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Guide and Walkthrough by WhiteRaito

Version: 0.30 | Updated: 11/12/2010

        1000000001                     101    000               0000       
       000000000000              1111  000     01               1000       
       100000000001             0000000000000  0      100000      1        
         10000001               1000000000011 101     1001100 1011 11110   
     11    101                        1001  1000000   1001 10   11 10      
   10001 11101111010000   00101      0000001   0 01   100011    000 0      
   10001111 0  101 10001 01   0      0110110   0 1     1000  10 101 0  11  
    111  01 0  101      0   0  0    10  0100  10 0        01 00  01 0  000 
        01 1001 101     00001  0    101 0 1   10 0     0  0      01 0   1  
        1111100          11   11    101 0     11 01  1001 011    0  0      
     111  1001 11111          0 100100110101  0   0  10000111    0  0      
  1111     001     11011     1  1011    0     0   101           101 0      
  1     111111111      111              0    10     111         10  0      
        11 000101                       0    1                     11      
           101                               0  11 11  1 11 11 11  01      
           10                              10                1  1  0       
           11                              1                               
           0000                         Zero no Kiseki ( Zero Miracle )    
           0  0                                                            
           0  0                                                            
           0  0                                                            
           11 0                                                            
   Author : Julyanto Wijaya a.k.a WhiteRaito
   Contact: whiteriderraito@gmail.com
   Ver    : 0.30
/  Table of Contents:                          \
|                                              |
| I.   Introduction               [INTRO]      |
|                                              |
| II.  Tips&Explanation           [0000T]      |
|      -Character overview        [Char0]      | 
|                                              |
| III. Walkthrough                             |
|      Prologue                   [Chap0]      |
|      Chapter 1                  [Chap1]      |
|      Chapter 2                  [Chap2]      |
|      Chapter 3+Intermission     [Chap3]      |
|      Chapter 4                  [Chap4]      |
|      Chapter Final              [ChapF]      |
|      New game bonus             [END00]      |
|                                              |
| IV.  Weapon List                             |
|      - Lloyd                    [WEAP1]      |
|      - Elie                     [WEAP2]      |
|      - Tio                      [WEAP3]      |
|      - Randy                    [WEAP4]      |
|                                              |
| V.Item lists                                 |
|      - Healing Items            [ITEM1]      |
|      - Food                     [ITEM2]      |
|      - Recipes                  [ITEM3]      |
|      - Cooking Material         [ITEM4]      |
|      - Books/Novels             [ITEM5]      |
|      - Battle items             [ITEM6]      |
|      - Interior                 [ITEM7]      |
|      - Fishing stuff            [ITEM8]      |
|      - Fish                     [ITEM9]      |
|                                              |
| VI.  Other Equipment                         |
|      - Armor                    [EQ001]      |
|      - Boots                    [EQ002]      |
|      - Accesories               [EQ003]      |
|                                              |
| VII. Quartz List + Arts                      |
|      - Earth element            [QU00E]      |
|      - Fire element             [QU00F]      |
|      - Water element            [QU00A]      |
|      - Wind element             [QU00W]      |
|      - Time element             [QU00T]      |
|      - Sky element              [QU00S]      |
|      - Shadow element           [QU00D]      |
|                                              |
| VII. Credits and closing        [CRE00]      |

I.Introduction >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [INTRO]

Hello and welcome to my Eiyuu Densetsu Zero no Kiseki walkthrough, as usual
I make a guide based on my first gameplay, so if something's missing feel
free to contact me and email me. As usual I made this guide so people that
don't understand japanese can play this game.

I made this guide while making my university final projects. So i think 
this will be delayed about twice longer than my Last Ranker walkthrough.
I hope I can finish this guide within two weeks for the main walkthrough and
one/two more weeks for the lists.

I am using hard mode for this Walkthrough. So may be when I said it's kinda
hard may be it's not for normal mode. Well,Nightmare mode is just not my 
thing lol except for Kingdom hearts series's critical mode :P

Change Log:
- Ver 0.10
  Make this walkthrough with some explanation and some stuffs (25/10/2010)

- Ver 0.20
  Chapter 2 Finished,some translation fixes,added missing things 
  that forgot to be written(28/10/2010)

- Ver 0.30
  Chapter 3 Finished,some content name changes and chapter junction

II.  Tips&Explanation >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [0000T]


- It's definitely impossible to complete all requests and records
  on the first gameplay. So don't worry too much if you missed things
  on your first play through.

- Heal often and save often I won't tell you to save at most of the time
  so, be sure to save before boss fights or after finishing quest etc.

- Most of location name is the same as the game implies, but sometimes
  I change the name to be easier to be remembered.

- Be sure to hit enemies from the back to get MAX party advantage to have
  a chance meet a Chance rush command.

- Trade your sepiths (crystal thingy you got from monsters after battle)
  with money, but don't trade them all. You need them to synthesizing quartz
  and open slots to your ENIGMA police license.

Craft System
Craft is a skill that can be used almost infinitely as long as you have CP
(Craft Points). You got CP when you are being hit by the enemies or you hit
the enemies. When your CP reaches 100 you can use S.Craft and remember
when you use S.Craft no matter how much your CP are all of them will be 
depleted. So make sure you have exactly 100/200 CP before casting S.Craft
for efficiency matters. The differences between 100 and 200 CP is the damage
when you got 200 CP (Max CP) the damage done to the enemies will be greater. 

You have 100 CP or more and casting a Tiger Charge (Lloyd's S.Craft)
and you'll only do 300+ damage to the enemies. When you use Tiger Charge
with 200 CP you'll do about 700 damage. 

Quartz system
Quartz can teach you arts a.k.a Spells different element of quartz
can give you different spells. It's also effecting your character status 
attributes such as HP,EP,Movement,Speed etc. When casting an arts it consumes
EP (energy point) and only can be restored by using items.

Chance Rush
Sometimes in boss battle you can get a SMT:Persona like team up multihits 
attacks. This usually shows up at a boss battle or when you hit enemy until
they're dizzy. 

Status effects
Status effects mostly only lasts for 3 turns as for buffing your characters.
A Bad status effects lasts depends on the spells/Arts. Some of them lasts 5
turns,9 turns. Some weapons also can casts status effect automatically when
it hit the enemies and this works for enemies too.

Character overview >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [Char0]
- Lloyd Bannings:

- Elie:

- Tio:

- Randy:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WALKTHROUGH <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Prologue [Chap0] 

After starting a new game you'll be inside a train, some event will occur and
you can move your party, head into the next area twice to get more events.
You'll be automatically back to the train to see more events. When you can 
move your character again,you will be at Crossbell city. 
|Area Name: Geofront A                                                      |
|Item List: Tia Herb X 2, Smoke Bomb X 5, Earth Water Fire Sepith X 20,    |
|           Seras Herb x1, Earrh Water Fire Wind Time Sky Shadow Sepith X 20|
|           ,Flame Zipper, Battle Scope X 5                                 |
|                                                                           |
|Monster List: Cockroaches,Gravebat, Needle Boy, Frost Gummy                |

Now you should enter the door infront of you. Before you can succesfully 
enter the door pres Square to open the menu and choose
now you can enter the door, you will found a healing statue here. Since your
HP and EP still full you don't have to check this. Continue to the next 
screen to do a tutorial battle. Choose the 1st option to do tutorial battle
then head to the next area,grab a [Tia's herb] inside a chest. Continue to
the next area.Hit the enemies on the map by pressing O and approach them to
get party's advantage. You can use Arts ( the symbol that looked like a
Double arrow surrounded Sphere that can cast a Magic alike power) but
the problem when using this is you take some delay at turn a.k.a unable
to do anything for several turn. If you got MAX party advantage by dizzy-ing
the enemies you have a chance to use a Chance rush ( a Persona like system
when all enemies down).

To the next screen, Fight a bug lookalike enemies and you can use Craft now.
A skill that immediately performed (no delay) but Using CP to cast. Cp gained
when you attack the enemies or being hit by them.

Against these bugs you surely want to dispacth your party to many directions
because your party sticks together at one spot,you'll be easily killed by 
their area attacks. After defeating these bugs, grab 5 Smoke bombs from the
chest and head south to get some Sepith than head into the next area by 
taking the northern path. 

