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  1. Anyone know a good way to get alot of money? I have a shield, sword , and armor with posha nd the G Get spell at lvl 9 and im doing random dungeons over and over then i go broke upgrading my stuff, is there a better way to get money or should i just keep grinding???

    User Info: Katana_Valkyrie

    Katana_Valkyrie - 10 years ago


  1. After you have solved the game and unlockedNew enemy getting money in easy
    1. Create a new character as a Merchent for G Get. Set there Boss as a Blue Bird.
    2. Get too Lvl 10 and change class into Wizard.
    3. Level Wizard to 22 for Blood Circle. Blood Circle has 3 spaces for each ability/spelll upgrade.
    4. Max the Casting level of G Get, and boost a Fire attack spell like G. Fire and high as you can and still have mana to cast it (Staff help to lower the SP cost, Widen in the first space helps too if you have it)
    5. Run new enemy casting G get and one hitting the boss with G. Fire.
    6. ????
    7. Profit!

    User Info: Steele_Blade

    Steele_Blade - 9 years ago 0   0
  2. I can't remember the specific levels, but in some levels enemies drop big red coins worth 100 Gold. Combined with some Gold multiplier, it would be very easy to farm these levels.

    User Info: Kwingster

    Kwingster (FAQ Author) - 9 years ago 0   0

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