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    Walkthrough by Jingai

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    Jon Lane's Magic Knight Rayearth Walkthrough
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              .            .:'             majikku naito reiaasu  \  write-up
               ':::::::::::'              (magic knight rayearth)  \  walk-thru
    contents -
    0) introduction
    1) the story
    2) the characters
    3) how to play
    4) tips and tricks
    5) walk-thru
    0) introduction
     in this write-up  i will try to address  everything i can think  of that a
     non-japanese speaking  person will need to know to complete  and enjoy the
     game fully.  certain things will  be quite obvious, and thus is the reason
     i will  not  tell you  how to do  absolutely everything.
     btw, if you want to contribute something to this write-up, please email me
     at jlane@roo.fit.edu and i will be sure to give you credit!  and please do
     bear in  mind that i've never  seen the anime, so i might've  gotten  some
     things wrong!
    1) the story
     in social science class,Shidou Hikaru went to the magnificent Tokyo Tower.
     there she met Ruugiki Umi and Hououji Fuu.  all of a sudden, a very bright
     light shown on tokyo tower and the  three girls, and a strange person from
     another world summoned them to Sefiiro -- against their will.
     there is  a crisis in Sefiiro.  the emerald princess is being held captive
     at the  Sefiiro  Pillar.   formerly, the  princess was protected, but  now
     someone must save her from the Shinto Priest Zagato......
     guided only by Kurefu, they go by themselves, not knowing why they're even
     here.  they must  save the Princess Emerald, and their  adventure is  just
     on the map of Sefiiro, there are 3 locations listed, from top to bottom:
       The Fountain of Eternal Life, The Forest of Silence, and the place where
       you bein the game.
    2) the characters
     most of these  are straight translations  from the manual.  please, if you
     find a mistake in my  translations, contact me and tell me where.  i won't
     say i'm the  greatest translator  in the world, but i think i do  a decent
     job at least.  sometimes the japanese doesn't make much send when put into
     english, so some things might be changed a bit from what is in the manual.
     Shidou Hikaru (voice: Shiinaekiru)
     she's a bit simple; however, she's a  very honest and  pure student in her
     second year  of middle school.  she's very  understanding of  animals, and
     because  of this, she is great friends  with Mokona.   she knows  a little
     kendo, but is  still learning, and fighting  is her strong  point.  she is
     memorizing Flame Magic.
     Riyuugeki Umi (voice: Yoshida Konami)
     a girl who's  brave enough to express  herself freely.  she speaks  really
     aggressively so she is thought to  be really selfish; but in truth, she is
     really nice to her friends. she is memorizing  Water Magic.  her weapon is
     the rapier.  she is also studying fencing.
     Hououji Fuu (voice: Kasahara Hiroko)
     she's always got  a smile on her face.  she's beautiful, strategical,  and
     a  very good  speaker.  Fuu is  memorizing  Wind Magic.   she is  studying
     archery and her weapon is the bow and arrow.
     Kurefu (voice: Sasaki Nozomo)
     he is the highest ranking teacher in Sefiiro.  he is a very good magician.
     he looks like a child, but is really  745 years old!  he will help Hikaru,
     Fuu, and Umi become familiar with the Lengend of the Magic Knights.
     Puresea (voice: Shinohara Emi)
     she is  the  highest  ranking originator  (?)  in  Sefiiro.  she's  a very
     talented  weapon smith.  she is the  only person who can make weapons from
     the legendary mineral Esukoodo.
     Mokona (voice: Shiratori Yuri)
     Puresea and Kurefu have a pet from Nazo named Mokona.  he will help Hikaru
     lead them  on their  journey.   he says  nothing  but "puu."   what is  he
     thinking?  what *isn't* he thinking? .... one can't really understand him.
     Ferio (voice: Yamazaki Takumi)
     all  of a  sudden, a boy from  Nazo appeared  in the "Forest  of Silence."
     he  learned to  use his bamboo cutting  sword effectively  to confront his
     Arushione (voice: Amano Yuri)
     originally she was Kurefu's pupil, and the  Emerald Princess was her magic
     teacher.  however, with the  shinto priest Zagaato, she now  stands in the
     way of the Magic Knights.
     Asukotto (voice: Takayami Minami)
     Zagaato's right-hand man, he summons monsters to stop the Magic Knights.
     Karugina (voice: Nagashima Yuuko)
     Zagaato's bewitching right-hand girl. she's a wonderful dancer, and enjoys
     tormenting the Magic Knights.she really loves her little brother,Asukotto.
