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Reviewed: 11/24/01 | Updated: 11/24/01

Games do exist in dreams

For all those people who still love the games that are old and forgotten, the game may have sucked, or it may have not BUT, never the less you loved it, Heir of Zendor is one of those games. It's not one of those games that delivers action-packed gameplay right away, the controls will be a little weird at the beginning but when you get to know em you'll be sucked right into the game.

''Welcome to a world so rich in ''anti-gravity ores'' that even continents float in the sky.''

My guess is that the game takes place far into the future, People have learned how to ''smelt'' ore into iron and make floating Ships and continents in the sky. As trade and Business grew, so did pirates and they formed The Guild. In response, the government created the Alliance of City- States and the 2 began to fight for control of the skys. The war continued with both sides using advanced technology and abundant resources. The seemed like it would never end. The, all of a sudden Giant, Huge battle ships that were forbidden on a continent Terra Sancta suddenly awoke with their programs putting an end to the war by attacking both sides. The power of these ships were so destructive, that they shook and destroyed the continents producing great loss of life and land. The, a few lucky survivors made a living on small remains of land. Since the continents were destroyed, the ability to water that was imperative for life on continents was lost which made life extremely difficult. But, one remaining continent, Terra Sancta was left untoughed and protected by powerful warships that had put an end to the war. Yet one man was able to penetrate the system and obtain the water and controlled it with 5 people who became known as the ''Five Kings.'' Life then started to prosper a little bit once again. But water becamse scarce again and rebellion towards the Kings grew. Little wars sparked here and there and then everywhere a war erupted between rebels and the Alliance of City States and also, the Kings. The game starts out by escorting a convoy of water tankers.....

You play as Hero, the prince of Zendow and commander of the Zendorian Squadron. Accompanied by Gotch who is a military advisor to Hero as well as Azuma. Valice, General of the Blue King's Royal Guard, Rhanda who is General of the Egla Defense Corps, and the Kings. The 5 kings are the only supreme council. They are basically god. They decide and they rule. Their personalities are sort of gone so they are called after their color codes:Gray, Amber, Blue, Crimson and Black.

The gamplay is overall cool and a bit of an annoyance at the same time sometimes. At the beginning of each mission you have a choice to select certain ships and deploy them in any manner within a certain area. As you progress farther into the game more ships are unlocked with new powers and stuff. Some are fast and have power attacks but their defense is very weak. You could almost call it a distortion of Command & Conquer. The way you play it is very unique which is very good though. One hole I'd dig myself into is in missions where you have to defend a Water Tanker or a cargo ship, my defense would get broken and my cargo or water supply would be destroyed and I would have to redo the mission. After all your ships are in place both sides have a chance to move and attack if in close range. If you have the ability to attack you can choose your weapon(depending on how far you are) and the way you want the weapon to attack. You could have a weapon attack spreading the fire hitting all opponents or just one concentrated attack making it more powerful. One downfall to the battles though is that on each turn, each ship has limited manuverability, meaning you can only move each a certain amount left, right, backwards or fowards. The you have to wait for the enemy to move for it to become your turn again.

The music is overall good. It gives you inspiration and sad emotions. Although some tunes are a little bizarre, it's still cool. Controls are good, gameplay cool, Story and characters will suck you into it, I give it a ten.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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