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Luck Mode FAQ by MagusB

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/07/05

               ____          _   _                       _
              / ___|__ _ ___| |_| | _____   ____ _ _ __ (_) __ _
             | |   / _` / __| __| |/ _ \ \ / / _` | '_ \| |/ _` |
             | |__| (_| \__ \ |_| |  __/\ V / (_| | | | | | (_| |
              \____\__,_|___/\__|_|\___| \_/ \__,_|_| |_|_|\__,_|
             / ___| _   _ _ __ ___  _ __ | |__   ___  _ __  _   _
             \___ \| | | | '_ ` _ \| '_ \| '_ \ / _ \| '_ \| | | |
              ___) | |_| | | | | | | |_) | | | | (_) | | | | |_| |
             |____/ \__, |_| |_| |_| .__/|_| |_|\___/|_| |_|\__, |
                    |___/         _|_|   _                  |___/
                            ___  / _| |_| |__   ___
                           / _ \| |_| __| '_ \ / _ \
                          | (_) |  _| |_| | | |  __/
                           \___/|_|  \__|_| |_|\___|
                           | \ | (_) __ _| |__ | |_
                           |  \| | |/ _` | '_ \| __|
                           | |\  | | (_| | | | | |_
                           |_| \_|_|\__, |_| |_|\__|
                    Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
                          Luck Mode Walkthrough
                   Version 1.2 - Last Revised July 3rd 2010
         by Guarocuya 'Frank' Batista (guarocuya.batista@gmail.com)

Table of Contents

I    -> About the author
II   -> Introduction
III  -> Before we begin
IV   -> First Castle
V    -> Second Castle
VII  -> Saturn Items
VII  -> Oddities in Luck Mode
VIII -> Credits
IX   -> Legal Disclaimer

I - About the Author

Guarocuya Batista Kunhardt is the author of several guides, such as Power
Rangers: FE FAQ and Star Ocean PAR guide, and he's also a student at Western
Michigan University where he is performing grad studies in Applied Economics.

Mr. Batista, also known as MagusB in the GameFAQs boards, is also a budding
writer of several economic and public policy papers which are part of his
hobbies alongside movies, lurking, coding, playing his guitars, cultivating his
mind and body in Miyama Ryu Ju-Jutsu and enjoying life.

MagusB can be contacted via email at guarocuya.batista@gmail.com. He will try
to answer any inquiry concerning almost any matter and would appreciate
feedback concerning this FAQ or any future ones.

II - Introduction

I've been playing this game since January 1998 and until now I never tried to
make more of a challenge out of this game, so I tried to play using the AxeLord
Armor and without getting the Cube of Zoe relic, but the one I tried the most
was collecting all the items and it rose to my interest, to start a Luck Mode
game, that is after you have obtained a 'Clear' save file, in doing so you
unlock Richter, starting with the AxeLord Armor and the Luck Mode, provided
you know the codes to enter as a name.

Playing this game in Luck Mode will start you with 99 Luck, a Lapis Lazuli and
extremely low stats, making this game a whole different challenge as long as
you don't abuse the high luck, but this guide will tell you all the points
where you can ;) and it will depend on you how you are going to 'feel' this
game. Also remember, Luck (or LCK) also affects your chance of performing a
critical hit and how often does the Talisman item works.

I would also like to stress out that this isn't a walkthrough, for that, I 
recommend Zach Keene's or any of the other fine walkthrough's in GameFAQS,
but this guide will include important points in both castles where you can
obtain relevant items, level up spots for you and your familiars and other
pointers concerning your 'Lucky' status.

Also I would like to dedicate this guide to everybody who plays any kind of
games and has an interest in it, especially the ones I meet in some kind of
forum, these are the ones that make me do this kind of work.

