How do I beat last boss?

  1. I shot 10 missiles at it and its still alive. plus a few machine gun shots.

    User Info: kangaroojoee

    kangaroojoee - 9 years ago


  1. The final boss is more or less invincible until he finishes his speech. in order to progress it however, you must whittle down his life. i reccomend using an aircraft that either has a high missile payload, or one that has high maneuverability that way you can shoot at him with your machine guns. he has an anti-missile defense system which only stops working when his life is in the red zone making it a very difficult mission.


    When Sulejmani mentions buying back his life that his mother and father sold off, you can now freely kill him.

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  2. Well for the Ace mode later, my build is using Forneus with Sniper OS (since its only compatible with it). It really make things easier. Remember the MG is your best friend :)

    User Info: ninetail1412

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  3. On his first form, wait for him to finish his speech then close up and fire missiles and machinegun, some missiles might get shot down, but some will get through his anti-missile system.

    When your operator confirms that the systems are down, his second form starts, either keep up his tail or use hit and run tactics (fly away from him around 3000 and attack him directly from above). Use machinegun on him as he will avoid the missiles with impossible maneuvers (though there's still a chance to hit him with it if he makes the wrong turn)

    When he starts to laugh like a maniac. that's his third form, avoid direct combat against him, he will turn instantly on your face and unleash a missile barrage if you do. Use hit an run tactics (fly away around 3000) and attack him directly from above again. if done correctly, he'll try to turn towards you, but he cannot turn up and will not use the cheap maneuvers. Use machinegun on him on this form as often as you can, as he will still avoid your missiles (again, there's a small chance you can hit him if you're on a right angle)

    If that doesn't work on his third form, get an aircraft with an XLAA or XMAA, reserve around 10-12 of them for him. Fly away for a while, or dodge his missile for a while and wait for him to fly straight, once he does that, get to around 1000 ft away from him behind his back and unleash XMAAs and standard missiles, firing them on an interval (don't fire too rapidly), if done correctly, 2-3 will find its mark and will end him

    Good luck, as this is probably the hardest boss in the game

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  4. First time playing i was doing easy mode, i was thinking no way defeating him using missiles so i used machine guns. Was flying MiG 1.44 first time and that was harsh.

    Later unlocked 'YR-99 Forneus' on normal mode and that was much easier task defeating him.

    When the first mission begin. With the their first formation you need to prioritize the squadron member to kill. I had no problem killing all 3 within 3 mins when luck comes.

    Later Sulejmani will start to laugh, his jet will keep off a distant to you but keep accelerating and follow. When he's done he will drop his speed and make a R turn that's where you figure and slow down to shoot him with machine gun. Watchout, his plane's HP is like 5 times the normal plane.

    When his jet turn into red at 100% he will evade you like crazy. When red at 50% he will do 360 degrees maneuver at mid air and try to shoot you back desperately, much like vsing a real player.

    At this point i figured all 3 difficulties have different approach defeating him;

    1. Dogfight with him is a death wish but you might have luck sometimes if you know the limit. A high mobility plane is needed when he fires missiles.

    2. Second method is to finish him with missiles at very close range. There are points that missile still have success rate of hitting him on top of his plane.

    3. I did this in hard mode and is pretty much the one i last remembered well. Since he maneuver godly, the only way to shoot him with machine gun is to use missiles to "distract" him, get close to him as much as possible and once the distant is reached fire one missiles he will start to turn like a ball, at the same time fire machine gun. Ofcourse if the alignment is bad you will miss shoot him. And if distant is bad he will turn to you and fire missiles will hit you instantly.

