F2 Campionship Conditions?

  1. I have yet to fulfill the last 2 conditions on the bottom, which I speculate to be the qualification matches... But I can't get them, and all the battles at the Shinki Center have special conditions that I don't know how to fulfill ( I can't read Japanese ). I just need to progress with the game, so I just need to know specifically which battles I need to win in order to unlock the qualifier and what are the conditions.

    User Info: MushiBrat

    MushiBrat - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The final F2 Qualifications are unlocked as soon as you complete the Melee Only and Ranged Only tournaments. These are indicated by the butt-load of restrictions in their description box.

    F1 requires that you do the tag matches, normal and weapons restrictive.

    User Info: Avatier

    Avatier - 9 years ago 1   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. you'll need to do tag match G1 cup in order to unlock tag match shooting cup 1 ( okay, that's not it's real name, but I can't think of a good translation, note you can only use none melee weapons)
    and then you'll find the f2 shooting cup or something like that (look for f2 and 狙擊) in it.
    then the f2 qualification battles will be released as soon as you complete the above.

    crud, i can't post japanese something about them over 80 characters long....

    User Info: Zeomn

    Zeomn - 9 years ago 1   0

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