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FAQ/Walkthrough by STowle

Version: 1.51t | Updated: 01/24/97

The NiGHTS Players Guide/FAQ Version 1.51t
By Steve Towle (stevet3@ix.netcom.com)
and Dustin Cushman (rcushman@vms1.gmu.edu)
Last edited: Jan. 24th, 1997

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Disclaimer: This guide is for the use of people who play Nights into
Dreams by Sega. The author of this guide (and all contributors) can in
no way be responsible for anything you do after reading this guide. This
guide guarantees *nothing* at all. All of the information in this guide
could be complete crap. You decide.

NiGHTS into Dreams and Saturn are trademark Sega, 1996.

NOTE: If a trademark isn't here please email me so it can be added. All
trademarks (shown and not shown) are acknowledged.

Copyright: The NiGHTS Player's Guide is Copyright 1996 by Steve Towle
and Dustin Cushman. All rights reserved. You are granted the following

I. To make copies of this FAQ in original form, as long as

(a) the copies are complete and are unaltered by anyone other than Steve
Towle and Dustin Cushman
(b) the copies are in electronic form
(c) they give credit to the authors, Steve Towle and Dustin Cushman.

II To distribute this work, under the provisions above, as long as 

(a) the copies are complete and are unaltered by anyone other than Steve
Towle and Dustin Cushman
(b) no fee is charged
(c) they give credit to the authors, Steve Towle and Dustin Cushman, in
any description
(d) the distributed form is not in an electronic magazine or within computer
(e) the distributed form is the newest version of the FAQ (email the
authors to find the latest version)
(f) the distributed form is electronic.

You may NOT distribute this in *any* non-electronic media. You may NOT
distribute this guide in any electronic magazine. You may NOT distribute
this guide within computer software.

NOTE: These rights are temporary, and may be revoked upon written, oral,
or other notice by Steve Towle or Dustin Cushman. If you wish to distribute
this guide within a magazine or electronic magazine, or a piece of software,
get in touch with the authors.

NOTE: Yes, I know this copyright is long-winded. Better than the alternative.


[1] Introduction to the NiGHTS Players Guide/FAQ
[1-1] Forward by the author
[1-2] About the NiGHTS Player's Guide/FAQ
[1-3] Where to get the NiGHTS Player's Guide/FAQ
[1-4] Submitting stuff to the NiGHTS Player's Guide/FAQ
[1-5] Acknowlegements

[2] NiGHTS -- The Game
[2-1] Where do I get NiGHTS?
[2-2] Where to people discuss NiGHTS?
[2-3] Are there any NiGHTS WWW pages?
[2-4] The story so far...
[2-5] Just what the heck am I to do in this game?
[2-6] How do I control this crazy game?
[2-7] The screen
[2-7-1] Stuck in the middle of a menu...
[2-8] Ending a course/dream

[3] Game Moves
[3-1] Paralooping
[3-2] Dashing
[3-3] Jump, Double Jump, Triple Jump
[3-4] Grabbing
[3-5] Stunting

[4] Items
[4-1] Chips
[4-2] Rings
[4-3] Stars
[4-4] Power Ring
[4-5] Super Paraloop
[4-6] All Dash
[4-7] Nightopian Helper
[4-8] Ideya

[5] Monsters
[5-1] General
[5-2] Hollow
[5-3] Shleep
[5-4] Verol
[5-5] Kickle
[5-6] Party
[5-7] Gao
[5-8] Crewle and Pole
[5-9] Snip
[5-10] That Damn Egg Clock

[6] Nightmares
[6-1] Puffy
[6-2] Gilliwig
[6-3] Clawz
[6-4] Gulpo
[6-5] Reala
[6-6] Jackle
[6-7] Wizeman

[7] Help -- I have no clue!
[7-1] General help on courses
[7-2] General help on Nightmares
[7-3] Scoring Breakdown

[8] Help -- Course by Course
[8-1-1] Spring Valley -- Course 1
[8-1-2] Course 2
[8-1-3] Course 3
[8-1-4] Course 4
[8-2-1] Splash Gardern -- Course 1
[8-2-2] Course 2
[8-2-3] Course 3
[8-2-4] Course 4
[8-3-1] Frozen Bell -- Course 1
[8-3-2] Course 2
[8-3-3] Course 3
[8-3-4] Course 4
[8-4-1] Mystic Forest -- Course 1
[8-4-2] Course 2
[8-4-3] Course 3
[8-4-4] Course 4
[8-5-1] Soft Museum -- Course 1
[8-5-2] Course 2
[8-5-3] Course 3
[8-5-4] Course 4
[8-6-1] Stick Canyon -- Course 1
[8-6-2] Course 2
[8-6-3] Course 3
[8-6-4] Course 4
[8-7-1] Twin Seeds -- Course 1
[8-7-2] Course 2
[8-7-3] Course 3
[8-7-4] Course 4

[9] Stupid Pet Tricks (a.k.a Bugs and hidden features you can use)
[9-1] Slide, Slide Along
[9-2] What's That Sound?
[9-3] Link record of 369 where you can't grab 369 objects
[9-4] The A-Life Program
[9-5] Raincheck on item #A34567
[9-6] The Cheat Code -- Doesn't Exist
[9-7] Bugs That Wern't Found By Those Paid At SOA
*** Individual Stupid Pet Tricks are listed in each course ***

[10] Outro
[10-1] The end...

[Appendix A]

Christmas NiGHTS
[A-1] Um.... Christmas NiGHTS... What is it?
[A-2] Where can I snag a copy?
[A-3] I already own NiGHTS. Why buy this? (ALSO: What's new and what isn't)
[A-4] Course Walkthroughs
*** NOTE *** The level is based on Spring Valley.. While Claris's map
is the same, Elliot's is not *** NOTE ***
[A-4-1] Spring Valley, Elliot, Course 1
[A-4-2] Spring Valley, Elliot, Course 2
[A-4-3] Spring Valley, Elliot, Course 3
[A-4-4] Spring Valley, Elliot, Course 4
[A-5] Presents You Won't Find Under The Tree
[A-5-1] History Of A Nonexistant -- The NiGHTS Museum
[A-5-2] Drunk In A Japanese Bar -- Karaoke Mode
[A-5-3] Not In Your Local Stores -- NiGHTS Goods
[A-5-4] Worse Than A Godzilla Movie -- Link Attack
[A-5-5] It's Only Abdundant When It Hurts -- Time Attack
[A-5-6] Live From The Tokyo Toy Show -- Movie #1
[A-5-7] Their Summer Special -- Movie #2
[A-5-8] Banging Out Hits -- The Melody Box
[A-5-9] We Farm Them Like Llamas -- The Nightopian Collection
[A-5-10] When The Mood Is Right But The Time Isn't -- Instant Christmas
[A-5-11] These Burgers Are The Other Blue Meat -- Sonic The Hedgehog Into Dreams
[A-5-12] NiGHTS Ganked My Ideyas! -- Reala Flights Inc.
[A-6] Special Dates In History

Part One: Intro

[1-1] A forward from the author

This looks like this is going to be the final version of this FAQ/Player's
Guide. I have finally put in the Christmas NiGHTS info into this document,
and unless Sega feels like pulling some weird thing out of their hats,
this is it. I also got off my lazy butt and did a text version. Texting
a HTML doc is harder than the other way around. =(. Until next time, enjoy
the NiGHTS.... -Dipper

[1-2] About the NiGHTS Playing Guide/FAQ

This was done out of the spare time of the two of us, and we don't know
everything. If you also know of another Player's Guide (I know, this looks
like an FAQ), for the sake of redunancy, I would also like to know. If
you have anything to add, please see the outro section, expecially if you
can answer one of my unanswered questions.

The reason that I wrote this was because I felt the other ones out there
were really thin on information. Mostly to help people through the japanese
in the game manual. This game deserved better. So with my wealth of knowledge
(heh) I contacted Dustin, who had written one his site and co-authered
another one. He's had a part in 3 of these documents, you would think he
knew everything. Oh well.

[1-3] Where to get the NiGHTS Player's Guide/FAQ

The NiGHTS HTML FAQ is mirrored at:


It will also be anywhere I run a page. Right now, that's nowhere.

The NiGHTS TXT FAQ is mirrored at:

http://www.gamefaqs.com (pending posting)

Again, this will also be anywhere I run a page.

If you have any other places where this guide is avabile, or that you would
like to tell me about someplace that could use it, or you want to make
a text version, contact one of us and we'll add it. It is on no FTP, BBS,
or UseNet sites that I know up. Now that NiGHTS is one of Sega's flagship
games now (and about the only non-arcade one =( ), this guide will
be posted on a monthly basis to rec.games.video.sega.

