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    Anita by Reinaldo

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    Anita FAQ
    For Marvel Super Heroes (Saturn/Playstation)
    Version 2.0
    30/01/1998    (Brazilian date)
    Made by Reinaldo (spidey@datacontrol.com.br)
    2.0 -   Added Anita's INFINITY COMBO! (it really works!);
            Figured out how the Sword Throw works;
            Changed terminology: now it is like the terminology used in Culbert's
            MSH FAQ to avoid confusion and to improve compatibility;
            Corrected a typo in Culbert's e-mail (sorry, man! :P );
    1.1 -   Changed E-Mail (when I get my mail at Geocities I will change again);
            Corrected her Magic Series in "COMBOS" section (thanks, Culbert);
            Added combos in "COMBOS" section;
            Added something in "NORMAL MOVES" section;
            Added something in "PLAYING AGAINST HER" section.
    1.0 -   (Never released to public - 10/11/97)
            Where it all began.
    Ok, here it is - the code to play as Anita and a VERY poor and small FAQ
    (just for a quick start).
    But, before begin, I must apologize for any english errors in this
    text (I'm a Brazilian, and my english is VERY lousy :) ). Ok, here it goes:
       JOYSTICK     | .-----------Strong
                    | | .---------Fierce
       U/B U U/F    | | |
          \|/       | | |
        B--o--F     | | |
          /|\       O O O
       D/B D D/F    O O O
                    | | |
                    | | |
                    | | |
                    | | ----------Roundhouse
                    | ------------Forward
    (Layout borrowed from John Culbert's MSH Compendium - see credits)
    P = Any Punch
    PPP = All the three (or two at least) Punch buttons pressed together .
    QCT= Quarter Circle Toward(a.k.a. HaDoKen!:) ):roll the joystick from D to F
    DP = Dragon Punch Move (F,D,D/F)
    DPB = Dragon Punch Move Backw.(B,D,B/D)
    J. = Jumping
    SJ.= Super Jumping
    S. = Standing
    C. = Crouching
    D. = Dashing
    IC = Infinity Combo (Super Special Move, done with the Infinity Bar filled at
         least one level)
    ICO= Infinity Counter
    NOTE: If you want VERY GOOD FAQS to the other characters and the dinamics of
    the game, I recommend the Richard Cheung MSH FAQ (for the basics), James
    Chen's MSH Combo FAQ and the John Culbert's MSH Compendium FAQ (all disponible
    at the www.gamefaqs.com). To play with Dr.Doom and Thanos you must see the Dr.
    Doom FAQ by Everett Littles and the FAQ of Moves for Dr. Doom and Thanos by
    Brian Scaramucci (also alvaliable at Gamefaqs). My FAQ is very poor and will
    only complement the FAQs above (hey, after all it's my first FAQ!).And, after
    all, the guys above explained the things in a very detailed way, so, why
    bother?;)My friend and I only have opportunity to play in the weekends (life
    in college and work is hard), so all contributions and corrections are welcome
    and apreciated.
    This code is for the Import Saturn version (my friend have one, we rented
    the game and I only tried in there). The information that I have is that the
    code DOESN'T work on the Playstation American Release (thanks for the 
    information Brian). I am almost 100% sure that it won't work in the American
    Saturn Version, and could work in the Japanese Playstation . Maybe someday
    I'll figure out why we, from the east side of the world, don't deserve to play
    a game with all original features. Without mention the games that will not be
    released in the U.S.A. (I wish I could play Secret of Mana 2... :( ). Well,
    better stop whining and go on with the code. Try it in your system and tell me
    what happens.