     Rafaaga (voice: Kishino Yukimasa)
     Rafaaga was  the Emerald Princess'  chief guard, but now  he is unable  to
     protect her.
     Inooba (voice: Okiayu Ryoutarou)
     he is the  shinto priest Zagaato's aide.  he has tremendous magical power,
     and  he  appeared before  the Magic  Knights.  originally, he guarded  the
     castle gate, but because of Zagaato's magic, he has changed.
     Zagaato (voice: Kosugi Jyuurouta)
     someone  must save the  princess  from this  shinto  priest.  what is  his
     purpose?  he imprisoned  her to try to  trap the Magic Knights.  although,
     he is quite calm now, because Hikaru doesn't know his plan. . .
     Emeroodo Hime (Emerald Princess, voice: Ogata Megumi)
     her prayers  help to protect Sefiiro.  she summoned  the Magic Knights  to
     Sefiiro.  all of a sudden, a traitor of Zagaato came (and really surprised
     them), and now she is very sad.
     Mashin (voice: Genda Tesshou)
     The Mashin are resurrected by the Magic Knight's will power.  Umi's Mashin
     is Seresu, Fuu's is  Windamu, and Hikaru's  is Reiaasu.  they'll need them
     when they confront the shinto priest Zagaato.
     other characters (pages 16 and 17, from top to bottom, left to right)
     Abeniiru (voice: Umezu Hideyuki)
     Arutina (voice: Minaguchi Yuuko)
     Rukino (voice: Akimoto Yousuke)
     Neko (voice: Yamada Kyouko)
     Karutasu (voice: Hayami Syou)
     Sera (voice: Koorogi Satomi)
    3) how to play
     beginning a new game (hajimekara)
     just after you press start, the next screen asks whether you want to begin
     a new game or continue an old one.  pick the second to begin a new game.
     press start during gameplay to get to the options screens.  the first icon
     is used to save and  load your game.  the second is your travel log.  this
     is updated automatically, and if you can read japanese, it would be a good
     idea to read it as you play.  the next icon is your item list. you can use
     this to see and use your items.  the fourth  icon is a help command, where
     Cliff (Kurefu) will give you hints if you're stuck.  the last icon is will
     take you to  the settings screen.  the first option  is the message speed.
     the box with  one dot is the fastest, and the one  with three is  slowest.
     the second option is to change the audio to  stereo or monaural, the first
     being stereo.
     last option here  is to configure the controller.  the different types are
     named after  the different characters  in the games.   for the  left side,
     (l,r,x,y,z), here are the types:
     Hikaru-chan Type (red-haired girl):
       L: Character Select
       R: Character Select
       X: Dash
       Y: Map
       Z: Magic Select
     Umi-chan Type (blue-haired girl):
       L: Map
       R: Magic Select
       X: Dash
       Y: Character Select
       Z: Character Select
     Fuu-chan Type (blonde-haired girl):
       L: Map
       R: Magic Select
       X: Character Select
       Y: Character Select
       Z: Dash
     and for the right side (a,b,c):
     Puu Puu Type:
       A: Attack
       B: Jump
       C: Magic
     Pu Pu Puu Type:
       A: Magic
       B: Attack
       C: Jump
     fighting in  rayearth is simple: just face the enemy and  press the attack
     button. if you hold the attack button down, your character will "power-up"
     and hit  the enemy  harder  (after you've  found the three  jewels in  the
     Fountain of Eternal).
     using magic
     to use magic simply  press the magic button.  you can select the magic you
     wish to use by pressing the magic select button.
     ..these are taken from page 29 of the manual..
     gem (green)        : gives 1 ruby
     gem (blue)         : gives 10 rubies
     health seed (small): heals 1 life point
     health seed (big)  : heals all life points (for one character)
     magic seed (small) : refills 1 magic point
     magic seed (big)   : refills all magic points (for one character)
     heart jewel        : increases maximum hit points and heals all life
                          for the character you use it on
     magic jewel        : increases maximum magic points and refills all
                          magic points for the character you use it on
     health medicine    : heals all life for all characters (can use @ anytime)
     magic medicine     : refills all magic for all characters (use @ anytime)
     rainbow amulet     : collect them to get items at the Rainbow Shop
     travel logs:
       your characters keep individual journals of their adventures in Sefiiro.
       you can look  at these logs by selecting  the character and  picking the
       travel log icon.
       you will see some small CG rendered fountains in the game. if you "talk"
       to them, they will heal your party.
     creation expert's shop:
       sorry for the  lousy name translation, but it's  all i could think of :]
       the  girl here  will make health  and magic  medicine  for you.   health
       medicine is 200 rubies, and magic medicine is 100.