[1-4] Submitting stuff to the NiGHTS Player's Guide/FAQ:


New stragities
Map walkthroughs that are either easier or more rewarding 
Answers to questions
Anything that I missed that you feel prudent (catch-all here)

If you want to say how good of a job we did, great. If you have some
constructive critictism, great. If you think this blows shit, whatever.
Just E-Mail us your thoughts.

[1-5] Acknowlegements

Well, other than Dustin and myself, there's other people. If there's
anyone else that helped, they will be listed at that section. Well, almost.
If there is anyone else, they go here, and if I missed you, E-Mail me again.

Part 2: Basic Stuff 

[2-1] Where can I get NiGHTS?

Hmmm..... Any self-respected national software store would carry it
(Babbages, Software Etc. Eletronics Boutique), along with the bigger toy
store chains (Kay-Bee, Toys R Us). Your local rental store, or your local
video game shop could also carry it. Remember, it comes in two flavers:
With the analog stick and without. The one with the analog stick sold for
60, the one without went for 50 dollars, and with their Sega's price cuts
in software, you can slash those prices 10-20 dollars. It's about the only
software Sega is putting some marketing muscle into, so if they have anything,
this would be it. Even Blockbuster (aka PS-X Rentals To Go =) carries it.

[2-2] Where can I discuss NiGHTS?

Your best bets would probably be the newsgroup rec.games.video.sega,
and the #sega channel on IRC (EFNet and Undernet). If there are any other
forums of discussion, informing me of them would be nice.

[2-3] Are there any other NiGHTS WWW pages?

If you do know of another one, send it for completeness/redunant sake.
Wait, I got some. But the HTML to TXT convertor blew away the links! Bah! The
first 2 were at Dave's Saturn Page (http://www.sega-saturn.com), the 3rd was at
SOA's page (http://www.sega.com) and the last one was at SOJ's page 
(http://www.sega.co.jp). But I forgot the rest, doh.

XL3R2's Guide to NiGHTS -- This is NiGHTS. He's dreamy [I can't believe you said that.
-ed] Cool site, very graphics intensive (opposed to this very text-heavy
page), and it has frames, beware. Hey, it's readable at 800*600*256, respect

NiGHTS Stragety Guide
-- Yeah, it's the stragety guide some think I ripped a lot of info off
of. Check something though.. Most of the info is from someone by the name
of Dustin Cushman (cough, cough), and everyone else was credited. Hasn't
been updated since the US launch, though.

Sega's NiGHTS Area -- This is Sega's NiGHTS area on their site. There's 
a few odd ShockWave games, but other than that, it's standard corporate stuff
(ick) You can also order Christmas NiGHTS from here.

I also had a few from sega.co.jp, but I lost them, and couldn't make
sense of them (duh, they're japanese).

[2-4] The story so far... (Everything after the 1st paragraph was done by Jennifier Reitz)

Nightopia is the land where all humans journey when they sleep. When
they enter Nightopia they bring with them a little light. Every light corresponds
with an idea, white is purity, green is maturity, blue is knowledge, yellow
is hope, and red is courage. Eventually the wise man of Nightopia became
angry at the humans who entered the land at night and set out to prevent
them from entering. He built the kingdom of Nightmare where he created
an army of Nightmarians to invade Nightopia and steal the humans ideas.
If all the humans ideas were stolen, they would never again be able to
enter Nightopia. One Nightmarian, Nights did not like the idea of being
ordered around. He set out to save Nightpoia by enlisting the help of the
last two human left who had the red light of courage. When the wise man
found out what Nights was doing he had him imprissoned. 

Elliot Edwards and Claris Sinclair are two young citizens of the city
of Twin Seeds. Although they have never met, and are very different from
one another, they have two things in common. Both are possessed of the
'Ideya' ,or spiritual essence, of courage, and both suffer from reoccurring
nightmares. One night, simultaneously, Elliot and Claris suffer different,
but unusually powerful nightmares. The nightmares are so intense, that
both teens find themselves achieving lucidity: the fully conscious awareness
of dreaming, whilst still remaining within the dream. (Author's note: this
is a real capacity, and one I have enjoyed about 14 times in my life. It
is, in fact, better, and more "real" seeming than life, yet is
the gate to fantastic dream worlds and dream abilities. Many people are
able to experience this, and learning to do it on command is a requirement
of some Buddhist sects. [Editors note -- Yeah, she's serious.]) 

Lucid dreaming brings Elliot and Claris to the dream realm of 'Nightopia',
a spiritual universe created by powerful entities. Upon entering this diverse
realm, both are stripped of their glowing 'Ideya' of Purity, Wisdom, Imagination,
and the like, but left with their unquenchable power of courage. It is
this remaining 'Ideya' that permits them to enter the sealed temple wherein
is trapped 'NIGHTS', a being of spiritual essence. NIGHTS is a created
being, originally brought into existence to act as a high level 'Nightmaren'
the purpose of which was to banish human souls from the dream realm of
Nightopia. NIGHTS had achieved self awareness and rebelled from this directive,
and so had been imprisoned, lest NIGHTS use the power of Creation itself
against its creator. 

Claris and Elliot, unbeknownst to each other, seek and individually
merge with NIGHTS to escape the temple and collect 'Ideya'. When a full
set of 'Ideya' are gathered, NIGHTS is empowered to ascend to the realm
of the Nightmarens, enter their neon pocket universes, and attempt to defeat
them. Dream after dream, night after night, Claris, Elliot and NIGHTS draw
closer to the source of this somnambulant situation. Will Claris and Elliot
ever meet? Will NIGHTS ever be truly free? Is Nightopia a real, or illusory
realm? What will happen when the lucid dreams end?

[2-5] Just what the heck am I doing?

Really quick: You are to get 20 blue chips, insert them into the Ideya
capture, and return the Ideya to the big blue palace/temple/gazeboo/whatever.
Do it 4 times, then go up into your local Nightmare (it happens when you
despoit the 4th captured one), and defeat him/her/it.

[2-6] How do I control this crazy thing?

The controll of the game differs with the characters you are playing.
Here is a list of what I have figured out so far. 

Claris and Elliot

The D-Pad or analog control controls their movement
The X Y Z buttons do nothing
The A B C buttons make them jump 
The Left and Right Shifts adjust the camera angles 


The D-Pad or analog controll controlls his movements.
The X Y Z buttons do nothing
The A B C buttons make Nights speed up
The Left and Right Shifts make Nights do acrobatics

Both shifts together are an air brake.

[2-7] The screen

As Claris or Elliot, on the upper-right hand portion of your screen,
is a chip, then a number pointing to an Ideya capture. That number is the
number of chips you have, and the Ideya capture is the color of the one
that's to be destroyed. If the background of the arrow is pulsating blue,
you don't have enough. If it is pulsating orange, you have what you need,
put them in there. If it's a steady blue, pointing to no Ideya capture,
then it's already been destroyed, and you need to insert it back into the
palace before time is up. The bar right below it shows how close you are
-- The more blue going to the right, the better. Each color block represents
5 chips. It won't be there after you destroy the Ideya capture. The number
on the upper-right is your score. The higher, the better. And that bar
on your lower-left is a dash bar, and it's there because you can go through
things to recharge it, even though it can't be used.

When as NiGHTS, there is one major difference. There are large, yellow
numbers on the top-center of your screen, and that's how much time you
have left. You can never add time to the clock, but you can reset it by
putting back the Ideya.

And when fighting a Nightmare, the only things that are there is the
clock, the dash bar, and the score, which is your total score for the 4

When a capture is destroyed, the first stat is how long it took you
to defeat it (on course 1, the clock starts as soon an you get control
of the kid back), and the second one is the number of points you got for
defeating it. When you clear a course, two rollers appear with more stats.
The first one is hom many bonus chips you picked up, the second one is
the number of bonus points scored. The left roller says what course you're
on, and the right one is your grade for the course.

[2-7-1] Stuck In The Middle Of A Menu...

There's the main menu, which has 8 blue ball thingies on a backdrop
of a starry night. Here you can select a dream and start playing, you can
hit X for the Dream Data, or hit Z for options. The Dream Data will tell
you the high scores for each course. Hit left-right to change the current
course, and hit A, B, or C to change between Link and Score records. Z
brings you to the Data screen. Here, you can Delete a game or clear the
A-Life data, copy your games/A-Life to a backup cart (You NEED the official
Sega Backup Cart, the ones from the Game Shark/PAR will not work, but the memory
cards from Interact/Datel will work [at least the newest version does]), rename
a save game, or load up a new onw. You can also take it to the Options
screen, or start a 2P VS game. The Options screen lets you listen
to all of the sounds in the stages you've cleared, select mono or stereo
output, select normal or wide screens, and the Nightmare option. Usualy,
yo can only see the best times, but if you've finished both games, you can
select a random boss or select one boss to face.