    First you must beat the game once. Save the data if you want. Make the codes
    for the two bosses (I guess you know how to do this). Then, go to the
    character selection screen (with the shortcut turned off) and make this:
    tap the controler up, right, down, left, up, right, down, left, up. Leave up
    pressioned and press Jab (keep pressed), Strong (keep pressed) and Fierce
    (keep pressed). Make sure you press the buttons in that order REALLY FAST. The
    code is VERY tricky to work (sometimes you may get an up-right or up-left
    motion). If it don't work try again. If you made this right, Anita will
    appear. Anita is the little girl that follows Donovan in Darkstalker's
    Revenge. And she comes with his sword!!!
    I've played a few times with her, but the moves that I discovered are the
    following (NOTE: I don't know the real names of the moves - except her Super
    Special - so here goes with the names that I give to then):
    - Sword Throw: Press Fiece+Roundhouse to put the sword on the ground. Press
                   again to throw the sword (Just like Donovan's move). If the
                   sword touches the opponnent (doesn't matter if he/she blocks
                   or get hitted) it won't hit when it comes back, and vice versa.
    - Lightning Sword (DPB+P): With this Anita rises the sword with lightning
                   around it. Can be done in the air and Anita MUST have the sword
                   to do it. Note that the spirit that appeared behind Donovan
                   doesn't appear here. In his place appears Mei Ling, Hsien Ko's
                   sister (from Darkstalker's Revenge). Press P several times for
                   more hits (+20!). (Again, just like Donovan's move).
    - Akuma's Burn (DP+P): Yes, I said Akuma! With this Anita rises the sword
                   with fire around it, but Akuma appears behind her instead of
                   the fire spirit that appeared behind Donovan. Cool, isn't it?
                   Can be done in the air and Anita MUST have the sword to do it.
                   This are also her ICO.(Again, just like... oh, you get the
    - Love For You (QCT+PPP): Geez, what stupid name... Anyway, this is her IC.
                   Despite this dumb name the IC is AWESOME and REALLY ANNOYING at
                   the same time! I get a maximum of 98 HITS (without combo)! The
                   damage is MONSTRUOUS and even the block damage is VERY HIGH!
                   Cheese, anyone? :) Strange... Sometimes I have taked more
                   damage when I was blocking than when I didn't block. I think
                   that the distance is crucial. Do you want some more? OK, it
                   hits the enemy ON THE GROUND! Imagine all the nasty combos you
                   can do with that! Anita throws HUNDREDS of small heads of little
                   girls (Doll's heads? Maybe it is, because the doll that she
                   carries are headless!).
                                    VEEEERY STRANGE!!!
    - Note: Donovan has another move: an ice spirit appears and throws a cristal
            of ice that turn the others guys into ice. I didn't find a similar
            with Anita (yet :) ). If you discover this or another move please mail
            me in the address above.
    WATCH OUT!! She looks harmless but don't underestimate her!!! With the sword
    is VERY HARD to get near. The swords grants her almost 100% of priority.
    I don't have much to say about the normal moves because the difference between
    punchs and kicks is almost inexistent (she just swings the sword), so I will
    write only about the moves that worth our attention. Her Crouching Fierce keep
    happy jumpers away. The Crouching Roundhouse have a great range and can nulify
    a lot of other normal moves (even some specials!). And its hits takes DECENT
    energy. Her "Launcher" is the Crouching Fierce. Note: Anita can perform a
    TRIPLE JUMP (like Psylocke) and avoid a lot of moves! However, it's hard to
    Her throws are the same as Donovan (this is getting a little repetitive...).
    She levitates the opponent and smashes him/her on the ground. If you are one
    of those sadistic players, throw the opponent close to the corner and, if the
    opponent doesn't safe roll, release the IC ... He/she will call you
    a lot of bad names (expect things like son of a b**** and up), but who tell
    him/her that life is fair? ;)
    Note: The keys to do combos and the terminology for they is VERY well
    explained in the James Chen MSH Combo FAQ. (It's great! Even if you are an
    expert in comboing you MUST read it because you may learn some new tricks!
