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What's the game's story about? And what are the names of the game exclusive characters? 1 8 years ago

Tech Support / Troubleshooting Answers Last Answer
WHY DOES THE GAME SAY corrupted file? 4 8 years ago
Why am i not gettin any more missions im still on level c free missions? 1 8 years ago
Cant get past Chapter 1? 1 8 years ago
Unable to start at all? 1 9 years ago
What version to play this? 1 9 years ago

Uncategorized Answers Last Answer
Cheats? 4 7 years ago
How do you use Shadow Strangle Jutsu? 2 7 years ago
How do i know if my own is an european version or north american version? 1 7 years ago
What are the scrolls of naruto,sakura ,yamatoand hinata please? 0 7 years ago
How does the multiplayer room work? 1 7 years ago
What to do if the save game is corrupted? 3 7 years ago
Usa Cheat's For Infinate Health? 1 7 years ago
Is there anyone who has the game still? 1 8 years ago
Itachi's Role in this Game? 1 8 years ago
Anyone need a save game file for us? 3 8 years ago
Does this game have a Gallery mode or is there only 3 modes? 1 8 years ago
co-op for Story mode? 1 8 years ago
Is there a free battle mode after and or before u beat the game? 1 8 years ago
Sorry to ask, but is the english version out yet?? 2 8 years ago
Is there any vs or free batle mode in this game? 3 8 years ago
May I know how to unlock Itachi?? 1 9 years ago
How to use Shugohakke Rokujuuyon Shou? 1 9 years ago
do i need to patch my PSP to play full games??? 1 9 years ago
Us version? 1 9 years ago
How do you unlock Ino Yamanaka? 1 9 years ago
How many characters are in total? 1 9 years ago
How do you save your proggres in the game? 1 9 years ago
How Can I Win In Chapter 13? 1 8 years ago
Savedata? 1 8 years ago
I Can't Power Up Them Cuz My Game Is JPN And I Can't Understand Any Things Please Tell Me? 1 8 years ago
All Game Confirmed Characters ? 3 9 years ago
Can the character change? 1 9 years ago
What the red chakra for? 1 9 years ago