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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 06/08/03

An Excellent strategy game for the Saturn

The sequel to the excellent original, Dragon Force 2 pits you as head of a kingdom, and a quest to conquer the whole continent and eventually stop the evil forces impedeing on the land. You can choose from 9 kingdoms in different geographical areas and troops and generals to command. From there, the game starts.

Gameplay: 10
The game is simple to learn. The aim of the game is to take a general and up to a hundred men (per general) and invade other castles. Win and take over the castle and maybe the enemy generals.

There are different troops have different strengths and weaknesses that can be used in your army. A mixed army can be created, allowing some balance. You can change the formation of the army depending on what troops you have and who you are facing. Leaving forces too spread out can lead to easy defeat but staying too defensive may allow opponents to grow too strong to defeat as well. As such an army at a severe disadvantage can overcome a stronger army given the right tactics.

When one army is defeated, the lone general is left to face the remainder of the opposing army. Each general has a special attack though, such as a wave of energy ripping through the enemies forces, turning the tide of battle at times. Most often, it will end up as a 1 on 1 battle between the opposing commanders. Unfortuantely the player cannot control this battle.

Video/sound: 9
The graphics are great. Characters are well animated and detailed, as are the backgrounds colorful but nothing ground breaking. There is some minor slowdown, but then it is understandable given there are more than 200 sprites onscreen at one time. Games of this sort don't really rely on graphics to make it great though.

The Sound is pretty good in this game, although repetitive at times. The drumming battle theme at a castle invasion really sets the mood for battle, despite how often one hears it. The other battle themes are good too, but not great.

Replay Value: 8

With so many kingdoms to choose from, each game is different. New kingdoms are unlocked as the game is beaten, and the larger number of generals allows greater gameplay and replayability. No game can be the same, with the countless possiblilites and paths that the game can take. There is a minor problem though, which earned it the name ''Drag-on force.'' The game can get repetitive and monotonous at times, but it is still pretty addictive at times. Nonetheless, a definate buy to get the most out of the game.

Rating: 8

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