    Don't miss!!) Her Magic Series are Zig-Zag. If you have some knowledge about
    the basics of this game (if you don't I still recommend that you read the FAQs
    that I have listed in the Special Thanks section) you must know that the first
    four hits just connect only in big guys (I have made all this combos with Hulk
    as punchbag), so you must try in every character to see for yourself what you
    can do and what you can't. The Zig-Zag is the most versatile of all the
    Series. You have a LOT of options to do combos, so I'm giving only sugestions.
    Try this:
    - Basic Combos:
    1) D.S.Jab  -> D.S.Strong -> D.S.Fierce
    Simple and safe. The Fierce will push you away from the opponent if he/she
    2) D.S.Jab -> D.S.Strong -> Akuma's Burn
    A variation of #1, but you get one free hit. 
    3) S.Jab -> S.Short -> S.Strong -> S.Forward -> S.Fierce -> S.Roudhouse
    Yes, all the six of her Magic Series. But the opponent must be in the corner
    in order to the S.Roundhouse connect.
    - Intermediate Combos:
    1) J.Jab -> J.Short -> J.Strong -> J.Forward, C.Forward -> C.Fierce, SJ.Jab ->
    SJ.Short -> SJ.Strong -> SJ.Forward -> SJ.Fierce -> SJ.Roundhouse.
    Wow! 12 easy hits! Fell free to change the sj.Fierce into a Akuma's Burn. You
    will not be able to connect the sj.Roundhouse, but you will get 12 hits anyway.
    I've tried to connect the Lightning Sword, but it seems too slow to combo in
    the air.
    - Cheesy Combos :) :
    1)D.C.Roundhouse (or just C.Roundhouse) -> Love For You
    If you do this,I hope you are bigger than your opponent. :)
    2)Throw opponent next to the corner -> Love For You
    Same thing as above, except that this time the opponent have a chance to
    Safety Roll. In the combo listed above if you are quick you get them BEFORE
    they fall!
    - Expert Combos:
    Still looking for...
    - Infinity Combo:
    Yes! There is an infinity combo in MSH! But don't blame! It's not my fault.
    Kenny Tan (kenny_007@hotmail.com) is the guy that send me this, and I must
    thank him a LOT! THANK YOU! Ok, here it is (with his own words):
    "Hold up-front (45 degrees diagonally to jump to your opponent), press Jab ->
    Short -> Strong -> Forward -> Fierce -> Roundhouse. Continue, you cannot
    repeat the same button twice (i.e. Jab, Jab) and you cannot move backwards.
    You can also skip a button or two for stylish combos, but continue."
    Note: Yes, this works because Anita's regular jump is a hop if you compare
    with the the others characters' jumps. The timing may seem tricky in the
    beginning, but with a few tries it will become natural (because the Zig-Zag
    series are very easy). Keep in mind that you will jump at your opponnent with
    the Jab and when you touch the ground you will have already finished the
    series, and so will begin all over again with the Jab. I'm still trying to
    skip buttons like he said, but maybe is that because I screw up too often. :P
    The counter goes up to 99 hits and stop.
    If you get an opponnent in the corner with this and he is blocking, he will
    have a hard time trying to escape. The priority will let only a few moves pass
    through, so maybe the only way to escape is an ICO... Beware...
    More to come (I hope). Don't be lazy! Send yours too!!!
    One more important point to consider is her size. Anita is the smallest
    character in the game. This gives her a lot of advantages:
    - Is hard to do a combo against her. Especially air combos. If you don't
      connect the moves quickly you'll probably miss her;
    - She can stay standing and pass below most of the projectiles;
    - Talking about standing, forget about hiting her with MOST of the standing
      moves (e.g. Ironman's Standing Strong or Roundhouse).
