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by A Backdated Future

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FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future

Version: 1.06 | Updated: 05/07/12

Appendices (Continued)


Log #49/79

Relative of the falan, but notably stronger. Particularly skilled at making a quick escape when the need arises.

  • Encountered in Valestein Castle.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #50/79

A halvaiger commander. Stronger than its lesser cousin in all respects, and boasts 3x the speed as well (but it's really more like 0.3x!).

  • Encountered in Valestein Castle.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #51/79

Erid larva. Attacks in great numbers. Due to the high pressure inside its super-hard shell, it bursts from within when cracked open.

  • Encountered in Valestein Castle.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #52/79

A crustacean once raised as livestock, but now turned feral. Its tail allows it to leap in the air, and a full-grown erid is unfazed by fire.

  • Encountered in Valestein Castle.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #53/79

A flying insect covered in poisonous dust, which is released downwind in frightening quantities. Much larger than it looks at first glance.

  • Encountered in Valestein Castle.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #54/79

A tree which spews out large volumes of toxic spores. Was once a*Normal plant, but got corrupted by the dark mist.

  • Encountered in Valestein Castle.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #55/79

A bizarre, slug-like creature that oozes a thick mucus. Spits an acidic liquid from its head, but uses this more to purge than to attack.

  • Encountered in the Clock Tower of Valestein Castle.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #56/79

A criminal amongst the goblins. Lost its pride and status, and has been branded with the clothes of an outcast to signify as such.

  • Encountered in the Clock Tower of Valestein Castle.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #57/79

Once of the strongest, proudest Valestein men. His heavy armor makes him slow to move, but his sword swings could blow out a lit candle.

  • Encountered in the Clock Tower of Valestein Castle.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #58/79

A subspecies of kayron which crossed over to Genos Island long ago. Galbalan's influence made it small, but it is not to be taken lightly.

  • Encountered in the Dark Shrine of Genos Island.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #59/79

A more powerful barl. Has two eyes, so is much better at accurately striking its prey. Still only a slight improvement, however.

  • Encountered in the Dark Shrine of Genos Island.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #60/79

A strange creature from the old days of Galbalan possessing only a head. Rarely moves, but can fire a powerful beam of energy from its one eye.

  • Encountered in the Dark Shrine of Genos Island.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #61/79

An immortal skeletal warrior, like the ones that ravaged Genos Island twelve years ago. Rises from the dead after a short time.

  • Encountered in a hidden area in the Illburns Ruins.
  • Encountered in a hidden area in the Abandoned Mine in the Tigray Quarry.
  • Encountered in the Dark Shrine of Genos Island.
    • Can only be permanently killed while having the Silver Chimes equipped.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #62/79

An immortal sorcerer, constantly rising from the dead. Animated by corrupted spirits, and utilizes numerous black arts in combat.

  • Encountered in the Dark Shrine of Genos Island.
    • Can only be permanently killed while having the Silver Chimes equipped.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #63/79

A foul tree grown from Galbalan's evil. Fires bursts of sap which descend to the ground with explosive force. Not to be trifled with.

  • Encountered in the Dark Shrine of Genos Island.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Log #64/79

A grotesque mystery. Strongest foe in the shrine, and lords that strength over its peers. Deadly even if fought one-on-one.

  • Encountered in the Dark Shrine of Genos Island.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´



Listed below are all of the boss's entries in the game. It's not possible to find out the LV/STR/DEF of bosses, nor do any of them drop any Gold, so only HP will be listed. Also, their EXP will vary by both the difficulty you selected, as well as the level you are when facing the boss. The lower your level is, the more experience you will receive after the battle.


Dularn, The Creeping Shadow

Log #65/79

A sorcerer of unknown origin and purpose. His whole body is covered in bandages, hiding his true identity. Vanished on defeat, but said he would report this incident. The question is, to whom?

  • Encountered in the Storehouse of the Tigray Quarry.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Ellefale, The Azure Queen of Death

Log #66/79

A blue statue in the depths of the quarry, carved in the shape of a woman. In spite of its beautiful appearance, it attacks Adol with incredible ferocity. Guardian of the Moonstar Statue.

  • Encountered in the Depths of the Tigray Quarry.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Chester Stoddart, The Black-Hearted White Knight

Log #67/79

The white knight from the ruins. His speed and skill with a blade surpasses even Adol's, and his movements are hard to follow. It seems as if he was investigating something...

  • Encountered in the Ritual Area in the Illburns Ruins.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Guilen, The Fire Eater

Log #68/79

A fire serpent found deep in the lava pits. Long had it slept, only to be awakened by Dularn's sorcery. It's a full 20 melye in length, and has reigned over the lava pits since time immemorial.