[2-8] Ending a course/dream

You can end a course in only one way: Defeating a Ideya capture and
putting the Ideya back. If you got the Ideya and put it back before time
ran out, you go again. If time ran out after the Ideya was destroyed, your
score resets to 0 for the course and you need to return to the palace.
Your arrow will be blue. If you did NOT defeat the Ideya capture, do not
go back to the palace -- It won't let you in and NiGHTS will insult you
all along the way. You still need to blow up that capture as a kid.

Dreams end in 3 ways: You can get caught by the Egg Timer, which gives
you zero points. You can get defeated by the boss in Nightmare, and that
is zero points. Or you can defeat the boss, and you actually score points.

Part 3: Game Maneuvers

[3-1] Paralooping

Paralooping is when you fly a circle in any direction as NiGHTS, and
everything caught in that circle goes in one of two places. If it's good
for you (stars, chips), it's attracted to you. If it is bad for you (enemies),
or does nothing for you (Nightopians), it gets teleported to another galaxy,
elsewhere. And if it is an object in the landscape (rings, statues, Ideya
captures), nothing happens.

[3-2] Dashing

When you hold A, B, or C when NiGHTS, you go a lot faster. Instead of
losing time when you hit enemies, they become a big ball of stuff sent
rocketing toward something. You lose almost complete control of him. And
if it runs out, you can do it for a very short time before he tires up.

[3-3] Jump, Double Jump, Triple Jump

When you are one of the kids, hit A, B, or C to jump. Just before you
land, hit a jump button to double jump, and do it again to triple jump.
This is how you grab a lot of the items as Claris or Elliot, and how you
get into some captures.

[3-4] Grabbing

When you get close enough to an enemy, you grab them. Then you circle
them, trying to get the proper angle. If the enemy is small enough to get
paralooped, it will go bye-bye after one full rotation. If it's a boss,
you keep rotating until you dash. A few bosses are too heavy to rotate.

[3-5] Stunting -- From a r.g.v.s posting by H. Mikami

Here is a complete list of moves of the tricks nights can do when his
tail turns yellow. The Nights acrobat techinique. Found in a Strategy guide.

Numbers are directions in which Nights is pointing according to this:
1 = Right; 2 = Right, Up-Right; 3 = Right, Down-Right 4 = Up-Right; 5 =
Down-Right; 6 = Up; 7 = Down; 8 = Up-Left; 9 = Down-Left; 10 = Left.

R = Right button L = Left Button

Twister -- 1 + R 
Parasol -- 2 + R 
Roulette R -- 3 + R 
Arrow -- 4 + R
Screw -- 5 + R
Tornado -- 6 + R
V-Fall -- 7 + R
Ax R -- 8 + R
Typhoon -- 9 + R
Wind -- 10 + R

Mixer -- 1 + L
Dance -- 2 + L
Roulette L -- 3 + L
L-Wing -- 4 + L 
Basket -- 5 + L
Ballet -- 6 + L 
T-Fall -- 7 + L
Ax L -- 8 + L
Drill -- 9 + L
Space -- 10 + L

There are others, but you have to start in a direction, and start rotating.
Do NOT hit L and R at the same time, that will kill the ribbon.

8 Cross - just draw the number 8
Clover - just draw a 4 leaves clover
Small Paraloop; Middle Paraloop; Large Paraloop; Giang Paraloop -- Loops
of that size.

Part 4 -- Items

[4-1] Chips

Chips are either blue or gold. They are worth 10 points for every one
that you pick up, and 50 points for every one you have when you complete
a course. You need to insert 20 chips into a Ideya capture to destroy it.
They can be paralooped. Some may be hidden and might have to be paraloop
to be shown. These do link to other things.

[4-2] Rings

Rings come in many shapes and colors. Orange ones are generic rings.
Yellow ones are arches with a central connection shared by at least 1 other
ring. Spiked ones are normal with one special exception: All rings close
in on you and then disippiate, but spiked ones hurt when they touch you,
costing you 5 seconds ONLY ON THE CLOCK. It does not affect
your bonus points. This links to other things.

[4-3] Stars

Stars are also worth 10 points. They can be paralooped to you. Also,
there is a 10-point bonus for every star collected on all 4 courses, redeemable
on the 4th course, if you don't kill any Nightopians, up to 255 stars.
This links to other things.

[4-4] Power Ring

Power Rings give NiGHTS a yellow ribbon for 10 seconds, and the more
stunts you do, the more points you get. L+R abort the operation. This is
NOT linkable. Stunts have been listed above, in the control section.

[4-5] Super Paraloop

Hidden item, needs to paralooped to be revealed, then needs to be grabbed.
Ups the size of the paraloop done up one level, ie: medium paraloop is
a large paraloop. Yes, giant paraloops turn into uncalled for paraloops,
and they are *HUGE*. Lasts 20 (?) seconds.

[4-6] All Dash

Hidden item, needs to be paralooped to be revealed, then needs to be
grabbed. Refills your dash bar to the brim. Great for those enemies that
drain your dash bar.

[4-7] Nightopian Helper

Hidden item, needs to be paralooped to be revealed, then needs to be
grabbed. Calls a invinicible Nightopian to attarct items near you to come
to you. Tends to break some links. Lasts 15 (?) seconds

[4-8] Ideya

You only get this when you destroy the Ideya capture. All it really
does to the game is double your score from the point of grabbing until
the clock either hits zero or you redeem it for another course. When you
get all 5 in the temple (you start with 1), you earn the "right"
to go to Nightmare.

Part 5: Monsters

[5-1] General

Some enemies may shoot at you, some might do other things to you. If
you move faster then they are at collision, you grab them (dash beats all
and sends them flying). If they hit you harder, you're stunned and lose
5 seconds. Projectiles beat everything.

[5-2] Hollow

Funny-looking creature, looks like a bird in jester's cloths. Can throw
things at you, causing you to lose 5 seconds. Slow and easy to grab, though.

[5-3] Shleep

Like giant rams heads, inflated sometimes. If you try to grab them inflated,
they deflate and you bounce off. Can't really damage you in any way (they
don't move!), but are jsut annoying.

[5-4] Verol

They look like little chips when rolled up, and if you try to grab it,
you lose 5 seconds. It can't attack you in any way, though. So just ram
into him.

[5-5] Kickle

Funky-looking snails, if you try to grab them, they grab you and try
to drag you to the ground. If you hit the ground, they explode and you
lose 5 seconds. Dash it.

[5-6] Party

Other than looking weird, I haven't figured out what they do. Mabye
I should slow down, because I'm hitting them way too fast. And ideas anyone.
Oh yeah, they look like red fish.

[5-7] Gao

Look like flying lions with long tusks, tend to be shocking. If you
touch them at ANY time while they electroude themselves, you lose 5 seconds.
Even when you are dashing. Can be grabbed otherwise.

[5-8] Crewle & Pole

A frog riding a fish head, these things lob magic at you. If you are
hit, you lose 5 seconds, and your speed is cut in half for 10 seconds,
because you're 1/4 of your actual size.

[5-9] Snip

Looks like a deformed rabbit. They haven't damaged me at any time. However,
it they grab you, you are in a block of ice, and you crash to the ground.
It really kills all of your inertia and links.</P>

[5-10] That Damn Egg Clock

A giant egg clock. Chases you around, and if it catches you, you wake
up (either with an urge to relieve youself or you gotta goto school, matters
how long it takes). Goes faster as you stay there longer. Does not exist
as NiGHTS. When you run out of time as NiGHTS, the clock spwans at the
location the clock hit zero at ground level. So if you fly as high as you
can, as fast as you can, then run out of time, you're gonna land a half-mile
away. If you jump in the clock (not the clock beam) you end up slowing it
down, and you can stop it for a while if you knock it in the purple void.

Part 6: Bosses

Taken from a post in Rec.Games.Video.Sega by Tony Jung Additional Boss
names from Owen and John 

[6-1] Puffy

A Large Female Rabbit Balloon - You have to grab her and let her go
to knock out bars, or walls. Wait til you get her in the right angle then
let her go. Probably the easiest Night Maren most people probably know
what to do here. To get a 2.0 score on this boss, your time remaining must
be above 95 seconds.