Here you will learn S.Craft a limit break style for this game. When Your
CP reach 100 you can use it anytime by pressing Triangle button to open up
S.Craft menu and directional button arrow that corresponds with your 
character,the one that already have 100 CP has a blinking pic and as for the
one that haven't got 100 CP has a darker pic. Press the directional button 
that correspond with blinking pic and you'll be prompted to choose your enemy
to hit. You'll got [Sasmioli X2 and Fresh herb X1]. Continue to the next
screen and take the right path, the ladder that goes up can't be used now.
Take a Seras herb here and take an elevator at the next area. Head to the
north till a dead end area to take 20 Sepith of all elements. 

If an enemy missed it's attack you got a chance to counter them.

Head back to the elevator entrance, take the right path to get another
Tia's herb. Continue by climbing down the stairs to the next area.
Head inside the air duct and continue till you found a child there.

You should choose one of two option:
- Bring the boy back to the town
- Take the boy to find his friend

Choose whatever you like but I suggest to bring the boy. Head back into
the air duct and take a Flame Zipper accesories and head left to the next
area. Just an info for you, if the boy's dead inside the battle it means
auto Gameover so becareful :D. Head to the next area to get Battle Scope
X5 and proceed, heal your self at the statue and Save your game.

You should've know why is this Healing statue stands here. It means a boss
battle, just like other RPGs ;D

Another option choosing scene occured, choose option 2 and Fight:

Boss 1: Frost Gummy X 5
Tips: Saving your S.Craft before the battle bring advantages to you.
      Use Ether Burst at 2 middle gummy and it'll be defeated immediately.
      Aura rain to boost up your critical attack. Tiger charge to the Right
      or left Gummy and Crimson gale to the right gummy. Just hope that
      you're lucky so the Gummy won't attack the boys and if attacked just
      hope the gummy missed it's attack.

After some serial of events,you'll be at Special Support Section to meet
Sergei. When you can move Lloyd head upstairs twice and after the event
Go to Room 202 and 301 for some event then head to the 1st floor to see
more event. Now head outside after more and more events you'll get 1000 Mira
and your very first quest by checking the computer.

|Area Name: Crossbell City                                                  |
|                                                                           |
|Item List: CrossTimes 1, Ham recipe,Recipe Book,Crispy Fry Recipe X 2      |
|           Glenn J: Black Doctor [Novel],Baniraole Recipe                  |
|                                                                           |

Now head outside to Crossbell city, enter the weapon shop to buy some weapon
, and climb up the stair to reach Central Store. Head to Department Store
and buy Crossbell Times 1.Buy equipment and accesories upstairs, if you think
you need money you can exchange your Sepith crystal for Mira.

Head to Genten Quartz Shop. You can unlock one more slot for Orbment placing
by using Sepith to open the slot. You can also make an Orbment to equip.
Now go to West Street area by heading left from the Central Store area. 
Enter Morges bakery to get Ham recipe and Recipe Book. Now head back to the 
Central Store area and take the right path to the East street. Now enter a 
building that have a fish sign on it and go to the 2nd Floor and examine the
book to get a Crispy Fry Recipe X 2. Head South to Downtown area to see some
event. Head back to East Street and back to Central store.

Head north from Genten shop outside. Talk to a man inside Library to get your
first book/novel or whatever it's called. Now Head left to Entertainment
Area talk to Sofiu at Ice Cream's Stand to Get Baniraole Recipe. Head back
to the Central Hall and enter CSPD Office talk to a girl there, head back to
S.S.S and check the Computer there to see 3 more requests and 1500 Mira.

Request #1
Client: Crossbell Government
Task  : Defeat Megalo Bat

Now head back to Geofront A by Heading south from S.S.S area to the next
screen and turn left. Proceed into the Dungeon until you meet the second
Healing statue, Heal yourself then continue to boss area to fight Megalo bat.

Reward: 1500 Mira,5 DP

After defeating Megalo Bat proceed north and take the elevator. Continue
and Heal at Heal Statue. Head south and Back to the entrance. Now go to
Central Hall area and enter northern east building to accept the request.

Request #2
Client: Shion (Central hall)
Task  : Check Residential area missing people

Go to Residential Area by heading left by 2 screens from Central area.
Enter the top right house and examine a door. Now go to the Eastern
street enter the Fish building to see an event and talk with a man. Head 
inside a building left from Fish sign building near entrance to Waterfront 
area(It's called Acacia Inn).Now go to the Old town area by heading south
eastern from there, you'll fight some warriors and thugs because of story 
event.Head into Trinity Bar afterwards and choose option 2 when prompted.
After that,continue your quest by heading inside Lotus Heights and go to the
2nd floor top left room. Report to Shion to finish your quest.

Note: You can get a treasure chest from downtown there is a hidden path
      south of Trinity bar.

Reward: 1000 Mira,3 DP

Request #3
Client: Toronto (Millenium Hotel)
Task  : Find lost things inside Crossbell city

- Search for Toronto inside Millenium Hotel room
- Head into Department store and talk to Info receptionist for a wallet
- Talk to Fish seller at Eastern street to get a parcel
- Talk to a man at Harbor/ Waterfront area to get some info and talk to
  a walking woman to get a Ticket from her.
- Give all of the items back to Toronto.

Reward: 1000 Mira,3 DP

Now claim all of your reward by checking SSS computer and choose option 2.
Head back to Oldtown afterward and talk to a man that stands infront of a
warehouse. Head inside to battle Ward one on one.

Boss: Ward Lvl 6
HP: 1168
EXP: 52
Tips:Equip a water Quartz with you for Healing HP+ 2 is recommended.
     Heal when necessary and before he is defeated the fight ends. 

Head to Eastern street into a restaurant to dinner with Grace and talk to
Ward at Ignis and at Wage at Trinity, then head to CSPD to talk with an
officer and choose option 3 to get U material. Go to the Eastern street
and talk with Michelle in a building beside Fish sign building.

Hidden Request:
Client: Michelle
Task  : Answer her questions
Reward: 500 Mira,3 DP and + 2 DP if you got all the answers right.

Head back to SSS and claim your reward and go inside Sergei's room. Now
your task is to go to Grimwood law office at Western street to see an event.
Go to S.S.S to see more event, examine the wooden table to start a meeting
regarding this case. Choose the 3rd option when prompted.

Note: you can get a hidden treasure chest near the villa with plants
      from 1F.

After an event you'll be prompted to choose one party member. Choose whatever
you like,but I suggest you brought Tio because she is a healer. Choose the
2nd option to do so. Now you will fight against 2 Mafia with 3 character in
your party. Lloyd, Wage and the one that you choose before.

Boss: Mafia X 2 level 6
Tips: Just hit them with Arts/ Craft, Heal when necessary. They're not that
      hard to beat.
Drop: Tia herb, Smokebomb, S Tablet, Battle scope

After winning you'll see Grace came and all of the Mafia runs away then 
an event with Sergei. Chapter Prologue ends.

Chapter 1 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [Chap1]

Back inside S.S.S People are still debating about the Mafia incident, after a
long event,finally you'll regain control your over your character.

|Area Name: Crossbell City                                                  |
|                                                                           |
|Item List: CrossTimes 2,Elegant Vase(buy interior item),Fruit Juice Recipe |
|           Dash Set, Juicy Steak recipe,Lemonade                           |

Now check the computer to accept 3 more requests. Also try to check the 
Weapon Shop for new items, exchange your sepith for money if you wished. 
I suggest to buy Sledge Hammer for Lloyd,Raprashian for Tio,Stinger 3 
for Elie and Crescent Axe for Randy.Buy Crossbell Times 02 and Elegant vase 
(price:1000 mira) from department store. Talk to Chroma at Juice stand at 
Central area to get Fresh Fruit Juice recipe. Now enter the Casino at 
Entertainment area to play games, buy some medals with Mira.Play Poker or
blackjack whatever you wished until you have 2000 medals to buy an armor and 
an Interior item Dash Set, or if you patient enough have 5000 medals to get
the armor for everyone. I personally only need to get 1 and equip that to 
Lloyd.Now head to Western street and enter southwestern building look for
Reite here to get Juicy Steak's recipe.

Go to Eastern street to get Lemonade from Barra an old woman inside the 
eastern house. If you want unlock some Quarts slot at Genten,after that
let's do some sidequest ;D.