    Do this few times you'll know how beat him ;) Way to go my fav plane; YR-99 Forneus

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  5. The first thing I suggest is: fight him with a high-maneuverability plane (high mobility/you can make a turn fast) (Forneus will help)
    Second: please choose an air to air SP weapon. (XMAA or XLAA if possible) (you will know why after you read my help)

    The easiest way to defeat him is to attack him with your machine gun (as you've known). before he said "haha.. I'm having so much fun" is not that hard, but after he said that, he began to be extremely aggressive. And the trick is: fire a missile! He'll evade your missile by doing strange movement and I just don't know why his speed becomes 0 (or nearly 0) and will not make any turn. You can't attack him while he is evading, but the right time of you to attack is a moment after he has finished to evade. Attack him with your machine guns.
    But what if he is the way too far? He'll directly face you head on (directly heading to YOUR position) and fire a missile (which is annoying)!!! Use your long range air-to-air missile then! (as I suggested above) and he won't fire any missile and you can get near to him.

    If you like some challenge, then face him head on and try to hit him with your missiles. But watch out of his missile too!!

    That's all what I've got
    Good luck

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  6. After many many attempts, I used the YF-99 Forneus with the Sniper mod and climed to 30000 ft first and dove on the squad with missles and guns. When you eliminate all but the boss climb back high and wait for the speech to be over. After that stay on him with guns. It takes a while so be patient and when he moves away from you like he is going to come straight at you, climb, climb, climb. You cannot afford direct frontal assaults. Then get back on him with guns and you will win. I finally got him last night with 9 bullets remaining and finished the level with 2 bullets left. What a nail biter. Good luck.

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  7. I think the answers is effective, but i try to provide more

    first you need a high mobility and stability, second get long-range missile ( i still suggest forneus though, it have both of the requirement )

    Now to the mission. Sulejmani is invisible unless you take down the other 3 squadron. try to get minimal damage from the phase 1 and the battle with the other 3 squadron, as this will help you win.

    after the other 3 down, sulejmani begin his speech. After the speech ended, now you can hit him ( use machine gun, rockets won't work to him ). After Arena said "Impact ! hostiles defenses are down" now you can hit him with missile, but this still doesn't work because he dodged it. On the other hand, us this as a "decoy" to get closer to him.

    When he said "show me everything you got !" he will start using his missile. This is the hardest thing, when its said missile alert, dodge like crazy. Luckily, if you keep a minimal damage, you should have 3 chances that will protect you. the tactic, get to altitude above 3000, then he will run off. Use your long-range missile, get close to him, then shot machine gun like Hell !. After He say a speech ended with "My honor,My life,My pride" just a few more shots then he died. you can do the rest, even if you have 99% damage.

    Anyway, the S-rank is based on phase,not this.
    Good luck, and hope this help you !

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  8. I had a "fun" time with this fight. Remind me to thank Bandai Namco for making this fight a pain. I never got shot down in the final mission before, but Sulejmani and his crew got me three times before I finally got them.

    You will need patience, a fighter with great mobility, a nice missile payload and in my case, the Gun. The first time I fought against Sulejmani and his bunch with their super jets was with the Typhoon, standard missiles and the high maneuverability missiles. Their mobility was insane as I couldn't get on their six a lot of times, but I was close enough to use my Gun whenever I couldn't get a good lock. You have to keep an eye on your six as well because if you're trying to take down one member, another will get a lock on you.

    You have to shoot down Oruma, Gaviria and Kiriakov first before you can take on Sulejmani, whose fighter has this rear gun that can shoot down your missiles, so he's nearly invincible. With their high mobility, it's not easy to get a lock on them, even if you have the high mobility missiles or QAAMs, but they do help if they open themselves up for an attack. The three always follow Sulejmani's command and fly in different formations upon command. I tried to make my attack when they are about to get into formation seems to work, but I just stuck with using my gun when I was close to them because the gun seems to track enemies when you're around 200-300 feet behind them.

    Once you take out the three, it's you and Sulejmani. I believe this battle is dialogue driven with each phase of battle accompanied by dialogue from Sulejmani depending on how much damage you afflicted on him. Hitting him with missiles is possible if you can get in at an angle where they don't strike the back. I kept on using the gun in this case while trying to achieve missile lock. Later on, his flight style is relaxed after you do get a missile hit and says he doesn't need the system he was using. You go in for another missile shot, but he does this acrobatic move to dodge your shot I never did get a missile hit on him since he's making these evasions, but it's a good chance to get him with your gun.

