
                      to dodge his Hell Storm attack. After that immediately
                      move to the front again and nail it's weak spot. Yet
                      again after that immediately move to the side and hit
                      its weak spot there. If he's not dead yet he'll keep
                      doing the same pattern now so kill him.
                      After he comes back he'll have 4 probes again so stay to
                      the side and kill them when their shields are down. 
                      Atolm now just does his old attacks like the last time
                      you fought him so kill him the same way.

     IViD3...Camp/Georgius/Uru - Sunken Southern Ruins

         IVi1D3...Break targets - 5
                  Items to get - Ambrosia x2
                                 Blast Chip x1
                                 D-unit 05
                                 Dragon Booster
                                 Dragon Crest

           Azel is unconscious at your camp so save up and head for Georgius
now that you have a level 4 laser and can access the energy pyramids that will
be shown to you when you enter the area. Examine them all then enter the 
Shellcoof and fly forward, following the other dragon. There are 2 break 
targets along the way so make sure you get them. Once in the Genesis Chamber
get the 2 break targets and examine the dragon crest for a surprise. Once 
outside again shoot all of the Shellcoof's paddles then all the tractor beams
at the rear (which I don't think count towards your break target %). Finally 
the scourge of Panzer Dragoon Zwei is finished.
           Next head back to Uru and get the single break target you couldn't
get there before near the Uru Passage entrance (and fight some Kolbas while 
you're there for the experience) for the D-unit 05.

     IVjD3...Imperial Air Force/Camp

         IVj1D3...Items to get - Letter 2
                  Enemies - Enforcer
                            Grig Orig BOSS
                            Spectre BOSS

BOSS - Grig Orig - I like using Armageddon until it's exhaust port
                   opens, taking the gun hits, then move to the back
                   and hit the exhaust port until it stops being a
                   weak spot. Move to the side if it's still alive 
                   and hit it with some more Armageddon’s.

BOSS - Spectre - Just stay out of the red areas and keep hitting with anything
                 but lasers. Any berserks work good especially the Prism 

           After the fight go back to Camp and examine Azel for Letter 2. Head
to The Tower.

     IVkD3...The Tower/various floors

         IVk1D3...Break targets - 6
                  Items to get - Anesthetic x1
                                 Antidote x1
                                 Berserk Maxis x1
                                 Full Elixir x1
                                 Revive x2
                  Enemies - Exterminator BOSS

           Head straight through the door then fly straight up and enter the
door shown in the cinema. Keep flying straight until you enter a large room 
with 4 break targets then backtrack slightly and take the side hall. Follow it 
to the Field Map and an elevator. Follow the new hallway and take a right at
the T intersection for 2 more break targets. Turn and head straight and enter
a door. Fly up and enter the only other door there then enter the elevator 
there. Now just keep following the next few hallways and enter the elevators 
at the end until you get back to the hanger of the Tower at which point fly up 
again and enter the only other door there. Enter the elevator and fly until
you enter the Upper Floors area again. Fly straight up and...

BOSS - Exterminator - This battle is definitely best fought defensively so fly
                      to the green area and use Astral Phantoms when you have
                      2 action gauges. Charge up 3 more gauges and wait until
                      the center gun slides down to the bottom and comes back
                      up, stopping in the middle again. Swing to your right to
                      get to it's front then nail the weak spot with 3 gun
                      blasts from the Sniper. It should now shoot a mine at
                      you but your Astral Phantoms will take care of it. Move
                      back to the green area and do it all over again. 
                      Sometimes every area will turn red at which point just 
                      use Astral Phantoms (or Vengeance Orbs if you don't have 
                      Phantoms yet) and take the hit. Once you do enough 
                      damage it will change it's attack pattern slightly but
                      your strategy will be no different.

Disk 4 Walkthrough


         IVa1D4...Items to get - Seeker Map

           Talk to the Seeker to get the Seeker Map then head off to the 
Seeker's Stronghold. 