Request #4:
Client: IBC receptionist (IBC building)
Task : Have 30 Sepiths for all attributes and exchange them at IBC for cash
Note : If you lack of sepiths go to Geofront A to farm some
Reward : 1000 Mira,+ 3 DP

Request #5:
Client: Library Receptionist (Central area)
Task : Collect 3 Books that haven't been returned by the borrowers

- Talk to Raymond inside CSPD building to get the 1st book (near vending mach
- Talk to a man inside a room at Acacia Inn 1F (he is at the eastern room)
- Talk to a girl inside Bellheim apartment at Western Street( her room is 
  located near a room where you got Juicy Steak recipe, the first room
  you find after climbing down the stairs from the entrance)
- Finally give all the books to the receptionist

Reward : 1000 Mira , +3 DP

Request #6 (1/2):
Client: Oscar (Morges bakery, western street)
Task : Help Oscar and Benette to collect ingridients.

- Talk to Oscar inside the bakery
- Talk to Benette a girl inside the bakery
- Collect the ingridients [2 Fish meats, 5 beast eggs]
you can't get those ingridients to drop for now, so lets continue with
the story.

Reward : 1000 Mira , +3 DP

|Area Name: Crossbell Eastern path                                          |
|Item List: Tiara Herb, 10X Water Sepith,Lesser Jacket,Silver Brooch,       |
|           10 X Water sepith, 20 X All sepith,Steel list, EP Charge 1,     |
|           Earth Sepith X10,Seras herb,Tia Herb,Grass Hopper,Cool Necklace,|
|           U Material, Magic Blade Quartz,20 X All sepith,Attack 2 Quartz, |
|           EP Charge 1                                                     |
|                                                                           |
|Monster List: Belga Bugs,Grass Drome, Needle Boy,MedalSaucer,Negate Mad man|
|              Shining Bomb,Golden Axe,Killer Popo,Magmadrome,Met Hunter,   |
|              BadBeast Froger,Death Roller,Sasabander                      |

Note: The Shiny object can give a random element sepith, I write the sepith
      that I got on my play through, so if you got the different element
      it's okay. Sometimes the shiny objects also doesn't show up.

Now head to eastern street and take the eastern exit. After you missed the 
bus now walk until you meet an intersection head left to take Tiara Herb,
now take the upper path to grab 10 water sepiths on the ground and Lesser
Jacket from the chest and continue to the next area.

On this area you'll find an enemy called Snake Egg (It's the one who
dropped Beast eggs for request 6. Be sure to get 5 of them. You can compare
the writings by pressing Triangle Button and left directional button then
open the journal [Chapter 1] and see a quest that doesn't have any mark 
beside them. You can see exclamation mark for finished quest and a pencil/pen
mark for your main story. To see your ingridients it's the 5th tab from
your item list. The Beast egg should be at the top of your list.

Now continue to walk until you meet another intersection go to the left
deadend to get a Silver Brooch. Continue by crossing the bridge , head left
before heading to the next screen you'll got 10 X Water sepith on the ground.
Go to the right side to take 20 X All element Sepith inside the chest and
proceed to the next area.

Climb the ledge to take Steel List and EP Charge 1 from the chest. From the
chest containing Steel List head south to pick up Earth sepith X 10, proceed
forward until you see an event and take the left path into the next area.

After a very short walk,take Seras herb from a chest at your right. Continue
follow the path by hugging the left wall to grab a Tia Herb on the ground.
Continue until you are near entrance to the next area, head left to take
a GrassHopper(boots) from the chest. 

At the next screen keep moving forward until you see a chest containing
Cool Necklace, grab itu and continue forward until you reach refresh
area to see an event. Keep walking until you almost reach next area and take
a turn to the left deadend to get a U Material. When you're exactly infront
of an entrance to the next area grab a Magic Blade Quartz from a chest then
continue to the next area.

Keep walking until you meet an intersection to grab a Seras herb from the
chest. At the next intersection you'll meet a chest containing 20 X All
elemental Sepith. Continue to walk until you meet a bridge cross it and
take the northern path to open a chest containing 6 X Met Hunter and Attack 2
Quartz. Keep walking until you are near entrance and grab an EP Charge 1
from the chest and enter Armorica Village.

|Area Name: Armorica Village                                                |
|                                                                           |
|Item List: Omelette recipe,Novice Rod,Fishing note,Black Doctor:Glenn J 02,|
|           Crossbell City Town map, Model Car(interior)                    |

Ash Inn Shop:
Home Rice   800 Mira
Crispy Fry  200 Mira
Cream Sap   200 Mira

Reoir general store
Straw hat      800
Model car      1000
Tia Herb   200
Tiara Herb 800
EP Charge 1    500
Seras herb     500
Smoke bomb     100
Battle scope   100
Antidote       100
Soft liquid    160
Insult tape    100
Kairo extract  160
Relaxing Gel   100
Cooling Spray  160
Eye Drop       100
Mind Drop      160
Tonic          200
Sedative       200
S tablet       500
White rice     200
5 color Miso   200
Burning sake   200
Royal leave     20
Fresh Herb      10
Black pepper    10
Red pepper      10
Sasmioli        16
Honey Drop       4
Ground Salt      4
Fresh Flour      4
Fresh Milk     500 

Enter Ash Inn and check the board near receptionist to get Omelette recipe.
Go to the mayor house and after the event finished,talk to a man on the
bridge to ged a Novice Rod and Fishing Note. Talk to Harold inside Ash Inn 2f
then talk to the Ash Inn owner at the 1st floor(the one who sells you items).

Buy an Interior cost 1000 Mira at Reoir store,talk to everyone until
you see an event. Then head to Reoir store and talk to an old man to get
Black Doctor:Glenn J 02, check the Bus stop sign to start an event and
get Crossbell city Map, now you can freely teleport within Crossbell city.

Now talk to Benette to give her Beast eggs and continue with another request.

Request #7
Client : Ryuu (the child that we save at Chapter prologue) inside Bellheim
         apartment Western Street.
Task   : Find the cat's owner.
Note   : This quest doesn't appear on Terminal Computer at S.S.S talk
         to the client directly.
- Talk to Ryuu inside Bellheim apartment building.
- Talk to the Butler at Southwestern house (Residential area)
- Talk to a couple to hear about Sania at the house right next to the
  Butler's house.
- Talk to a Kid at 2F inside the house where you see Harold.
  (Harold is the one who gave you the city Map and drive you back to
   Crossbell from Armorica)
- Head to Western street to see an event
- Talk to Sania at northwestern area of Western street to finish the quest

Reward: 500 Mira, 5 DP

Now buy some Equipment,items,some Quartz and Quartz slot if you wished.
Head inside S.S.S to claim your reward and continue with the story by heading
outside S.S.S and take the Southeastern path and reach an exit to the south.
Examine the bus stop sign and continue hading south to enter Ursula Road.

|Area Name: Ursula Road                                                     |
|Item List: Coral Ring, EP Charge 1,Rune Cloth, Seras herb,Disturbance      |
|           Quartz 1,Tinkle Piece,Wind Sepith X 10,20 All element sepith,   |
|           Beef stew recipe                                                |
|                                                                           |
|Monster List: Gumaray,Death Cargo,Miminagamochin,Kesaran,Godean,Ocean Drome|
|              ,Backslash,Marimarmo,Tropical Archer,Fire Beetle,Kridva,     |
|              Bataflyer,Goldflyer,Camulflyer,Shining Bomb lvl 11           |

Just proceed to the next area, there is nothing in this area except a fishing
spot. Head left immediately to get a Coral Ring at the corner. Keep walking
until you see another chest on your left containing EP Charge 1 and 
walk a bit to battle a boss.

Boss: Gordian Lvl.13
Exp : 33
Resist : All elemental status
Drop : U material
Tips: Use Randy's Power Smash every turn to halt them from attacking.
      Heal when necessary.

Nursery Shop:
Beef stew    800
Onion Soup   800
Tia Herb       200
Tiara Herb     800
EP Charge 1    500
Seras herb     500
Smoke bomb     100
Battle scope   100
Antidote       100
Soft liquid    160
Insult tape    100
Kairo extract  160
Relaxing Gel   100
Cooling Spray  160
Eye Drop       100
Mind Drop      160
Tonic          200
Sedative       200
S tablet       500
Sterilized Mask 800

After beating the boss talk to the Bus driver to rest,heal yourself and
proceed to the next area. Head right to climb down the stairs and go to 
the left and right deadends to get Rune Cloth (fight some Backslash)and Seras
herb.  These Baccuras that drop the Beast Fish Meat for request #6, I suggest
you farm some of them. Continue to the south until you see another stairs.
Grab Disturbance 1 from the hidden treasure chest.