    Once Sulejmani finishes his rant and his condition's in the red from all the gunshots or missile attacks you laid onto him, then you can finish him off. He still does that acrobatic move to avoid missiles, but if you keep him in your gun sights, it won't take very long. That's how I managed to beat him the first time. Once you get the YF-99 Forenus with its superior mobility, it makes the fight so much easier because you can turn so much tighter than any jet you have unlocked. I always had great success shooting those guys down with the gun than with missiles. Sure, it's longer and missiles work better, but when you're in a maneuverability fight and one of the Varcoloc squad members is in your crosshairs, shoot.

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  9. Varcolac Squadron is like the Alect Squadron in Ace Combat X

    User Info: Nerzhul_27

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  10. Well i used the Hellcat equipped with the light engine and rocket pods it was easy when you get close say 150 feet away just spam rockets and guns at him because he cant shot down the rockets.

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  11. Im using the slow mobility jet, but with a long range missile.

    But I hit him many times then it becomes red in my radar. then luckily i hit him again twice with a great ammo missile and some machine gun. then he didnt die!!!!!!!!, it was so frustrating!! I tried it more than 20 times,

    i Feel that I cannot defeat that b*ll Sh**t!!.

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  12. I'd pass this mission with F-14D super tomcat. Using normal missile and SAAM. Keep the SAAM for the last period. Kill the other 3 (which order is up to you). For the first round when he's in full health (white), try to get him with normal missile. Although he has a semi-machine gun behind, but if you're on the range between 900-1100 on his back and lock-on, shoot both missile. One should get him when machine gun can only fires one down. When he's at yellow, he'll be the dodging god, shoot 1 missile on the range, like other people said, he'll dodge, fire your machine gun. Then he'll get hit. This mode (yellow) only you can hit him with machine gun.

    When he's at red mode, he'll laugh. At this point, he'll try to face you in front of you. Don't shoot him face to face, YOU CAN'T WIN HIM. Instead, after when he try to turn around, you can use the same tactic as at yellow mode OR when he flies away further than 2000, lock him with your SP weapon and let it hit. Hope this help. High maneuver plane is a plus so you can get to his back easily. F-14D is hard to turn though and I have not enough money to buy Raptor.

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  13. Right before this mission, the F-22 becomes unlocked. If you don't have enough money to buy it, then sell everything but your best plane and the F-4 to buy it, then finish more missions. Buy the F-22 and play the mission.

    Play through the mission as normal, then when Burford mentions several high speed bogeys inbound, there's your cue that it's time to kick some Varcolac @$$. Switch to XMAA's and as soon as you get a lock on all four of them, open fire. If you're lucky, you'll at least have damaged Oruma, Kiriakov, and Gaviria. Don't bother with Sulejmani, his plane has an advanced defense system which shoots down any missile that comes near him before it hits. Follow each of them closely, punching your PSP's R button until it seems like you're going to crush it with pressure. Fire two missiles at them, then fire another once you reload. Once you down the other three, Sulejmani will begin his epic speech about he was sold off to fight as a child soldier and how he plans to buy back his freedom by killing you. Use this time as an opportunity to punch your afterburners some more and close in on him. Don't worry, he won't bite while he's blabbering.

    Once he finishes his speech, you are now free to go for the kill. His defense system doesn't work against machine gun bullets, so just follow him and gun down his system. Even though his system is gone, missiles are still ineffective because Sulejmani uses a player-impossible maneuver that evades any missile you throw at him, be it STDM, QAAM, XMAA, or anything else. I killed him after several minutes of close chasing, some extremely close calls with missiles, and hundreds of gun rounds impaled in his plane.

    Then, you'll have to destroy Olivieri's underground control center. For some bonus points, blow up any remaining enemy aircraft and ground targets in the area, then destroy the control center. If you're feeling murderous, go ahead and kill Olivieri as well (i always do that XD). Then, enjoy your debriefing and some closing cutscenes.

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  14. Also, if you do it my way on Normal, you can kill him right after he says, "Hahahahaha!!! I'm having so much fun!" He was on red when he said that, then I fired a few more bullets and he was buried at the bottom of the Bay in a charred, twisted, flaming blue coffin.

