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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by A Backdated Future

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Guide and Walkthrough by A Backdated FutureDonate directly to the author of this contribution

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 08/26/2013
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Walkthrough - Ancient Ys Vanished: Omen (Ys I) (Continued)

All Difficulties 25523022450000

This guy is so unfair, it's not even funny. First off, he won't even take damage if you don't have the Silver Sword equipped, so if you go into battle without it, game over. And even at your Max Level of 10, he's still amazingly difficult. Honestly, this battle is mainly luck, since it depends on how long he stays in his bat form. The longer he stays, the more damage you're definitely going to take, since they're pretty hard to avoid.

For 95% of the battle, you will be on the run, and the other 5%, you'll be stopped and waiting for the bats to catch up with you. Vagullion transforms into a boatload of bats and will constantly chase you. Run from them from corner to corner of the room, going to the upper-right, then lower-right, then lower-left, then upper-left, but stopping every three steps or so, so they can get closer to you (but not too close.) Don't stray TOO far away from them; the ONLY time you will be able to do damage is when he transforms back into a single body. He will only stay in body form for less than a second, so when you see that red flash on the screen and hear that sound, QUICKLY charge him and sneak in an attack before he turns back into bat form.

This battle will most likely take a few tries, as it just takes plain luck in addition to being maxed out to be able to defeat him. It took me a few DOZEN times on Nightmare to finally take him out.

If you need additional help, watch my boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!

After the battle, examine the chest once more to uncover the Book of Ys (Volume Dabbie). Feel free to check out the room to the northwest, then leave the Abandoned Mine.

Make your way back to Zepik Village now.

Zepik Village

Head over to Jeba's House and have her read the newest book of Ys to you. After reading it, talk to her again, and she'll tell you that you need to go to Darm Tower to find the remaining three books. To get there, we need to speak to the leader of the thieves, Goban. Talk to Feena one last time, then go ahead and leave Zepik to the north.


If you're having trouble triggering the events to enter Darm Tower, here's what you need to make sure that you've done:

  1. Talk to Feena after taking her to Zepik (requires exiting and re-entering Zepik Village.)
  2. After receiving the Book of Ys (Tovah) from Old Man Franz in Minea, talk to Jeba in Zepik and ask her to read at least one Book of Ys. Make sure to talk to Feena on the lake pier as well.
  3. Talk to Feena back inside Jeba's House, then have Jeba translate all of the remaining Books of Ys. Make sure to speak to her again.
  4. After getting all Silver equipment (can't miss any of them, so have all three pieces) and have seen all of the dialogue with both Jeba and Feena, speak to Goban, as detailed ahead.

!!!!!!! POINT OF NO RETURN !!!!!!!
This is the point of no return. Make sure that you have done everything in the game so far that you would like to do. Once you talk to Goban and enter Darm Tower, you will not be able to exit. You have been warned...

Also, here's a list of all of the Items and Equipment that you should have/had in your possession:

Items 01 02 03 Equipment Swords 01 02 03 04 --
07 08 09 10 11 12 Shields 06 07 08 09 --
13 14 16 16 Armor 11 12 13 14 --
21 22 23 24 Rings 16 17 18 19 --
26 26 28 29
31 32

01 Book of Ys (Volume Hadal) 01 Short Sword
02 Book of Ys (Volume Tovah) 02 Long Sword
03 Book of Ys (Volume Dabbie) 03 Talwar
07 Treasure Box Key 04 Silver Sword
08 Prison Key 06 Small Shield
09 Shrine Key 07 Middle Shield
10 Ivory Key 08 Large Shield
11 Marble Key 09 Silver Shield
12 Darm Key 11 Chain Mail
13 Sara's Crystal 12 Plate Mail
14 Roda Tree Seed 13 Reflex
15 Silver Bell 14 Silver Armor
16 Silver Harmonica 16 Power Ring
21 Ruby 17 Shield Ring
22 Sapphire Ring 18 Timer Ring
23 Necklace 19 Heal Ring
24 Golden Vase
25 Heal Potion
26 Wing
28 Mirror
29 Mask of Eyes
31 Bestiary Potion
32 Piece of Paper

Feel free to make an extra save file now, in case you want to do something outside of Darm Tower later on.

Mountain Path / Thieves' Den

Make your way to the Thieves' Den to the east of the Shrine and talk to Goban. He will decide to let you into the Tower, so follow him into the Passage. If you have a Wing, he will take it from you, since it will be useless in the Tower. Afterward, you'll be inside Darm Tower, so it's time to start climbing!

All right, 25 floors of ascending fun! Let's do this!