On the next area keep walking until you see a square shaped path walk around
it till you find a Tinkle piece. Keep walking until you see a stair to grab
Wind sepith X 10, ignore the stairs for now, you can't do anything there.

There is a fishing spot here you can try to meet a Shining Bomb here but
it's hard to find it since it was random. Keep going forward to take 20 X All
element sepith. Proceed to the next area to enter St.Ursula Medical Center.

Head to the Shop and talk to the seller to get Beef Stew recipe. Now enter
the Medical Facility main office to talk with Cecil. Go to the 3rd floor
for event. After the event head back to the 3rd floor roof for more event and
try to check some boxes at 2 F and the fences on the side of the gates.

There are 7 spots to examine here.
- At the right end of the 3 F
- Middle of the roof 
- Some fences near sheets
- Middle end of the map
- The fences near boxes
- White boxes
- Yellow boxes

Head back to the main office 2F, talk to the Nurse infront of Nurse center
to see more event. Now head to 3rd floor room 304 for event. Examine the
Bus stop sign to head back to Crossbell.

When you regain control let's finish request #6 since you should already
farming Fish meat and eggs.

Request #6 (2/2):
Client: Oscar (Morges bakery, western street)
Task : Help Oscar and Benette to collect ingridients.

- Talk to Oscar inside the bakery to give the ingridients

Reward : 1000 Mira ,+6 if you help Benette.

Check the terminal inside S.S.S to get your reward and 3 more requests and
1 more request that's not displayed on terminal computer.

Request #7 (not written on the Terminal)
Client : Lars (Chinese restaurant eastern street inn area)
Task   : Get a Mishi Dolls 
Play some game inside Casino or buy 200 medals from the casino and trade 200
medals with Mishi doll[Accesories]. Give the Doll to Lars.

Reward : 500 Mira, + 5 DP

Request #8
Client : Quatro (Crossbell train station 2F)
Task   : Check passangers
- Talk to Quatro inside the train station
- Enter the 2nd peron to talk with him again
- Talk to all passangers until you see an event
- Talk to a child and a youngman and you'll be automatically back inside
the train station peron

Reward : 200 Mira, + 5 DP

Now head into CSPD,talk to the officer choose the 2nd option to claim some 

Request #9
Task: Fight some monsters to clear her shop.
Client: Imelda Antique owner
- Go to Exchange Shop to talk with 2 girl there. (this is not for the quest
  but I think you should do this)
- Now go to the Backalley (west exit from Department store) and talk to
  the owner
- Head into Imelda Maison at Old town to defeat all monsters inside.
  There are treasure chests containing All sepith X40 in total and a Long
  Barrel here.
- Head back to the entrance to see an event with wald
- Go to the basement to see newly opened path and enter it to fight
  all monsters and take Spliter (boots) form here and climb the stairs
  to see more event,take Fiber coat from the chest and enter the door to
  fight a boss with Ward. If Ward dies it means gameover.
Reward: 2000 Mira + 4 DP

Request #10 (can't be done now so lets continue with the story first)
Client : A man on the Mainz Trail road
Task   : Defeat Follwash X 2

Reward : 2000 Mira, + 4 DP
Buy some Seras Herb, Tiara Herb and EP charge before proceeding to
residential area of Crossbell and take the northern exit to enter
Mainz trail.

|Area Name: Mainz trail                                                     |
|Item List: Dark Blade Quartz,All element SepithX50,Luminous Glass,         |
|           EP Charge 1 ,Tiara Herb,Engineer Boots,Seras Herb,Glenn J 03    |
|                                                                           |
|Monster List: Rock rattle, Humminggator,Ice drome,Nebendes,Eil Gummy,Hyutra|
|              armor (level 35 chest),Follwash(req 10),GilGilas,MadaraKiller|
|              ,Rocktopus,Rose,Sticky Slag,Mafia X2,Dobengaizer             |

Keep going forward taking the right path, talk to a Sister there.

Keep walking accors the bridge and take a Dark Blade Quartz at the west
corner and continue until you see an intersection ignore them and
head north. At the next screen keep going then turn left to get Shadow,Sky,
Time sepith X50 keep walking until you find a corner to grab Luminous Glass
at it's end, head to the next area afterwards.

At the next area ignore the right path,instead climb the ledge. I told you
to ignore the right path because in the end there is a level 35 monster 
inside a chest. Continue until you reach a big interection take the right 
path and enter the left corner to fight Follwash (req #10). keep going to
find EP Charge 1 and Tiara Herb keep climbing those stairs until you 
reach Rozenberg studio and retrack to the big intersection.

This time take the left path to enter Mainz Trail. After the event, follow 
the path and head north to the next area, ignoring the left path. Turn to
the right corner before proceeding the next area to grab Enginer Boots and
50 sepiths of fire water earth etc.

Head to the next area and choose option 3 when prompted, follow the path
and when you reach a ledge to climb take the 2nd right ledge to get
a Seras herb at the end and head to the next area afterwards.

Enter the Mainz Mining town.

Mainz Shop (Inn):
Kill Nightmare 900
Juicy Steak    1200
Home made brin 400

Bakerei Shop (upstairs):

Glenn J 01    400
Glenn J 02    400
Safety Helmet 800
Tia Herb       200
Tiara Herb     800
EP Charge 1    500
Seras herb     500
Smoke bomb     100
Battle scope   100
Antidote       100
Soft liquid    160
Insult tape    100
Kairo extract  160
Relaxing Gel   100
Cooling Spray  160
Eye Drop       100
Mind Drop      160
Tonic          200
Sedative       200
S tablet       500
White rice     200
5 color Miso   200
Burning sake   200
Royal leave     20
Fresh Herb      10
Black pepper    10
Red pepper      10
Sasmioli        16
Honey Drop       4
Ground Salt      4
Fresh Flour      4
Fresh Milk     500 
Cheese          30
Fresh egg       10
Passion orange  20
Apple           20
7colored beans  20
Potato King     10
Onion           10
Carrot          10
Tomato          10
Tenderloin     100
White brybry   100

Enter the top Middle house to see an event,then talk to all villagers.
Return to the middle house to start a meeting.
Choose option 3,2,3,1,4,3 after the meeting go to the house located
southeastern from the map. Talk to the injured man in bed to get Black Doctor
Glenn J 03.

Buy items,etc before head back to the table inside Inn and press O button to 
initiate event boss fights (Save if you want before the boss fights).

Boss: Dobenkaizer X 3 lvl.16
HP: 2526
EXP :32
Tips: Save your skill for the next battle, try to make your party's HP and
      EP full before the next battle.

Boss: Dobenkaizer X 3 lvl.16 + Mafia X 2 lvl 16
Tips: Unleash everything and kill the Mafia that can heal first then
      Kill the Dobenkaizers and the last is the Hitter Mafia.
After series of events finally we enter the next Chapter.

Chapter 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [Chap2]

DAY 1:

When you gain control over Lloyd, check the terminal for 4 new requests.
Head to the Weaponshop to buy some new weapons.

|Area Name: Crossbell>> Armorica >> Tangram                                 |
|Item List: Espresso recipe,Pudding recipe,Carbonara recipe,Tiara Herb      |
|           Fisher Tackle,Heaven eye,Tiara Herb,All sepith X 40,Range quartz|
|           Boiled recipe fish,Sweet cake recipe,Dark Doctor: Glenn J 04,   |
|           Star Blast                                                      |
|                                                                           |
|Monster List: Fadkus,Shinogale,Purple Shallow                              |

Crosbell city 
Gilonto weapon shop:

Sledge Hammer   850
4NonPhenomenon 1800
Stinger III     900
Rastinel       1900
Raphrasian     1000
Supre Hi Coil  2100
Crescent Axe    950
Lyart Buster   2000

Lesser Jacket   800
Fiber Coat     1200
Grass Hopper    600
Engineer Boots 1000

Silver Brooch   500
Coral Ring      500
Marvel Ring     500
Luminous Glass  500
Cool Necklace  1000
Flame Zipper   1000
Mististor      1000
Tinkle Piece   1000
Steel List     1000
Floral Potter  1500
Holy Chain     1500

Now go to the Department Store to buy Crossbell Times 03 (Novel) for 100 Mira
at Sazack store.

