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  • The Saturn version includes a number of extra areas and features unavailable in the Playstation version. Most infamously being that of the Underground Garden, as the entrance is still visible in the Playstation version, though inaccessible. The player can glitch the game into allowing access to this area, but it is unfinished and only a glitched out save point is available.

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  • Director Koji Igarashi expressed disapproval of the Saturn version. The Saturn version was not handled by the original team, but more specifically KCE Nagoya, a lower-tier programming team at Konami who were not completely familiar with the Saturn's hardware. This resulted in the game lacking transparency, the screen being manually-stretched out causing graphics to be more pixelated, and longer load times. Koji Igarashi commented in June, 2007: I understand why fans who've never played the Saturn version would be interested in those features, but I really, really don't feel good about them. I couldn't put my name on that stuff and present it to Castlevania fans.

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  • The Saturn version allows Richter to be selected immediately instead of having to unlock him in the PlayStation version. Maria is also a playable character in the Saturn version and even appears as a boss fight.

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