    4) tips and tricks
     if you stand still, your magic points will slowly refill.
    5) walk-thru
     the following contains SPOILERS!  if you don't really need help, i suggest
     you avoid this section!  unless, of course, you're the  kind of person who
     reads the last page of a book first!
     forest of silence
     the beginning of the game is pretty linnear,  so i'll start with the parts
     after you meet Puresea (in the  big house).  after you exit  her house, go
     to the left into the forest.  from there take the upper-left path. when it
     forks, take the  left path.  hit the giant  plant monster  with your sword
     and enjoy  the cinema.  take the path  upward until you get  to a spinning
     arrow.  get the gems in the capsules, and take the  path to the upper-left
     and when you  get to the arrow again, it should be  pointing to the lower-
     left.  go that way this time.  when you get to the broken bridge, remember
     to jump  over it.  my younger brother  fell in a couple  times :]  if  you
     jump over  the crevice to  the right, you can get  a hit point  and  magic
     power-up.   both not  only refill  your points,  but also  increase  their
     maximums.  once you're  out of the  forest, and after you  watch the  nice
     cinemas, go up the small mountain, and the big  bubble-type thing in front
     of you is the Fountain of Eteruna.  jump into it.  inside you'll fight the
     things that each  character loves most in life.  for Hikaru  it's her dog,
     for Umi it's her parents, and for Fuu it's herself.
     to kill the dog:
       use her magic to wound the dog, and attack him to get more magic points.
     to kill Umi's parents:
       use the same method as with the dog.
     to kill Fuu's copy:
       whenever you attack Fuu's copy, both of you are hurt. but you'll notice
       that she gives a magic point every  time you hit her, so use your magic
       (it's heal magic) every time you can to keep yourself alive.
     after  you've  defeated everyone, make your  way back thru  the forest  to
     Puresea's house.  go into the library.  after the cinema is over, exit the
     house and go to the right.  enter the door to get to Magicians Breeze.
     Magicians Breeze (a town)
     you need  to first speak  with the  brown-haired man  in the house  in the
     lower-left hand  corner of the town.  Then talk to  the little kid just to
     the left of the house (up the steps). Next talk to the man with the purple
     cloth on  his head in the upper-right hand  corner of the town.  Now go to
     the big  house in the middle  of the town and speak with  the man with the
     yellow robe and hood.  He should speak quite a bit and see spots if you've
     done everything correctly.  You can now exit the town and enter the cave.
       in the small shop at the top of the town you can get fortunes.
     The Cave of Izanai
     after you push the block that Rukino (the guy with the purple cloth on his
     head) is trying to push, you'll see  five passages.  the quickest route is
     to go thru the second passage from the right.  the second passage from the
     left contains a health medicine.
     in the part with two buttons on the floor, push the block onto one of them
     and press the other; the door will open.
     once thru the door there will be a large ball and Rukino will appear.he'll
     roll the  ball towards you, and you'll need  to go over to the right of it
     and push it.  it will destroy the wall to the left and let you continue.
     after that  Rukino will drop four  blocks  and you'll need to push one out
     of the way to pass.  attack the glowing  button on the wall and a piece of
     floor will appear.  jump onto it to pass.
     next there  will be a moving floor, jump onto but  go to the right  first.
     Fuu will get a new magic here.  go back to the  moving floor and this time
     go to  the left.   here you'll  need to select her  new magic  with Z  (or
     whatever  you've got your  magic select  button set to) and use  it to get
     past Rukino.
     to kill the spider:
       he's pretty  easy to kill, but i'd recommend  you use your power-ups and
       magic a lot.  when he disperses the blue stars, stand directly under him
       so the you're inside the circle. but don't stand there too long or he'll
       squash you!
     after you kill him, go back to  Magician's Breeze  and exit the  town thru
     the upper-right.
     dealing with the typhoon at the beach
     go to the right and  talk to everyone (including inside the houses).  then
     go off to the left  and talk to everyone there.  the girl in the top house
     will ask you  to go get Karutasu (the brown-haired guy  in the  lower-left
     hand house in Magician's Breeze).  now when  you go back  to Sera's house,
     Karutasu will be there. he'll see you, and throw you into the ocean.  here
     you'll  learn to swim (well, all except Fuu that is hehe).  to swim simply
     press the attack button repeatedly.
