How can I defeat the false one tail?

  1. Where will I attack the false one tail? How can I defeat it?

    User Info: goldcup888

    goldcup888 - 8 years ago

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  1. Alright, so I was getting tired hell a lot by getting defeated from Shukaku again and again. So I tried my good old brain here in my skull to work :p I came up with the idea of equipping certain scrolls. So I am gonna tell you guys which scrolls I equipped to defeat Shukaku. And believe me it was a piece of cake after equipping those scrolls!

    Naruto: Book of Attacks [Lv.2] + Way of the Ninja [Lv.2] + Temro Secrets [Lv.2]
    Health: 190 - Attack: 220
    Chakra: 190 - Defense: 100

    Lee: Book of Attacks [Lv.2] + Way of the Ninja [Lv.2] + Null Poison [Lv.2]
    Health: 190 - Attack: 220
    Chakra: 190 - Defense: 100

    Neji: Book of Attacks [Lv.1] + Null Poison [Lv.2] + Attract Enemies [Lv.2]
    Health: 180 - Attack: 160
    Chakra: 190 - Defense: 100

    Hinata: Way of the Ninja [Lv.1] + Book of Attacks [Lv.0] + Book of Health [Lv.0]
    Health: 130 - Attack: 120
    Chakra: 115 - Defense: 100

    I am not gonna list my equipped jutsus' list because you are having default ones in the start.... But equip the best ones available.
    Don't forget to equip Nine-Tails' Chakra jutsu. It is handy in this mission most of the time.

    Well after these things settled up, get into a battle with Shukaku. Cloak yourself with Nine-Tails' Chakra and recharge your NORMAL chakra, after that go ahead and beat him up!

    REMEMBER: This one is important, keep an eye on Hinata. If she is in front of Shukaku's Attack and you are on other side of it (Safe side) then quickly navigate the 'Assist' arrow on Hinata and press the Square [] Button to get her away while the command is to assist you with her attack. Because she is the only healer there :D!

    User Info: latesilver30

    latesilver30 - 8 years ago 1   0


  1. First,complete as many missions as possible in free mission mode to get more stronger scrolls.Then fight the one tail.Do not go away from it or he will use air bullets that decreases ur defense.Just stay near from him.When he is about to attack,quickly go near his lap and hit him with all u got.Do this tactic faster when he will fight seriously.Hope this help:)

    User Info: potsyxteen

    potsyxteen - 8 years ago 0   0
  2. Here's the easy way to beat him. Dodge his initial air blast thingy and then rush towards his left side. Atk his left hand only. When u do this he will try to target u n use his front on melee atk which is to swipe down with his right hand. when he rotates to atk u just run towards his left hand. make sure you'r always towards his left hand and you'll have no problems. Watch out for his left hand though when he rotates cause when he puts it on the ground it sometimes hits u so just stay a few steps back when he rotates and wait for him to lift up his right hand before u start atking his left. if u continuosly do this his hand will crack n u'll start doing more dmg. make sure you only hit him with a one chain combo followed with a jutsu and keep doing this un til he enrages which is at about half health. when he enrages just use the same technique but don't follow ur combo with a jutsu. This method will take around 8mins but is a safe fail way to beat him. Also just ignore the ai if they die. it's not worth reveiving them because they do nothing anyways.

    This boss is really quiet easy just time consuming. Also don't use the giant rasengan as a normal combo followed with a normal rasengan does more dmg n saves more chakra. If u need to charge ur chakara just run far away from shukaku n charge right after he fires his air blast and when he's stunned otherwise don't bother to charge it. this does work

    User Info: king_of_tactics

    king_of_tactics - 8 years ago 0   0
  3. Equip naruto with paper bombs and atk scrolls. Make sure to stand in front of the left arm of the 1 tail as it doesn't attack with its left arm. Do not go away from it as it will charge more powerful attacks. When it turns, move naruto to its left arm as it will use it's right arm to slam the ground. Keep attacking its left (preferably circle + triangle for the one hit rasengan) and plant the paper bombs. When it's down you can use the time to recharge your chakra. Your character should sustain minimal attacks if you do this right :)

    User Info: tankca

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  4. First you run near to him and wait for his attack that he smash his hands in the ground then when his hand in the ground after attack attack with your rasengan and giant rasengan do this as many times as he falls call for assist. when he got serious do this fast when he got all there strenth do more fast .

    User Info: uzmakishan

    uzmakishan - 8 years ago 0   0
  5. the easy way destroy his right arm then left arm then tail use paper bombs to damage the tail use these scrolls ok:

    Naruto-way of the ninja 2,null softening 1 and book of attacks 2
    the rest is also like this

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  6. equip naruto with scroll of attack 2 and scroll of attack 1 and then you put scroll of chakra/health 1 you also want use paper bomb since its useful to use on the leg after you set this scroll the damage more HIGHER so you can defeat it now follow the king_of_tactic trick how to beat it

    User Info: Mathstick

    Mathstick - 6 years ago 0   0

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