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FAQ by SCarmichael

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/03/98

                                         ___      ___
                                          \\      //    
                                           \\    //
                                            \\  //
                 __  __      __              \\//
                 | | |_| /\ |   | | |   /\   //\\
                 |_| |\ |--||__ |_| |_ |--| //  \\
                 NOCTURNE IN THE MOONLIGHT //    \\
                                          //      \\
                                         //       ---
                                        //      F  A  Q
		   For the Sega Saturn Import Version

                              Version 1.2

		      Written By: Scott Carmichael
                          Created On: 7/20/98 
			  Updated On: 12/3/98



I...The Game
II..Maria, Richter, & Alucard
III.The 2 New Areas
IV..Cheats & Junk From Game Sages
V...About This FAQ & Me



After making the successful and extremely fun Castlevania:Symphony of 
the Night for the PlayStation last year, Konami has decided to port it 
over to the PlayStation's rival, the Sega Saturn. While it may have 
been released here a year ago, there was no way Konami would bring this 
game to the U.S. now because well, to tell you the truth, the Sega 
Saturn is dead over here. Even so, there is no reason why you shouldn't 
import this great game. If you've played the PSX version, then Dracula 
X will be a sinch to get into. If you haven't though, you may run into 
some trouble getting started. Moving on to more impotant things though, 
the graphics in the game are excellent and are nearly identical to the 
PlayStation version, but when a lot of 2D and 3D objects are on the 
screen, you'll notice some slowdown. The controls are excellent, and so 
is the sound (Those tunes will stick in your head!), but the best thing 
about Dracula X is it's gameplay. The game plays a lot like Metroid and 
has enough secrets to keep you playing it over and over even after 
you've beat it. The ability to play as Maria is also another cool thing 
in this Saturn-Only version. While playing as her, the game feels a lot 
more like the classic Castlevania games and adds enough to the game to 
make it worthwhile to play it over even after you've beat it with 
Alucard and Richter. Overall, Dracula X is the best 32-Bit platform 
game out.



Alucard - Plays just like he does in the PSX version. The only character 
        you can use that you can truly play through the whole game with.

Richter - Has a powerful whip, can't use armor or items and can't turn 
        into any other creatures such as the wolf. Can do a super high 
        jump by pressing down, up + B. Can slide attack by pressing down 
        + A.

Maria - Is sorta like Mega Man. Can't use items or armor just like 
        Richter but can do a triple jump. Can slide also, but it doesn't 
        cause damage like Richter's attack.



The Underground Garden: The entrance is located near the castle's 
			entrance.There is a boss in the first castle 
			here but he isn't too hard. It's just a knight 
			with some fancy (but not really powerful) moves.
        | |
        | |
        | | 
        | | 
        | |
        | |
        | |__________________________________________________________
        |_:                             :____________:____________:__|
          |                             |                           ^
WarpRoom  |                             |                          BOSS
||  ______|                             |__
=> |__:___:_____________________________:__| <===Save

The Haunted Area:       This area is extremely short, but the long hall
                        way is deadly when you're just starting out. 
                        There is no boss here (in either castle) & it is 
                        located underneath the area where you find the 
                        Holy Glasses.
                      __ _______________________        
            SAVE==>  |__:                       |
                        |                       |
                        |                       |
                        |                       |
    ____________________|                       |



Since I really didn't feel like typing out all the following codes in 
my own words, I decided just to put the codes into my FAQ but put all 
of the original codes' authors names by them. Thanx to all of you code 
people who are listed in my FAQ!

99 Luck 
Enter your name in as X-X!V''Q, then select Alucard as your character. 
When you begin playing, you will have 99 LCK and the Lapis Lazuli ring,
but you will have very low STR, CON, and INT stats. 
Submitted by siebergl@nevada.edu

Control the Logo 
When the words NOW LOADING are on screen, you can manipulate them with 
the d-pad. 
Submitted by Rob Ledrich (agis@bright.net)

Display the Map 
This code only works with Alucard as your character. When you hit 
Start during game play it will bring up your stats. Now press the L1 
button to bring up a map of the castle. 
Submitted by Will Harris (idol55@hotmail.com)

Maria's Invincibility Spell 
With Maria press Up, Up-Forward, Forward, Down-Forward, Down, 
Down-back, Back, Up-back, Up for 2 seconds, down A or C. If done 
correctly she will summon all spirit animals and glow yellow for a 
Submitted by Lord Obento-sama (LordObento@aol.com)

Maria's Moves and Spells 
(Note:  Items with a * use magic power.)

Maria's basic attacks are:
*Magic shot: A button
Kick: C button
Jump: B button

Her "special" moves are:
*Super Jump:  Down, Up, B
Triple Jump:  Jump and then B two more times.
*Dashing Jump Kick:  Press twice in a direction to run and then press C.
*Guardian Knuckle:  A Ryu-fireball motion + A  or C.

*She can also charge up her magic shot by pressing and holding the A 
button until she starts flashing.  This has about 3 different strengths 
depending on how long you hold A. She can also do a descending kick 
attack like Alucard. After a triple jump, press DOWN and B.

Maria's Spells: 
*Tiger Spell:  Up, Down, Down-Toward, Toward + A. Maria summons a Tiger 
spirit and then projects it into a cone of flame in the direction 
she's facing.

*Phoenix Spell:  Hold up for 2 seconds, then Up-Toward, Toward, 
Down-Toward, Down + A. She summons a Phoenix spirit and uses its power 
to summon an owl familiar to come to her aid.  The owl behaves similar 
to Alucard's bat familiar and disappears after a minute or two.

*Dragon Turtle Spell: Away, Up-Away, Up, Up-Toward, Toward + A. 
Maria summons a Dragon Turtle spirit and surrounds herself in a green 
light which heals her. Heals about one-sixth of her lifebar.

*Blue Dragon spell: Away, Toward, Down-Toward, Down, Down-Away, 
Away, Toward + A. Maria summons a Blue Dragon spirit which emerges 
from her outstretched arm. The dragon can be moved around with the 
D-pad and does damage to everything it touches. As an added bonus, 
Maria is invincible while the dragon is on the screen!

Maria also uses the same weapons as Richter and Alucard, instead of 
her animal friends from Dracula X on the PC-Engine. Only a few differ 
from the normal usage.

Axe:  Maria throws 3 axes at one time.
Dagger:  Maria throws 3 in succession.
Holy Water:  The flame is higher and more concentrated than 

And finally, Maria actually seems to take less damage than Richter 
from enemies, even in the inverted castle. 
Submitted by Walter Mitty (tellah@concentric.net)

Voice Test 
Complete the game once with Alucard, then enter the sound test. A new 
icon, rotating between Alucard, Richter, and Maria, will appear in the 
bottom right of the box. Click on this icon to enter voice test mode. 
Submitted by siebergl@nevada.edu


Dracula X is one of my favorite Sega Saturn games and I really 
enjoyed making this FAQ for you. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it 
helped you, so if you have any comments or suggestions, just e-mail me. 
All comments are welcomed.

If you do plan on modifying this FAQ though, please e-mail me with an 
address of where it is posted and what the new version looks like. 
Please leave my name and e-mail address intact and type "Original 
Writer:" by my name. Thanks!

Also, I write a bi-monthly video game fanzine called Gamer X that is 
usually about 15-20 pages long and is sent out free to anyone who 
wants it. All you have to do is e-mail me with your name and address. 
Don't worry! I'm not a psycho axe murderer or anything. My e-mail 
address is below and my Gamer X's website address is too. I hope I 
hear from 'ya soon!



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