     now hop  into the ocean and swim  straight upwards.  there will be a cave.
     to the left of the  cave is a magic power-up, also.  once inside the cave,
     you'll  see two ice blocks  in front of you.  use Hikaru's  fire magic  to
     melt them.   jump across  the river.   go to the  right and down  thru the
     passage.  head left  to get a  rainbow amulet.  go back up and jump across
     the water over to the chest where you can get another rainbow amulet.
     keep  going to  your right.  in the next  room push two of  the ice blocks
     onto buttons and step on the third to remove the wall  in front of you.
     go down  the stairs,  and at  the bottom of  this room  you'll notice  two
     passages.  take the second  first (on the right) to get a new magic.  then
     come back  and go thru the first.  in the  room with the four ice 'rocks,'
     you'll need to use Hikaru's new magic to melt them all.
     in the area with the big spikey bubble and the black ball, you need to use
     Fuu's bow  and arrow to shoot the black ball; the spikey bubble  will then
     in the room with five buttons and four blocks, here is what to do:
         ____           ____
        | B2 |         | I2 |                                      ____ ____
        |____|         |____|                                     | I3 | B3 |
        | I1 |         | B5 |                                     |____|____|
        |____|         |____|
        | B1 |                                                ____      ____
        |____|                                               | I4 |    | B4 |
                                                             |____|    |____|
     push I1 onto B1, I2 onto B2,  I3 onto B3, I4 onto B4, and then step on B5.
     the door will then open.
     after you fight Jiminii,  Umi will get her Mashin.  go back into the ocean
     and exit the area via the dock in the upper-right hand corner.
     roozen of white snow (not sure on this translation, it's the snowy town)
     talk to Karugina (the dancer) first, then to the large guy with the blonde
     hair. then talk to Ferio (green-haired guy playing the flute). next you'll
     need to go  to the inn  just to the left  of where Ferio is.  talk to  the
     girl with the pink hair and answer 'hai' (first option) to her question.
     now you need to go up to the cave that Ferio is standing in front of. talk
     to him and then enter the cave.
     the cave of gathering
     go straight upward and attack the black ball. turn right at the ball. when
     you get to the area with lots of water,lots of sharks, and the railway all
     meet, you need to  go upward and find the  mirror that will give Umi a new
     magic. go back to the large pool of water, and head left. go down and step
     onto the big  grey platform.  this will take you  overtop of that  pool of
     water.  check *every* path as there are a *lot* of items you can get here!
     after you're  done searching, go back  to the  pool of water and head left
     again.  this time go up instead of down, and step onto  the pad.  when you
     get  to the  area with  the four  torches  use  Umi's new  water magic  to
     extinguish them  and open  the gates.  follow the  railway upwards  to the
     grey pad.
     fighting Karugina:
       i personally used nothing more than Fuu's power-up and her heal magic.
     back at the snowy town
     i'm not sure if you need to, but i talked  to the innkeeper again.  i then
     went up to  the house at the very  top of the town (the one with the block
     of ice in the doorway).  here Rafaaga  will try to teach  you how to break
     thru the ice  like he did.   Hikaru will  eventually get  it when  a mushi
     (insect) scares the hell out of Umi :]
     after you  leave the house, go straight down to  where there is ice on the
     ground.  slide down  and enter the cave.  to break  the rocks, simply  run
     into them.  i couldn't figure out how to get to the other cave.  if anyone
     knows how, please let me know.
     now you need to go to the left, and up to where the two glass tunnels are.
     break the ice blocking the wall by running into it.
     the journey down into the earth
     be remembering that you can  run and break things.  also, in the area with
     two  lava  monsters  and  the four  blocks,  you can  break the  blocks by
     attacking them.  you can  get a rainbow amulet by  breaking the brown rock
     to the right.  there is another rainbow amulet just below that (on a small
     piece  of hovering land).  you *can*  get it now, but you'll  have to kill
     yourself  just after (since there  is no way to  get back).  it'll restart
     you at  the beginning but  with  all your  possesions.   however, i  would
     suggest waiting until you get dash. . .
     when you get to the next four grey blocks, you can break them by attacking
     them (just as  before).  be sure to  get the rainbow  amulet first, tho :]
     and watch out for the falling rocks in the next part!
     once you get to  the flaming town, the people will tell you there is a boy
     trapped in the burning house. . .
     inside the burning house
     in here you need to gather  different colored keys to unlock the different
     colored doors.  sometimes there  will be rather large  holes in the floor,
     and it may seem that  you cannot jump over them.  but if you dash, you can
     jump farther.  so give it a shot, as sometimes you'll need to.
     the red and  blue keys are easy to find, but to get  the green key, you'll
     need to  fall down  a hole.  it's kind  of hard to  describe in text,  but
     knowing that should be enough.
     fighting the flaming skulls:
       i used a combination of Hikaru's power-up,  Fuu's power-up + heal magic,
       and Umi's water magic.
     once  you get  the boy and leave  the house, don't forget  to talk to  the
     blonde-haired woman.  there is  also a health  power-up in the  upper-left
     hand corner of the town.