     IVbD4...Seeker's Stronghold/Camp/Caravan

         IVb1D4...Items to get - Berserk Vampire
                                 Memory Report
                                 Old Diary
                                 Tower Report 3

           Say Yes to Gash's question and enter the Stronghold. Enter the
Stronghold and meet back up with Paet. Before talking to Gash again explore
the base. The purple door leads to the store and the red one leads to where
Azel is resting. The green door leads to the library where talking to Zadoc
will get you the Old Diary and the Memory Report if you ask him about Zoah as
well as the Tower Report 3 from his bookshelf. There are no items down the 
pathway for now but you can go down and talk to a bunch of people. Talk to 
Gash when your done.
           After talking to Gash go back and talk to Zadoc then enter the room
where Azel is resting. Next head to the Observation Deck which is UNDER the 
ramp. It's through the door that was previously locked on the branching path.
After the discussion you can now leave and head off to your new goal. If you
talk to Zadoc again you can ask him new questions about the Forest of Zoah.
First though head to the Caravan at night as An'jou has returned. Talk to him 
and, if you saved his son, he will give you a Berserk Vampire.

     IVcD4...Forest of Zoah

         IVc1D4...Break targets - 11
                  Items to get - Berserk Medis x2
                                 Bone Slasher x1
                                 D-unit 09
                                 D-unit 10
                                 Elixir Maxis x2
                                 Gipson Lens x1
                                 Olfactory Lobe x1
                                 Shell Plate x1
                                 Telepathy Shard x1
                  Enemies - Arangata
                            Glide Dragon
                            Infested Grig Orig BOSS
                            Lazara Hunter

           Head straight and enter the very first passage sticking out of the
trees on your left to enter the forest. Inside the forest there are NO enemies 
and your only goal here is to shoot the 8 Arangata's bases, weakening them 
above. Fly around and get all the break targets and 100% map coverage. This
area is like a maze so keep popping up your map and make sure you get 
everywhere. You'll come across a door you can't enter yet on one of the 
paths so just ignore it for now...we'll get it later. After getting everything 
you can exit out any of the passageways.
           Once outside just fly around getting the map coverage and killing
all 8 Arangatas. Once you get to a certain point...

BOSS - Infested Grig Orig - Just charge up action gauges until it says 
                            Discharge Tallon at which point quickly shoot down
                            the two Tallons and then shoot the opening of the
                            discharger that did NOT discharge a Tallon. It's 
                            only weak for one shot so start charging up gauges
                            and waiting again. Keep it up and the Discharger
                            will be toast.
                            When the cannon is up go to the side and charge up
                            until you have 3 attacks and swing around to the 
                            front immediately AFTER it fires the Imperial 
                            Cannon. Hit its weak spot 3 times then immediately 
                            move to the side again. Keep this up only to take 
                            a break if it shoots a parasite at you at which
                            point QUICKLY use a Free Action because the Grig
                            Orig will move around you and hit you with the
                            cannon while you're helpless. When it Removes the
                            Limiter immediately use Astral Phantoms or 
                            Vengeance Orbs and let the cannon hit you. After 
                            it hits you use Astral Phantoms or Vengeance Orbs 
                            again and try to get a shot in at the cannon. Just 
                            remember ALWAYS have a shield of some sort up at 
                            this phase and only hit the cannon when you can. 
                            Shield chips actually work the best.

           Head back to the Seeker Stronghold.

     IVdD4...Seeker Stronghold

           Talk to Gash and then ask Zadoc about Azel and he'll mention that
she probably went to Uru. Head off to the Underground Ruins of Uru.

     IVeD4...Underground Ruins of Uru/B1F

         IVe1D4...Enemies - Lucich
                            Mutant Flier
                            Mutant Hopper
                            Winged Lucich

           If you didn't do this section before when I told you to (Section
IVdD3, search for it) then go there now. If you did then your only goal here
now is to find Azel. She's in the room right after the 6 recording devices 
that talked about her and the Light Wing dragon.

     IVfD4...Seeker's Stronghold

         IVf1D4...Items to get - Tower Report 2

           Talk to the first person inside the Stronghold then, once your at 
Camp again, enter the Stronghold again and talk to Zadoc for the Tower Report 
2. Paet is down the ramp so talk to him too. Next stop...the Tower...

     IVgD4...Tower/Upper Floors/15F East 1/14F East/15F East 2

         IVg1D4...Break targets - 1
                  Items to get - Berserk Maxis x1

            Fly down then after you get control again examine either gate then
examine it again. Go through the south-east gate as the western gate is 
blocked off inside at this time. Follow the path and head down the elevator.
Follow the passage to another elevator and go up to 15F East 2. Go forward and
you'll enter a big room with the Rotor Pile #1 controls in it so examine it
and go all the way back to the Upper Floors.

