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Guide and Walkthrough by NeoGML

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/15/2002

Assault Suit Leynos 2 FAQ
by -=NeoGML=-
v 1.0
Last revised on 2/15/02

Legal Krahp:

All work in this FAQ is copyright 2002 Matthew Lim. No part of this FAQ may be used without permission, nor can
it be hosted without my permission. Blah blah blah blahbitty blah blah. Don't plagiarize.


I.   Controls
II.  The Screen
III. Missions
IV.  Options/Functions
V.   Weapons
VI.  Contact

I. Controls:

D pad/Joystick = Maneuver suit

X, Y, Z        = Top 3 functions (See Section II and IV for more on this)

A, B, C        = Bottom 3 Functions (See Section II and IV for more on this)

R              = Dash mode

L              = When in manual fire mode, fix aim (See Section II and IV for more on this)

Start          = Pause/Config Menu

II. The Screen

The play screen looks somewhat like this:
|   __   ____________    __________________  |
|  /  | |            \  |     |      |     | |
| |  /   \     2      | |   4 | 5    | 6   | |
| |1|    |____________| |_____|______|_____| |
| |  \   |      3     | |   7 |  8   | 9   | |
|  \__|  |___________/  |_____|______|_____| |
|                                     10     |
|                                            |
|                                            |
|                      13                    |
|                                            |
|                                            |
|                                            |
|                                            |
|-----------| |-----|------------------------| 
|  |-----|  | | * * |                        |
|11|__12_|  | |\___/|                        |

1. Your energy meter. This is depleted as you use energy weapons or energy shields. 
If this gauge is empty, you can no longer repair.

2. Your life meter. This is constantly replenished as you take damage, because of the automatic
repair function in the game. Your suit will always automatically repair itself, as long as you have 
energy in your energy guage.

3. Alert messages. Things such as "MISSILE ALERT" or "DASH MODE" or "LOW ENERGY" will appear
here to let you know if something important is happening, usually about your status or incoming

4. Top function #1. Toggled/used by pressing the X button. all the functions are arranged in such 
a way that the six sections of the function grid correspond to the saturn 6-button layout.

5. Top function #2. Toggled/used by pressing the Y button. Using default settings, this button
will toggle/use the item/weapon you have placed in the slot.

6. Top function #3. Toggled/used by pressing the Z button. Using default settings, this button
will toggle Manual/Auto aim modes of fire.

7. Bottom function #1. Toggled/used by pressing the A button. Using default settings, this button
will toggle/use the item/weapon you have placed in the slot.

8. Bottom function #2. Toggled/used by pressing the B button. Using default settings, this button
will make your suit jump when tapped, and will use your suit's boosters when held or tapped again. 
When in space levels, this button gives you an extra speed boost.

9. Bottom function #3. Toggled/used by pressing the C button. Using default settings, this button
will toggle/use the item/weapon you have placed in the slot.

10. The function grid itself. This grid can be completely customized between missions, by selecting 
"Weapon" and then "Change" in the pre-mission suit config menu. the layout corresponds to the saturn 
6-button layout. this can be fairly overwhelming to use at first, but is a great tool when mastered.

11. The radar. Blue dots are friendly units, red dots are enemy units. smaller orange dots are 
missles or other large projectiles fired by enemies.

12. the smaller red square within the radar. this shows your range of vision, and it gets larger
if a longer range weapon is equipped, smaller if a shorter range weapon is equipped. the larger 
this is, the more zoomed out the camera will be.

13. The playfield. This is where all the action happens. blah, self-explanatory.

14. Messages. People will call you and talk from time to time, regarding the mission. Their face
will appear on the left, and their dialogue will appear on the right (no, the faces are not THAT 
detailed ^_^). Unless you can read japanese, this won't really be of much help to you. Note that
this isn't always on the screen, only when people say things.

III. Missions

Mission 1:

Goal: Kill everything.

Difficulty: Medium

This mission starts off in a forest, where there are plenty of enemies for you to spray down. 
Because this is your first mission, your weapons are fairly limited. It's best to use your 
machine gun on the early enemies, and to save your shotgun and missiles and strong rifle for 
the boss at the end of the level. Try not to try and kill EVERYTHING. Your main goal should be to 
conserve ammo and progress. when it seems you hit a "wall" in a foresty area, kill stuff and wait
for someone to say something on the message box and then you should be able to proceed. 
When fighting the boss, after killing one or two of its main guns, it'll start shooting very 
powerful pink shots at you, use your shield or dodge them somehow. The shotgun should be your
main weapon when fighting this boss.

Mission 2:

Goal: Survive/Kill everything

Difficulty: Medium

This mission starts out in a space-station type place, where rocks will fall on you. Just pretty much
Kill everything. When you see a transmission with a pilot face saying "3...2...1...", move out of the way,
cause a huge beam is coming toward you. This is the main gun, which is large, and can be reached by going
northeast, towards the top right of the screen. Get behind it, and kill it. There are a few challenges here
and there when you get in. I think there is a boss at the end, not completely sure.

Mission 3:

Goal: Survive as long as possible

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

This mission is pretty much an arena battle where you fight another suit one on one. your life is 
recharged each round, but your ammo stays the same, so you should conserve ammo if you aren't 
busting at the seams. I don't believe there is a way to fail this mission.

