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Reviewed: 06/26/03 | Updated: 06/26/03

It's hyper, baby!

After playing LAST GLADIATORS DIGITAL PINBALL, I decided to buy another pinball simulation game. I checked one called HYPER 3D PINBALL and saw there was only review of it. It gave a good review, but a mediocre rating only because the reviewer thought not many people are into pinball. After I bought the game, I discovered that the designs are similar to LGDP, except it's produced by Virgin Interactive and the game contains more features.

For starters, it contains 6 title theme pinball tables, two more than LGDP. They are Fun Fair, Star Quest 2049, the Gangster, the Monster, Road king U. S. A. and Myst & Majik. It plays almost like regular pinball, with flipper, bumpers and the machines can be tilted if rocked too hard.

The graphics designs are similar to LGDP. The differences are players have two view points they can look through. One is the face down scrolling 2D, which the camera follows the ball. It gives you an unobstructed view of the features. The problem is the table is big and it moves up and down so much and sometimes so fast that it's hard to pinpoint the targets and ramps that you are aiming at. The second view is 3-D full screen, from a 3-quarter perspective. It's like the view on LGDP and it's mostly in use when multi ball happens. Another thing added is when in certain tables, when a ball hits a certain target or bonus hole, it shows a little animation, like in Gangster, when the ball rolls into a metal furnace display and it shakes and implodes in a cartoon manner. This adds more enjoyment to the game.

The sounds are authentic, from the bumpers to the flippers, although the ''thwacking'' sounds it makes when it hits a dead wall sounds annoying. The theme sound effects are great, though. Sounds of Tommy gun fire on the bumpers, for example. The music themes are nice and fit in well, but the songs from Monster and Star Quest sound slow and boring. They should have use themes from the movie ALIENS to speed up the pace. The music set up is different than in LGDP. In that game, it plays one music in a certain table, till it hits certain bonus features, then the music changes. In HYPER, one song is played throughout the game play table. This would become boring after hearing the theme over and over again the longer you play, but you would be concentrating on the ball so much that you wouldn't notice it. There are 6 tracks of music outside the game that you can listen to.

The controls are tight and straight forward as is the game play. The ball action is fast, sometimes too fast. There are easy tables to start with, although I don't consider Fun Fair an easy table, as it said in the manual. The manual does have some good advice on how to play the game and tells a bit of history about pinball, so it's best to get it when you buy the game. Up to four players can play this game, so it's great for gatherings.

Although it doesn't have secret codes and Easter Eggs to find, it does give you the option of which language to start the game in. English, Dutch or France, but it's only affects the text menu and not the game play tables itself. It also has the lists of the top ten high scores from each of the 6 tables and an option to save on the Saturn's internal memory or backup memory cartridge.

Although, I like LAST GLADIATORS DIGITAL PINBALL, I enjoy Hyper 3D PINBALL more, because of the additional graphics, more high scores listings and more importantly, more pinball tables. This underrated game is still sold in certain stores and flea markets, so get it if you're a pinball fanatic.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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