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Boss FAQ by Juraiprince

Updated: 01/19/99

revised: 1/19/99



Weapon Needed: Mega Buster/Tornado Hold

Weapon Gained: Thunder Claw

Opening Taunts: 1)Yo, geeky! 

2)You don't have a chance 

3)Watch it, dweeb

Closing Taunt: See you in my dreams

Strategy: This is usually the first boss you should go after. You may want to 
try frost man first, but, why would you if this way is easier? O.k., Clownman's 
primary attacks are swinging from the pedestal in the upper center of the 
screen, and Thunder Carnival, an attack where Clownman jumps all over the screen 
and is invulnerable for a short time. To avoid taking MAJOR damage from the 
swing, run to about five steps away from the left or right walls(depending in 
which direction he will swing towards), and when he swings at you, dash slide 
towards the wall. You shouldn't get hit. Run away from clown man while charging 
up, turn and fire. If he uses the Thunder carnival attack, run and look for an 
opening, dash slide away from the attack and wait for him to appear. Another 
attack(although somewhat weak) is the Thunder Claw attack. He will ram his hands 
through the floor and they will pop up next, or under you. Just keep jumping 
until the hands pop out and keep shooting him.
Repeat until he dies

WITH THE TORNADO HOLD: Wait until clownman starts swinging, fire the tornado 
directly in his path and wait for him to come down from the attack, then just 
shoot him with the mega buster. If he recovers, wait for him to start swinging 
again, and repeat the process all over again until he dies.

Weapon Needed: Thunder Claw

Weapon Gained: Flash Bombs

Opening Taunts: 1)Ha ha! 
2)I will destroy you!

Closing Taunts: 1)Hmph! That felt good!(If you're having trouble understanding 
what this means, it means that he thinks so much of himself that him being 
beaten didn't hurt him. He's very arrogant, so it makes sense, I just wish COA 
had chosen a better taunt though)

Strategy: Grenade man's primary attacks are using his flash bombs, or a triple 
slash attack(!?). If you have the Thunder claw(if you don't, you can pretty much 
call it a day), you can shoot his flash bomb back at him, so keep this in mind. 
Basically, grenade man will only jump all over the place, either with a flash 
bomb attack when he's up against the wall, or a triple slash if he's jumping 
across the screen. Just keep hitting him with the Thunder claw, and run away 
from him when he's about to jump so that you're close  to him when he lands, 
that way, you won't take damage from the triple slash. Do this, and you'll gain 
the flash bombs. Oh, and about 2/3 way into the battle, he'll do an attack 
called Platform Crusher, don't worry about it, it does exactly what it 
means(crush the platform), but it's just a bluff attack, meaning, you won't take 

Weapon Needed: Flash Bomb/Mega Buster

Weapon Gained: Frost Wave

Opening Taunt: 1)FREEZE
2)*moronically*I will crush you, I will turn you into a popsicle! 

Closing Taunt: OUCH!

Strategy: If you're using the mega buster, just shoot him 'till he dies, while 
avoiding all of his attacks, because there's no way you'll stop him from doing 
his ice rush and frost strike if you don't use the flash bombs. With the flash 
bombs in hand, keep firing at the big lug while dashing away from his jumps. If 
he starts doing either his ice rush(exactly what it implies), or frost strike(he 
kicks a big ice block at you) and you have hit him with the flash bomb, he will 
be knocked back and he will start to cry. Now's the time to..ahem....ICE 
HIM!(pun intended). Use your flash bombs accordingly. You will get the frost 
wave, an ice attack that goes through the ground, creating little ice 
waves(hence the name)

Weapon needed: Frost Wave/Mega Buster(recommended)

Weapon Gained: Tornado Hold

Opening Taunt: 1)Ha, it's only a kid 
2)Are you a worthy challenge?

Closing Taunt: You'll be regretful!

Strategy: Let me start off by saying, FORGET THE WEAPON PATTERN! DON'T USE THE 

Not only does the frost wave NOT HIT him, but he flies away from it if he's not 
in the proper position! Just use charged up mega buster blasts. If he uses the 
attack where he says "Tellahalasee" jump over it, it's a multiple slash that 
does the damage. IF he does the Tornado hold, run away from it. If he does the 
attack where he says "HERE YOU GO!" jump over him and wait for him to land 
behind you, this is the only time, repeat, the ONLY time where he will stay put 
long enough for you to hit him with the dang blasted Frost Wave! Just repeat the 
mega buster blasts, and you'll win the first half of the game.....