Steam Achievements If you're aiming to get the Gold Is the New Silver Achievement, your best bet would be by fighting the weakest enemies in the Tower, as all normal enemies in this dungeon deliver the same amount of G when defeated.

1F - 2F

Recover at the areas outside of the Tower!

From where you start, you'll see the path split to the west and south; the west leads to B1, so ignore it for now and head south, then east. Ignore the northern path here and continue east, turning north until you reach the outside of the Tower. As with the Mining Pit in the Abandoned Mines, be sure to take breaks out here to recover your HP!

Proceed east or west to the next doorway to go back inside, then follow the path to some Riffligans guarding a room. Take them out, then examine the four chests inside; the upper-left one is empty (though if you didn't get it earlier for some reason, it will contain a Talwar), and the others have (from left to right) a Heal Potion, a Mirror, and the Evil Ring. DO NOT EQUIP THE EVIL RING UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO! It results in instant death unless you put it on in the right conditions. Don't worry, I'll let you know.

Return back to the outside and head back to the room on 1F where we skipped the narrow path to the north; go ahead and take it now to 3F.


Enter the next room from the outside and follow the winding path as it takes you east past several creepy skeleton statues and some Jestonas, and eventually up to 4F on the outside.


On to the next room from the outside. Head south, then turn east to a fork. The room to the north only leads to an empty chest (though if you didn't get it earlier for some reason, it will contain the Reflex armor), so continue east, then north some more to be on 5F on the outside.


In the next room, move south and west to a split. You can take the first path north if you want to, but it just leads to a dead-end with some Accumates that you can fight, as well as an empty chest in its southeastern corner (though if you didn't get it earlier for some reason, it will contain the Large Shield). So to proceed, continue west path the fork and take the second northern path, which will take you outside to 6F.


STOP! Take a look at the picture below.

Remember these guys well. Unless you're wearing the Blue Necklace, you can't get past them.

These guys are a fun little trap that automatically sends you to the cells in B1. Sadly, there's no way around it, so go ahead and get caught in the trap.


Here in B1, you'll wake up in the cell, missing your Silver equipment! We'll get it back later, so for now, go ahead and equip your Talwar / Large Shield / Reflex for now, then talk to Luta Gemma. After talking to Luta, since you're stuck there, check the bars, then the corners of the room, examining them for a couple of pieces of dialogue, then just WAIT. It'll take a little while, but eventually, a large blue-haired man and new future best friend Dogi comes crashing through the wall to free you!

He tells you that three stories up (3F), in a hallway with a line of statues, there's a man named Raba hiding that you should talk to. Attempt to leave, and you'll receive the Idol to give to the old man when you see him.

Steam Achievements

You can obtain the Adol the Wall-Crusher-Enabler Achievement by having Dogi smash through the wall of three different prison cells. Just PURPOSELY return to 6F and walk through the trap two more times. Each time, just a wait for a moment, and Dogi will smash in to your rescue. Nothing else will happen after the third time; after all, there are only three cells!

Once you're equipped and ready to go, make your way back up to 3F.


Make your way to the hallway with all of the statues, then count them as you go to the right. Between statues 8 and 9, equip the Mask of Eyes, then head north through the new doorway.

Before/After equipping the Mask of Eyes. Sneaky...

Steam Achievements

You will obtain the Hello, My Name is Adol Achievement if you've talked to every person in the game who has a Character Notebook entry thus far, as Raba is #88/88.

Talk to Raba, and you'll fork over the Idol. After some discussion of why he's there, he'll give you the Blue Necklace so you can make it through the trap on 6F.

Leave the room once again, then make your way back up to 6F.


Equip the Blue Necklace, then walk south right on past those devilish statues to be FREE! Continue east and follow the path to make your way outside to 7F.


Back inside, follow the path to a fork, where there are two paths north fairly close to each other; skip the first one for now, and go west a bit more and up into the room here to find Dogi. You'll finally get a chance to explain things to him, and he'll also tell you of a rod you'll need to get to the top of the tower. When you regain control, head south from here, then turn east and go up the first room you come to. Take out the Genoids along the way, and you'll eventually come to a dead-end with a chest containing your Silver Sword! Re-equip it, then return to the path just to the east of Dogi and head north up to the outside of 8F.


There is a boss on this floor! However, to be better prepared, we can at least get one more piece of our equipment back fairly easily, so from the entrance to the floor, head south to a fork, then go east and north back outside to 9F.


