S Rank Thresholds?

  1. Allow me to answer my own question. This question and answer set deserves to be listed here, as it answers one of the most common questions on the message board.

    From the Japanese site


    The following list was derived:

    Mission 1 3:00 max
    Mission 2 5:00 max
    Mission 3 JSDF health 90%+
    Mission 4 JSDF health 90%+
    Mission 5A 4:30 max
    Mission 5B 4:30 max
    Mission 6 4:30 max
    Mission 7 Paper Wasp health 90%+
    Mission 8 Paper Wasp health 90%+
    Mission 9 7,500 pts min
    Mission 10 7,500 pts min
    Mission 11 3:30 max
    Mission 12A London health 90%+
    Mission 12B London health 90%+
    Mission 13 3,500 pts min
    Mission 14 7,000 pts min
    Mission 15 6:10 max
    Mission 16 10,000 pts min
    Mission 17 5:00 max
    Mission 18 Canopus Health 80%+
    Mission 19 5:30 max
    Mission 20 6:00 max
    Mission 21A SF health 90%+
    Mission 21B SF health 90%+
    Mission SP1 4:00 max
    Mission SP2 7:00 max

    Many thanks to Asad for this information. There is a great deal more information on the website.

    User Info: Mindripper56

    Mindripper56 - 8 years ago


  1. Submitting it to the cheats section is a good idea assuming it actually gets accepted. =/
    sigh gamefaqs

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  2. Nice job Mindripper
    post it on "Cheats" category in order to make it easier for newbs cos till now and then everyone is asking how to clear this mission or vice versa

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