[6-2] Gilwing 

A Tadpole looking creature with bat wings, and tail with spikes on it.
- You have to either hit it on the top of the head or bottom. Best plan
is to wait for it to come to you, be a little above it when it does and
then speed up and hit it. Gulwing will lose it's head and another will
grow in it's place. Just wait for the head to grow back, and hit it again.
Place youself always a little above it so you can repeatedly hit it as
a new head appears. Or you can paraloop it, anything in the paraloop is
dead. This is, for me [Dipper] the hardest boss in the game, and the only
one I can't get even a 1.5, let alone a 2.0. So I have no clue how
many seconds left you need. Check that. You need 110 seconds left to get
a 2.0.

Passing notes from Ramala:

Gillwing is the easiest boss to get a X2.0 multiplier on. The trick
is to loop his body as he flies towards you. Start high and swoop down
just in front of him so he moves forward into the trail you have just left.
Then as you come up above him drill dash for the end of your tail to capture
him in a para-loop. With practice he can be taken out in one loop, though
it can take a couple. You'll know if you've done it right because it will
award you a Link number of up to 13 for the number of tail segments you
destroyed in one go. 

[6-3] Gulpo

A Giant fish with teeth name from Owen and John - You have to hit it
by going into one of the small fishes that will shoot you across the cylinder.
You have to find a fish that is aiming right at the giant fish. When it
is hit it moves down if it was on top, and moves to the top if it was hit
when it was at the bottom of the cylinder. So you will have to always go
from using the shooting fish devices from top to bottom back to top and
so on. Need at least 105 seconds left on the clock.for a 2.0.

[6-4] Clawz 

This Night Maren likes to light up the mouses, jumping from one to another.
- Best thing to do here is to hit the mouses the Night Maren lights. You
can only explode the ones that are lite. By doing this, you will remove
mouses for the Night Maren to jump to. When there is no other mouses the
Night Maren can jump to, you can hit it yourself and win the match. Need
at least 105 seconds left for a 2.0. There is a bug in NiGHTS where it
never gives you the full 120 seconds you should, and they cut this boss
so close, you can't get a 2.0. You usually get 117 seconds on the clock
(okay, the final fight you do get 120 seconds)

[6-5] Reala

The Opposite to Nights. - You have to do a 360 around Reala, 3 times
to beat him or her. The best way to do this is to hit Reala, this will
make him/her/it lose control for a bit. Then you can speed up and 360 him/her.
Keep hitting Reala to through him/her/it off balance and do the 360. Need
at least 105 seconds left for a 2.0. when beaten, activiates 2P&nbsp;VS
game, and same stragities work, unless you have a digital controller.

[6-6] Jackle

This Night Maren throws cards at you to slow you down. It looks like
a bat with a cape. - To beat him you have to hit him about 5 times, plus
one more time for every time it gets it's cape back on. To reach him you
have to speed towards him. When he lets the cards go, stop speeding by
letting go of the speeding button. By doing this, you will be able to avoid
the cards much easier than when you are speeding. Just dodge up then down
then up and then down again. If you're hauling serious butt, you only need
to dodge 3 cards. When you reach him, hit him. You will push him out of
his cape. He will float back to his cape, to start throwing cards at you
again. Stand right in front of the cape and the Night Maren and hit it
when it gets close to you or speed up to meet and hit it. Repeat the process
and you will win the match easily. Need at least 105 seconds left for a

[6-7] Wizeman 

The last Night Maren and the largest one of them all. - He throws rocks
at you first, just speed towards him low or high, you will be able to avoid
the rocks this way. Reach him and the other Nights will help you break
the barrier and hit him. - Next he throws rows of rocks, If the rocks are
moving upward, go under it. If they are moving downwards go above it and
you'll reach him fine. - The last thing he throws are two Twister. Go straight
though the middle and between the two twisters. If you haul butt, you'll
get to him after the 1st twister. After this Wizeman will repeat the process
again. Need at least 65 seconds left on the clock for a 2.0 (Yeah, that
makes him the most leient boss in the game -- I got hit TWICE, for a 10+
second loss, and I still got the 2.0)

Part 7 -- Help!

[7-1] General help on courses

A few things to remember:

Losing NiGHTS on any course is almost automatic failure, because your
score resets for the course.

Get the Ideya as fast as you can, and hold onto it for as long as you

I don't know what some people are on, but turn into NiGHTS as soon
as you can -- The clock starts as soon as you shoud have control of the
kid. Not the time clock, but the bonus clock.

NiGHTS is facing wind friction here. Occasionaly dash for a second
to keep speed up. Only do a long dash if you don't have to move up or down

Don't get slick here -- Stunts are worth *NOTHING* unless you have
the yellow ribbon.

You aren't trying to get many small links, but one big one. 50 links
of 5 are worth a LOT less than one link of 250.

Even white men can jump -- In their dreams. But remember where you
are: A dream. The kids can jump really high. Note that.

Don't enter the Ideya capture unless you are pretty sure that you won't
make it in the time limit (or you have 20+ chips =). It just wastes time

You need at least a C on each dream to move on to Twin Seeds.

You can't enter the Ideya Temple without an Ideya.

[7-2] General help on Nightmares

More things to remember:

Read the help for the bosses.

You can only lose points on bosses. If you scored 250,000 in Frozen
Bell and then got a 1.9 on Clawz, you lost 25,000 points, you didn't gain
225,000 points, even though your total score is now 475,000.

Yeah, the above doesn't make much sense at first. Put it this way:
The highest number of points you can score on a boss is equal to what you
earned, so the bigger the points, the more you will choke. Don't think
you got the high score unless you get a 2.0.

Don't get hit! The first time you get hit, you lose 5 seconds, plus
are stuck in place for 2 seconds, and all of your speed is lost. Guanteered
.2 deduction on the first hit, unless you're facing Wizeman.

If you're good at only one boss, you can inflate your scores by finishing
the game, and going into Options, and turning random boss off -- Select
the boss you always fight now.

[7-3] Scoring Breakdown

Each item is worth (10 * [number of links + 1]), if total &gt; 100
then total = 100, and that basically says you can only score 100 points
per item, maximum.

When you grab the Ideya, ALL points are doubled, so items start at
20 and go to 200 per item. 

All items now are listed at face value, double if you have an Ideya
unless I say you can't. 

Snowballs are worth 30 points. 

Enemies killed are worth 200 points.

When you grab an Ideya, you get 12,000 points minus 100 points for
every second taken to get it. This clock starts as soon as the kids get
up, not when you're NiGHTS, and subsequent clocks start when you cash the
preceeding Ideya in. That can not be doubled. 

You also get 50 points for every chip in your hands when you switch
courses, up to 99, for a total bonus of 4,950 points.

If you don't kill any Nightopians on the course, you will know this
because a Nightopian will count the number of stars collected in that dream
starting the 3rd course. On the 4th course, you can grab the signand get
10 points for every star collected, again, up to 255 stars. THIS *CAN*
BE DOUBLED, making a maximum value of 5,100 points.

Stunts can be very worthwile. When you have the ribben, if you do one
stunt, you get a total of 100 points for all stunts. 2 stunts is worth
300 points total. Now you can assume I'm telling you the total for all
stunts. 3 is worth 600. 4 is worth 1,000 points. 5 is worth 1,500 points.
6 is worth 2,100 points. 7 is worth 2,800 points. 8 is worth 3,600 points.
9 is worth 4,500 points. 10 stunts is worth 5,500 points. And if you do
11 stunts, the ribbon dies, and you have a total of 7,500 points. Not bad
for 10 seconds.

Part 8: Course Walkthroughs

[8-1-1] Spring Valley -- Course 1

This is the Ideal right here, and it would be ideal so score some points
here. Head right until you come to 6-7 chips and 4 stars. Paraloop around
the chips while touching just the stars, and then keep going right. Bring
it down a little, and grab the stars, and come back up for 3 more chips.
Now the capture should be in front of you. Right after it is two more chips,
grab them, and keep heading right and follow the rings. Next lap, if you
did everything right, the capture should go poof. Do this again and again,
and if you do it fast enough, you should always get a link of 28. Someone
said to run this backwards for a infinite loop, but I question that. Par:
25,000; Record: 66,680; Lap Time: 10 seconds.

[8-1-2] Course 2

Head right, and hug the ground. You should go behind a hill, and grab
3 chips. Keep heading right, and grab 3 more, then wind pushes you up.
Go around the rock structure, grabbing all in sight, then head up-right.
You should see a cage. If you have 20+, cash them in, it's down-right from
the cage. If you have 17-19 chips, there are 3 more right below you. Then
go under the waterfall and grab the 5 chips there, then head up and paraloop
thar 3D cross for a SuperRefill. Then follow the rings down, and head right.
DASH through the middle of the tree branches, and you're back at the start.
Par: 20,000; Record: 50,240; Lap time: 20 seconds.