     IVhD4...Tower/Upper Floors/14F East/14F North/14F East (?)

         IVh1D4...Break targets - 3
                  Items to get - D-unit 11
                                 D-unit 12
                                 Elixir Maxis x1

           Once back to the Upper Floors head down and examine the Rotor to
stop it. Fly down some more until you get to a 3 way gate choice. Go through 
the eastern gate for a single break target then head back to the Upper Floors,
DON'T go through the door right after the target or you'll end up someplace 
you've already been.
           Head through the North gate and get the 2 break targets there which
should change you into the Light Wing dragon if you've been following the 
walkthrough and have all of the D-units so far. Head back to the Upper Floors
and now go through the western gate. There you'll find the Rotor Pile #2 
CONTROL so after examining it head back to the Upper Floors and fly down to
shut off the Rotor just like before.

     IViD4...Tower/Upper Floors/13F/12F/Hanger #2/11F/10F/9F East Passage

         IVi1D4...Enemies - Sentinel
                            Twin Guardians BOSS

           Fly past the Rotor and use the save device before entering the door
right in front of it. Follow the passage to an elevator then head straight to
a doorway after exiting it.

BOSS - Twin Guardians - This battle is so incredibly easy it's weird. Just 
                        wait at first and charge up action gauges until the 
                        Guardian splits into 2 pieces. Quickly fly to your 
                        LEFT and let loose regular lasers until it dies. 
                        That's it. It should die quickly if your level is 

           After the battle go through the lower door of Hanger #2 and follow 
the hall there. The Tower's security alarms will be introduced to you and will 
be all over the place in the coming floors. If you accidentally set another 
one off you'll have to find the switch to deactivate it so you won't run into 
any more enemies. Along the passage there will also be a machine of some sort 
in your way with a spinning "head" above it. You have to examine the "head" at 
the right time so when it lowers onto the "body" it will fit. If it's facing
the wrong direction it will break the machine and a Sentinel will jump out and
attack you. Keep following the passage to another elevator.
           Follow the passage, dodging the alarms until you reach a doorway to
the Middle Floors.

     IVjD4...Tower/Middle Floors/9F North Passage/8F North/10F

         IVj1D4...Break targets - 2
                  Items to get - Berserk Medis x1
                                 Elixir Maxis x1

           In the Middle Floors examine the rotating bridge twice to enter the
9F North Passage. At the end of the passage examine the green energy pylons
and go down the hole to 8F North. There are 2 break targets right at the 
beginning so get them and head to another elevator. At the end of this passage
you'll end up back at the Middle Floors.
           Again the break target nuve doesn't include the energy pylons
because I don't think they count towards your Shot Down %.

     IVkD4...Tower/Middle Floors/9F West Passage/8F West Passage/various

           Back in the Middle Floors go down again and examine the rotating 
bridge twice again, going through the newly exposed doorway. Head through to
an elevator and go down. Go through a couple doorways and into another room
with 3 more green energy pylons. Shoot them down and go down the hole again.

     IVlD4...Tower/7F East/8F East/7F South/8F West/7F East

         IVl1D4...Break targets - 5
                  Items to get - Ambrosia x1
                                 Berserk Medis x1
                                 Full Elixir x2
                                 Tri-Blast Chip x1

           Head out the door and into another elevator. Examine the device at 
the end of the 8F East passage and 3 green energy pylons will lower from the
roof, shoot them and go down. Follow the path and shoot the break target then
take an elevator up. The next area will have 3 large rooms to the west, the 
middle room containing device that will lower green energy pylons into all of
the rooms. Head to the middle room, getting the break target along the way 
and examine the device. Go into the bottom most room and shoot he pillars 
there then go down. Go out the door there and get the break target then take
the elevator back up. This time break through the middle rooms floor and come 
back up again (this is only for map coverage purposes, if you don't care about 
that then skip the middle room). Once back up do the same to the top room.
           In the next room is the control device for Rotor Pile #3 so examine 
it then follow the path to 2 break targets and a save device. Follow the hall
to get back to the Middle Floors.