    If you are a beginner and are tired of being beated with Double Perfects, she
    is the character you need. Thanks to the priority that the sword gives to
    Anita in her moves, you can play offensively or defensively. As I said her
    C.Fierce keep jumpers away. In fact, a good strategy is for YOU to jump often
    at your opponent because just a few moves can stop or trade hits with Anita
    in the air, and after all after this is easy to start his Infinity. Her
    C.Roundhouse knocks down the opponent and if you press it again it will hit
    him/her on the ground. When you see the Mind gem don't think twice: GET IT!
    Her IC is the cheesiest thing I've ever seen in a game! If you complained
    about the amount of block damage that Ironman's Proton Cannon or Cyclops' Mega
    Optic Blast inflict, wait until you see Love For You. I don't have words to
    express my feelings about this move. Get the opponent near and release the
    move. Enjoy.
    Argh! I HATE HER!!! That tiny thing is VERY annoying! Let's face it: if you
    are playing against her controlled by a experienced (doesn't need to be a pro)
    player you are in DEEP trouble. The reasons? All the things that I mentioned
    before: priority, Love For You, etc. Good luck avoiding the Love For You. My
    advice is to keep away when she have at least one special bar full, waiting
    for an opening. If she gets you in the corner... well, prepare yourself to
    pass the joystick to the next player. Keep distance throwing projectiles and
    avoiding to get caught in the IC. If you are far away the results of the IC
    will be less effective (thank God!), you have a chance to Super Jump and,
    with some fighters, you can avoid it if you are quick. With Iron Man and
    Magneto you must Super Jump and turn the flying on, go behind her and fell
    free to execute a Proton Cannon or Magnetic Shockwave :). With Blackheart
    Super Jump and Air Dash. Psylocke must Triple Jump and Captain must Double
    Jump. An alternative with Spidey is to Web Swing in the air and with Wolverine
    try to do an aerial Drill Claw. With Hulk, a well timed Gamma Crush will do
    the work. With Juggernaut if you foresee her IC coming (and if you are feeling
    lucky) you can try (quickly) a Juggernaut Headcrush. This move is fast and you
    can hit her before he starts to hit you. If you are get hited first, well...
    MAYBE (the distance you are is essencial) you can trade hits with the heads
    and reach her. MAYBE I said. I saw a Headcrush trading hits with Love For You
    and it was, belive in me, one of the coolest things I saw in the game. The
    Juggernaut really looked "unstopable"! He get hited but he still moving
    forward!  He died of course, but with style! :)
    If you are near there are two alternatives to not take SO much damage:
    1. Use a gem (only if you are REALLY near). This will knock her out of her IC.
    2. Make the Infinity Counter. Note that some counters can save you, while the
       others... The distance is very important too. The closer, the better.
    If the methods above didn't work there is one more thing you can do: cry. Last
    advice: the IC can "suck" you in if you jump above her or a small distance
    behind her. In other words: DON'T TOUCH HER while she is performing the IC.
    The biggest problem is that even if you find an oppening to go for a combo
    there is a great chance that the combos that you are used to using are hard to
    pull off in her. So have A LOT of patience and you may win. As I said, the
    skill of your opponent is very important to determine the level of challenge
    that you will have (I have beaten my friend's cousin a lot of times and I was
    playing with Blackheart!). But don't worry. Average players and up pick
    Anita sometimes, just for fun or to piss off someone (I am in this group :) ).
    Besides, I can't say the same thing of the beginers... Remember: some
    beginers can give you a headache. Don't underestimate the power of Anita!
    Well, now is official: Anita is one of the cheasiest characters ever! The only
    (until now?) character that have an infinity in MSH and she have that annoying
    IC! CHEESE, CHEESE! I didn't have MUCH fun playing with her and I REALLY HATE
    play against her. She may be good character to play (at least my friend's cheesy
    cousin think this way), but she doesn't have the complexity of the others
    characters (she doesn't even have an winning quote or an ending). Take your
    own conclusions... Particulary I get very frustrated when I was playing with
    Spidey (he rules!) and lost for block damage after one punch and TWO BLOCKED
    Love For You (thanks to the Mind gem - don't let Anita players get this !!!!).