III - Before We Begin

As stated before, you need to have a 'Clear' save file in your memory card and
start a new game, you must enter the following name: X-X!V''Q to start on Luck
Mode, here is the differences between the best possible stats to start with
assuming you defeated Dracula in under a minute and didn't got hit while
playing 'Final Stage: Bloodlines' with Richter:

HP 80*MP 25*Hearts 60*STR 13*CON 12*INT 13*LCK 14 (Normal Mode with no Sub-Wpn)
HP 80*MP 25*Hearts 60*STR 13*CON 12*INT 13*LCK 12 (Normal Mode with holy Water)
HP 80*MP 30*Hearts 60*STR 13*CON 12*INT 12*LCK 12 (Normal Mode with Cross)
HP 25*MP 01*Hearts 05*STR 01*CON 00*INT 00*LCK 99 (Luck Mode with any Sub-Wpn)

As said in ZKeene's FAQ you can decide on which item to start with, either a
Heart Refresh, recommended if you heavily use Sub-Weapons, a Neutron Bomb and
one more INT point at the cost of one STR point if you collect over 40 hearts
with Richter, challenging if you play in Luck Mode, and a High Potion with a
Monster Vial if you get defeated.

As you can see, Luck Mode overrides your stats to give you the incredible
boost in LCK and to reduce almost to the minimum the rest of the stats. Forget
about magic since your MP and 00 INT will prevent you from making some sort
of noticeable damage when you get the MP to perform magic, remember, it's all
part of the challenge. I would recommend to obtain the Neutron Bomb and to try
to forget about the Sub-Weapons and Magic alltogether, that should keep you
busy for a while =P.

The only thing you might want to get before heading on with Alucard, is an
Item Checklist, but this is only important if you wish to obtain ALL the items,
for this I would recommend Zancig's or Skultera's Checklists on GameFAQS.

IV - First Castle

-> Before Death:

Nothing to do here except heading right, even in Luck Mode you will still be
fine since you have the Alucard equipment. When you reach the Mermen you can
stay here leveling up (and taking advantage of your Alucard equipment, while
you still have it) as much as you want, just don't forget the Pot Roast.
A worthwhile item is the Potion the Bat's drop, you can easily stock on these.

-> Death:

Before meeting him, remember the Turkey in room before his. Now comes a
dilemma, to fool Death or to not fool Death, you can take it the hard way and
just let Death take your salvation, the Alucard equipment, which is the right
thing to do since you have come here probably seeking a challenge (if not,
just look at ZKeene's FAQ or any other place for the glitch on how to keep your

After you decide, go and get the Cube of Zoe relic and if you feel like doing
some heavy leveling (as long as you have the patience) return to the Entrance
to fight the Owl Knight who at this point in the game will get you huge amounts
of exp. and can drop a Cutlass and a Medal.

-> After Death:

Entering the Alchemy Lab you will find the Axe Knight which drops the Bronze
Cuirass and if you are up to a challenge, get him to drop the AxeLord Shield,
after that, just continue and defeat Gaibon and Slogra.

In the Marble Gallery there isn't much to do unless you're looking for some
Pentagram harvesting from the Ctulhu or maybe in the corridor full of

If you feel like gaining an edge over the enemies, try to get a Talisman from
the Bone Musket's in the Outer Wall, this normally useless item will turn the
tide now with your high luck.

When you reach the Long Library you can take on the 'sub-quest' to raise
$500,000 to buy a Duplicator but that would make things too easy, right? If you
feel like it, the Spellbook's and Magic Tome's can help you by dropping $1,000
and $2,000, respectively.

-> From the Royal Chapel to the Castle Keep:

When you reach the Spectral Sword you can opt to change weapon if you feel
like having one of the Bastard Sword's it drops. And again, if you need it,
harvest some Turkeys off the Flea Rider's in Castle Keep. After you find the
Leap Stone go back to the clock room in Marble Gallery with a Clock as a
Sub-Weapon and use it to discover the passage towards the 'Alucart Equipment',
provided with these you will have 30 points added to your LCK and probably the
worst setup in the whole game, but it will prove be a powerful addition when
harvesting or hunting for items, and if you think about it, you now have at
your disposal 169 LCK (Luck Mode + Alucart Equipment + Lapis Lazuli + Luck
Potion) which can make almost any drop item obtainable (and make you almost
invinsible with a Talisman equipped).

-> From Olrox's Quarters to the Underground Caverns:

Here you will find the famed Paranthropus, and if you want to make this a
cheap game try to get a couple of Ring of Varda's, but you could also get them
to aid you on your item hunting (I did the same) but for the sake of Luck
Mode's challenge, be honest to yourself and use it for item hunting only.

If you feel like not using your shield and having even less defense but huge
amounts of ATT, try to obtain an Estoc from a Valhalla Knight, only do this if
you are confident with your skills, but you could also get the Shield Rod and
use your shields as weapons, it depends on you.