Mission 4:

Goal: Protect the F%#!ing convoy

Difficulty: Hard

This mission gave me quite a bit of trouble, before i figured out how to beat it more efficiently. Even 
then, it's still hard. After killing the two ships in the beginning, and talking to the 
first partner you meet, just dash all the way to the convoy, kill the ship and suit, and then just 
dash on ahead of the convoy. you have to really pay attention to your enemies, you should try 
and take care to kill everything ahead of the convoy, so that you're not struggling to defend and 
kill stuff at the same time. Also, you need to watch for land mines dropped by ships. If the fuel 
truck ever explodes "mysteriously", this is why. You need to tripthem yourself, they won't do too 
much damage and you always have your repair. In order to deal with the larger, more powerful suits, 
i used a PR-FS1 long-range, powerful laser rifle. You still will have to do a bit of chasing, but 
it sure beats using the machine gun against them, which can take insane amounts of time.

Mission 5:

Goal: Kill Everything

Difficulty: Medium

This mission is your first space mission. It's pretty funky, flying is fun. Just go thru and kill 
everything,The only real hard enemy you'll meet is the big pink ship at the end of the level. It's 
kinda toughto kill, (if you don't have a laser gun like L-10000) but not that hard, chase it 
around, avoid it's "split attack", and watch out for the powerful pink shot.

Mission 6:

Goal: Kill everything

Difficulty: Hard

Here, you start off on a "carrier" type thing, and are launched off into space. I used a laser weapon 
called the L-10000. It's a great great weapon, it's very powerful and it homes in quite nicely. Works
well against the many pink ships you'll see here (well, they may not be pink, but they're the same
model. blah blah blah...). Soon, you'll find a big station that you'll have to go into, this is where
it gets hard. There are two entrances, one has large flaming blowtorches, the other has lots of enemies. 
My memory is kinda faint here, but i do know that you'll face a boss. It's another assault suit, he's not
so bad if you have the right equipment.

Mission 7:

Goal: Defeat the boss

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

This is the final mission. If you have the laser weapon (L-10000) it shouldn't be too bad, cause 
you can use that to take out more than half of the ship's arsenal. Take the rest out witht the machine gun, and 
note that you can't hit the front twin-tip machine gun with the laser. There's a very large green shot
that the ship does, which will kill you with one hit. Before doing this, the ship will bolt down very 
fast to get you in front of the gun, just be careful about this. When it appears you have nothing left to
shoot at, you must manually aim at the center red orb in the front, it's the weakpoint of the ship. it takes
a while, but if you fix your gun at an angle (using the L button after switching to manual mode and
aiming) it's not too bad. That's it, you're done. Enjoy the cool ending theme.

I'm pretty sure this is the last mission, but i think i did crappily when i played, so there may be more 
missions, but i'm not sure. I'll have to play through again. 

IV. Options/Functions


This is your power management tool. There is mobile power, weapon power, and repair power. I'm quite sure
that Mobile power is how fast you move, and i do know that Weapon power is the amount of power you need to 
run all of your weapons. I'm guessing Repair power is how fast you repair, but i'm not totally sure.


This is the weapon equpping function. To equpi a weapon, select it, and choose where you want it on the
function grid.


These are little "boosters" to your power. There are Power, Weapon, and Mobile devices, all of which increase
your base power. 


this equips/unequips different armors. They all have different stats, all that relate to the A, B, and C 
defense. The three different types of weapons, A, B, and C, are represented with their own color. 
The higher the line on the graph of that color, the higher the defense against that type of attack. 
What exactly differentiates from A, B, or C i'm not 100% sure of, but it looks like A is bullet, 
B is (i have no B weapons, i have NO IDEA :P), and C is laser/fire... or something.


Selects different suits. I never really had to use this feature, i played through the entire game with suit #2.
Maybe for you non-suck players, it'll be useful :) But as for me, I just like #2 the best, it just looks the coolest.


You should be brutally slapped if you don't know what this does.

V. Weapons


Not much i know about this. Half the stuff in that little window i have no idea what means, But i think
The 3 numbers are the amount of damage per range, but that doesn't completely make sense. The two numbers
next to the semicircle have something to do with the angle you can fire in, but i'm not so sure about their
significance. I also don't know why you simply can't equip some items, i think it has something to do with
suit incompatibility, i wouldn't know because i only have 3 different suits at this time of writing.

I guess i could tell you what the numbers are in the weapon name-boxes. here's a diagram:
|   MG-800    |
|(54)       50|

The top of the box tells the name. the number in parenthesis is the total amount of clips, and the number 
to the right indicates the # of shots per clip. Some weapons look like this:

|   L-10000   |
| |_________| |

Top of box is, again, the name, the bottom shows a meter. In this case, the weapon ultimately draws from 
your energy meter (read section II), and the meter depletes as you hold the button down. It'll recharge
after you release the button. Some weapons/items have a number next to the meter, such as Screen 2, which
is a shield. I think that the number will deplete as you use an entire meter, but i'm not 100% sure.


MG-: machinegun

GG-: Gatling Gun

SG-: Shotgun

ASR-: ??? all guns are some form of rifle

MSL-: Missles

PR-: Another type of rifle. Maybe stands for Plasma Rifle?

L-: Laser

NPM-: I'm guessing it stands for Napalm. All guns bearing this prefix seem to be flamethrower type weapons.

RL-: Have no idea. When i select it for a picture it shows a rotating ? mark, but i only have one of these.

-BZ: Bazooka/Rocket launcher

PUNCH: the obvious

SHIELD: ditto

SCREEN: ditto again. This is a forcefield type weapon, and allows you to move while using it. 

VI. Contact

E-mail: NeoGML@Hotmail.com
ICQ UIN: 115822930

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