Head south just a tad to a room with two southern paths. The lower-right path is a dead-end, so go through the lower-left doorway instead, following the long path as it goes west, south, then east to another fork. We'll check out the southern path later (as it leads to 10F, but there's no benefit to continue on at the moment), so for now, continue east, north, west, then north some more to a dead-end with a chest. Be careful; grab your Silver Shield out of it, then quickly take out the Normouses that suddenly come to life! Once you have that, make your way back down to 8F.


Fun fact! You don't actually need the Silver Shield, nor the Silver Armor for that matter, to continue; just the Silver Sword. Not a good idea, obviously, but still.

8F - 9F

Return to the fork, then head all the way south, west, and north to come to a door on 9F. Head inside and approach the door to the north to encounter Pictimos, the grim mantid!

All Difficulties 25526423250000

For those of you who played Ys Origin, don't worry; Pictimos isn't NEARLY as hard as he was back then. Compared to Vagullion, he's somewhat easy.

He will throw his boomerang-like sickles at you, so keep your distance, and the second he throws his third one (as he can only have three out at a time), quickly run up to his side and bash him once, possibly even twice before they return to him. Once they do, QUICKLY retreat to the bottom of the screen, then when the sickles fly, round around them and attack him on the OTHER side.

You can basically fight this whole battle by running in a large circle; hit him on his right side, then run clockwise toward the bottom of the screen, then to his left side, then run back counter-clockwise toward the bottom of the screen, hitting him on his right side once again. The sickles should miss you just about every time.

However, at times, the sickles will be thrown out at you somewhat out of sync, and at that point, it becomes harder to hit him, as he'll just throw one at you as you approach. Keep moving back and forth at the bottom of the screen until they sync back, then resume the bashing.

If you need additional help, watch my boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!

After the battle, continue through the northern door, then check the chests for the Book of Ys (Volume Mesa) and the Hammer.

With those in hand, return to the last fork, head back north to 9F, then go far west and take the southernmost path to the next area, following it up to 10F, where we begin the next section.

Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster Notebook Entries
Rod Xomack
Book of Ys (Volume Gemma) (!) Khonsclard (!)
Silver Armor Vilvan
Battle Shield Wilewarer

(!) = BOSS BATTLE #5


From the first room on 10F, head south, then west to a fork. We'll come back to the south later, so go north and up to the outside of 11F for now.


Inside the room here, you'll see a trail of blood; follow it to talk to Luta again; you'll find out that there's a girl in Rado's Annex that you need to save, so it looks like we'll be doing that while we ascend the tower!

Head back outside, but don't go back in through the other door just yet! Equip the Hammer as your item, then take a look at the pillars; the second one to the left from the ENTRANCE of this outside area (or the fourth one to the right from the EXIT that you just came from) can be broken, so stand on the left side of it and use your Hammer to break a hole in the pillar on the right side, as pictured below.

Afer breaking the pillar that will allow you to pass through 11F. 2nd to the left from the entrance; 4th to the right from the exit.

With that pillar broken, we'll be able to go through the path to the south that we ignored earlier. Return back to 10F.


Return to the fork and head south all the way to the far southern wall, ignoring the splits to the east. Once you finally hit the far wall, then take the eastern path and follow it up to the outside of 11F.


If you had come here before, as you approached the walls with veins, your health would rapidly drop because of the noise playing in the background. But as long as you broke that one pillar with the hammer, you're good to go! Just simply run east (ignoring the room above you) and follow the path up to the outside of 12F!


Another extremely easy floor to navigate here; there are a couple of deceptive loops, but since they don't lead anywhere out of the way, just continue along the path as it goes to the southwest corner, then north up to the outside of 13F.


While this room is a large puzzle, we can't do anything with it for now until we get a certain item. Talk to Raba on the right, and you'll learn that the girl is being held in a place that you can only access if you have an evil heart... so it'll be interesting to see how we get in. For now, go west and north up to the outside of 14F.


I'm loving how straightforward this is! However, I'm not loving what's at the end of this path! Continue to the end where you'll find a door; Recover, SAVE, then enter and check the door to the north to face Khonsclard, the maneating creeper!

All Difficulties 25526723050000

This guy is TOUGH! He spins around in a circle, sometimes clockwise, other times counter-clockwise, and the entire time, he's shooting out several lines of rocks that are REALLY hard to avoid. It doesn't help that it seems that regardless of your armor choice, he's still going to have his way with you.

The ONLY way I've been able to beat this boss is, actually, being impatient! It may take several tries, but you just need to run right into him, then start running in tight circles WITH him in the direction that he's spinning. (Make sure that you're just OUTSIDE of the colorful orb, doing damage to the large rocks themselves.)