PHASE 2: Assault from the Iron Warriors!...minus Astro Man

Rock Stage: DUO!!
Weapon Needed: Mega Buster/4previous weapons

Weapon Gained: None, but you gain a friend, Duo

Opening Taunt: None

Closing Taunt: Huh?(this is what Duo says, not what I'm saying)

Strategy: Most strategy guides call for you to use your mega buster or the 
Tornado Hold. While it does work, it's only enough for two of Duo's attacks. 
Duo's attacks: Duo basically just shoots, or rams you, I haven't had much of a 
chance to analyze all of his attacks(like I'm really going to let the computer 
kick my butt just to see what Duo does), so bear that in mind. My strategy is 
simple, fire a flash bomb at the beginning of the battle, he'll then fly towards 
you, fire another, and dash under him. Switch to tornado hold. Wait for him to 
fire his "buster" and shoot the tornado hold, while that's happening, charge up 
your mega buster and fire away. Duo will once again fly at you. Switch to Frost 
wave. Duo will stay high up and close to the walls. For some reason or another, 
if you use the frost wave on him in this phase, it will keep him there on the 
wall, if not, he'll charge at you, maybe this was supposed to be a weapon-based 
idea(i.e. Duo's rockets would get frozen) but not implemented fully. Finally, 
Duo will fly back at you and shoot and shoot and shoot. Charge up your mega 
buster and continually fire the Flash bombs until you prevail. He shouldn't be 
too hard. I think there's another boss, if so, tell me so I can remember how it 
was I beat him.

Weapon Needed: Mega Buster/Water Balloo

Weapon Gained: Flame Sword

Opening Taunts: 1)Nothing personal, but I've got orders 2)I won't hold back.

Closing Taunt: 1)Good shot.

Strategy: With or without the water balloon, this will prove to be an easy 
battle. Charge up that megabuster and fire it for more damage. Sword man has 
four basic attacks. To avoid the Fire Slash, dash under the uppe half and wait 
for it to come back. Dash under it again and fire at the upper half(the lower 
half is invulnerable). After some shots, sword man will lose the upper half and 
it will fly over your head, jump over the lower half and keep a good range away 
from Sword man, otherwise you'll be hit by his second attack. The attack 
immediately following that is called Bracer, but for some reason, Sword Man 
calls it Lexing-on. Anyway, it's a punishing sword attack that does damage. Stay 
away from it. After some shots, Sword man will cling on to the wall and aim the 
sword at you. Wait in one position for about half a second, and immediately dash 
away, because a giant stone will fall on you. Repeat until sword man dies. By 
the by, the attack where sword man engulfs himself in a red-orange tornado won't 
do anything to you, so long as you stay away from him. You will gain the Flame 
sword for this match.

Search Man
Weapon Needed: Flame sword

Weapon Gained: Homing Sniper(a missile, don't go thinking a sniper will appear 
and start killing all the enemies for you).

Opening Taunts: 1)Don't be afraid  
2)Come On

Closing Taunt: Owww....

Strategy: If you have the flame sword, this will be a very quick match. At the 
beginning of the battle, Search Man will either leap up and fire missiles, or 
jump to the background and appear from one of the three bushes that fall to the 
screen. As for Search Man's attacks, he'll either send three missiles toward 
you(you can destroy these by the way), or leap up and send a storm of missiles 
down on you(harder to destroy, so just stay between their gaps). Either way, 
they don't do major damage. Use the flame sword and wait for him to jump to the 
background. Now, three bushes will appear. Pay NO attention to the lock-on 
indicators, because they're meant to distract you, Search man will tend to 
appear somewhere other then where the lock-on lights tell you. Just be ready for 
anything and have your finger on the "special weapon" button ready. About 2/3 
into the match, he will leap up and say something like "Final fire", he means 
it, for it will be a salvo of missiles that don't do much damage on their own, 
but do massive damage together, just use the flame sword before he opens fire so 
that he stops. Beat him and you'll gain the Homing sniper.