     IVmD4...Tower/Middle Floors/8F North Passage/6F/Hanger #1/5F/4F

         IVm1D4...Enemies - Battle Droid BOSS

           This time, fly UP and examine the Rotor then fly back down and 
enter the exposed gate where the rotating bridge is. Follow the path to and 
elevator then a doorway.

BOSS - Battle Droid -  There are no non-red areas at first so think all 
                       defensive for the time being. Quickly use Astral 
                       Phantoms or Vengeance Orbs and move to the Droids back
                       where its weak spot is. Every time it hits you use
                       Astral Phantoms or Venango Orbs again. After 2 or 3
                       times of doing this the Droid will stop attacking at
                       which point fire away at its weak spot with the
                       Assassin. It will sometimes flip around and heal itself
                       but just keep nailing it in the weak spot and it should
                       go down without any more trouble.

           Take the lower door again in Hanger #1. On the 5F the alarms return
so dodge them and be ready. Skip the western room on the map because there's
nothing in it and follow the hall to an elevator (watch out for the spinning
alarms!). Once on the 4F watch out for more spinning alarms as you follow the 
path, this time going into the western room to examine the Rotor Pile #4
controls. Turn around and enter the door to get to the Bottom Floors.

     IVnD4...Tower/Bottom Floors/3F/2F

         IVn1D4...Break targets - 14
                  Items to get - Armor Chip x1
                                 Berserk Maxis x1
                                 Berserk Micro x40
                                 Berserk Vampire
                                 Elixir Maxis x1
                                 Flash Chip x1
                                 Full Elixir x3
                                 Power Chip x1
                                 Shield Chip x1
                                 Speed Chip x1
                                 Tri-Blast Chip x2
                  Enemies - Sentinel

           Fly down and examine the Rotor then enter the door below it. This
whole floor is a giant loop so just go around it in either direction, dodging
the alarms and getting all the break targets off to the side. One of the
western side halls contains the Rotor Pile #5 controls. Head back to the 
Bottom Floors, fly down and examine the Rotor then enter the door below. In 
the first large eastern room on 2F are 2 break targets and the Right Gate 
controls. The second large room contains 2 more targets and the Left Gate 
controls. Follow the passage and go down the first left passage you get to for
a single break target and an elevator you should go up. The Rotor Pile #6 
control will be right in front of you so examine it but DON'T go through the
doorway! Turn back around and go back down the elevator. Go through the Right 
Gate again and hang a left, getting the break target then going up the next 
elevator behind the Left Gate. Get the break target after exiting and now go
through the door which leads back to the 3F. Head back to the Bottom Floors
and fly down, turning off the last Rotor.
           Fly down to the bottom and you'll find a save spot and 2 gates. The
northern door takes you to the rest of the Tower and last boss, the western 
one is an elevator that will take you almost all the way up the Tower to the
exit. If you still have stuff you want to do take the western door but if you
just want to finish the game take the northern door and skip to section IVvD4.
For the sake of this walkthrough I'm taking the western door.
           The first stop on our secret search is the Valley...


         IVo1D4...Break targets - 13
                  Items to get - Albertson Fan x1
                                 Coolia's Dung x1
                                 Gem Stone x1
                                 Macran Jewel x1
                                 Tri-Blast Chip x1
                  Enemies - Baldor

           The only goal here is to shoot all the fans that you couldn't 
before so get shooting then head for the Forest of Zoah. Get some Excellents
on the enemies that you couldn't before when you first came here.

     IVpD4...Forest of Zoah/Red Ruins

         IVp1D4...Break targets - 11
                  Items to get - Berserk Maxis x2
                                 Bone Slasher x1
                                 Full Elixir x2
                                 Gipson Lens x1
                                 Golia Fang x1
                                 Golia Pod x1
                                 Golia Shell x1
                                 Golia Tail x1
                                 Olfactory Lobe x1
                                 Villatuya Fruit
                  Enemies - Glide Dragon
                            Golia Hunter
                            Golia Tracker

           First of all fly around above the forest covering the part of the 
map in blue that you couldn't before because of the Grig Orig. To the north
there is also a single plant that you can examine twice to get the Villatuya 
Fruit which increases you dragon's speed after spinning (the R button). After
you're done above the forest you can get to your destination either through 
the door inside the forest that you came to before or just go through any
of the tunnels on the top half of the Above the Forest map.
           Once in the Red Ruins fly around, hitting all the break targets and 
the 4 spinning devices which open doors into the ruins itself. Go into all 4
rooms clockwise starting with the Northern one. The north contains a Dragon 
Crest that you can't examine, the east and south doors contain devices which 
after you examine both of them will make a passageway to the Garil Desert open 
in the very center of the Ruins (your next destination). The west room 
contains the biggest surprise of them all...a device that when activated will
use the Dragon Crest you got from the Shellcoof to morph your dragon and the
baby dragon together to form the highest possible dragon evolution...the Solo
           Exit the area through the new passageway to the Garil Desert.