Sazack Store:

Tia Herb       200
Tiara Herb     800
EP Charge 1    500
Seras herb     500
Smoke bomb     100
Battle scope   100
Antidote       100
Soft liquid    160
Insult tape    100
Kairo extract  160
Relaxing Gel   100
Cooling Spray  160
Eye Drop       100
Mind Drop      160
Tonic          200
Sedative       200
S tablet       500
Crossbell T 3  100
Elegant Vase  1000

If you wanna start to use cooking ability by now. You can check Legion food
store (the shop on the right 1F Department Store) to buy ingridients.

Legion Food:
White rice     200
5 color Miso   200
Burning sake   200
Royal leave     20
Fresh Herb      10
Black pepper    10
Red pepper      10
Sasmioli        16
Honey Drop       4
Ground Salt      4
Fresh Flour      4
Fresh Milk     500 
Cheese          30
Fresh egg       10
Passion orange  20
Apple           20
7colored beans  20
Potato King     10
Onion           10
Carrot          10
Tomato          10
Tenderloin     100
White brybry   100

At 2 F nothing new here so let's go to GENTEN shop to unlock some Quartz slot
and Synthesize some quartz if you want.

Here is the list of quartz that being sell by the shop now:

Earth:           Water:              Fire:                Wind:
Defense 1        HP 1                Strength 1           Move 1
Defense 2        HP 2                Strength 2           Move 2
Poison Blade     Anti Magic 1        Sealed Blade         Evade 1
                 Anti Magic 2                             Evade 2
                 Magic Blade                              Dark Blade

Time:            Sky:                Shadow:
Action  1        Hit 1               EP 1
Action  2        Hit 2               Spirit 1
Disturbance 1    Ministry EP 1       Spirit 2
Disturbance 2    Hawk Eye            Information

Check some food if you need to buy.

Juicy Steak 1200
Carbonara    400
Sweet Cake   600
Crispy Fry   200

Morges Bakery:
Bacon Roll    1000
Tomato Burger 3000
Espresso       500
Baniraole      400

After finish buying things, go to old town area. You can find Guillaume
Factory a Weapon mod shop. Unequip the weapon that you just bought and
remodel them using U Material.

Let's start by taking items, first get Espresso recipe from a cook inside
Morges bakery, then head to library 1F examine the bookshelf for Pudding

Let's do the accepted requests for now before continuing with the story.

Request #11
Client: Wendy (GENTEN shop)
Task  : You should use Hollow Sphere arts once. By having 6 Shadow elements,
        3 Water and 3 Wind elements on your character Hollow Sphere will
        shows up in your arts list (EP Cost: 40).

Reward: 1500 Mira, 4 DP

Note: If you can't do this because lacks of Sepiths to make Quartz you'd 
      better continue with the story first to farm some.

Request #12
Client: Government (no need to talk to anyone)
Task  : Beat Nephentes G at Western Crossbell exit (way to Tangram)

Head to western street and exit to Western crossbell path. Keep moving
until you see a treasure chest at the right corner containing Seras Herb.
At the next corner you'll find an EP Charge 1. Onto the next screen keep
walking straight (ignoring a circle like path that hold a treasure chest
containing level 30 enemies) until you reach next corner to find
Vision type sepith X 60. When you meet an intersection choose the right upper
path to get a Tia Herb. At the next corner you can find a Mappet (acc),
keep walking onto the next area.
At the next screen turn at the first corner to find an EP Charge 1.
On the next area you'll meet the boss for req 12.

Tips: Use Lloyd's tiger charge to paralyze one of them,then summon Zaido
      to delay their attacks. Heal with Elie's Holy Bullet when necessary
      When those plants are atk delayed,attack with Tio to fill her CP gauge
      then repeat to summon Zaido. Use Randy's Power Smash to help delaying
      their attacks until Tio has enough CP to Summon Zaido.
Reward: 2000 Mira, 4 DP

After doing this quest, you should have Sepith to do quest 11 if you haven't
before. Now go to the terminal to claim your rewards.

Now go to Armorica by checking the bus sign to do 2 more quest. Talk to
Angea a house just right beside General store Reoir. Now head inside mayor
house and talk to him to get a key to Tangram,get outside the village and
let's do some walk.

Outside Armorica village keep walking 2 screens ahead until you see an 
intersection with a wooden fence. Now it's time to finish this quest
by killing a Fadkus. A KusKus like enemy (KusKus is a special animal
that only lives in tropical region). They appear in a pack and be sure to 
blind them using Randy's Bomb. They can use a Dizzy gas rendering you
vulnerable to their attacks.

Here you can grab Fisher Tackle from the right corner and Tiara herb at the
end. Return to Armorica after you killed those Fadkus. From Armorica
keep walking until you see Tangram gate and continue south to the next screen
when you meet an intersection, take the right one.

At the next screen keep walking until you see another intersection
and choose the right one to get Heaven eye from the chest then continue to
take the left square like path to get a Tiara Herb and proceed to the next

Keep walking until you see a big corner on the left to get 2 treasure chests
containing All sepith X 40 and Range quartz. Ignore the next intersection
and the chest containing LV 30 enemies and enter Tangram Gate.

Buy a Boiled Fish from the cook here then talk to him to get Boiled Fish 
recipe. Head to 2 F middle room to talk with Sania and do...

Request #13
Client: Sania (Tangram Gate HQ)
Task  : Training battle with soldiers

Reward: 3000 Mira + 4 DP (special bonus +3)

Note: Choose the 2 option to get bonus DP
After the battle Head right and continue to the end. There is a chest
containg Soul Jas and return to Crossbell afterwards by examining the 
bus stop sign (the nearest sign is about 2 screens west from Tangram Gate).

Return to S.S.S after the phone call. Meet Lishia Mao your next client for
the main story . Claim your rewards from computer terminal and head to Arc 
an Ciel (a pun for Larc en ciel a japanese band name).

Now go to Back Street to see an event with Mafia to meet Levache. Choose 2nd
option when prompted (outside Levache and co. building backstreet). Head
to Grimwood law office for event and start to talk to these people for
DP bonus.

- Seller inside Morges Bakery (Oscar) and Reite inside Bellheim.
- Michelle (the one who gave you your first hidden quest),a grandma and a man
  inside Fishing guild.
- Wage ( Drinking man)and Besse (infront of the game board)
- Ashley inside Exchange shop
- Ward inside Ignis
- Bartender inside Garante (Back street/alley)
- Water front (2 men inside CNS and 1 man near the cart)
- Owner (2F Casino)
- A Police at the middle of Central shopping area and 2 men inside Gilonto
  weapon shop.
- 2 man inside Millenium Hotel

Now head to Waterfront area to enter the top right house, Black Moon Trading
company or Heiyue to meet Xiao on the top floor. Head to the entertainment 
area inside Theater then Residential area. You'll see a new house has been 
unlocked downstairs.

Enter the new House and head to 2F to find Sweet Cake recipe and talk to
the butler for Glenn J 04 book. Head to Imelda shop to talk with Ren and
Imelda's owner. Headback to S.S.S to see an event and walk to the rooftop to
obtain a [Star Blast] a Dual Craft.

DAY 2:

|Area Name: Crossbell>> Bellguard                                           |
|Item List: IBC Card,Fleshpot recipe,Glenn J 05,U Material, EP Charge,      |
|           Streaker Sigma, Vision Sepiths X 60, Tiara Herb                 |
|                                                                           |
|Monster List: Black Belga Bug,White Belga Bug,Bitewolf, KnockJack          |
|              Black Hunter,Popokusari,Fire lizard,Bitter tomato man,Medal  |
|              Beetle,Ebony Drome                                           |

Now check the terminal for 4 new quests.

Request #14
Client: Government
Task  : Defeat Savage Horn  (From Tangram Gate head west 2 screen)

Tips: Use Randy's Bomb and Summon Zaidos. Try to save CP for S.Craft
      before battle. They hit hard but if you make them paralyze
      or blind, they're as good as dead.

Reward: 2000 Mira , 4 DP

Request #15
Client: Abbas (inside Trinity Bar, Crossbell)
Task  : Training with His squadron  
        - 2 sets 4 Testaments 
        - 1 set of 8 Testaments
        Talk to Abbas after the battles to get an item.

Tips: Spam your area skills and nothing's to worry about :D especially
      Zaidos and Randy's bomb.