     The Tree of Life (in the town with lots of water and magic stuff)
     be sure to check all of the lamp posts in this town, as there are a lot of
     rainbow amulets hidden behind them (talk to them).
     you need to  go to the hospital  where a nurse will  tell you they  need a
     leaf from the Tree of Life to  cure the sick people.  you'll volunteer, of
     course.   exit the hospital  and you'll bump  into Abeniiru  (green-haired
     fellow; very tall), where he'll  not only show  you dashing, but also  ask
     Umi out on a date :]
     next you need to go to the upperleft hand corner of the town and make your
     way to the tree of life.  when you get there, they'll realize they need to
     be able to dash to get thru what's blocking the entrance.  so now you need
     to go back to the town to ask Abeniiru to teach you to dash. Abeniiru will
     ask Umi  if she changed her  mind about the  date thing, and Umi  *really*
     doesn't like him.. so eventually a little brown-haired boy will teach them
     how to dash.  now you'll need  to go back up to the  upper-left corner and
     make your way back to the tree of life.  you can now break thru the debris
     by dashing (press your dash button -- mine was setup to be X).
     inside the Tree of Life
     when you get to the green animated grass, be sure to fall off to the right
     first to get the Rainbow Amulet.  there is also another rainbow amulet you
     can get like this:
       on the second floor (has two purple shell-bugs) exit to the right and go
       up four levels.  enter the hole to the left here.  fall down the hole in
       the floor and attack the green bridge plant thingy.  warp back up.  exit
       to the right and go back down three levels.  dash thru the debris to get
       back into the tree.  step on the warp thing.  dash thru the next two
       walls and kill all the bugs.  fall down the hole that is just above the
       warp thing.  go to your left now and fall down the hole.  go down and
       step on the warp.  now go up and step on this warp.  next fall down the
       hole that just right next to the warp.  now use Fuu's bow and arrows to
       hit the bridge plant to your right.  dash and jump over to it, go down,
       and dash to break thru the rotten vine and then thru the door.  go down
       a level, and enter the door thru the right.  dash thru the door to the
       left, and you can get the next amulet.
     BTW, you'll need to do the above to get thru the tree of life!
     in the room with the chest that is surrounded by mushrooms,simply kill all
     of the enemies to remove some of  the mushrooms so you can  get the health
     fighting Arushione:
       just use everyone in your party, and remember that you can dash. be sure
       to hit  the moth quickly when  it switches to him, because he  heals the
       other two.  use Umi's and Hikaru's attack magics and power-ups.
     after you kill Arushione, go thru the hole to the left to get the leaf you
     were searching for.
     i'll explain a little about the next cinema. Asukotto has betrayed Zagaato
     and Zagaato is  just a tad pissed off.  but Karugina  (peach-haired  girl)
     explains that  he's probably only  befriended the Magic Knights  to spy on
     them.  since she really loves her  little brother, she'll make up anything
     to keep  him alive.  because, of course, anyone who  betrays Zagaato won't
     live  for very long  . . .  and as you've  probably noticed, Karugina  and
     Arushione aren't getting along too well . . .
     now you  need to talk to Abeniiru, and then to  Arutina (the nurse) in the
     hospital.   then make your  way to the bottom  of the town,  where  you'll
     talk with Asukotto (he says he's Aruto) and he'll ask to come with you. go
     straight down now and leave the town.
     rock attack/big waterfall (hey, that's what it says when you save it :])
     go down  first and get the  health power-up.  be sure to  also search  the
     water next  to it to find  a rainbow amulet.  keep going  down the  stairs
     and  when  you get to  the three pots, search the  top one to  get another
     rainbow amulet.  now go back upstairs  and go to the right where the large
     rock is.  Asukoto will destroy it.  follow the golden bridge until you get
     to  Arushione.  when she disappears,  Karugina will  appear and break  the
     bridge.  you'll fall into the water and enter the big cave.