     IVqD4...Garil Desert/Blue Ruins/Dead Oasis/Worm Lair

         IVq1D4...Break targets - 1
                  Items to get - Plasma Swarm

           Head through the worm passage to the now Dead Oasis then go through
the northern passage to the Worm Lair. Shoot the ship and enter the Secret 
Ship Passage to get the Plasma Swarm.
           Go level up now if you want as there's nothing else to do.
           When you're ready to finish the game head back to the Tower and
take the west door to get back to the express elevator that brings you all the
way down to the bottom. At the save device enter the northern door and go down
the elevator...


         IVr1D4...Enemies - Anti-Basic BOSS
                            Anti-Eye BOSS
                            Anti-Panzer BOSS
                            Anti-Stripe BOSS
                            Anti-Valiant BOSS
                            Sestren BOSS
                            Sestren Exsis BOSS
                            Sestren Morphic BOSS

BOSS - Anti-Basic - All 5 dragon battles are pretty easy...especially this 
                    one. Just keep hitting it with your Assassin and he'll go 
                    down quickly. Stay out of the red area to the front and 
                    back and take the laser hit if you need to.

BOSS - Anti-Valiant - Slightly more tricky, this dragon is still a pushover. 
                      Stay to the sides and keep hitting it with the Assassin. 
                      It'll turn into a defensive dragon and use Protect Wing 
                      which decreases your damage a lot but it'll still die 
                      rather quickly. Its red areas are usually to his front 
                      and back but sometimes he changes them so they're to the 
                      sides so watch out.

BOSS - Anti-Stripe - Stay to its back at all times, not the back area on the 
                     radar but ITS back. He'll fly around a lot, sometimes 
                     turning so you're in front of him so keep moving and 
                     shooting him with the Assassin. He'll use Assault Wing                        
                     once and awhile so be ready to heal if you really need 
                     to. Having a quick dragon helps.

BOSS - Anti-Panzer - After changing into an agility dragon the Anti-Panzer 
                     will fly around A LOT, trying to get you out from his 
                     back, where you should be at all times. Just try to stay 
                     to the back and use your best friend, the Assassin. If
                     your dragon has ok speed then you shouldn't even get hit 
                     once, maybe by a laser.

BOSS - Anti-Eye - USE SHIELD! As soon as you have 2 gauges use Shield (or 
                  better yet, a Shield Chip) and plug away as fast as you can 
                  with the Assassin. The Anti-Eye uses ALL of the hard hitting
                  Berserks so have the Shield up AT ALL TIMES. The hardest 
                  dragon but it still should fall pretty quickly.

BOSS - Sestren - Sestren has 5 orbs floating around him, shooting each one 
                 will trigger a FMV so shoot 4 of them but DON'T shoot the 5th 
                 one yet. After 4 are gone go crazy with the Chips that you've 
                 probably gone through the entire game without using yet. Use 
                 one of each and get ready. After you've used them all charge 
                 up 3 gauges and shoot the last orb.
                 Hit his weak spot (the front of the dragon) as soon as you 
                 can then immediately move to the rear where it's green. Stay 
                 to the rear, charge up gauges, use another Shield Chip or 
                 Shield berserk when you need to and swing back to the front 
                 to nail the weak spot with the Assassin. When Sestren does 
                 the Ghost Dragons attack there are 2 green areas so stay in 
                 one of them. Sestren will then Detect Surroundings and fly in 
                 a clockwise circle so just move in a circle also, staying 
                 ahead of the dragon as it moves. When he does Activate 
                 Vibration System just stay still and don't move until he 
                 deactivates the system. Keep it up the pattern until he 
                 changes forms...
                 At first the whole area will be green but that will slowly be 
                 taken away by red so move in either direction as soon as the 
                 area you're in turns red and use a Shield. The best bet for 
                 this part is to use Berserks like Dragon Phoenix, Berserker 
                 Rage or Onslaught when he's resting and every area on the 
                 radar is green. When he's in attack mode and the radar is 
                 turning all red just use Astral Phantoms or Vengeance Orbs, 
                 get hit, use them again. As soon as he stops attacking and 
                 every area is green again Berserk away. Keep your BP high and
                 don't be stingy with your items, don't hesitate to use them 

