How do I get past Chapter 1?

  1. I read the faq and it says to survive, I need to finish the event in room 3-a, the one with the newspaper. I tried that but whenever I check the corpse near it, it just sobs and I get stuck in the room.

    User Info: Blazing_Bullet7

    Blazing_Bullet7 - 9 years ago

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  1. This one can be tricky if you aren't the sort to re-examine things.

    Here's what you have to dp to finish the event in room 3-A.

    1. Enter room 3-A
    2. Examine the newspaper article
    3. Examine the door
    4. Examine the newspaper article a second time
    5. Walk towards the far reaches of the room (the top left corner, and by the candle in the south)
    6. Examine the Newspaper article, and/or the corpse
    6. Walk towards the center of the room (just to the right of the news article), and some dialogue should occur
    7. Walk towards the door, which should now open

    Examining the corpse before the room locks is unnecessary, but doing so yields a somewhat interesting message, and examining it after the room unlocks will get you a nametag. Some other things that can be examined, but which seem to have no effect on escaping are the right side of the chalkboard, the unlit candle, and the window in the top left corner of the room.

    User Info: Ajogamer

    Ajogamer - 9 years ago 5   3


  1. I had the same problem u just keep walking around every square inch of that room (just to make it quicker i guess) eventually the door opens

    User Info: jairrocksssssss

    jairrocksssssss - 9 years ago 2   1
  2. You mean the chase scene? Then:
    1. Check the door.
    2.Go to white cabitnet. Use the way that near bed so corpse won't stop you.
    3.Get alcohol.
    4.Go to the door again and use matches with alcohol to make stronger fire.

    User Info: www004

    www004 - 9 years ago 1   1

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