PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From darkstar-x97 (03/10/2015; 58KB) Almost 99% complete
  2. From man0On0Fire (11/06/2010; 27KB) game beaten on normal with everything unlocked and upgraded (only ghost of sparta costume missing)
  3. From Lord_Strife (11/08/2010; 30KB) Game saved on hero difficulty right before final boss, max most
  4. From C_o_u_d_06 (12/19/2010; 35KB) Ghost of Sparta Costume Unlock Exept Robot and Legionnaire
  5. From L_Krieger (04/19/2020; 58KB) Has all costumes and relics. Life, Magic and Thera's Bane bar maxed. All special abilities n' magics at maximum lvl. All Challenge of the Gods completed. All extras from temple of Zeus already bought.

PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From prayag90 (05/15/2013; 58KB) 100% GAME COMPLETE
  2. From jonaysalas (06/27/2011; 58KB) Difficulty: Normal, Mode histrory: complete, All in arena mode and a lot of costumes
  3. From Hayoam (12/05/2010; 30KB) Game Saved On Very Hard Mode (God Mode) Right The Final Boss Thanatos
  4. From S_e_p_h_i_r_oth (11/05/2010; 27KB) Profile data, game completed on easy + everything is unlocked outside the main game (arena, trials, etc)
  5. From monckton (09/14/2011; 27KB) Ultimate Save game completed in all difficulties, temple of zeus completed, all costumes plus 99999999 red orbs.

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