PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

Save Game File11/11/16dawnbomb457K
NDX Clear data. unlocks unknown mode difficulty. when loaded starts a new game, but first opens grade shop. 1884 grade.(a NG+ customization currency, enough to buy most interesting Grade shop options)
Save Game File01/29/16Lonesomechunk44457K
NDX Final Boss Room 1st Playthrough Lv. 91
Save Game File01/29/16Lonesomechunk44457K
NDX NG+ Lv. 91 AC.4203 Slyph Valley
Save Game File08/31/12Julio269K
Tales of Phantasia X - First Fight With Dhaos
Save Game File08/31/12Julio276K
Tales of Phantasia X - Rhea Birds
Save Game File08/31/12Julio266K
Tales of Phantasia X - Second Fight With Dhaos
Save Game File08/31/12Julio278K
Unicorn Fight

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