PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (Japan)

  1. From filanimetor (08/16/2010; 441KB) All Costumes unlocked and purchased
  2. From roxazthelight (08/12/2010; 441KB) All song unlocked, all Normal and Hard song cleared, all modules unlocked, (Haven't buy some of them, you can just buy them at shop), all rooms unlocked.
  3. From angeloluis36 (01/02/2011; 450KB) All Songs Unlocked, finished up to extreme mode except the last song, modules from PD1 added, all costumes unlocked.
  4. From filanimetor (08/16/2010; 499KB) New Game save file will all PD1 costumes imported
  5. From yamikamu (10/29/2011; 441KB) Project Diva 2nd Savedata : Almost all costumes; All Unlocked Bit of money All songs available on every mode 3 rooms available Some other crap I worked hard on this, please download <3

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