     inside the big cave
     in the room with several blocks, push the two outer blocks upward and then
     do the same with the middle.  then push the  middle one to the left so you
     can fit thru the doorway.
     once  thru the doorway, attack the  two blocks and push  the ball forward.
     then push the block that is near the button upward, and then push the ball
     to the left so it pushes the button.
     in the next room, push the  block so it sits directly in the middle of the
     doorway.  push the ball on the right to the left. then push the other ball
     upward so  it hits the block.  now push it to the  left so it rests on the
     button and the door will open.  be sure not to touch the floor to the left
     in this room, it hurts you.
     from here you can go either  left or right.  go left first.  jump over the
     hole.  here's how to solve the puzzle:
       L? = a ball
       B? = a block
       bb = the button
       P? = a position to move something to
                       ____  ____                   ____
                      / L1 \| P5 |                 / L2 \
                      \____/|____|________________ \____/
                            |                     |
                            |                     |
                       ____ |____   ____ ____ ____|
                      | P2 || P7 | | bb | P4 | P3 |
                      |____||____| |____|____|____|
                      | P1 || P6 |                |
                      |____||____|                |
                       ____ |_____________________| ____
                      | B1 |                       | B2 |
                      |____|                       |____|
     move  B1 up to P1, L1 down  to P2, B2 up to P3, P2 (which is  the ball L1)
     over to P4, P1 up to  where L1 started, L2 over to P5, then move the block
     on the place where L1 started down to P6, then L2 down to P7, and finally,
     move L2 onto bb.  sorry if I've  *really* confused you :]  now go thru the
     door and get the rainbow amulet and magic power-up that you worked so hard
     for .
     go back to where the road  splits and this  time go to the right.  here is
     how you solve this puzzle:
                            ____             ____ ____
                           / L1 \           | b1 | b2 |
                      ____ \____/       ____|____|____|
                     / L2 \            | b3 | b4 |
                     \____/            |____|____|
                                                 / L3 \
                                            / L4 \
     push L3 up, L1 to the right, L4 up, and then L2 to the right.
     in the  next room, push the block  onto the button.  exit the door, and go
     around to the right and attack the block thru the wall.
     in the  next room, attack the block and push the  other upward (but not so
     it touches  the one above).  push the one just  above it to the right onto
     the button.  the move the one that  was above it down to the middle of the
     '+' that the  floor makes, and then push  it left onto the  other  button.
     next push the first block down onto the bottom button.
     in the room with the  dinosaur skeleton, simply attack him when  he's over
     top of the button, and quickly run out.
     in the room  just after the  little green jelly  things, simply  force the
     'bug' to walk over the button and attack him to stun him momentarily.
     in  the next room,  step on  the button to  open the door, and follow  the
     little fireballs out thru the right.
     enter the door and  stun (don't use  a power-up) the bug when he's overtop
     of the button.
     in the room after that, simply take advantage of the fact that the enemies
     follow you and get them to step on the buttons.
     there is a  small invisible bug  in the next room.  just find him and kill
     him (you can see him only when you hit him).
     just break the blocks on the sides in the next room to pass.
     in the next room that has  the extinguished torch, use Hikaru's fire magic
     to light it, go thru  the door, and then use  Umi's water magic to put the
     fire out again.
     in the next area just push the left-most button first and go thru the door
     on the upper-left  to get a new magic.  then push the  button to the right
     and go thru the door on  the upper-right.  to kill the dinosaur skeletons,
     just use Umi's new magic.
     run thru the area with the laser-posts or, well, you'll get shot :]
     the next area  you'll be in has invisible floors that  appear when you get
     near them.  you should  find two rainbow  amulets (one in the door  to the
     upper-left and the other just to the right of that door).  push the button
     in the lower-right hand corner of  the room to open the door in the upper-
     right.  break all the blocks in this room to reveal a health power-up.
     the  next room (this  is getting  a tad repetitive, nee?) has a  *lot*  of
     invisible enemies, so use Fuu's power-up attack to kill them.
     to kill Karugina:
       just use  everything you've got!  make use of  Fuu's power-up attack and
       heal magic, as well as Umi and Hikaru's attack magics.
     after you exit the cave, go to the right to get to the next town.
     at the Lake of Rekuido
     again, as always, be sure to check every  object in this (and all) town(s)
     because items  are hidden everywhere.  first, you need to  go to the house
     with the  elevator-type thing and talk  to the black haired kid.  next, go
     talk to his father and you'll go to sleep for the night. during the night,
     you'll hear some loud noises, and jump out of bed.  go to the small island
     in the  middle of the  lake and the  rocks that were  there before will be
     gone.  go up to  the top of the  island, and "talk" to  the button on  the
     right.  the island will move, and you need to exit to the right.