Reward: 2000 Mira , 4DP,and +5 bonus if you defeat them all

Request #16
Client: Rago (a bald proffessor inside St.Ursula Medical College Hospital)
Task  : Bring Lupin Grass for him
        - Talk to Archbishop inside Mainz Trail Crossbell Cathedral
        - Talk to a man inside His office to get the grass
        - Return to the Proffessor

Reward: 1500 Mira,3 DP

Side Trip:
Enter Mainz mountain from the Top of Mainz town.Head east and down the stairs
to reach B1F.

Head south to grab a HP 2 and head north to grab Tiara and Seras herb.
Follow the path and head south when you can to get an Armor.

Request #17
Client: Sansan(a waitress inside Chinese restaurant eastern street)
Task  : Catch 5 Fish for her

Before catching fish let's search for the bait first to get Max DP.
You can get the best bait (Worms) it's listed on your last tab.
Worms is written with 2 of (3 straight line).Try to use google translate if
you are still confused try to type 3 and translate it using Chinese
simplified font.

It dropped from Death cargo (a snail look alike enemies). After getting those
Head back at the very first Fishing spot Crossbell->Ursula pathway. Examine a 
mark near a drown Shrine. Choose 1st rod then Mimisu/worms. 

Reward: 1500 Mira,3 DP + Spicy Fried rice recipe

That's it for now time to continue with the story ;D. Go to
Mainz's general store to meet Harold,Joshua and Estelle. Then head to IBC
Crossbell for event. Talk to receptionist to get IBC Card go to the
16 F by using elevator and head into Director's room to see Maribell and
enter the elevator to access the main computer. Finally head outside
IBC and enter Crossbell City Hall to get a Key to Geofront B from a

Now let's do some side trip to get 1 recipe and 1 Book
Head to Bellguard gate via bus or walk, but I prefer to use Bus first
and take the treasures when return to Crossbell. Head inside and talk to a
cook Stella to get Fleshpot recipe, head upstairs to talk with an officer
to get Black Doctor: Glenn J 05.

You'll meet a treasure chest containing an U Material here at your first
corner. At the next corner you'll find a EP Charge II, at the next screen
keep walking until you see a corner near intersection to fight lizard
like enemies to get Streaker Sigma. Go to the southern corner to get
Vision type Sepith X 60 (Time,Sky,Shadow) and Tiara Herb near a stone
bridge south of the Sepith chest. Now head back to the Bus stop sign at the
intersection to return to Crossbell,heal and save your game afterwards.

|Area Name: Geo Front B  & Stargaze tower                                   |
|Item List: All sepith X 80,U Material,EP Charge 1,Tiara Herb,Soul Jas      |
|           EP 2 Ministry Quartz,Curia Herb,Cheese Pizza Recipe,Tiara Herb  |
|           ,Curia herb,Drive Quartz,Seras Herb,Mappet,Aceras herb, EP2,    |
|           ,Curia herb,Tiara Herb, Holy Chain                              |
|                                                                           |
|Monster List: Ginoneer,Blood Monad,Torso B,Jet Tortoise,Torso DX,Living    |
|              Armor, Living Axe,Living Shield,Shadow Beast,Parrot Snake,   |
|              Death Ragger,Iron stack (chest Lv 40 3F), Gin (Boss)         |

Go to Residential Area,climb down the stairs. You can examine a wall to
enter Geo Front B here. Keep walking straight until you have 2 path to choose
choose the north path and keep mocing to the end to reach a part of Crossbell
grab All sepith X 80 there. Head back and take the right path to grab an
U Material at the end of path. Retrack and take the middle door.

Follow the path until you meet another intersection. Take the left door
to grab EP Charge 1 then head north from the intersection to take the 
elevator. Take the east door and skip the path that can't be accessed by now.

Keep walking and head right to get a Tiara medicine then head left,south then
right. Climb down the stairs To open the treasure chest containing Soul Jas 
then turn the valve on. Head south to see the elevator where you came from
and take the right path to grab EP 2 Ministry from the treasure chest with 
the newly opened path.

Head back to the valve near the elevator head north grabbing a Curia medicine
along the way before heading to the next screen. Head left then turn the
valve at the next screen. Follow the path until you see a Healing Statue
and Heal... Boss time~~.

Boss: Torso B Lvl 18 X 4, Torso DX Lvl 18 X 1
HP: 1364 each, 4092
Tips: Hit them using area spells and be sure to walk away from them before
      they explodes. Randy's Salamender and S.Craft is really useful here.

Keep walking until you meet a room to see and you'll see the one who cause
the problem for IBC Computer. Check the table to get Cheese Pizza recipe.
Exit via air duct and head south to back inside Crossbell city.

It's time for the Hidden Request ;D Talk to a receptionist inside CSPD
building and choose option 2 for reward from Main HQ. Our Client is also
inside here.

Hidden request #2
Client: Pierre (1F CSPD building, a room near stairs) 
Task  : Find the lost ring when Pierre drunk
       - Talk to Zaido inside S.S.S 
       - Talk again to him and choose 2nd option
       - Examine a trail near the stairs of entertainment area
       - Examine a bench near Arc en Ciel sign 
       - Talk to all people inside Millenium hotel and exit by using another
         entrance near Back alley.
       - Enter Imelda shop to see an event
       - Enter Garante bar to talk with the bartender, examine a seat left
         from the woman,sofa and table. Then talk with the woman (Sandra) 
         to clear the request

Reward: 1000 Mira , + 5 DP

Head inside S.S.S to claim your reward from the terminal. Go to the South
Crossbell Bus stop sign, choose option 2 then head back one screen north.
Keep walking until you see a ledge (near Coral Ring treasure chest
at chapter 1)

Follow the path ,ignoring the left path and grab a Tiara Medicine then when
you reach a big intersection head left to get a Curia Herb and Drive Quartz.
Head to the next area to enter the Tower of Stargaze.

Note: This is a great dungeon to farm U Material since many enemies here
      drop them. Try to farm 20U Material for the next chapter Weapon

At the entrance you'll be prompted to battle Living Armor X 2. Follow the 
path to find a Seras Herb inside the chest, keep moving ignoring the chest
that can't be taken until you reach 2F.

Head left, take the stairs to get Stamp Jumper,head back to 2 F then walk
south to get a Mappet,Aceras Herb and take the stairs to the next floor.

Head left to exit from the circle path, ignore the chest containing high
level enemies here. Climb up the stairs to reach 4F 

Head right to get EP 2,then take the left one to get Curia Herb then
follow the path, climb the stairs.

Keep moving following circling path to get Tiara Herb and climb the stairs
to reach 6F.

Take the northern east path and climb down to 5F to grab Holy Chain.
back to 6F and heal at healing statue. Head upstairs to battle Gin.

Boss: Gin
Tips: Just concentrate to attack the real one, don't bother with his bunshin
      Try to max your CP before the battle to reduce His Hp about 3000-4000

After the battle choose option 3 and 2, then after a long event you'll
be back to Crossbell Theater Arc en Ciel. You should examine all the doors
enter all rooms and talk to all people inside here 3 times. Then a scene will
occur. Talk to the Arc en Ciel Manager infront of the desk, head to the right
door climb the stairs to see a reporter and enter the room for a very(looong)
event, you should know what i mean. Save the game and see another long event
( i think it's kinda annoying even when it's already speed up by holding X
button), and enter Chapter 3.

Chapter 3 + Intermission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [Chap3]

Key Items: Wall Cat,Ilia's Poster, Bass combo,Wall clock,Black Doctor:
           Glenn J 06

DAY 2:

Examine the terminal for new requests. Head to weapon shop to buy
some new equipment. Buy  Crossbell Times 4 and 2 new interiors at Sazack 
store (1000 Wall Cat and 10000 Ilia's Poster).

Do some side trip inside the Mainz trail head left to an area that
we can't enter before. Head left to find Jacket and Tiara herb. Head back
to Mainz to buy Bass Combo (interior from Bakerei) 10000 Mira.
Then head to St.Ursula to buy a Wall Clock.

Now head to all of the characters rooms inside S.S.S and you should got
Interior Collector badge in your record. Now head to the big bell inside
Central store area and talk to a woman there to get Popcorn recipe.