[8-1-3] Course 3

Head right and down, there should be 3 chips near the start. Then follow
the rings to the right, grabbing 3 more chips, UNTIL they go down. Keep
going right instread, and stay up. There is a cage with 8 chips inside.
Then keep going right, hit the speed boost (can be hit earlier by following
the rings all the way and then going left), and paraloop the stars for
some Help. Then go around the rock, grabbing the 3 chips in the middle
and the 3 chips on one of the double-rings. You should have exactly 20
chips now, keep going right and follow the rings to the Ideya. Keep heading
right, and you should go through the 2nd power ring on the course. Keep
heading right, then you end up back at the only rings from course 1, and
it's the same deal. Par: 20,000; Record: 72,890; Lap time: 30 seconds.

[8-1-4] Course 4

Head right, and paraloop the set of chips and stars. Then head right
until you find a ring that goes down. head down and paraloop the bridge
for a SuperParaloop bonus. Keep heading right and go through all the rings
around the tree. At the end of the rings, there should be a lot of chips
and stars. Grab them, and head the mountain, follow the rings, and when
you have to go down to get a ring, keep going down until you see a chip
arrow. Grab all the chips, and head right. Ideya capture time. Boom. Keep
heading right, and grab all you see, and watch out for the enemies. Head
down the mountain at the end, around the tree again, and that's it. Par:
20,000; Record: 48,830; Lap time: 30 seconds. Dream Par: 175,000 Points
(including boss); Dream Record: 405,620 (ditto).

[8-2-1] Splash Gardern -- Course 1

Head right, and grab the 2 stars. Then paraloop the 3D cross of chips.
Then grab the beach ball, and go through the 5 rings, then haul butt to
the next set of 5, to keep the link alive, and to score 1,000 points. Go
under the Ideya, and grab 2 more chips. Then come up a little, and grab
the stars between the fountains. Now go for a swim in the left fountain,
and go left into the bubble, then head right and through the rings, and
you're back at the start. Second time around, destroy the Ideya capture.
Par: 30,000; Record: 79,080; Lap Time: 15 seconds.

[8-2-2] Course 2

Go right, and dip down just a little bit to get that other ring, then
bring it back up. Straight through the bubble, and go down right, and paraloop
that mess of chips for Help. Now go left, and hit the switch for 5 chips.
Now go right, and get the 4 chips around the clock. If you need 4 more
for 20, hit the speed boost above you to go around again. Now head right,
and normally you would go up and around the Ideya through the rings, but
destroy it first. Then grab the stars after the rings by heading up, and
follow the rings to the temple. On repeat trips don't hit the switch. Par:
25,000; Record: 49,880; Lap Time: 15 seconds.

[8-2-3] Course 3

Do a paraloop in fron of the 3D cross of chips, you will get them all.
Stay low, and go through the rings. Hit the switch below the bubbles, and
go straight up at the rings. Then go right, and hit the other switch. Destroy
the Ideya (Personal record: 9 seconds), and backtrack to the first bubble.
Grab the 15 Beach Ball, and go straight through all of the bubbles
for 2,000 points. On repeat trips, just go through the bubble. Go right,
and you will see a garden clock. What time is it? =) Paraloop the center
of the clock for points, and head down-right (the camera is now overhead).
Paraloop the single chip in the middle of the ring circle for a refill.
Follow the stars up, and through the rings to the temple. Par: 25,000;
Record: 59,920; Lap Time: 30 seconds. Just before you go into the temple,
head right and paraloop that cross, and enter the temple before you grab
ANYTHING else. If you have 7 chips going into Course 4, you're set.

[8-2-4] Course 4

Do a paraloop that traces the bigger ring of the two, then stay up and
right until you hit a tiny 3D cross of chips. Head down, and follow the
rings through. Avoid the Ideya capture for now, and instead go right and
go back into the water. If you did what I told you to do, you would have
20 chips, use as directed. If you didn't, dive straight down in the water.
You will find (below the air bubbles) 2 caged sets of chips. This better
be enough. Follow the rings around, and take the set on the left with the
10 Beach Ball, and go through and head right for stars and points. After
the last water column, the camera goes behind you. Try to stay in the middle,
and go right-leff-left, while correcting to hit the switches. You come
out at the temple, repeat as desiered. Ideya is toast 2nd time around.
Par: 20,000; Record: 47,840; Lap Time: 25 seconds. Dream Par: 200,000 (with
boss); Dream Record: 448,700 (ditto)

[8-3-1] Frozen Bell -- Course 1

Oh yeah, this course is cool. Grab the 15 beach ball, and go through
the rings. Then paraloop around the chips ahead, while grabbing the stars.
Now head up-right to 4 more rings, and you get the bonus points. Avoid
the Ideya Capture for now. Follow the rings down-right, then paraloop the
plus sign of stars and chips, while grabbing the stars. Repeat as desiered.
Par: 50,000; Record: 103,620; Lap Time: 8 seconds. This course can have
a link that goes FOREVER.

[8-3-2] Course 2

Same start as course 1, stop at the chips and stars (1st set). Keep
going right, and grab the bar with the chips around if for Help and bonus
points if the link was over 15. head right up-right and you should see
another set of 4 chips, and at the upper-right corner of the bar set, there's
one with 8 chips. Hit the speed near there, follow the rings, and destroy
the Ideya. Follow the rings again going right, then hit the speed up to
the power ring. Keep going right while doing stunts, and you are at the
palace. Repeat. Par: 30,000; Record: 60,150; Lap Time: 15 seconds.

[8-3-3] Course 3

Paraloop through the rings and stuff, but do NOT grab the Super Paraloop
yet. Save it until you come around with the Ideya. Head up and around,
and smack all of the snowballs in a huge circular motion, so you will do
a Giant Paraloop, collecting all of the stars. Going right, you should
grab the 10 Beach Ball and go through all the rings and grab all the chips,
then you get points. Avoid the capture the 1st time around, then head down-right.
Paraloop the stars, go through the rings, paraloop the stars on the other
side. Repeat. Par: 40,000; Record: 77,570; Lap time: 15 seconds.

[8-3-4] Course 4

Same start as Course 3, then head right and avoid the Ideya. Then you
turn into a Bobsled and you go down the slide. Chips on bank of 1st and
2nd turns, and on the straight after the 2nd turn. Repeat. You should come
out of the sled with 18 chips. If not, don't worry. Do a giant paraloop
in front of the cross you were grabbing in course 1 and 2, get those chips.
Still not at 18? Pass the temple, grab those 2, and head back and do waht
you did before. Not at 20 now? Ugh. That's it, you gotta take another trip.
Par: 15,000; Record: 35,160; Lap Time: 30 seconds.

[8-4-1] Mystic Forest -- Course 1

Ahh! This one. Well, go up-right and grab the stars, then the 10 beach
Ball. Follow the rings for the points. Paraloop the chips, and go above
the Ideya capture for stars, then come back down for chips. Then hit the
tree to bounce off, and follow the rings to the chips to the temple. Repeat,
on second rotation you can destroy it, even if you miss up to 3 (go ahead
a little). Par: 40,000; Record: 80,660; Lap time: 15 seconds. This can
also go on forever.

[8-4-2] Course 2

God, this entire dream is so annoying. Cool remixed music though. Head
straight right throgh the rings. Keep going straight for 3 chips. Keep
going straight until you see 4 stars. Paraloop it, and grab the good chips
inside. Head straight down and grab the 5 below the sighpost. Then go up
and grab 5 more in a straight line. Keep going right to insert into Ideya
Capture. Right above the Ideya Capture is a 7 beach ball, grab it and go
through the rings. Right above the last ring is some stars to be paralooped
for some Help. Now read off from the tree bouncing part from Course 1.
Par: 20,000; Record: 35,770; Lap time: 20 seconds.

[8-4-3] Course 3

Head up-right, and grab the chips and rings. Gu down-right from the
ring for more chips and rings. Hit the speed boost and head down a little,
while going right. You will see the Ideya, avoid it. Now you will
come to some old temple. Hit the switch, and grab the 15 Beach Ball.
Hit all of the switches and the rings, and in the temple, head straight
down for a cool secret. Otherwise, keep going right, into thje swamp for
some gems, then keep going right. Break the cage for more chips (Cave-Goers
-- You will pop out of a log. Head left for the cage.) See temple. Repeat
route. Ideya gone on 2nd lap. [Note -- After I wrote this, I figured out
a faster way. Head left for the cage, then grab the 3 chips before the
start, THEN go. Ideya gone on 1st lap -- Another Note: I'm wrong, you get
19 chips. Mabye if you took a raincheck on stuff from course 2...] Par:
25,000; Record: 51,910; Lap Time: 30 seconds.