When you get the Gravity Boots you can go to the Long Library, to the room
under the Master Librarian where you can Super Jump and lift him and if you
keep doing this constantly (without letting him touch the ground) he will start
dropping items, most importantly the Ring of Arcana (which is better to have
than a Lapis Lazuli for item hunting purposes, in case you are wondering). For
him to drop this items LCK does not matter, only your real Luck matters here,
so be patient since the Ring of Arcana is worth it.

-> From the Abandoned Mine to the Catacombs:

You can add two Circlet's to your collection in the Abandoned Mine via Venus
Weed and Salem Witch, also make note of the Venus Weed which drops the useful
Heart Refresh, but of course, you'll only use it IF you are playing with Sub-
Weapons =)

When you reach the Catacombs try to obtain two Chakram's and see if you like
that strategy, fighting with two Chakram's equipped. If you still need more
gold, the Wereskeleton's drop Garnet's which sell for $5,000, but of course you
could go the easy way and use a Gameshark or similar device or perhaps the
infinite money glitch, and as always, it depends on you, the player.

-> From the Clock Tower to Richter:

Before reaching Richter remember to obtain the Flamberge from the Cloaked
Knight's and the Muramasa from the Vandal Sword's.

Anything else you want to do, go ahead and do it because we are heading to
the Second Castle now.

V - Second Castle

-> Beginning the Second Castle:

There isn't much to harvest in the Reverce Keep but a few Turquoise's if you'd
like from the Skull (this is Yorick's head and even if none of the Item List's
in GameFAQ's has it, it is an enemy which drops Iron Ball's and Turquoise's)
or perhaps you would like a Katana from the Tombstone's.

-> From Reverse Clock Tower to Forbidden Library:

After collecting everything in the Reverse Clock Tower, head to the Forbidden
Library and in the first room you will meet with two Schmoo's and two Lion's,
the Schmoo's will drop the famous Crissaegrim, be sure to get it if you'd like
to breeze through this game and the Lion's will drop the excellent Fist of
Tulkas, I personally recommend it.

If you are a magic user you may be interested in the Tin Man's Mojo Mail, if
else there is nothing much to do here than to rack up percentage and collect

-> From Black Marble Gallery to the Olrox's Quarters:

In the hall preceding the clock you will find Guardians, you can get God's
Garb and the Great Sword from them, withouth getting into detail as to how many
level-ups you are going to experience while trying to get those items :D.

When you reach Olrox's Room don't forget to obtain the Covenant Stone and the
Mourneblade from the Azaghal and the Ring of Feanor from the Karasumen, there
are also Dark Armor and Dark Shield's from Malachi but those are not needed if
you don't want them.

-> From the Anti-Chapel to the Reverce Caverns:

In the Anti-Chapel don't forget these great swords: Masamune from the Black
Panther's, Vorpal Blade from the Archer's and Mablung Sword from the Spectral
Sword's, even if these swords faint when compared to the Crissaegrim it's nice
to give old Criss' a brake. Also get the King's Stone from the Imp's.

Only the Cave Troll's Nauglamir is of interest in the Reverce Caverns, other
than that, you should proceed with the game.

-> From the Cave to the Floating Catacombs:

The first thing to do is defeat Death for the Eye of Vlad, with it your LCK
can rank up to 179 (Luck Mode + Alucart Equipment + Lapis Lazuli + Eye of Vlad
+ Luck Potion), remember this setup when trying to harvest or obtain a certain
item that is giving you a headache.

When you arrive at the Floating Catacombs, watch out for the Wizard Hat that
Salome's drop and the Necklace of J dropped by Frozen Halves, other than that,
there isn't much to do left.

-> From the Reverse Entrance to the Necromancy Laboratory:

In here watch out for the Runesword and the Heart Brooch dropped by the Dodo
Bird, and if you feel like having 198 LCK, make one of the Orobourouses drop a
Lapis Lazuli and with the All LCK Equipment (Luck Mode + Alucart Equipment + 2
Lapis Lazuli's + Eye of Vlad + Luck Potion) you can make any enemy drop any
item within minutes. 

