Finding the eye in chapter 4?

  1. I'm in chapter four, and I just found the ghost boy's tongue in the wall and returned it to him.
    Now, the ghost girl missing the eye is asking for her eye, but I can't find it.
    I assume it's in the dining hall south of the room where the girl is following the player, in the room where the doll begins to speak, but I can't find the eye for the life of me.
    Anyone know how to find it?

    User Info: NegiBozu203

    NegiBozu203 - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Probably a late response, but since more people might get stuck here (I did):

    The doll's instructions are "stand on the crack that can be stepped on, walk one to the west, walk ten to the north". (Hint to where the crack is: it's in a staircase, and IIRC it makes a sound when you walk over it)

    Also, what you're looking for is actually another tongue (or more specifically, an item that you can use to get to where the tongue is), and it's not entirely clear which girl's tongue it is.

    User Info: Koton0ha

    Koton0ha - 9 years ago 3   0

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