[8-4-4] Course 4

Head right, go above the spiked ring for 3 chips, then hit the speed.
You will come to a signpost. Paraloop the stars above it, and grab the
chips below it. You should have 15 chips now. Head right, in the middle,
and grab 5 more chips. Keep going right until the camera changes. Head
up-right until you pass between a row and a column. Head right for the
Ideya capture. Now go down, through the rings, and through the spiked ring,
then paraloop the void beyond. A free refill. Go back up one row, and hit
the speed to get out. Haed right while going through all you see to get
to the temple. Oh yeah, the 1979 Yugo in the overhead part is steerable,
and it's worth one Beach Ball if you park it in the garage in the
upper-right corner of the overhead zone. Par: 20,000; Record: 30,930; Lap
Time: 25 seconds; Dream Par: 150,000 (counting boss); Dream Record: 360,040

[8-5-1] Soft Museum -- Course 1

Confused? Don't blame you, this level is on Prozak, Ritilan, and some
LSD there too. Head right, young man, through the rings and under the Ideya
Capture. Paraloop the area where the 3D cross of stars and chips is twice,
you will uncover new chips and you want them. Grab the 6 Beach Ball and
bounce off the bed, straight up for points, then head down through the
rings and go under the next bed. Hit the speed, then go through the rings
and break the cage. Now you can destroy the Ideya. Repeat as directed.
Par: 40,000; Record: 79,870; Lap Time: 20 seconds. I can go on and on and
on... And so can you.

[8-5-2] Course 2

Go right through the rings, then grab the chips. And go straight through
the wall. On the ceiling and the floor sometimes are rings, smash the ring
piece for 2 gems, and pick up the ones lying around. You should have over
20. The Ideya is in the middle room, waiting for you to destroy it. Keep
going, stay as low as possible, and then leave. Hit the speed, and paraloop
the ring of stuff to get a refill. Repeat. Par: 17,500; Record: 35,220;
Lap Time: 30 seconds.People keep telling me this, I know, but I keep forgetting
to add it to the FAQ. When you bounce off a matress, or some walls, you can do
stunts for 100 (200) points, plus a +1 on the link counter. The same stunt won't
count twice until you regain control of yourself.

[8-5-3] Course 3

Right, right past the Ideya, and paraloop the first chip you see for
Help. Then get in the cannon. I'm serious. Chips on the left, then on the
right. Next passby, the chips are in the the yellow rings, on your left
with the orange ones. Then grab a 9 Beach Ball and go through all of the
rings and hit a bullseye on the star and chip board to score. Head right
after you hit the wall of speed and repeat. Destroy Ideya when ready. Par:
20,000; Record: 37,770; Lap Time: 40 seconds.

[8-5-4] Course 4

Head right and low until you reach the yellow ring, then go above you
and a little to the left. You will see 2 stars. Double paraloop both of
them at the same time for 8 chips. Into the museum, and anything you see
is grabbable. After the long pipe of rings do a paraloop on the bottom
mirror for 8 chips. Go outside the right door, and insert into Ideya. Keep
going right, and hang low. Par: 17,500; Record: 36810; Lap Time: 30 seconds;
Dream Par: 175,000 (boss inculded); Dream Record: 349,440 (ditto).

[8-6-1] Stick Canyon -- Course 1

Head up-right and go through the rings, until you come down. Then paraloop
that mess of stuff for a refill. Head right through the rings and chips
and stars. Above and over the Ideya (2nd lap), then go above the yellow
rings (through on 2nd lap and beyond) and through the spike ring instead.
Paraloop the void above the spike ring for Help. Then allign yourself right
with the magnets to grab more chips. Repeat. Par: 40,000; Record: 69,860;
Lap Time: 10 seconds.

[8-6-2] Course 2 

Head right, grab 3 chips in front of a board. Follow the yellow rings
under a structure for 3 chips, and grab 3 more in the magnet. At the top,
go left to break the cage for 3 more. Then skip the Ideya capture, and
instead grab 3 more chips next to a pole. NOW go in the Capture. Now you
have 2 options here. You cand hit the speed and ride the rail, or go down
then right for the quicker path. The rail is worth more points. Whichever
path you choose, you end up at more rings. Keep going right until you hit
the temple. Oh yeah, the rail pattern is bottom-left, right, left, down,
down, right, any. Then go below where you pop out, and paraloop there for
more help. Par: 20,000; Record: 37,570; Lap Time: 35 seconds rail/20 seconds

[8-6-3] Course 3 

Go right and follow the rings. Grab 3 chips, then follow the rings to
a neturalizer. Keep your speed up to move. Grab the 6 chips, then hit the
switch to get out -- Keep going right, right through the wall. head up
for 3 chips, then follow the rings and get maginitizied! Everything sticks
to you, and the more crap, the better. Oh yeah, if it brushes up against
something, you lose it. Chips still come to you. Cash it at the demagatiziner
-- It has big red numbers on it, and the number that comes up is your score
times 10 (or 20). Go right, then up to reach it after becomming NiGHTS
the Magnet. Now you should see the Ideya Capture. You have 20 gems, right?
Blow it up. After that, heah down then left, to grab a 17 Beach Ball and
to paraloop stars for a refill. Head right, then down, then left, then
down, then right while grabbing stuff. When you hit the power ring, do
stunts -- The temple is near. Par: 20,000; Record: 38,700; Lap Time: 20
seconds? (I don't know, I had no dash to keep the speed up. You want to
become a MAGNET, not a STATIC FURBALL)

[8-6-4] Course 4 

Oh man, this is one long mofo. Head right, grabbing chips and stars
and avoiding downed electricial power lines. Then there's only one thing
I can say. Head up. Straight up. Until you hit your head. Then move to
one of the 2 columns left and go up some more. Then this is your ONE chance
to get the Ideya. If you miss it, Elliot can use the elevater located on
the floor before the ground. Use it. How to get down? Use the rails.
Speaking of the rails, have a pattern. 1st rail: Right, right, up to down,
going right, down, down, right. The 2nd one is the same as the one on course
2. And just in case your wondering, I'm playing right now, and not only
did I get an F, not only did I get a flat out 0, but Elliot landed right
on the last Ideya post. Then he flops back into the shrine. Par: 15,000;
Record: 27,410; Lap Time: 90 seconds; Dream Par: 150,000; Dream Record:

[8-7-1] Twin Seeds -- Course 1

Twin Seeds is different from the other ones. You fly as Elliot or Claris,
not NiGHTS. Ideyas are not worth 2x bonus. You can't paraloop, but things
close by are attracted to you. And the most important: You have only 3
minutes to grab all 4 Ideyas. To start, let's say Elliot/Claris are so
sad, they can't stand it. They want to commit sucuide. Not enough hints?
Jump off the island to start. Here's another free hint (aren't they all
free?) You need EVERY SINGLE CHIP to move on. Here's another free
hint: Don't eat crackers in bed. One last thing: Usually, if you come close
to the par, it's an A. Here, if you do *NOT* make par, it's at least a
B. Okay, let's get started. Grab the 35 Beach Ball (yep) and hit the double
speed. Keep it straight until the 3rd chip moves. Then go up to avoid the
Ideya. Go through the rings, and grab EVERY chip in the following mess.
Be careful, some chips look like moons. More rings, then double speed through
rings and chips. Then there should be 2 yellow rings, with 2 chips. If
you don't have 18 chips after the 1st set of them, you missed some. Keep
the angle high, and you will see the other set. Cash in all 20 now. Par:
12,000; Record: 13,230. And no, there is no lap records here.

[8-7-2] Course 2

Quickly go through the rings in the tranasitition, then go under the
Ideya Capture, and hit that switch, then the speed. Go below the first
spike ring, come up through the cage, and over the other spike ring. If
you don't have 12 here, you missed one. Hit the switch, and grab that entire
circle of stuff, then hit that blue bubble as straight to the right as
you can. Follow it to the Ideya. Par: 14,000; Record: 16,070

[8-7-3] Course 3

In the tranasition, hit the switch for a shower of stars. On this course
and course 4, you don't need every single chip. Grab the 19 Beach Ball,
and just follow the trail of stuff until after the Ideya. Grab the 4 chips
in the yellow rings, then here's the REALLY important part. Go through
the rings, hit the speed, and KEEP DASHING. Stop and you're screwed.
Do it again, and don't stop after because there's 2 spike rings. Conserver
your dash, you will need it against Wizeman. Par: 15,000; Record: 17,010

[8-7-4] Course 4 

Where are the chips? See those flashing balloons? Pop them for a special
prize. =) Or do this. After the tranasition, (you will pass over speed,
don't hit it though, cause you need control, you can hit it though if you
got skills), head right until you see some chips desending, then comming
to rings. Follow that and grab them. At the last ring, go up and hit the
speed. Pop flashing balloons until you find another ring, then go down
and say hello to the last Ideya. To free NiGHTS, you need to just slap
A, B, and/or C until he/she/it is free. Par: 10,000; Record: 14,330;
Dream Par: 75,000 (including boss); Dream Record: 116,020 (ditto).