Being so close, you'll avoid quite a few of the rocks, but you'll definitely take damage. If he changes direction, change direction with him and keep running those tight circles as close to him as possible.

If you have no luck whatsoever trying to do it quickly, then stay close to the edges of the screen and time your attacks between the gaps of the rock lines. This could take a pretty long time, but may be a bit easier to do.

If you need additional help, watch my boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!

After the battle, go through the door to the north and grab the Rod and the Book of Ys (Volume Gemma) out of the chests here. With the Rod, we can now navigate through the mirrors on 13F, so return there.

13F - 14F

Make your way back to Raba so you have a common point to refer to / start from. From Raba, go southwest and into this room and examine this first mirror to teleport into the maze!

    • From this first mirror, head south and through a doorway to your lower-right to come to a room / fork with two doorways to your south. Go through the lower-right one, and you'll be at another fork; a mirror to your upper-left, and another doorway to the south. Continue to the far southern wall, then enter the mirror to your west to the next section.
    • In this room, you'll see a mirror to your upper-right, a doorway to your upper-left, and a doorway to your lower-left. Take the doorway to the lower-left and go through the mirror here to the next section.
    • Go south to be in a hallway with a doorway to your upper-right and one to your lower-right. Each path eventually leads to the same mirror, but go ahead and take the upper-right and go through the mirror on the northern wall to the next section.
    • A chest! Take out the Wilewarer here, then open the chest to retrieve your Silver Armor! Sweet!

Go ahead and use the mirror here to return to the beginning of the maze. Now, to find our way to the next floor! From Raba, go southwest and into this room and examine this first mirror to teleport into the maze!

    • From this first mirror, head south and through a doorway to your lower-right to come to a room / fork with two doorways to your south. Go through the lower-right one, and you'll be at another fork; a mirror to your upper-left, and another doorway to the south. Go through the mirror to the upper-left to the next section.
    • You'll be between two mirrors. Go through the right mirror to the next section.
    • You'll be in a large area with quite a few places to go. However, all you need to do is step into the mirror right beside you to the next section.
    • You should now see stairs to your right, so go ahead and climb them to be on 14F, then continue along the path to be on the outside of 15F.

15F - 16F

From where you walk in, head southwest to a fork; head south first through two doorways, then take a few steps west and continue south to come to a dead-end with a chest. Inside is the best shield in the game, the Battle Shield. QUICKLY equip it, as two Irebolgs will come in to ambush you. Take them out, then return to the previous fork. Go through the upper-left doorway now, then go up the stairs to be on 16F while in the same room. Continue west, then south through yet another to come to another fork.

Enjoy the scenery while healing on Sky Bridge.

Ignore the northern stairs for now, as we need to check out Rado's Annex first (but do remember them as we'll continue to 17F once we're done there.) Continue south through the hallway, and follow this path all the way to a dead-end as it goes east, south, then west to the Sky Bridge.

Sky Bridge

Take a moment to heal out here while you can, but beware of the Irebolgs running around. When you're ready, SAVE, then proceed into Rado's Annex.

Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster Notebook Entries
Monocle Molfess
Blue Amulet

There's not much to here, and it is extremely short, but the monsters are pretty fast and strong, and there's one small puzzle here that some people may have a problem with. Ignore the two cells in this room and head south, west, south, east, then through the doorway below you to reach the Spiral Staircase.

Ascend to the top of the stairs, then STOP in front of the creepy doorway. SAVE your game, just in case you accidentally slip up while doing the next step. When you're ready, do the following in this order:

    1. Equip the Blue Necklace.
    2. Equip the Evil Ring.
    3. Examine the door to open it.
    4. Unequip the Evil Ring.
    5. Proceed through the doorway.

Inside, watch the scene, where you'll finally learn about the man behind everything. You'll also receive the Monocle, which will FINALLY let you read the Books of Ys on your own! To use it, equip it as your main item, then it will allow you to "equip" a book in addition to it. Once you've done both, just "use" the item while controlling Adol to read the selected book! So go ahead and check out BOTH the Mesa and Gemma Volumes.

Make sure to talk to the girl once more; she gives you a VERY IMPORTANT FACT! To defeat the final boss, you'll need to have equipment made of the very same Cleria metal that his defenses have, otherwise, it will be impossible. Keep that in mind! Once you're ready, go ahead and leave Rado's Annex and head back to 16F.

