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Murasama Building Guide by Mike Truitt

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/03/04

|                      Castlevania: Symphony of the Night                     |
|                                 Playstation                                 |
|                         Automatic Muramasa Building                         |
|                                Version  1.00                                |
|                                 Mike Truitt                                 |
|                          Friday, September 03, 2004                         |

 | Table of Contents  \
 | Section 1.00         Basic Information        search.basics  |
 |   Subsection 1.10       About the Author      search.about   |
 |   Subsection 1.20       Version History       search.version |
 | Section 2.00         Murasama Information     search.info    |
 |   Subsection 1.10       About the Murasama    search.ab.mur  |
 |   Subsection 1.20       Automatic Fighting    search.auto    |
 | Section 3.00         Notes and Thanks         search.thanks  |

|  Section 1.00         Basic Information        search.basics                |

|    Subsection 1.10       About the Author      search.about   |

   My name is Mike Truitt. While writting this FAQ I am 18 years old and  just
   started my very first year in college. I have been playing  this  game  for
   quite a while and noticed that some people were bragging about the power of
   their Murasama - and I knew I could destroy what they had by a  ton.  So  I
   started to fight with it. Eventually I found out a trick which has inspired
   me to write this FAQ. If you have any  questions  or  comments  about  this
   guide please e-mail me at miketru@gmail.com

|    Subsection 1.20       Version History       search.version |

 | Friday, September 03, 2004     Version 1.00    10.8 Kb   Complete \
 | This version of the FAQ is the very first  version  that I  have  written. |
 | Unless anything new comes along it will probably also be the last version. |
 | I plan on having everything completed and described I might add statistics |
 | relating to how many kills you get in an hour  and  such,  but  nothing is |
 | definate right now.                                                        |

|  Section 2.00         Murasama Information     search.info                  |

|    Subsection 2.10       About the Murasama    search.ab.mur  |

   The Murasama, as described by the game is simply 'A Blood-thirsty sword'  -
   however, there is so much more to this sword that  makes  it  worth  while.
   After all, if it was regular there would be  no  need  for  this  FAQ!  The
   unique attribute of this sword lies in three of its  abilities.  The  first
   one is that it has the ability to absorb enemies blood and heal  you.  This
   really wouldn't justify a FAQ.  The  second  ability  isn't  really  worthy
   either, but once it reaches level 45 it has the ability to slash both  high
   and low at the same time. Once again, unique, but not worth while.

   The third ability that needs focusing on is the ability for it to  actually
   grow stronger with every kill. With some time, and quite a bit of pantience
   this could be used to your advantage and you could make  it  the  strongest
   sword in the game. This is certainly do-able, but you don't want to make it
   that hard on yourself - do you? Never! In my never-ending quest to find the
   cheapest ways to break barriers in video games, I discovered a way for  you
   to level up your Murasama without touching the controller!


   Now here is the technical information... Unfortunatly. Your Murasama begins
   at level 5. So far, I have not found a limit on how high it can go. I  will
   certainly keep everyone posted as far as that is concerned.  In  order  for
   you to increase the level of your Murasama you must  first  kill  an  enemy
   that bleeds, and second absorb their blood. If you do  that  then  all  you
   need to do is follow this formula, and the chart to follow  should  explain
   any questions you have relating to the formula...


   {[Muramasa Attack Power x 2] + [12]} = Gaining of a new level

   ·------------------------------·  * Check your attack power by unequipping
   | Current AP* | Kills Needed** |    everything except  the Murasama,  this
   |-------------+----------------|    also means any relic that effects your
   |          10 |             32 |    Strengh, namely the Tooth of Vlad this
   |          20 |             52 |    should reveal your true Attack Power.
   |          50 |            112 |
   |         100 |            212 |  ** This is how many kills  you will need
   |         500 |          1 012 |     in order to make your Murasama attack
   |         501 |          1 014 |     power only 1 more point.

   As you can tell, with each increasing level you only need to have two  more
   kills than then level before. However, after a large amount of levels,  the
   you will need to take a lot longer than what it feels like.

|    Subsection 2.20       Automatic Fighting    search.auto    |

   This  is  where  everything  should  come  together.  Simply  follow  these
   directions and you will be set for as long as you want to  play  (which  if
   you keep your Playstation in a cool place like the basement can be days  at
   a time).
   What you need
      • An controller with a rapid fire option
      • A second controller of any kind
      • Some rubber bands and / or tape
      • The Murasama Sword
   Where you should go
      • In the Merman room in the Regular castle, it is the second room in the
        game.  Go down to the bottom left corner of the room and then into the
        room just left of there.  There are no enemies in this room.  You will
        be here simply for preparation.
   What you should do
      • Equip the Murasama
      • Rubber band down either the Circle button or the Square button,  which
        ever suits you best, I  prefer the Circle button.  This should hold it
        down for as long as it is there, but I find it reassuring to tape that
        bad boy on there with some duct tape. This should be done on the auto-
        fire controller, while the other one is plugged in.
      • Face the room with all of the Mermen
      • Unplug your regular controller and then plug in the Auto-Fire one then
        you should turn on the rapid fire or auto tap option. Notice how every
        time he swings, another swing follows allowing no time for anything to
        sneak in between swings!!!
      • Simply tap right until you go into the room with all of the Merman Try
        to position yourself so that the far edge of the  blade is just before
        the beginning of the hanging platform.  If you go too far right, there
        will be enemies that will come up from behind you.
      • Turn off your Television set and go do something else
   Why this works
      • The speed of the Murasama  is such that nothing will be able to attack
        you from the front. So as long as enemies do not come from behind, you
        will be perfect.
      • The Merman constantly  respawn meaning that they will always  come, as
        opposed  to most rooms, where there is a limit to how many enemies one
        could actually fight.
      • Here is the best part.  The Mermen bleed, and when you are standing in
        that position, all of the blood from the enemies  gets absorbed by you.
        Making this strategy flawless!

|  Section 3.00         Notes and Thanks         search.thanks                |

   Due to the nature of this FAQ, I will not really be enforcing any copyright
   laws  or anything along those matters unless there is a blantant Copying of
   my information AND formatting AND it is used to make someone else money. So
   as long as you do not do that, I'm cool with whatever you use this FAQ for!

   First off let me just say that a  great  deal  of  gratitude  is  expressed
   towards all webmasters on the Internet that spend their priceless time  and
   hard earned money  for  the  sole  purpose  of  allowing  people  from  all
   different walks of life, come together and discuss and help each other with
   video games. Without that time and that  money,  the  video  game  industry
   would be nowhere near what it is today. Thank You All.

   Secondly, I must thank shoecream and his infinite wisdom. It is because  of
   him that this entire document is justified (except  for  a  few  lines).  I
   would also like to pay my respects to Chris MacDonald - my inspiration  for
   beginning my FAQing career who recently passed away. Thank you for  setting
   a precident that many authors will never reach.

   This FAQ is copyright information of its author, Mike Truitt.  Any  attempt
   to use this FAQ in full or in part without  consent  of  its  author,  Mike
   Truitt, is punishable. If you would like to use information from  this  FAQ
   or the FAQ itself on your website email the author, Mike Truitt. His e-mail
   address can be found in the "About the Author" section of the FAQ. Finally,
   I would like to add -- Morgan Kennedy, I love you.

   (c) Copyright 2004 - Mike Truitt

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