     east of the lake
     at the first bridge hop into the water and swim as far downward and to the
     right as you can and get the chest. go across the next bridge now and then
     up and left across the other bridge.  go up the ladder, get the chest, and
     come  back down the ladder again.  go to the right  and downward until you
     get to  the stairs.  in the next  screen up there  is a path to the right.
     take it, and to blow the leaves off  the hole in the ground use Fuu's wind
     magic.  then drop  down the hole, and go up  the ladder.  take the path to
     the  left here.  go up  and left  to the bridge -- do *not* fall  into the
     river!  it takes  you back to the (almost) beginning.  next you'll need to
     attack the tree at  the end (in the upper-left  hand corner).  now go just
     to the  left of the chest and down to  find another chest.  after that, go
     back to the other chest and this time go to the right, move the block, and
     get this chest.  next go straight up thru the opening in the rocks.  go up
     and to  the right, and hop into the  lake with the  lilypad in the middle.
     fall down  the small waterfall,  and go  underneath the bridge.  exit  the
     water  to your  right, and climb  up the  ladder.  go to  where the  small
     broken bridge is, and jump off, and fall off the  right side of the water-
     fall.  go up the  ladder and dash  thru the boulder to  get into the cave.
     inside the cave you'll find the East Medal. now you need to go back to the
     rock island and push the other button. . .
     west of the lake
     in the middle of the lake you're at when you first enter the area,there is
     a chest.  now go straight up, then all the way left, and down again. there
     is a  waterfall that  falls three levels, go to the  second level (via the
     stairs) and hop across the waterfall  to get to another chest.  go back up
     the  stairs, and right  until you get  to a grey bridge.  just below  that
     bridge, you'll see two caves.  you need to  enter the one on the left.  so
     fall down the waterfall to your left and enter it.
     when  you get to  the area with  the big waterfall  and the chest  that is
     surrounded by green bushes (and water),fall down the left waterfall (*not*
     the right one!  it takes you  to the very  beginning!) and go a bit to the
     right until you see stairs leading up to that chest.  now go up the stairs
     and head left until you see a cave.  that cave has a fountain to heal you.
     go up the stairs to your left to get a chest.  to get rid of the pink tree
     blocking the other stairs, use Hikaru's fire magic to engulf the tree, and
     then Umi's water  magic to extinguish it.  go down from here until you see
     a cave with a large boulder in front of it.  dash thru it and get the West
     Medal.  go back to the rock island. . .
     back at the rock island
     save your game, and then insert the medals into their slots on the island.
     do this by "talking" to them.  the island  will begin to shake, and you'll
     find out soon that it's really a giant turtle.
     to kill the turtle:
       he's really  easy to defeat.  just use  power-up attacks and some attack
       magics.  stay away  from his tail, and watch out  when his head darts at
     Sky Park Eiaria (quite possibly "Ariel")
     first  talk with Ferio.  then go to  the inn and sleep.  now go talk  with
     Rafaaga (tall blonde-haired guy).  next go to the palace and talk with the
     old man in the yellow robe.  he'll throw have you thrown out.  talk to him
     again, and this time he'll have you thrown into prison.  Fuu will pick the
     lock, and then you need to find the room with the ugly sofa and fireplace.
     be  sure not to  let the guards  see you or  they'll throw  you back  into
     prison.  the room you need to  find is up the stairs (to the right).  once
     you've  found it, switch to  Fuu and search the fireplace.  now you'll  be
     out  of the palace.  you'll need to  now talk with  Ferio again  (note: be
     sure not to talk with the old man again or he'll have you thrown back into
     prison again). now go talk to Rafaaga again, and then leave thru the gate.
     in the maze
     go left and up, and dash thru the  run-down windmill.  when you get to the
     next area with moving platforms, you need to  attack the black ball.  then
     go all the  way down and use Fuu to shoot the next black ball that will be
     on your left. go down and get the chest.  next you need to go to the right
     and shoot the black ball you'll see.  now go up, and then head left.  when
     you get to the area with the pink birds, be sure to kill them all and exit
     to the right.  if you don't kill them all, the exits will be blocked.