Astro Man: The Coward From Beyond The Galaxy
Weapon Needed: Homing Sniper

Weapon Gained: Astro Crush

Opening Taunts: 1)I've found you, but I don't know what to do!
2)You've found me....how embarrasing

Closing Taunts: 1)Mommy  
2)Oh great

Strategy: If you don't have the Homing sniper, don't bother fighting him unless 
you're very good. The astro crush alone does obscene amounts of damage. If you 
have the homing sniper, wait until he dives down enough for you to hit him 
without having to lock on. Just wait for him to barely recover from the last 
shot, and fire again. Repeat this easy process and you'll get the strongest(as 
well as least in amount of uses) weapon in the game, the astro crush.

Weapon Needed: Astro Crush

Weapon Gained: Water Balloon

Opening Taunts: 1)I'm aquaman, but you can call me "handsome", dude!  
2)Run away while you can!

Closing Taunt: THAT WAS LUCK!

Strategy: Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use the astro crush immediately after having 
used one before. Shoot Aquaman with the megabuster before he recovers completely 
from the previous astro crush shot. Then, if you see Aquaman about to begin the 
Water Geyser(it's plainly seen forming in the water beneath you), THEN use the 
Astro Crush again. Otherwise, you'll run out of it too little too soon. Repeat 
this process and you'll be rewarded the worst weapon in the game, the Water 


Weapon Needed: Mega Ball

Weapon Gained: Nothing

Opening Taunts: None

Closing Taunt: None

Strategy: This boss isn't very hard once you get the hang of it. The only real 
hard part about this is to aim the mega ball properly so that it will hit the 
penguin droid. But, before you can aim your mega ball, you have to wait for the 
other three containers to drop, destroy them, then get those flashbacks(or 
previews) of geometry class and angle the megaball so that it hits the penguin 
container. He should then drop a small penguind doppleganger, destroy it with a 
couple of mega buster shots. About 2/3 into the fray, another Penguin will 
appear, this time, it won't have the anime style eyes(meaning, big and wide). 
DON'T HIT IT! If you do, then a shockwave will bounce off of it and tends to do 
serious damage. Repeat the process and go on to the next Section.

Airship Solstice
Weapon Needed: Astro Crush

Weapon Gained: None

Opening Taunt: None really, it just opens up it's wings, revealing the weak 

Closing Taunts: None

Strategy: Destroy the red mines it spits out at you and wait for the wings to 
extend. Don't fly up to them though, because they fire lasers that do damage. 
Stay in the center portion of the ship and fire the astro crush. Then, wait for 
it again. After the 2nd shot, the center portion will extend along with the 
wings. If the ship moves up, it's an indicator that it will ram you and won't 
let you go until you're about 1/4 life bar energy. This time, DO move up to the 
path of the wings, they won't fire. Do the astro crush and wait again. When the 
wings open up one last time, fire the astro crush. Unfortunately, the ship still 
isn't dead. So you'll have to repeat these stips about 2-4 times with the flash 
bombs. Do so, and go on to the next stage.

Cyclops 1.2k(what I like to call "Gel Man")

Weapon Needed: Flash Bombs/Laser Shot that you get in Light's Lab

Weapon Gained: None

Opening Taunts: None

Closing Taunts: None

Strategy: Pretty straightforward boss. Wait for the "eye" to go back into the 
large green body mass and to blink before you fire the Flash bombs at it. If you 
fire too soon, the eye will become invulnerable again. Attacks include: 
- The "eye" will radiotransmit so that green goo forms all over the floor. If 
it's directly above you, it will turn the goo into a spike that does minor 
damage, but it does it about 6-7 times, so watch out.  

- The eye will dash above you with a green tidal wave behind you. You should be 
able to see a fold in the wave, stay in front of it and dash across the screen 
WITH the current, not against it. 