Now, before climbing any further, we need to go back and find Luta Gemma, as we now have his ancestor's Book of Ys, and it speaks of an amulet that he has that we will definitely need. He is on 11F, so follow these steps to get back there:

    • 16F: Return to the last fork, head east and back down the stairs to 15F.
    • 15F: Go east and north outside to return down to 14F.
    • 14F: Go down to 13F.
    • 13F: Examine the southernmost mirror, then go east, then all the way north and check this mirror out. From here, check the left mirror. Go south through two doorways, then all the way west, then south through two more doorways, using the mirror here to return to the beginning of the maze. Head north down to 12F from here.
    • 12F: Head south, then east and north, making your way all the way northeast back to 11F.
    • 11F: Pass back through the formerly-deadly hallway and make your way back down to 10F.
    • 10F: Head back to the far northwestern corner and ascend the stairs here to come to the section of 11F where Luta is hiding.
    • 11F: After you've read both Books of Ys, talk to Luta; after some discussion about himself and the Book of Ys, you'll receive the Blue Amulet. With that in hand after that long trek, it's time to return to 16F. Here goes! Head back down to 10F.

    • 10F: Head down to the far south, then turn east and follow the path to 11F.
    • 11F: Pass through the corridor to 12F.
    • 12F: Make your way to the far southwestern corner, then head all the way north to 13F.
    • 13F: The mirror maze... In case you've forgotten from earlier:
      • From this first mirror, head south and through a doorway to your lower-right to come to a room / fork with two doorways to your south. Go through the lower-right one, and you'll be at another fork; a mirror to your upper-left, and another doorway to the south. Go through the mirror to the upper-left to the next section.
      • You'll be between two mirrors. Go through the right mirror to the next section.
      • You'll be in a large area with quite a few places to go. However, all you need to do is step into the mirror right beside you to the next section.
      • You should now see stairs to your right, so go ahead and climb them to be on 14F, then continue along the path to be on the outside of 15F.
    • 15F: Go south and west to a fork, then head north up the stairs to 16F.
    • 16F: In the same room, make your way all the way west to a fork, then proceed north up to the outside of 17F.

Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster Notebook Entries
Heal Potion Kelmarel
Battle Armor Selnarg
Flame Sword Chryolos
(!) Yogleks & Omulgun (!)

(!) = BOSS BATTLE #6


Head south along the eastern wall, to a very skinny path; you can try your best to blast through these massive pains known as Kelmarels, and you'll take a lot of damage since they're directly in front of you, but don't try to back out, or you'll never make it to the bottom. Or if you like, you can use your Mirror to freeze them, then crash through them while they're defenseless. There's a Heal Potion ahead if you just want to crash through.

Once you finally make it to the other side and have them out of the way, QUICKLY turn west to a fork. To the north is a chest; if you have a Heal Potion, use it now; otherwise, wait here for a moment and equip your Heal Ring to bring your HP back up. Afterward, open the chest for another Heal Potion.

Return to the fork and head west, then north to the outside of 18F.


Head south to a fork, then proceed east, turning south through a doorway to another fork. Go north from here, and you'll be outside of 19F.


Can't get any simpler than this! Just head south and follow the path to the dead-end, where you'll find a chest. Make sure you have the Blue Necklace equipped, that way you won't be stuck in an endless teleportation loop trying to open the chest! Once you've done so, open it for the best armor in the game, the Battle Armor! With it equipped, return back to 18F.

18F - 19F

Back on 18F, head all the way south from where you just came to the far southern wall, then head all the way to the west until you reach the far western wall (ignoring the fork along the way), then proceed north and up the stairs here to be on 19F, then head up even more stairs to be on the outside of 20F.


SAVE! You're about to be ambushed by the hardest normal enemies in the game! (You may want to equip the Timer Ring, as they move very, VERY fast!)

Follow the path as it goes south, west, south, then turns east. As soon as you turn east, three Twarths will crash through the wall! DO NOT FIGHT THEM YET! Lure them away from the hole in the wall, then QUICKLY run past them and go through that hole into another room, where two more are waiting! Again, QUICKLY open the chest that they are guarding, and you'll obtain the glorious Flame Sword, the best weapon in the game. NOW take on the Twarths, showing them your fiery fury! They're still tough, but now they're actually manageable to defeat. Make sure to recover your HP with your Heal Ring before you leave this room, because those other three are still waiting.

Once you've cleared out the hallway (or played chicken and ran), run east and north to arrive on the outside of 21F.


All right, the last puzzle floor, as well as the last area with random monsters.

Steam Achievements

You can obtain the Monster Masher Achievement by collecting all 36 enemies' statistics (180 pieces of information total.) Floor 21 contains the last two monsters needed, and as long as you've defeated enough of the previous 34, you should unlock it here.