Part 9: Stupid Pet Tricks (a.k.a Bugs and hidden
features you can use)

[9-1] Slide, slide along

You know when you get robbed of your Ideya's at the start, and the camera
pans to a monster putting it ina capture? Well, guess what? You can actually
move using the analog stick during this time. Shaves a few seconds off
of your first course bonus. Actually, the player springs back up while
the camera is on the first Ideya Capture, and he/she is knocked down right
before the camera comes back behind you. On a related but unrelated note,
the demo playback at the end of a stage is.. um... not 100% accurate. =)

[9-2] What's that sound?

Very simple. Pause the game, and hit L+R+Y for some weird menu.

[9-3] Link record of 369 where you can't grab 369 objects

A REALLY screwed up bug. When you finish a course, the link you had
when you entered the temple is recorded the second you enter, and so is
your score. If you paraloop something, but you don't grab it until after
you get in there, and the link is alive, the points go into your next course,
AND SO DOES THE LINK. If you could actually extend
the link beyond the temple, you could keep that alive (then there would
be a difference). Hoo boy, if you could link that until you picked up the
next Ideya....

[9-4] The A-Life System

A coolbeans part of NiGHTS. It tracks each and every single Nightopian
in the game, and how they feel towards you. Their feelings, and what they
do, affects further Nightopian growth. There's 4 normal motions, I just
don't know what. When they mate, they create another one (duh), and that
topian's skills is dictiated by their past generations, unless 2 of the
same job mate. Then to avoid an imbred, a completely random job is picked.
When you slowly pass by one, that one is happy to you, and it's also happy
when they mate =].When a new Nightopian is created, everyone is happy.
If you ram dash them, or you disturb their mating, they're unhappy. Unhapiness
is also caused by explosions (Ideya Captures). If you kill someone, everyone
is a little more pissed at you, even if they're overcrowded and Nightopian
Hunting Season is declared. (My record is 7 in 7 straight paraloops). Although
no one has started calling NiGHTS O-Dogg yet (inside joke), that's still
good, no wait, it's bad.

[9-5] Raincheck On Something

If you paraloop something, and enter the temple before you grab it,
the points/chips go torward the next level. Not very useful, unless you
do it to some chips, and there's enough chips to make a difference between
1 lap or 2.

[9-6] The Cheat Code -- Doesn't Exist

Proper cred to Ramala:

The Debug Mode was included on pre-release eproms (yes, he means Gold CD's, they're
just a tad confused over there sometimes) of NiGHTS sent to
magazines (I work for GameFan at the moment). It was accessed at the title
screen by pressing diagnoal up/left, L & R shoulder buttons, and X,
Y and Z all at the same time. A small menu appeared in the top right left
hand corner of the screen with several options. As far as I can remember
they were: 

1. Remove all data from screen - all numbers, links, info is removed from
screen. NiGHTS flies clean! 
2. Remove time - No time limit. When the timer reaches zero it goes back
up. This enabled me to get a 999 link on Frozen Bell course 1 (cheating
of course, but hey it looks cool). Also the alarm clock never comes for
Eliot or Claris. 
3. Instant course complete - when flying round a course, by tapping x or
y you can fly into NiGHTS temple without collecting the ideya first. Ie.
You can do all four courses in four seconds just by tapping X. This is
good for practicing against the bosses. 4. Access all dreams instantly.
No need to get a C first. 

Sega confirmed that they took it out, so no-one could cheat and get
false scores or link counts. I agree with them. (But they can still use Game
Shark/PAR codes, which I will not print for that reason)

[9-7] Bugs Not Found By Those Paid At SOA

If you restart a course, any type that should be green or blue is now

The demos aren't 100% accurate, but usually it doesn't matter (in tight
spaces everything is thrown off)

Checkpoints work both ways (you can take the course left or the course
right). See also Daytona. =] Conidence?

When you start a stunt and hit a wall, you stop doing it and you get credit.
I know this isn't a bug, but it's cool. Walk up on the platform, but don't
step in the pentagon. Nights will hold out his hand to you. Turn around,
and he starts to get frantic, and then walk off, then he gets very frustrated.
Anything else?

Final Part: Outro

[10-1] The end...

Gee, thanks for reading. I hope you decided that everything in here
wasn't pure crap. I might of not told you everything, and that's because
a) I didn't get paid for it and b) You didn't pay for access to this page.
So long, later, yadda yadda yadda. -Dipper

Appendix A: Christmas NiGHTS

[A-1] Um.... Christmas NiGHTS... What is it?

It's a CD for your Sega Saturn. A demo disc, with 2 levels (look, Sega
says Twin Seeds counts as 2 courses, so I can count 1 map with
different paths as different stages, okay?). There's also presents enclosed
with some neato stuff, and the entire CD is time triggered. More explanation

[A-2] Where can I snag a copy?

In the United States of Gree... I mean, America (freudian slip =), you
can rent it 'free' at any Blockbuster that is owned by coporate and rets
out Sturn games. However, you have to rent a Saturn game first, and if
you are late, you're charged for BOTH discs. Also, you can buy a copy in
the January 1997 DISC (I have to really note that) editions of Next Generation
(front cover, yellow with Black PlayStation on it) and Ultra Game Players
(Pictures of Barret and Vincent of FF7). And they wonder why so many people
think that these magazines are Sony bias. =P Now you can also order it direct
from Sega of America on their web page (www.sega.com), have no idea of price

[A-3] I already own NiGHTS. Why buy this? (ALSO: What's new and what isn't]

There's a lot on this CD that isn't on the NiGHTS Into Dreams CD. There's
the one new track you can play on. Plus a LOT of enviromental changes.
And some new play modes. Some of the presents (like the Nightopian Collection
and the Meledoy Box) need the A-Life file from NiGHTS Into Dreams to work
completely. And the CD is time triggered. If you play on Christmas, you
get one thing. On New Years, something else. And on April's Fools Day,
it's a gag. The music can also change, with Christmas music, and Boys 2
Men sing the ending song. Not really, but it's an acapella version of Dreams
Dreams. All new intro with some wacky voiceover. Gillwing gets a slepping
cap. =) The new graphic elements include:

Tweaked engine, for less draw-in and draw-out

Animinated bumpers for that new year's pizazz

Falling snow -- It can also rise, if you stand still =)

Proper sky -- Is it dark out with a full moon? It shows that, even
with proper (?) constallations

Cakes for the Ideya Palace

Wreaths for Rings

Bells for Stars

NiGHTS, Claris, Elliot, nightopians all have new cloths (damn scrubs,
finally time to change =)

Way too much more

To get all the differences, get the full game, you fruitcake.

[A-4] Course Walkthroughs

Okay, even though there is only 1 map, there's 2 courses, one for each
kid. However, Claris's course is the same as it was in NiGHTS into Dreams,
but Elliot's course is new, kinda. And the boss, Gilwing, is almost the
same, except for his star on the end of the tail. That may or may not be
important, as I have not been able to determin how you get an ending. I
think you just need to finish it with both kids, but it may be something
else. To pick your dream (gee, I wish I had that option... =P) hilight
the kids name, and the hilighted kid will grow, as the other one shrinks.
No references to any sexual harassment ads will be made at this time, thank
you for not smoking.

[A-4-1] Spring Valley, Elliot, Course 1

Fly down east, grab the 2 chips, and fly some more until you come to
a diamond of things. Paraloop the chips while grabbing the bells. Head
right some more, through the rings, grab 2 more chips, and don't say hello
to the tree just yet. Grab, don't paraloop the 2 bells and 2 chips right
after that, and follow the rings right and up until you come to a triangle
of bells with a chip in the middle. Do a paraloop while grabbing at least
the vertices of the triangle, and you're back at the start. You should
be able of trim the tree in 2 laps, and a infinite link is very possible
here. No lap or score data will be given, because I'm too lazy to clock

[A-4-2] Spring Valley, Elliot, Course 2

Head right and down through the rings, then grab the stuff, then through
more rings. Hit the party bumper to get showered with confetti and go around
the tree. While zinging along, go through the chips and rings that are
presented to you. Just fly right until you find a set of 6 bells and 3
chips that kinda looks like a twinkee. Up and around the ring set, and
paraloop then next group of chips and stars. Your chip count should be
at 14 or higher. Go down through the rings, chips, then the waterfall to
the christmas tree. Just right of the cristmas tree is 3 chips. If you're
still short on ornaments, head above those 3 to a wrapped present of 8
chips. Ooh. Hit the bumper to become a rocket of a party faver, to go through
rings and another party bumper. Keep going right here uutil after the plus
formation of bells and chips. Head down, and if you head almost straight
down, you can grab 3 more chips, followed by an X formation of them. Now
you're back at the start.