When you reach the Necromancy Laboratory you can obtain two new weapons from
the Lesser Demon's (Obsidian Sword and Holbein Dagger) but considering that you
are probably playing with the Crissaegrim and two Ring's of Varda you might
want to leave them behind.

If you are running low on Luck Potions and didn't got the Duplicator while on
the First Castle (and perhpas don't want to get it now) this is the best place
to harvest Luck Potions since the Bitterflies and the Imp's both drop them.

When you defeat Beezelbub go towards the left exit to find the second Ring of
Arcana, now I suggest you equip both Ring's of Arcana over 2 Lapis Lazuli's,
even if you have 40 LCK less, enemies will drop items faster.

-> From the Reverce Colosseum to Lord Dracula:

Only the Yasutsuna is of interest here, it's dropped by the Werewolves, other
than that you are free to go and defeat Dracula anytime you wish, unless of
course you still have something to do, otherwise, congratulations on passing
Luck Mode and as I have said several times in this FAQ, you are responsible for
how much of a challenge this game has been to you.

VI - Saturn Version

The only Saturn items of relevance that I am aware of are the Mana Prism's the
Will O' Wisp's drop (since it is so close to the beginning they may be helpful
if you are going to use magic) and perhaps the Double Blade Axe dropped by the
The Will O' Wisp's are in the Cursed Prison and the Gargoyle's I am writing
about are the ones in the Reverse Cursed Prison.

VII - Oddities in Luck Mode

-> Tactics Glitch:

Whenever you reach the highest luck point (198 LCK) go and watch some of the
Tactics the Master Librarian sells to watch how your LCK, among other stats,
affect the demo of Alucard beating a selected monster, since you have such high
LCK you will get several critical hits in which the 'Demo Alucard' can easily
kill the monster and Alucard will still keep fighting, the air that is.
It seems that for most people this glitch will only work if you have a constant
source of high LCK, like a Gameshark or [pec].

Another thing that happens here is that since you are in Luck Mode, almost any
hit 'Demo Alucard' receives will send himflying over the screen, and he is
easily killable, any boss which has different forms will be able to easily kill
him/you (even Shaft since Dracula appears after his death), the problem here is
that if 'Demo Alucard' get's killed, don't forget to press start since his
death means your death (that's why I say him/you).

In case you are wondering, you can modify other stats in the same way.

-> Missing Letters:

This has only happened to me when playing in Luck Mode, it is that some
letters in the memory card check are gone when you save in the Second Castle,
but fear not this is only a small glitch and nothing to worry about.

-> A Game Within a Game:

If you want to start a game withing a game, you have to kill Dracula in the
tactics demo with 'Demo Richter' wether it is by a glitch or with a Gameshark
code, like the Hyper Hydrostorm one, when Dracula is dead the game will start
you with Alucard in the beginning but this 'sub-game' won't last long since the
tactics have a pre-established time which they won't go over, after that time
has expired the tactics will end.

-> Freezed Ending:

This is only if you are really bored that you want to see a freezed ending.
First you need a constant source of high Attack and high STR (Gameshark will
do), then select the Lord Dracula tactic and just watch 'Demo Alucard' defeat
Lord Dracula and then after the FMV you'll see the freezed ending, this is due
to the fact that the tactics the Master Librarian show don not show any
dialogue and the ending for some reason has to show them, thus, instant freeze.

VIII - Credits

JZeth (Justin Zeth) - For his great EarthBound FAQ and for the bookjacket idea.

ZKeene (Zach Keene) - For his excellent Castlevania: SOTN FAQ, role model of
this one.

PaleDim - For helping out with this FAQ.

Zancig - For his nice (but old) Item Checklist

Skultera - For his Monster Item List.

CJayC - For GameFAQs, it's guides and it's extensive forums, the best thing
since dating.

GameFAQs Castlevania:SOTN Forum - For their questions, answers and inspiring
words, withouth knowing it, they inspired me. Special thanks go to the ones
who have inspired me in writing this guide: PaleDim, Zach Keene, MalewereCat,
among others.

Konami - For Castlevania and countless games which have inspired countless

IX - Legal Disclaimer

Copyright 2010 Guarocuya Batista Kunhardt.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
academic use. It may not be placed on any web site besides GameFAQS.com or
otherwise distributed publicly without advanced written permission. Use of
this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and constitutes a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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