     in the next area with  moving platforms, you need to head left, but one of
     the  platforms  takes a long  time to come  onto the  screen,  so just  be
     patient.  the next floating platform area contains a mirror where Fuu will
     get a  new magic (flying).  be sure to go up first to get  the chest.  now
     go back  to the right until you see the land that forms  an arrow pointing
     downward.  use Fuu's new magic to fly across.
     when you  get to the stairs that have a break in the wall separating them,
     you need to go to your left and downward.  jump upward to get a chest, and
     then go  back to  the stairs  and take the right  side upwards to  get yet
     another chest.  go back down  the stairs, and go up the left side.  you'll
     get to  an open area with  two sets of stairs  going down: one on the left
     side of  the screen,  and one on  the bottom.  go down the  stairs on  the
     bottom  and  don't  step  on any of the  flowers or  spikes will  come  up
     preventing  you from getting the  health power-up.  now take the stairs to
     the left.
     fighting Arushione's bird:
       when he flaps  his wings and creates wind, run towards  the bird to keep
       from getting blown off.  watch out for the feathers he leaves behind, as
       they hurt you as well.  just use everything you've got.
     go up to the grey pad with wings to get to the Forest of Sazameki.
     Forest of Sazameki
     there is a health powerup hidden in the screen to the left of the grey pad
     with wings.  go to the top left of the area, and there is a secret passage
     thru the trees.  go down, and then to the right.
     enter the  house now and talk with  Rafaaga and then to  the old man who's
     wandering around.
     go back to  the city with the tree of  life and talk with the nurse in the
     hospital.  she'll give  you a serum  to make  Rafaaga better.  go back  to
     Rafaaga and talk to him.
     when  you exit the house, go straight  up and find another  secret passage
     thru the trees that takes you to the big open area above.
     to defeat Rafaaga:
       i actually only used Umi's power-up attack.  he's not that difficult.
     now go  back down to  the house and  find the secret passage  in the trees
     below the house.  there will be  a road down there now.  take this road to
     the left and go straight up till you  get to the area that was a victom of
     the volcano.  go left from here over the river and into the city.
     back at Magician's Breeze
     if  you missed  the magic power-up the  first time around (just  after you
     learned how to swim), you can get it now. right when you get into the city
     (at the bridge) hop off the bridge and swim upward a bit.  you'll see it.
     here  you need to talk with the  two old men again (the one  in the yellow
     robe and the one with the purple cloth over his head [Rukino]). then go to
     the  lower-left of the  city to exit, but be sure to  talk with the green-
     haired kid first, as he gives you something (sorry, i forgot what it was).
     go down a couple screens until you get to the volcano.
     in the volcano
     when you get  to the two sets of  stairs going off to the left  and to the
     right, go to  the right.  go down and  get the chest, and then  go up  and
     jump across to the other path. a boulder will fall, but you can get around
     it.  you can't, however, get around  the second boulder that falls just in
     front of  the magic power-up.  jump over onto  to the moving platform, and
     then onto the  platform to the left, and then up.  go up the stairs, left,
     down, and then right.  get the chest, and head back.  jump across  to your
     right to get  to the large set  of stairs and get  a chest there also.  go
     back down the stairs and go up  and around so you can get the magic power-
     up.  from there go straight up the stairs to exit the area.
     when you  get to the area with the golden fountain, use Umi's  water magic
     to make it usable.  you'll need to exit this area to the upper-right.  you
     can squeeze thru the line of boulders to the left of the fountain. be sure
     to check all around for chests.
     in the next  area there are no chests, but there is  a health power-up, so
     keep an eye out for it.  exit, again, via the upper-right.
     to defeat Arushione:
       i used Umi's  power-up attack a  couple times, Hikaru's  new magic,  and
       Fuu's power-up attack.  just stay away from the lava and ice she throws,
       and try not to let her knock you off the rock.
     now you need to go back to Puresea's house.
     back at Puresea's house
     if you got the photo of her from the Rainbow Shop,she'll take it the first
     time you talk with her.  talk to  her again.  after you go thru her little
     secret door, you need to step on the  red gem in the middle of the circle.
     talk with everyone and then to Kurefu and answer Hai (first option) to his
     to defeat the Mecha boss:
       just  use everything.  no real tactic.  avoid his  sword and use  Fuu to
       kill the little yellow things he fires.
     to defeat Emeroodo Hime:
       well, first  time around, there is no way  to kill her :]  but when  you
       fight her again, be sure to attack  her arms and horns so she can't fire
       things at you.  and then go for her head.
     now, watch the ending!  hope you enjoyed it as much as i did!

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