    My advice is: if you friends are not more playing and just cheesing to death,
    all you have to do is reset the MSH data from the memory! Back to old times!;)
    I write this only because I didn't see any information of her (except the
    code) in the net. With the little time I have, my plan is to improve this FAQ
    with the colaboration of other gamers to try make people play Anita more
    tecnically (if it is possible) and less cheese.
    If you have some news, combos, moves or the real names of the moves, please
    mail-me! I'll give you full credit by you information in the futures (if it
    have any) updates. If I said something stupid send me the correction.
    REMEMBER: you must beat the game with her and save the data to play with her
    (and the bosses) without do the code again (with the shortcut on). Don't worry
    about the computer: it will be no match for you!
    - More combos (specially throws and OTG combos that I'm researching). I've
      did an aerial throw combo that need to be examinated carefully;
    - Contributions from more readers (well, I hope so);
    - More complains about how cheesy are Love For You!
    - The first goes to my friend Daniel, who is the one of my long time friends,
      the guy who owns the Saturn and the hardest opponent in playtesting (I keep
      telling him that Spidey is better than Juggernaut, but he doesn't agree with
      me and kicks my butt to prove it! :( ). 
    - All the friends who played this game with me and called me things (that I
      don't want mention here) when I won. :)
    - All the friends and strangers in the arcade who played this game with me and
      beated the crap out of me. (Remember: with each defeat you earn more
      experience! - Tipical loser quote... ;) )
    - Kenny Tan (kenny_007@hotmail.com): my first contributor. Thank you for the
    - John "CUL" Culbert (tigeraid@geocities.com) for all of his long FAQs
      (including MSH) and his support. This guy must have A LOT of pacience to
      write all that stuff! Take a look at his page in :
      If you like fighting games it really may worth your time. If you don't like
      fighting games, what are you doing reading this???
    - Jeff "CJayC" Veasey (the guy who runs the Gamefaqs - www.gamefaqs.com)
      for the the best game site on the net (followed by the Sega Sages -
      www.segasages.com) and for the space in his page.
    - James Chan (jchensor@ucla.edu) for his REALLY AWESOME MSH FAQ;
    - Brian Scaramucci (jester@usaor.net) for the Thanos Super Specials.
    - Everett Littles (elittles@oboe.aix.calpoly.edu) for that MARVELOUS Dr. Doom
      combo (I'm still trying to do that!).
    - Richard Cheung (rmcheung@ix.netcom.com): although his FAQ was not important
      for me, I recommend it because it is a musthave for beginers.
    - Hans D.A and Ron: I get the name of Hsein Ko's sister in their Hsein Ko FAQ.
      If you play Darkstalker's Revenge go and get it! (avaliable at www.gamefaqs.
    - And CAPCOM for bringing this FANTASTIC game to our homes and for the
      translations of the games in arcade for portuguese (this was crucial for
      the sucess of D&D:Shadow of Mystara in Brazil). Capcom and SNK seem to be
      the only companies that respect the Brazilian players. Thanks a lot for
      this! But a question remain: what the hell they are thinking when they gave
      to Wolverine that stupid, cheesy and annoying Berseker Rage move in the
      MSH vs. Street Fighter?
    - PUT YOUR NAME HERE!! Just send a contribuition! :)
    Well, that's all folks! Thanks for your time. See ya later!
    Reinaldo ("Maximum Spider!")
    NOTE:If you really liked this FAQ you are free to distribute this (without any
    modifications). DO NOT SELL THIS (even if you find someone crazy enough to buy
    this)! Only distribute. If you like to include this FAQ or some parts of it
    in your page, FAQ, wathever, just give me the credit and send me a mail
    telling me where you are going to use it.
    Comments, sugestions, corrections and complements - send to:
    P.S.: Did I said that Love For You is REALLY ANNOYING????

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