- The "eye" will call the big monster back. When the monster is recompleted, and 
you've done about half it's life energy in damage, new attacks will form, only 
from the green bubbles though. These are: a)The goo will drop and start moving 
across thes screen, one bubble at a time. Wait for the opportunities to either 
jump over the 1st bubble(the bottom ones), or dash under the 2nd. When the 
monster reforms, fire the flash bumbs and do this whole process over until it 

BASS: Space Armor "Cavalry" form
Weapon Needed: Flash bombs |  Astro crush(accessory)

Weapon Gained: None

Opening Taunts: 1)Let's Go, Treble! 
2)Hold it, Megaman!

Closing Taunt: YEAARRGGGGHHHH! This isn't over, Megaman!

Strategy: you'll probably need the Astro crush as an accessory(meaning, it's not 
at all necessary, only needed to avoid an attack). This is because Cavalry(he's 
no longer called Treble, or Bass, since he's a fusion of both) has an attack 
where he fires two shots into the air. Down will come two waves of energy. You 
can jump over the first wave by jumping in between the gaps between each, but 
you can't avoid the second unless you use the astro crush to do damage to 
Cavalry while at the same time staying in the air long enough for the wave to 
die out. The other attack Cavalry has is the Phoenix Laser. He'll move to one 
side of the screen and fire a vertical laser down and moving to the opposite 
side, to avoid being hit, just slide while staying in front of it. When Cavalry 
stops, keep firing you're Flash bombs. Cavalry will be dead when you're flash 
bombs reach about 14, so be ready for a long wait. No other weapon does alot of 
damage to him, so be warned in advance.
Beat Cavalry, and even though he warns that he will be back, he won't.

Wily Ship Alpha/Wily Vessel Beta

Weapon Needed: Flame Sword for Alpha, Mega Buster for Beta

Weapon Gained: None(it's the final boss for Pete's sake!)

Opening Taunt: nyahahahahahaha!

Closing Taunt: Arrrrggghhhhhhh!

Strategy: You'll definitely need to have Rush Aide: Heal Ready for this match, 
because Wily will do damage, regardless of how good you may think you are. The 
first part is quite difficult, but keep your cool and you'll get through it in 
no time. The real thing you should worry about is that frustrating wheel he 
fires at you. It'll either bounce towards you, or spin at you once, and come 
back at you. Either way, it can't be destroyed! :(

Other things to look out for is the blue wheel, which shoots slow pellets at 
you, even though they go slow and seem easy to avoid, the other wheel may be 
active, making it more hard to dodge. And the Purple wheel, which fires purple 
pellets into the sky, which, if they touch the ground, will separate into two 
and you'll have to dodge either one. Now, you're focus should be on the mad 
Doctor. You'll have to hit the glass window that he can be seen through(i.e. the 
"eyes" part of the skull). When the mouth of the skull opens, it means it will 
fire a high energy laser, so close it by using the sword. Keep attacking the 
glass windows with the sword, while avoiding that pestering wheel. Do this until 
the ship is destroyed. Now, you'll face the smaller, and harder to hit, Vessel 

Here, you should have the astro crush as a special weapon(if you didn't already 
know it, you can use your mega buster WHILE still having a special weapon in 
use). Shoot the vessel(it doesn't matter where, as long as you do), and it will 
disappear and reappear. Before it disappears though, it will fire either the 
purple balls that separate on the ground, a spinning projectile of purple balls, 
or purple balls that if you avoid them with a jump or dash, will stop about half 
way, wait for you to stop, and then move in on you. The best way to avoid these 
stopping projectiles is to use the astro crush when they stop, that way, they'll 
go right through you. If the projectiles manage to hit you, you'll notice you're 
life bar(even if it's at full) will be significantly lowered; Now's a good time 
to call Rush aide: Heal. Pick up the power pellets, and the life pellets and 
continue the battle. Shoot the vessel with a powered up mega buster for about 10 
times, and you win the game.


I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. j/k. Seriously though, it will be 
explained in the ending. I hope you enjoyed this game, I know I did. 

Ja ne, min'na san!


That's right, you can't copy this and put it on just anyplace and call it your 
own. You'll have to get my permission to do that. Unless you put it somewhere 
inconspicuous, per say, you're computer. If you put it in a magazine and I 
notice it's the  exact same wording, with some changes here and there, I think 
it's a little too BLATANTLY obvious. Besides, this is here for everyone. 
Copyrightc1999 Juraiprince 
All rights preserved....er...I mean, reserved.

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