PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From medeirosxxx (09/04/2010; 433KB) All characters unlocked only
  2. From UNowenwasher (09/19/2010; 433KB) All characters unlocked, Story mode 82%
  3. From MinatoYondaime (09/04/2010; 433KB) All characters unlocked.Asian version !
  4. From mora91 (02/01/2012; 433KB) All characters, gallery, modes, 252 soul codes unlocked. No cheats used.
  5. From DevastatorLuna (09/02/2010; 433KB) THE only ELITE_Phys_EX- is DevastatorLuna who is rank 1 in the ranking of this game... unlocked all characters... finished the story mode

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