    If you can get the Falken, that pretty makes you Chuck Norris in any Ace Combat game; this one is no exception. But you probably don't have it at this point, much like me.

    User Info: sonicwii

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  15. Not sure about the speech part. But here's what I do.


    Dog fight is your answer. I just keep tailing him and machine gun his butt.
    Then when my operator tells me his anti-missile defense is down, I just spam missile at him.

    There you go.

    Tips on aircraft.
    Use a super high mobility one. Since Varcolac's flying defies laws of physics...
    Making a 90 degrees turn in a super high speed is IMPOSSIBLE.
    But yea, high mobility and try to catch up and have a steady lock on.

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  16. Gun him down. Multiplayer heals alot as well. I don't bother with missels, he'll ether shoot them or doge them. You NEED high mobility and a good gun. Not all guns are the same.

    My TAC is Rock

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  17. a pretty effective method is to bring standard missiles and SASMs (Short-range Aerial Suppression Missile), and tune your aircraft to high maneuverability.

    *note that im talking about SASMs not SAAMs.*

    u can find SASMs on SU-47.
    tune your aircraft to high maneuverability and slightly above average speed is good enough (i suggest SU-47).
    use your standard missiles to get his side-kicks out of the way, there should not be a problem since you've got high maneuverability.
    next, get good hits on sulejmani using your SASMs and do not waste them. they are the key to get his defense system down fast because they deal area damage and theres no need for impact, thus his defense system is useless against SASMs. likewise, his quick turns and flips when hes down to red health is useless against SASMs too.

    alternatively, the above mentioned method by Nerzhul_27 is also feasible, which is to use laser on falken.

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  18. Woohoo! thanks people!!! you're the best!!! i thought i was really stuck with sulejmani (imagine being stuck fighting a wicked, money-obsessed freak!)

    User Info: raphael_erfe

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  19. The best way to kill Sulejmani and Varcolac squadron is to use a good plane

    YR-99 Forneus equipped with STDM and XMAA.
    Parts: Hayabusa Engine, NERA Armor, Adv. Blended wing body and Sniper OS

    First, when Varcolac squadron comes in, target and follow Kiriakov but don't fire yet (focus on dodging) and after a few seconds, he will fly steady and that's your chance to shoot him down with missiles.
    Then follow Oruma, he is a bit slower so gun him with missiles on the opportunity. Then Gaviria. After killing Gaviria, Sulejmani will start his speech so tail him closely. After "We will decide who flies and falls from grace", tail him closely and start firing with your machine gun. Sniper OS will help in conserving your bullets while maintaining great accuracy. When Sulejmani becomes "red", he will start flying like a madman, always be close to him and pepper him with machinegun fire. He will most likely fly straight at you and fire some missiles so fire missiles at him (even if it's not locked-on) so he will be forced to evade. Fire,fire,fire with machinegun.After he says" MY HONOR, MY PRIDE, MY LIFE!!!" , he is now vulnerable to missiles so fire everything that you got!!! Sulejmani is toast!

    User Info: raphael_erfe

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  20. i bought all planes that you mensioned in here, but no one worked, but then a i maked a room for the mission 21A in multyplayer, and i gain the S rank and the Varcolac too, so you can gain plaines by playing on multyplayer. think this will help allot, and if you whant to unlock the FALKEN just contact me at to play so u can unlock it (the varcolac too) i prefere the Falken than the Varcolac, cuz it it dizzy and the falken is much better :D

    User Info: Oztimer

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  21. another stuff, my TAC name is ''Solis'' if I have played with you cool, ( i play on the GLOBAL world ''4''