Also, if you haven't already, you can obtain the Gold Is the New Silver Achievement by maxing out your money at 99999 G. It's easiest to earn money by fighting the weakest enemies in the Tower, as all normal enemies deliver the same amount of G when defeated.

From the entrance to the mirror maze, head south until you hit a wall, then go east, then north and into the first mirror.

    • There is one doorway to your upper-left and two to your lower-right. Go through the one to that is furthest right to your lower-right, and follow this path as it goes south, east, and north to the next mirror.
    • You'll be between two mirrors. Go through the one on the left.
    • Go south, west, and north to a large mirror room with a door that has a glyph on it. Equip your Heal Ring to recover your HP fully, then SAVE! When you're ready, proceed through the marked door and check out the mirror here, and you'll have to take on two evil demon... heads!

Yogleks & Omulgun
All Difficulties 25527023850000

Since they don't actually physically attack you, feel free to hide in a corner and be patient, seeing what pattern they fly around in.

However, they have an interesting defense, as well as a strange flaw; four different orbs/gems float around them, and if you touch ONLY the orbs/gems, you will take damage, so your aim will be for the heads themselves, running between the orbs/gems. Their flaw, however, is also apparently their strength; since they share the same HP, only ONE of them is real, so you can only hit one of them at a time. Luckily, at least we know which one is the real one, and it's the yellow one with the blue gems around it.

After each hit, they switch locations, and you'll have to reposition yourself to attack again, going for it at just the right time. If you can time your attacks just right, try to attack them both at the same time when they cross paths (dealing multiple hits, if possible) that way you do as much damage in the least amount of time possible. If you can't seem to pull that off successfully, then go ahead and just be patient, attacking when you know you have an opening.

As you deal more damage, the orbs/gems will start to become less in number, but they will spin faster and faster, making it slightly more difficult to run in unscathed, at least until it's only just one. Just practice as you go, and you should be fine!

If you need additional help, watch my boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!

Items / Equipment / TreasuresMonster Notebook Entries
Book of Ys (Volume Fact) (!!!) Dark Fact (!!!)

(!!!) = BOSS BATTLE #7 (FINAL)

THIS MUST BE YOUR SETUP! If it is not, then you WILL NOT be able to win. Period.

As stated in the picture above, you MUST have ALL of the Silver Equipment (Silver Sword, Silver Shield, and Silver Armor) ACTIVELY EQUIPPED; otherwise, you will not be able to deal ANY damage, and you WILL take massive damage yourself. This is what the girl in the Tower hinted to earlier; only Cleria equipment will help.

After the battle with Yogleks & Omulgun, and after reading everything above, proceed north through the mirror and up the stairs to 25F, and the final area of the dungeon. (If you did not get the Blue Amulet from Luta on 11F, then you will not be able to continue.)

SAVE, and when you're absolutely ready, take a few steps north and onto the symbol on the ground to be taken to Dark Fact, the one behind it all. Here we go!!!

Dark Fact
All Difficulties 25529025550000

A few things to note when fighting Dark Fact:

    • As mentioned several times above, you MUST have all three pieces of Silver equipment actively equipped to do damage and to minimize your own damage.
    • Fireballs will ALWAYS be firing DIRECTLY where you're standing the entire battle. You can avoid the large portion of them by constantly running around in large circles, making sure not to stay in one spot or run back in the direction you came; otherwise, you'll be obliterated quickly. The small ones that shoot off once it hits, however, are practically impossible to avoid.
    • When you successfully land a blow on Dark Fact, the floor where you were standing will disappear. If you're still standing on that spot, it's instant death.

So for the battle itself, you will want to constantly stay on the furthest edge of the area, running around in a large circle. I would advise against trying to attack Dark Fact when he's in the center of the area, as once those pieces of the floor start disappearing, it will become harder to navigate without getting nailed by the fireballs. Watch his pattern while you're on the run, and try to hit him while he's close to the edge himself.

His running pattern is actually very much like a game of pong, or even the screen savers of some computers and media players; as he gets to the edge, he bounces off of that edge at the same angle he hit, so you can easily guess where he'll be next as you go. I can almost guarantee that you'll die several times trying, but use each attempt as a learning experience until you have a good idea of his movements, so keep trying until you're successful. Having a bit of luck can't hurt either. Good luck!

If you need additional help, watch my boss fight on YouTube using the link below, or through the embedded video above!

Steam Achievements

You can obtain the De-Fact-o Achievement by defeating Dark Fact on any difficulty.

You can obtain the Into the Sky Achievement by defeating Dark Fact on the Nightmare difficulty!