Request #18
Client: Police officer receptionist (Government central area)
Task  : Find the fake licensed car

- Talk to police officer CSPD building
- Go to western and eastern Crossbell (outer area to examine all cars)
  at the back of the car
- Talk to the police and choose option 2
- Re examine car with[CL 1101] plate there are 2 cars with the same number
  1 at west and 1 at east
- Put the sticker by checking the front part of the car
  West EW 3100 ,East CW6442 

Reward: 1500 Mira,3 DP +4DP

Request #19
(Urgent request)
Client: Sera (St.Ursula receptionist)
Task  : Win the Fish tournament

- Talk to Sera at St.Ursula
- Get a fishing pole inside Fishing guild Crossbell eastern street
- Go to beach area one screen before Saint Ursula entrance
- Talk to the Proffessor there
- Talk to people left near the shallow fishing spot to get your bait
- Use Novice Rod (first rod) and 5 X bait from him (Red bugs) to
  get Kasagin (a fish)
- Then fish at the eastern (sea) fishing point until you get a fish
  named Titan ( a catfish look alike)

Reward: 2000 Mira,5 DP +3DP

Request #20
Client: Milley (BellGuard Gate 2F)
Task  : Find the Lost Key

- Talk to Milley 2F
- Head left from her room to find Iron Legging
- Check the covered Armored Vehicle (1 F)
- Talk to Stella at Cafetaria
- Examine the 5 ! marks at the roof

Reward: 1500 Mira,3DP

Request #21
Client: Government
Task  : Defeat Big Drome Geo Front B

Head to Geofront B, enter the airduct and keep moving until you meet
Big Drome (the area where you fight Torso DX)

Boss: Big Drome and Dark Attend X 4

I suggest to fill up your CP Gauge to 200 before the battle. If
you don't this will be mendokusai (troublesome) just like Tio said.
Those Dromes heal theirselves every turn,that's the troublesome part.
So make sure Tiger Charge etc at the very first turn. Keep summoning Zaido
and don't get too close with each other, because It'll cast Sparkdyne.

Reward: 2000 Mira,4DP

Now head back to the fishing point to talk with Peter to get Glenn J:06
Black Doctor. Head to the Waterfront area to see some events then
a race will starts. Choose option 2 2 1 when prompted


DAY 3:

Items: Geo Front A1 key, Black Doctor:Glenn J 07,Curia Herb
       Marvel Ring,Gentle Coat,Tiara Herb,Straight Heel,Move 3 Quartz

Check the terminal for new requests

Request #22
Client: CNS building
Task  : Take some Landmark/Building photos of Places

- Armorica village left from Mayor House
- 1 screen left from the Bus station intersection between of Tangram and
- Graveyard (near mainz trail enter from Cathredal)
- Waterfall near a bridge (head left from middle bus stop sign to Mainz
  , an area before entering Mainz tunnel)
- An area where you can accessed from an intersection from Mainz tunnel
- From the Middle Bus station going to Bellguard gate take the north
  eastern exit and keep moving until you see a Train trail from a fence.
- Western Crossbell fishing point (where you catch Eels)
- Stargaze tower entrance
- The last one can't be done until 4th day 

Reward: 2000 Mira,3 DP +3DP

Request #23
Client: Mainz town Mayor (Jackson)
Task  : Defeat the enemies inside Mainz Mountain

Mainz Mountain located inside Mainz Town top floor,if you remember
where we do Sidetrip at previous chapter. Check a Gate to enter the desired
area to fight all monsters there.

You can find (All element sepith X 100),Seras herb,Curia herb,Battle Boots
,EP Charge 1,Hachimaki,Defense 3

Reward: 2000 Mira,All sepith X 200 + 4 DP

Request #24
Client: Aban (inside Arc an Ciel Theater Stage)
Task  : Find the Stalker

- Talk to Aban
- Move to 3F and examine the door inside Crossbell Villa
- Examine Table and Bed
- Talk to all people inside the Villa
- Use the hidden path near flower ro examine the fences
- Head back inside the room 3F to start the event

Reward: 1500 Mira,3 DP

Request #25
Client: Government
Task  : Defeat Sepith Demon on the way to Armorica

Head east 2 screen from armorica village (2nd corner)
They're very easy just Fill up your CP gauge and unleash all of your
S.Craft and hit them. If you modified the weapon like I told you to at
the 2nd day, they can give status effects to them like stoned etc, they are
easy to beat.

Reward: 2000 Mira,4 DP

Request #27
(Urgent request)
Client: Donovan (inside C.S.P.D)
Task  : Find the culprit

- Talk to Donovan
- Go to Tangram Gate Commander's room and choose option 2
- Talk to all people here including people inside the inn
- Choose option 1,2,1

Reward: 2000 Mira,5 DP +3DP

After this quest you should see an event, Jona the IBC hacker calls you
to do something. Head to his place Geo Front B, he will give you a key to
Geo Front A 1 (choose option 2). Now Head to Shopping center to get Glenn J 
07 book from Robert (2 F Bakery).

You'll be only with Tio by now, Head right at the 2nd screen to take the
elevator and examine the northern elevator to reach Geo Front A1. You'll
learn Omega Strike at the 1st screen then head into the air duct.

Head right and follow the path until you see a treasure containing Curia Herb
, then exit and re enter the air duct. Take the northern path and keep moving
open a chest containing Marvel Ring along the way. When you see an intersect
path head right to open a chest containing Gentle Coat then head inside the
west air duct.

Follow the path then walk on top of the ducts circling them to turn the
valve,then head inside the newly opened path,take the elevator at the end
of the path. Enter the door infront of the elevator and grab Tiara Herb from
the chest.

At the next screen turn the valve on to stop the fan,keep walking until you
see two fan, enter the air duct near those fans to turn off the fan,grab
Straight Heel from the chest on the next area. When you see another valve
turn it on to stop the fan.

Keep walking until you see an intersected path inside the duct,head south
to open a treasure chest with MOV 3 quartz inside.Head back and take
the north path until you see a valve to turn,then take the west door to
heal and Save. Head into the next area to fight....

Boss: Megalo Queen Lvl 23
HP: 5200
Tips: He's not that hard if you have 200 CP for Tio an Lloyd
      by abusing Dual Craft,he is as good as dead, but becareful since it
      can summon a Megalo Bat. 

Head east to computer room to see a series of event and head north to
take the elevator to the entrance afterwards.


DAY 4:

Curia Herb,Mappet,Curia Herb (inside ruins),Hit 3 (behind the wall),
Tiara herb,U Material,Aceras Herb,Healing Quartz,Mappet,Aceras herb,Prison,
Tiara Herb,Aceras herb,HP 3 Quartz,U Material,EP Charge 1 (last chest)

Glenn J 08

Request #28
Client: Government
Task  : Defeat Bubbly Scissors G

2 screens east from Crossbell eastern path you should find it at
the 2nd corner.

Tips: They hit pretty hard, Abuse Randy's Fire type Craft,Dual Craft
      or Fire spells, also use Diamond dust Arts if you can to froze their

Reward: 2000 Mira,4 DP

Request #29
Client: A Man near the tent (Waterfront area of Crossbell)
Task  : Find the culprit who damaged stores inside Crossbell

Talk to people infront of these shops (the sellers)

Waterfront area:
- Ramen shop
- Steak shop
- Missless Gelato

Central Shop Area:
- Burger shop
- Popcorn Shop
- Sweet Shop

Central Goverment Hall
- Juice Shop
- A man near Armorica Luncheon cart

Entertainment Area:
- Pizza shop
- Ice cream shop

Talk to the man who give you request and answer with option 3,3,2,1 to
catch the culprit

Reward: 1500 Mira,3 DP (+5 bonus)

Request #30
(Urgent request)
Client: Govan (Armorica Inn)
Task  : Find some missing stuff

- Talk to Govan
- Go to a new area 1 screen south from Armorica village to enter Ancient
- When you meet an intersection choose the right path to get Healing
  Quartz and another Mappetfrom the chest.
- Enter the Ruins near the Mappet chest and climb down the stairs to get
  Aceras Herb,Prison (rod) and Tiara Herb.
- Take Aceras Herb from the top of the stairs and head onto the next area.
- When you reach outside grab  HP 3 Quartz,U Material and Battle Jacket
  from the hidden path (don't worry for the last treasure chest in this
  area if you see it by using eagle eye, we'll take it later or take it
  by taking the west path  when you meet an intersection) Take the
  north eastern path to battle Blade Fang X 4

Note: Those blade fang hits really hard, you'd better to stop them
      with inflicting status effects to them such as frozen,stoned,burned
      ,paralyzed etc.

