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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

This addictive Puzzle Game Has it All!

So you’ve played all the puzzle games you can handle, eh? Tired of tetris clones but still itching for a game with both originality and that same feeling of craving? Baku Baku is one of the best games of this genre yet!

Years ago, when this game came out, the store I worked for got this game as a demo and soon the addiction spread through the whole store. We played it on our breaks, lunches, even came in on days off to sit and play this game.

At first glance, Baku Baku is nothing more than your ordinary Columns clone. You have little blocks that fall down the screen and your job is to arrange them so that different animals get their favorite foods instead of the normal colors. Rabbits eat carrots, dogs eat bones, monkeys eat bananas, mice eat cheese, and pandas eat bamboo. When you line up any food next to its hungry animal, the animal’s head comes out of its block and eats all adjacent blocks that have its food on them.

Sounds pretty cute, huh? Well, that’s one of this game’s high points. Just watching the little dogs and mice munch their way across the screen is fun, and they make little munchie noises too. But seriously this game is extremely addictive. You are dealing with up to ten different blocks (five animals, five foods) and each comes down in random patterns of two. It’s not a rare occasion when you are pulling your hair out because your screen is filled with bones and the computer keeps giving you the wrong animal!

Like most puzzle games, this has different types of settings and you can even try to become the royal Zookeeper by battling against computer opponents.

I can’t recommend this game enough. It will hook you for hours, the animation is cutesy but colorful, the music and sound is nice, and for anyone who likes a good game to enjoy this one is worth hunting out.

Rating: 10

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