After the battle, check out the cape left behind by Dark Fact, and you will find the final book, the Book of Ys (Volume Fact). Go ahead and equip the Monocle, followed by the last Book of Ys, then "use" the Monocle for the last time to read it. Once you've done so, watch the events that unfold...

The end? Nope! A new adventure awaits in Ys II!

...and with that, you have completed Ancient Ys Vanished: Omen! Keep on reading to continue into Ancient Ys Vanished: The Final Chapter!

(Or if you like, feel free to check out the Appendices for Ys I, including the newly unlocked Time Attack! Use the following links to go where you like.)

Time Attack

Time Attack, also known as the Boss Rush in other Ys games, is a mode in which you must face all seven bosses of Ys I in a row.

    • During each boss fight, you will be wearing equipment and be at an average level of what you would have been when you fought the boss during the story. Because of this, you'll most likely have a harder time against the bosses, especially if you did ANY grinding in the main game.
    • If you die, the boss rush ends.

If you need refreshers on the boss strategies, click the links for each one below, as needed. Or you can just copy and paste the YouTube addresses to watch the boss fight for yourself. The first link is my Time Attack; if that's not enough, the individual bosses themselves are below it.

Time Attack http://youtu.be/G-tbo0GzGYU
Jenocres BOSS BATTLE #1 Strategy http://youtu.be/URSovUMrRv4
Nygtilger BOSS BATTLE #2 Strategy http://youtu.be/nsAQuebsiqc
Vagullion BOSS BATTLE #3 Strategy http://youtu.be/DGpIGhS0N-E
Pictimos BOSS BATTLE #4 Strategy http://youtu.be/Fb0o_gO92C0
Khonsclard BOSS BATTLE #5 Strategy http://youtu.be/2LdhOphb3xA
Yogleks & Omulgun BOSS BATTLE #6 Strategy http://youtu.be/LbgwXEu-Ncw
Dark Fact BOSS BATTLE #7 (FINAL) Strategy http://youtu.be/yZlIGufAU6I

Here's a link to the playlist for all seven bosses:


Steam Achievements

You can obtain the Bump Master Achievement by completing the Time Attack.

Walkthrough - Ancient Ys Vanished: The Final Chapter (Ys II)

Once you have chosen a game mode, there are four difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. Pick your poison, then start!


Upon starting the game, you already have the following items; the Books of Ys your journey in Ys I: Volume Hadal, Volume Tovah, Volume Dabbie, Volume Mesa, Volume Gemma, and Volume Fact.

You will also have all of these characters already entered in your Character Notebook: Feena, Reah, Goban, Luta Gemma, Jeba Tovah, Sara, Dogi, Dark Fact, Priest Tovah, Priest Dabbie, Priest Hadal, Priest Mesa, Priest Gemma, and Priest Fact.

After the opening scenes, you'll meet Lilia, Leonor Rall, and Banoa. Afterward, you'll gain control inside of Lilia's House in Lance Village. Head to the left for another quick scene with Banoa; choose to talk with her and choose each of the prompts until you have heard about all five, becoming better informed of the situation and new surroundings. Choose to leave, and she'll ask you to deliver a letter to Dr. Flair; you'll automatically accept, receiving Banoa's Letter. Now, to find Dr. Flair... start off by leaving the house so we can explore Lance Village.

Steam Achievements

You can obtain the Keep the Doctor Away Achievement by walking through the counter area just to the right of Nurse Sarina, causing apples to fly all over the place.


By opening your MENU and choosing FILES, you can SAVE and LOAD your game at any time. Be sure to SAVE often!!

Make your way just to the right of Lilia's House, then go up to the next house, which is Rall Family Wellness, the local clinic. You'll run into the nurse here, as well as Leonor Rall, and you'll be informed that you need to go help Dr. Flair at the Rasteenie Mine. You're going to see him anyway, so choose Yes to agree to help, and you'll receive 300 G to buy some new equipment. But of course, we need permission before we can even enter the mine, so now we have to check with the elder to get that. Make sure to actually talk to Nurse Sarina to get her entry, then choose to buy Herb x3 from her to be better prepared. (Keep in mind that you can spend 20 G to recover with her, but you're better off standing still outside.)

Head back outside, then go west/northwest to the third set of buildings to your left, and you'll see Elder Cornell sitting on his porch to the left. By talking to him, you'll obtain his permission to finally go to the Mine. Finally, take a few steps to the left of the Elder's Residence, and you should see Lilia standing under a tree to the north. Talk to her, and she'll give you a delicious-looking Apple! Now, there's plenty more to do here, so let's start off by adding to our Character Notebook, and to do so, you'll want to talk to everyone in town.

