Review by Musashi_Humar

Reviewed: 01/03/08

The best video game ever made!

Like the tag line says, I feel this is the greatest video game ever made. I feel that even though there is no dialog in the game whatsoever, the story was flawless. A boy and a girl, by the names of Claris and Elliot, are both being troubled in things they do well at are having nightmares. Then one night, someone comes to them in there dreams. A jester looking person by the name of NiGHTS. Is he a ghost, a memory? Throughout the game, you fly throughout Claris and Elliot's dreams as NiGHTS.

The next best part about this game is the wonderful game play. The objective is to fly around 4 different railed courses of the dream and collect the Ideya, parts of the dreamer's heart. Each one is held in what is called an Ideya capture. Now in order to get the Ideya from the Ideya capture, you must collect 20 blue chips. These are quite common and can be gotten easily throughout the entire game. After you've gone around and gotten all four Ideya, you then are taken to the boss of the dream.

Each boss is unique. The boss is a different kind of nightmare monster. The ways in which you defeat them is pretty clever as well. It's different as to each different nightmaren. Then, depending on how quickly you defeat the nightmaren, your total points are multiplied. The best you can get is a 2.0 which completely doubles your score.

Another unique yet fascinating part of the game is the A-Life, or Artificial Life system. In each dream there are these little beings called nightopians which look kind of like babies, only with cone shaped heads. Now depending on how you interact with them, the music in the actual dream will change! After a while, no one dream is the same as someone else's copy of the game!

Finally, the endings are some of the most wonderful I've ever seen. Now again, there is no dialog at all. But the music and what is actually going on is what makes it wonderful. There are actually multiple endings to the game as well as 2 different versions of the song that plays during the credits, depending on how high your scores are.

For all these reasons and more, is why I feel this most wondrous marvel is the greatest video game that has ever been made.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: NiGHTS into Dreams... (w/3D Control Pad) (US, 08/31/96)

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