     V...The Hunter's Quiz
	If you talk to the Hunter in his home the first time you come to Zoah
he'll eventually give you a quick quiz about some enemies. The answers are

      Va...Against Baldor, where is it safe?
           Answer: BACK

      Vb...How do you hurt a Lathum?

      Vc...What makes a Nanyd Swarm scatter?
           Answer: KILL THE QUEEN

      Vd...Name a characteristic of the Lazara.
           Answer: DODGES LASERS

      Ve...Which do not live in the Valley?
           Answer: HOPPERS

      Vf...What is summoned by a Pludger?
           Answer: NANYDS

      Vg...What is the Horned Stryder's attack?
           Answer: PARALIZING SHARD

      Vh...Magnata or Gelata, which is stronger?
           Answer: MAGNATA URCHINS

    VI...Secrets and Extras

     VIa...Box game - After beating the game and saving, load up the save game
                      and exit the Tower. On the World Map there will be a new
                      area called the Box Game. Enter it to get access to 3
                      new locations, described below.

          VIa1...Ancient Valley

                 The Ancient Valley location takes you to the Ancient
                 Coliseum where you can do a race around the Valley trying to
                 get the best time.

          VIa2...Dermot's Ranch

                 Well...in Dermot's Ranch you get to play as a baby dragon and
                 you can run around and examine things at camp. Whenever you
                 examine something the subtitle will be a bunch of symbols
                 that don't make sense but hey, it's cool.
                 On a special note if you have the Aronak Unit you can examine
                 it to play it and then while it's playing you can examine the
                 dragon hologram to which your dragon will reply with
                 !SEGASEGASEGASEGA!. He knows what's up.

          VIa3...Fleet on the lake

                 Yea! A return to my least favorite part of the entire game!
                 Yes, you're back at the Imperial Air Force Post. The object
                 of this Box game is to shoot as many things as possible 
                 within the time limit to score points and get high scores.

     VIb...Enemy data manipulation

           While in the Enemy Data section press Start on a controller plugged
           into the second player port. Now by pressing any button on the
           second player controller different effects will happen to the
           enemies model, just mess around!

     VIc...Extra dyne at the start of the game

           If you have a save file from Panzer Zwei in the Saturn's memory
           when you start a new game you will start out with some extra Dyne
           with the amount depending on your total playtime in Zwei.

     VId...Aronak Unit

           The Aronak Unit is one of the secrets that's only available if you
           have a save file from Panzer Dragoon Zwei in the Saturn's Memory.
           After you get it, it'll show up at your camp whenever you go to it
           from now on. If you examine it, it will open up and play a small
           snippet of one of two songs from Panzer Zwei and a hologram of a
           dragon from it will be projected above it.

     VIe...South Park reference

           Examine the bottom-corner table upstairs at Juba's bar for the
           line: "They killed Kenny."

     VIf...John Woo reference

           Examine the 2 guns hanging on the wall of the head hunter's tent
           in the Caravan for the line: "Inscription: From Mr. Woo."

     VIg...Dragon Model list

           After beating the game and saving, load up the save game and open
           up the menu. In the Defeated Enemies section there will be a new
           option, Dragon Models. Here you can view ALL of the dragons polygon
           models which is VERY cool.

	The first time I played Panzer Dragoon at a demo unit in Toys R Us I
was absolutely blown away by everything about it, much to the annoyance of my
mother whom I bugged NON-STOP to buy me it. I only had Guardian Heroes for my
Saturn at the time and too young for a job so eventually she bought it for me.
I love you Mom!

	If you have anything to add, any corrections or error reporting,
         or suggestions then email them to faqs@enemyzero.com. I can't
          guarantee a reply to every email but if I do use any of your
                  info in the FAQ full credit will be given.

                Created by EnemyZero of EnemyZero Online.

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