Lilia's bed...

If you talked to Lilia and got the Apple, go to her room and run at her bed for a few seconds, and you'll be able to jump in. This is one of three beds in the game that you can get in... not for healing, just for... well, yeah.

From the Lilia (or the exit if you will, since it's right above Lilia), talk to everyone walking about that you come across, going counter-clockwise (south, then east, then north, then back west to the exit) to hit everyone. You should come across the following people; Andy, Larsen the village guard, Lucy, Lucille, Bohtz, Esca, Tita, Colt, Kate, Lazlo, Masontorch, Saffron, Polo, Theo, and old man Oseam.

Once you've talked to all of them, time to pay a visit to all of the houses and talk to the people inside! Inside of the Elder's Residence is his wife, Natasha. Just to the right of the Elder's Residence is Lazlo's House, so talk to his wife and son inside, Tess and Tran. To the right of them is Guido's Armory, so stop in and say hi to Guido. While you're at it, you'll want to pick up ONLY the Wooden Shield in here for 100 G, as we'll be getting a FREE Short Sword... shortly. Again, head next door to the right, and talk to Jade inside of Jade's Oddities.


Don't ever buy any Apples or Marle Flowers here unless you're REALLY in a pinch. You can get them for free in the Moondoria Field just north of the village, and they regenerate every time you leave and come back.

For now though, DO buy a Wing, which should drop you down to 10 G. (You can only carry one anyway.)

You've already been to the clinic to the right, as well as Lilia's House below that, so go to the lower-left of Lilia's House to visit Astal's House, with Caesaria inside. The next house to the left is Brody's House, so converse with Brody, Marina, and Beth inside. Again, head left to the next place, and chat with the twins, Kris and Ceres, as well as their mother, Sheila. Finally, the last house to visit it just to the upper-left, and it's Gila's House. Something seems off with Gila, but there's not much you can do for him just yet.

That's it for Lance Village for now, so when you're ready, go ahead and save your game, then leave town via the northwest exit.

Items / Equipment / Treasures
Marle Flower
500 G
Chain Mail
Meat Pie

There are no monsters here, but as stated above, you can get infinite Apples and Marle Flowers. To the northwest of the village entrance is a set of stairs. On this first level, go to the far west/northwest, and you'll find a Marle Flower on the far western edge, as well as a set of three trees, each possibly having an Apple that you can pick from them.


These items can be picked up infinitely; just leave the area and come back to have them respawn. The Marle Flowers will be there instantly, whereas the Apples may take some time to regenerate. You can have up to three of each of these, as well as other common consumable recovery items.

On the second level above the stairs, you can go to the far east/northeast to find another Marle Flower to pick here. On the third level above the stairs, go northeast to the next area. Hug the western edge as you go north, and pick up a third Marle Flower, then check the northern edge; if you talked to Lilia and got the Apple in the village, then you'll have another scene with her here. Afterward, if you like, you can give her Marle Flowers; you can give her up to 5 for different dialogue before she starts repeating herself, which you should do. If you run out of flowers, just go pick some more.

Once you're done picking flowers and apples (with 6 of each), head back to Lance Village.

Lance Village

He has a secret... for 5 gifts.

Now, you can earn 500 G, but have to do a little something first. With a combination of 5 items between the Marle Flowers and Apples in hand, talk to Brody, who is in his house two doors to the left of Lilia's, or just southwest of the well. Have the items equipped and give him all five like you did with Lilia before. Once he has five, he will finally give you a tip: the ducklings have been eating gold coins! Go out into the village and pay a visit to the small ducklings just above the clinic; one of them will spit out 500 G!

Steam Achievements

You can obtain the Bill the Duck Achievement by getting the 500 G from the duckling, as shown above.

With that 500 G, you can now afford some armor! Talk to Guido and grab the Chain Mail, then make sure to equip it. Also, if you like, head back to Moondoria Field and stock up on Apples and Marle Flowers again.

Now, you can get a unique food item with the Apples / Marle Flowers. Make sure you have 3 of each; whenever you run out, be sure to restock at the Field. Talk to Lucy, the little girl with a lisp watching over the pikkards on the southwestern edge of town. If you give her 3 items (I gave her Marle Flowers), she will give you some Meat Pie! (This Meat Pie is a one-time-only deal -- at least until we have magic later -- so save it for when it's absolutely necessary... or just don't eat it until I tell you to.)

When you're all done and ready, return back to the ground floor of the Moondoria Field, then proceed northeast to the Ruins of Moondoria, the first dungeon.