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  1. I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, so forgive me if i'm posting wrong.

    I installed the PPSSPP emulator on my android and got a rom of the game (the A.I was playing the whole game for me basically) but i messed up by not getting the Decoy spell before level 35 and i decided to restart the game. So i was checking about how the crafting system was bad and bumped on a mod for the game called "One Vision", it says it changes a lot of things including balancing of classes and fixing the bad crafting system, i decided to restart the game in this mod.

    I followed all the instructions from the mod, download the UMDgen and dragged the bin and the 03E8 file to the rom of the game, and then deleted the previous version that was in my android and put only the mod version in there.

    Then i opened the game and noticed that the sprites has changed collors, but also noticed that my save states were still there.. I keep playing until that point where Vyce attacks Hamilton, and just when the next cutscene is about to start, the game crashes. I tried it again and it crashed again, then i download 3 different emulators and all crashed in that same spot.

    I also tried to clear the cache of the emulator and it didn't worked, my save files were still there even after i cleared the cache.. The only thing left to do was go back to the original version, but for my surprise, the same error happened.

    If someone have a solution for this, please help me.. I have tested this on the emulator on Pc and it didn't crashed (at least not up to the 2º cutscene), but i'd really rather play on android since it's available for me for the most part, if i can't play the mod i want at least to be able to play the original version.

    User Info: Kayderim

    Kayderim - 10 months ago


  1. Edit: I managed to fix it, i think the error happened because i clicked on "install data" on the game's options and closed the emulator before finishing, i clicked there again and wait until it finished, and i was able to pass the cutscene and i'm on my way to finish the first chapter.

    Loving the mod by the way.

    User Info: Kayderim

    Kayderim - 10 months ago 0 0

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