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  1. 71
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  1. 68
    Cheat Code Central
    Joint Assault is decent fun if you can get past its yawn-worthy elements.
  2. 60
    Edge Magazine
    Murky, muted visuals and a lack of ground detail let the game's presentation down, but the satisfying combat and customisation - especially when you unlock the Tune menu, which lets you add custom parts to your aircraft - do their best to hold your attention despite the frequently repeating missions. [Oct 2010, p.99]
  3. 75
    Game Informer
    There's only so much you can do with a semi-realistic jet fighter game, but that doesn't stop us from getting a sense of deja vu. [Issue#209, p.96]
  4. 75
    Great cooperative play and solid action save the latest Ace Combat game from its lackluster campaign.

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