PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File12/29/11alifhunter1439K
99999999z , All ITEMS , Some Quest Clear , Nick is Alifhunter , Tigrex Armor , Voracious Rex .
Save Game File04/25/12Raveron1439K
All Achievement Medals Obtained. Excellent collection of equipments.
Save Game File12/14/10LIQUIDOCELOT361439K
All items, All equipments and a Felyne level at max
Save Game File12/17/10zogzogy1446K
finished the villege quests, good start. full akangor armour
Save Game File12/27/10jmlorenzo211555K
Name:Jm,HR6,All Items Completed quests...Akantor and Ukanlos unlocked...All Farm renovations....Felyne comrade level 99 at max fondness....also contains two other saves..both hr1 but no quests cleared

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