How do I get past the Infirmary?

  1. I have just started playing and tho I have found the matches, I still can't seem to get out of the Infirmary..... stupid ghost keeps killing me...... anyone know how to get out of this? *sigh* I feel like such an idiot sometimes lol

    User Info: PsikoKrillin

    PsikoKrillin - 9 years ago
  2. no need to do it multiple times, I got the rubbing alcohol after attempting to light the door once...... and thanks for the heads up, I managed to get to the newspaper before I had attempted the Infirmary again last night....... brilliant!

    User Info: PsikoKrillin

    PsikoKrillin - 9 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Stupid ghost really stupid. It follows you straight and can't get over obstacles.
    Use matches 2 or 3 times at the door, then Naomi says she needs something flammable.
    Go to the shelf near the sink and take alcohol, then use it on door

    User Info: the1024

    the1024 - 9 years ago 5   1


  1. And a little addition - you must read the newspaper in class 3a before sleeping in the infirmary in order to survive later. otherwise the scene with the ghost in the infirmary will eventually lead to wrong end

    User Info: S_e_p_h_i_r_oth

    S_e_p_h_i_r_oth - 9 years ago 3   5

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