Reward: 2000 Mira,5 DP +3DP (if you defeat blade fang)

Head back to Ancient battle field to get your last chest (left path)and.... 
to take the last photo for Photoshoots request by CNS (right path near the 
Bell). Back to Crossbell's Water front area to report your photos to Grace
and to S.S.S to claim your reward. Talk to Sergei at C.S.P.D to get
Glenn J 08 and talk to receptionist to get reward from HQ.

Go to St.Ursula Room 304 to see event with Estelle. After that go to
Central area to talk with Harold near a bench. Talk to all people here
such as bartender,shop keeper,etc. Head to back alley and do the same thing.
Head to Central Area and do the same thing again =.= (boring isn't it?).

To the Station Area and do the same thing again duh ~_~ and examine Geo front
A entrance to see an event, back to Central store area and go to the western
street to talk with all people again after that an event will be triggered
and answer with option 1 and walk all the way west from Western Crossbell
path and then south when you meet a bus stop sign to fight 4 X Slash Wolf.

Tips: You'd better cast a status effect to stop their movement such as
      Diamond dust, Gorgon bless etc to stop their attacks. They hit hard
      and also delay your turn.



Items: Crossbell Times 5,Snow Gelato Recipe,Black Doctor Glenn J 09 & 10

Buy Crossbell Times 5 at Department Store then to Waterfront to get 
Snow gelato recipe by talking to Mishra,then head to St.Ursula to get Glenn J
09 from Belldine inside Male staff Dormitory.

Back to Crossbell check the terminal for new requests.

Request #31
Client: Government
Task  : Defeat Grand Tunnel X 1 and Grandlew X 4

The 1st screen on the Mainz tunnel from Crossbell to Mainz

Tips: They hit pretty hard, Abuse Dual Craft Burning Rage,etc and
      High level arts to defeat them

Reward: 2000 Mira,4 DP

Request #32
Client: Cliff 2 F City Hall (central government area)
Task  : Find the thief

- Go inside Geo Front A (the ladder to outside) examine the Bell
- Examine Fish Tank inside Fishing Guild
- Speaker inside IGNIS
- Conveyor belt inside Crossbell Airport (talk to a man beside it)
- Inside CNS Book storage (check the award look a like thingy)
- Statue inside Mayor House residential area

Reward: 1000 Mira,5 DP

Head inside Waterfront area and try to enter the ship, then head to 2F
to talk with a Rector (the red haired man),then Kirika 1F and all passengers
inside the ship. 

When you reach the Michelam take the left path to see Mafia's Mansion. Head
inside Delphinia Hotel to talk with a man named Toma

Request #33
Client: Toma (Delphinia Hotel)
Task  : Find the lost Ring 

- Talk to Toma inside Delphinia Hotel (right side room)
- Examine Gold Ring at the Ship area (Harbor's dead end)
- Platinum Ring inside Fortuna restaurant
- Pearl Ring near water fountain in Wanderland (take the Mid path from 
  Michelam's entrance)
- Talk to Him again to find all of them are not the lost ring
- Go to Mafia's residence and head south to the dead end to fish the ring
- Talk to Toma to finish the quest

Reward: 1000 Mira,5 DP

Talk to the Inn receptionist and follow Wage.Save your game now to get 
3 Records badge. Now head to the boutique and choose 1 of them to partner
you inside mafia. After the event save at new save data and reload the
1 st save data of yours (before choosing clothes) do this until all of
them is choosen. Choose in whatever order you wished from Elie Tio or Randy.

Examine following room
- Auction Room right infront of you
- Left Room where you find Kilika (Banquet room)
- Right banquet room where you find Wage
- Top floor (left and right room)
- Waterfall (2F) where Rector is fishing

Headback to entrance to see an event with Gracia and Mariabell,enter Auction
room and choose 1 when prompted. Talk to the Maid at Auction room's Stage to
get Black doctor:Glenn J 10. Now head to the 4th floor (top) to see Gin and
head left to examine a boxes to see Kia. You'll Fight Mafia X 3, Heavy Doben
Kaizer  X 3 (2 F Waterfall) then head to Left part top room to rest.

Head to Michelam entrance and fight 4 Heavy doben Kaizer then 3 Doben Kaizer
+ 2 Mafia and at the end you'll fight a boss.

Boss: Garcia Lvl 30,Mafia X 2, Doben Kaizer 4
Tips: Hit them with Dual Craft as much as you can then followed by Single
      Craft. Heal and Revive because He hits hard and try not too close
      with each other because Garcia can use an area attack.



Choose with whomever you wished ( I prefer randy because the Burning effect
from his attacks that deal great damage)

Buy Crossbell Times 06 from department store, and Glenn J 11 from Tally's
General store (Western Street)

Request #34
Client: Government (talk to polic officer C.S.P.D)
Task  : Defeat Gold Cricket inside GeoFront A2

Location where you fight Torso DX with Tio. 
Tips: You'd better put Kia somewhere far away from you by placing your char
      at the front line of Battle area because Gold Cricket hit with area 

Reward: 3000 Mira,4 DP

Now meet Mayor at city Hall (Government central area)

Request #35
Client: Shion (receptionist)
Task  : Taste the new flavor Juice

- Talk to Shion after meeting the Mayor
- Go to the right side (near fences) of the fountain
- Go to the Crossbell Station entrance to meet the Juice stand
- Choose option 1 and talk to the Mayor after tasting the juice

Reward: 2000 Mira,5 DP

Head to Knights Association (left from Fishing guild) where you met Michelle.
After event with Estelle talk to Bishop inside Crossbell Cathedral,head to
the right room and talk to the teacher there. Back to town after event with

Head back and talk to the teacher to start a request
Request #36
Client: Cathedral teacher
Task  : Answer the question from the kids

The answer: 3,1,1,1,2
            2,2,1,2 and the last is a random answer so choose whatever

If you succeed you'll get Holy Rocket

Reward: 2000 Mira,5 DP (+3)

Go to following places to talk with several people
- Ilia sleeping inside Apartment/Villa 3F (western street)
- Morges inside Bakery
- Lotus Height top floor Li xia mao
- inside Ignis,Wald
- a girl inside Exchange Shop
- Wage inside trinity
- Harold Family (residential area)
- Yona Geo Front B
- Rector fishing infront Geo Front B
- Fran Acacia hotel
- Kia's room inside S.S.S 

You also can feed the cat inside SSS for the 2nd time. Now head to Ursula
Medical Facility by taking the bus,walk a bit to see cecil and head to the
top floor (4th) by accessing from rooftop to see Joahim Proffessor,then to
St.Ursula outerside (where Kia and Shizuku talks)  to meet Arios.

Chapter 4 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [Chap4]

Chapter Final >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [ChapF]
New game bonus >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [END00]
West crossbell, Stargaze,Mainz mountain
IV.  Weapon List (TBA)
- Lloyd                    [WEAP1]     
- Elie                     [WEAP2]
- Tio                      [WEAP3]
- Randy                    [WEAP4]

V.Item lists (TBA)
- Healing Items            [ITEM1] 
- Food                     [ITEM2]
- Recipes                  [ITEM3]
- Cooking Material         [ITEM4]
- Books/Novels             [ITEM5]
- Battle items             [ITEM6]
- Interior                 [ITEM7]
- Fishing stuff            [ITEM8]
- Fish                     [ITEM9]

VI.  Other Equipment (TBA)
- Armor                    [EQ001]
- Boots                    [EQ002]
- Accesories               [EQ003]

VII. Quartz List + Arts (TBA)
- Earth element            [QU00E]
- Fire element             [QU00F]
- Water element            [QU00A]
- Wind element             [QU00W]
- Time element             [QU00T]
- Sky element              [QU00S]
- Shadow element           [QU00D]

VII. Credits and closing >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [CRE00]

Thanks to my Mom and Dad also Senny chan that supports me all this time.
My friends that encourage me to make this FAQ. I think this is one
hell of a FAQ to make with great database of items etc,many missable things
and requests of course.

I learned many things that you can missed here and this is also the
references of my guide:


It's hard to find some new things outside these references,like checking
Hollow sphere thingy and Location to examined for hospital, etc.

Thanks to Gamefaqs that host my first FAQ ;D and my 2nd FAQ
Feel free to contact me regarding this FAQ via email.

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