[A-4-3] Spring Valley, Elliot, Course 3

Grab the 2 chips, and then paraloop the diamond of chips and stars.
Now go through the rings and more chips. Now either hit the bumper for
rings or above the bumper for bells. Now there should be a circle of chips,
paraloop those too. You will need 17 chips at this point, that's very important,
having less forces another lap. Grab the 3 bells and say hello to the tree.
Grab the 3 chips between the rock formation after the power ring, and see
if the tree opens up and gives you a susprise. Go around the formation
and through a second power ring. Paraloop the bells right after for a helper.
Hit the bumper to go fast or stay low and grab the stars. If you hit the
bumper, stay at the height the bumber was at and head right as fast as
you can. If you hit the bumper again like this you might paraloop the chips
in the middle. Follow the rings and ships to the beginning of the level.

[A-4-4] Spring Valley, Elliot, Course 4

Go through the rings, and the chips, and more rings, in a right-down-right
direction. Hit the bumper to go straight and navigate through the rings.
Paraloop the plus formation of bells and chips, and go up the mountain.
Grab the chips and bells after the tree which you can't trim right now,
and follow the rings and chips and bells down the mountain as best you
can, which is in a down-down-right direction. You shouldn't even think
of paralooping anything until after the rock formation you circle around.
Paraloop that diamond of stars and chips thats sitting sideways in your
view, and follow the rest of the path like it was course 1 here. There
is an infinite link possible here, but it gets long-winded.

[A-5] Presents You Won't Find Under The Tree

There's a special way the presents are given out. First, you have to
be playing Christmas NiGHTS, not the winter or limited edition. When the
dream is over, you get to play a game of memory. There's 3 games, with
each one getting harder, with more gifts inside. The number of chances
you get depend on how well you did in the game. A final grade of A gets
you 7 chances, while a B nets 6. A grade of C ganks 5, while a D snags 4
chances. If you get an E grade, it is worth 3 chances, while an F is worth
2 chances, and no grade is worth 1 chance. There are 25 presents and 8
tiles on the first board, 18 on the second, and 26 on the third board.
I know that doesn't pan out, and there's a reason. First, 2 of the presents
you can't get here, you have to play during a special time. And there's
also the Reala tiles, 2 on the 2nd board and 4 on the 3rd. You get one,
you lose all your chances that you had for that game. At least each tile
you can only get once. The one in the bottom-right corner is the Christmas
NiGHTS present. You need to finish a game of Chirstmas NiGHTS before you
can leave christmas and select it.

[A-5-1] History Of A Nonexistant -- The NiGHTS Museum

These are actually 14 seperate presents in the game, which are, when
put together, a lot of hi-res photos to ooh and ahh at. They include:

4 sets of NiGHTS pictures

2 sets of boss pictures

2 sets of enemy pictures

2 nightopian sets

2 sets of landscape pictures

1 set for Claris

1 set for Elliot

[A-5-2] Drunk In A Japanese Bar -- Karaoke Mode

This lets you either listen to the song dreams dreams or you can sing
along while watching a demo. Very fun when you're with friends drunk, or
something of that nature, however mind altering drugs are not required.
You can alter the pitch of the song (this includes the vocalists) by hitting
up and down or L and R.

[A-5-3] Not In Your Local Stores -- NiGHTS Goods

This lets you look at the various things they made for special promotions,
E3 people, things they sell in Japan in stores and little prize things.
They even incude a set of action figures with real kung-fu action. Or mabye
they were stuffed. Oh, I have no idea anymore. Other things include a sleeping
cap and pillowcase (how approiate, but my mother wants bedsheets), and

[A-5-4] Worse Than A Godzilla Movie -- Link Attack

You have to go around Frozen Bell course 1 trying to get a link as high
as you can (999 is the limit that the link meter counts to, it might go
higher). The same stragety applies here, minus the timer, enemies, and
other things. Good luck.

[A-5-5] It's Only Abdundant When It Hurts -- Time Attack

What you're doing here is try to fly around Spring Valley course 1 as
fast as you can, while grabbing everything. Every ring, star, and chip
must be grabbed. You don't have a dash refill either so you're only good
for 8-15 laps so watch the faults.

[A-5-6] Live From The Tokyo Toy Show -- Movie #1

This is the video that they showed at the Tokyo Toy Show 1996 in Tokyo,
Japan this year. You can see the choppiness and roughness of the beta engine,
or mabye it's just the tape.

[A-5-7] Their Summer Special -- Movie #2

I have no damn idea where this is from. It's another video from something,
somewhere, I just don't know what. If someone can inform me of what this
is, I would like to know. I have a good feeling I'll be kicking something
in the head for this.

[A-5-8] Banging Out Hits -- The Melody Box

What this thing does it let you change the music of the levels according
to the moods of the nightopians. The defaults are the current mood of the
nightopians, which makes it a quick scan for how you're doing. You can
listen to the current mix by hitting start, and hitting start again lets
you play the sample stage using that mix. I don't know if you need NiGHTS
Into Dreams to listen to the reg. music.

[A-5-9] We Farm Them Like Llamas -- The Nightopian Collection

Like the other presents, this is a simple one to explain. You can look
at the collective moods and each individual mood of every nightopian in
your A-Life data. For the A-Life data to be looked at, you need (?) NiGHTS
Into&nbsp;Dreams to create the data, unless it's stored in the XMAS file. And
if you can get every single Nightopian at the happy setting, they sing Dreams
Dreams for you, it sounds goofy. I forget who told me that (My E-Mail went 
wacko), but proper cred to you anyhow.

[A-5-10] When The Mood Is Right But The Time Isn't -- Instant Christmas

To get this present, you may have to do as little as finish one game
of Christmas NiGHTS or as much as getting all the presents on the memory
board. This will always be a question mark when Christmas NiGHTS is loaded.
It turns whatever mode you're in into Christmas NiGHTS, no matter what
time of the year it is outside.

[A-5-11] These Burgers Are The Other Blue Meat -- Sonic The Hedgehog Into Dreams

You want to look at a demo of the now defunct second engine of Sonic
X-Treme? Well, here it is. The first one was the one created by S.T.I that
was ditched because [it sucked]. The second one was a modified NiGHTS engine,
dunno why they ditched that but I'm kinda glad. The 3rd known one is the
one currently under devolpment by the Sonic Team and will hopefully be
released in Late 1997 with among other things, Virtua Fighter 3. Enough
about the history of X-Treme, let's play blueball. You will need to get
the 20 chips on the ground as fast as you can. Sonic can walk pretty fast
and jump really high on his first try. Follow the red arrow to first the
chips and then the Ideya Tree, or capture, or whatever. Score doesn't matter
here at all, all you're looking for is time. Your boss is a modified Puffy
who looks and sounds like Dr. Robonotic (Eggman)

[A-5-12] NiGHTS Ganked My Ideyas! -- Reala Flights Inc.

Well, this is a super secret present. You need to finish a game of NiGHTS
on April 1st, 1997. On this day (Apil Fool's Day =), you fly around as
Reala instead of NiGHTS (get it?). Once you do this, at any time you can
select this present and replace NiGHTS with Reala. No, Reala doesn't have
any christmas outfit, oh well. And the kids don't seem to mind.

[A-6] Special Dates In History

Below is a list of dates of times you can set, both confirmed and unconfirmed,
that give you special effects when you play.

Dec. ? to Dec. 25 -- Christmas NiGHTS

Dec. 26 to the end of winter -- Winter NiGHTS

Jan 1st -- New Year NiGHTS, the game starts making noises at 12:00
AM, if you set the clock to 12:00pm in the Saturn, or 0:0 in the Nights
date/time setting thing, it snows purple confetti instead of snow. Not
12:00am like you would think but 12:00pm. At midnight (12am) on 1/1 (New
Year's) there's no snow falling. 

April 1st -- April Fools Day, you play as Reala, this also adds an
extra present in the present screen to always play as Reala 

Feb 14th -- Valentine's Day, they're in their pajamas (heh) and the
2nd time it snows hearts

Dec 31, 2099 -- Radioactive NiGHTS, for purple snow 

The FAQ/Player's Guide is at: Version 1.51t

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