    User Info: Oztimer

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  22. here's some help:
    if you started to encounter the Varcolacs, DON'T fire your missiles (Especially if u have XMAAs or XLAAs), because they will evade them 100%. you're allowed to attack, but dont deal with Sulejmani first, 'cause he has a special defensive system which destroys any missiles behind him. First, deal with Oruma, Gaviria and Kiriakov then proceed to Sulejmani. Remember that the machine gun is vital in damaging him because he cant deflect bullets. After your operator says that Sulejmani's defenses are down, proceed with gunning him then he will start laughing manically. After he said "I'm having so much fun!", he will start doing insane maneuvers to evade your missiles, so hold your missile fire for now. Keep gunning him (Any plane which can equip the Sniper OS part will help a lot.), while carefully evading HIS missile barrages. After a while of damaging him, try to get as much time as possible after he screams "My honor, My pride, My life!". Then, unleash your missiles and guns (optional), then he's finished :). (hope this helps)

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  23. Guide on S rank for ace mode.
    Phase 1:
    XLAA the plane nearest to you, then turn right to where stealth fighter appears. Kill all three of them, then go for the ships.
    Phase 2:
    first part: kill the minions(QAAM,XMAA, and XLAA works good)
    second part: tail Sulejmani where he is in front of you in gun range(not missle range) and wait for him to finish his speech, remember to slow down till 300-400 miles/hour or you will fly pass him, then barrage him with MG
    third part :Sulejmani starts to do impossible manuever (known as ace manuever on certain youtube clips) still, tail him and barrage
    fourth part: he starts screaming. So we wait for him to finish his scream and finish him off with MG. You heard me alright, MG!
    Phase 3:
    fly through with your normal playing style...

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  24. Find yr-99 forneus and buy it you can kill him easy with this plane
    first kill kiriakov,oruma,gaviria with missile don't use gun
    after kiriakov,oruma,gaviria dead use gun with sulejmani don't use missile if he say my life my hornor my pride he near dead

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  25. Sulejmani is a friggin beast but they way that I defeated him in a F-15E (i'll never do it again!!!) was after he shot a missle at me I throttled up to around 600 mph dodged the missle and right afterward began to decelerate to around 320 mph and turn into him ie toward him, usually this gives you a 1 to 2 second gun window. flying low (200 ft or lower or high 15000 will help you to reset the fight if he is just consistently out turning you. I also got a few hits with the SAAM from high up while performing a slow dive. Hopefully this helps

    User Info: aggresor04

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  26. What playthrough do you play? At first playthrough it's kinda hard, yea f15e can do it but it's so hard. I prefer the f-22 raptor to do this mission on normal difficulty. At second, the X-02 is maybe the best since it has maximum stability and decent speed & stability.

    First you need to tail him, then barrage him using machinegun (MG) till the plane indicator became red. Missile won't work here until you are dogfighting him at 600 m face-to-face, which is very risky. I chose the gun tactics, since it's safer. If you've better plane later on, the SP Weapon (QAAM) might having some luck on killing him. That's it.

    Remember, MG is your best friend. Oh and equip the salamander thing on your plane, it really helps.

    After becoming red then it'll do very impossible acrobatics act to dodge your missile. The tactics here is just to shoot a missile as a decoy and barrage him with MG till he dies. With better

    User Info: ninetail1412

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  27. Fly like a wind,shoot like hell and dodge like there is no tomorrow :P

    User Info: DamnProduction

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  28. fly like hell and stay on his tail also use so missiles to make him slow down to dodge it or use some XAAM, SAM, also QUAAM sorry don't know the spelling but also use a plane will high mobility to dodge his attacks also with high speed stat so you can stick to his tail much easier just be sure to keep your distance from him around 500 meters or so don't get to close or you wont be able to hit him

    User Info: kizerking

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  29. you must use the ADF Falken
    i beat him using the laser

    User Info: Nerzhul_27

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  30. Oh I Forgot the ADF Falken is not available through your hangar

    User Info: Nerzhul_27

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  31. Use all of the SP weapons (The AAM Ones) and the standard Missiles Constantly When the Plane is in front of Sulejmani`s Plane,The varcolac.If all else fails,Use the machine Gun!

    User Info: gignator

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  32. just MG him until his icon turns red.
    then use normal missles followed by saam or the 4 simultanious launch missle (sorry dont know wat's its name :p)

    i think he's immune to MG when he turns red..

    User Info: Sir_Anubis

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