  • Encountered in the Depths in the Zone of Lava in the Illburns Ruins.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Gyalva, Lord of the Blazing Prison

Log #69/79

A great flying dragon which has long held the duty of eliminating those who attempt escape from the lava pits. It attacks with flaming breath and powerful body charges. Guardian of the Sunset Statue.

  • Encountered at the Topside in the Zone of Lava in the Illburns Ruins.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Istersiva, The Crystalline Entity

Log #70/79

A mysterious crystal that pulses as if alive, and is filled with impurities that look almost like internal organs. It attacks with intense bursts of an unknown energy. Guardian of the Darkness Statue.

  • Encountered in the Abandoned Mine in the Tigray Quarry.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Ligaty, The Three Flying Succubi

Log #71/79

Three harpy sisters summoned by Dularn. Their forms are an odd blend of bird and beauty, and they attack Adol with incredible synchronicity-- but each has her own distinctive weakness.

  • Encountered at the Midpoint in the Elderm Mountains.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Gildias, Guardian of the Icy Depths

Log #72/79

A giant dragon that attacks with icy breath and a storm of ice shards. Once charged with protecting the sacred mountain, but turned mad with boredom over the years. Guardian of the Light Statue.

  • Encountered in the Icebound Cave of the Elderm Mountains.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Death Faleon, The Ever-Whirling Assassin

Log #73/79

An evil crimson warrior found in the castle. Has the ability to change its weakness at will, making it difficult to predict. Succumbs easily to ancient powers of good, however.

  • Encountered in the East Wing of Valestein Castle.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Zellfel Zam Schultiger, The Savage Mongrel

Log #74/79

A vicious demon dog found in the west wing of Valestein Castle. A wild creature imported from Garman and transformed into a foe of unbridled savagery by the dark mist.

  • Encountered in the West Wing of Valestein Castle.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Zirduros, The Clockwork Cannon

Log #75/79

A clockwork-and-steel warrior which guards the dungeon in Valestein Castle. With its beast-like appearance and steel weaponry, frontal assaults are virtually useless.

  • Encountered in the Dungeon of Valestein Castle.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Chester Stoddart, The Vengeful White Knight

Log #76/79

His fight in the castle tower was meant to prove him a superior warrior to Adol. But despite his tenacity and skill, Adol was ultimately found to be his better.

  • Encountered in the Keep after the Clock Tower of Valestein Castle.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


SPOILER! Highlight to View

The sorcerer returns for a final battle on Genos Island. In the end, her true identity was that of Sister Nell. Repented on her deathbed for the many atrocities she committed in Nikolas Garland's name.

  • Encountered in the Village Ruins of Genos Island.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Garland, The Dark Bishop

Log #78/79

The apostate ringleader of the disaster in Felghana. He was once a pious man, dedicated to the holy church, but a chance encounter with the great power in the Illburns Ruins drove him to insane zealotry.

  • Encountered in the Dark Shrine of Genos Island.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´


Galbalan, Sinister Marauder From Afar

Log #79/79

The great demon of legend. Was once bested by the fabled warrior, Genos, bringing his dreams of destruction to an end. He was later revived by Garland, but Adol was able to take him down.

  • Encountered at the Seat of Evil of Genos Island.
Very EasyEasy´´´´´Normal´´´Hard´´´´´NightmareInferno´´




Please know that Adol's Diary contains the entire story of Ys: The Oath In Felghana, so it will contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Press CTRL+A to Select-All of the text on the page to read the entire spoiler below.


SPOILER! Highlight to View

~ Arrival in Felghana ~

After a long journey, Adol and Dogi finally arrive in Dogi's birthplace: the land of Felghana.

On their way to the town of Redmont, they encounter a girl who's been cornered by monsters. Adol saves her from her fate, and learns that she's actually a childhood friend of Dogi's named Elena Stoddart.

As Adol, Dogi and Elena reach the town of Redmont, they are greeted by the gatekeeper, Gardner. According to him, monsters began showing up in Felghana around one year ago.

Upon entering the town, Dogi heads right for the Inn where he lived and worked as a child. There, Elena takes her leave. As they enter the Inn, they are greeted warmly by Margo, who was always like a mother to Dogi.

The next morning, Dogi tells Adol that he plans to go see his old master in the Elderm Mountains-- the man who taught him everything he knows about combat. Dogi believes his master may have some idea as to why monsters have come to Felghana. As Dogi doesn't plan to be gone for long, he suggests Adol take this chance to explore the town.

Adol visits Elena's house, where he learns that her brother, Chester-- another old friend of Dogi's-- left town over six months ago and has yet to return. She was hesitant to say anything about this to Dogi, but for some reason, she seems to have no trouble speaking her mind with Adol.

As Adol continues his walk through town, he overhears loud, panicked voices. The voices belong to Gardner and a man who looks to be a laborer. It seems the laborer has come to report an emergency of some sort.

His name is Ricardo, and he works at the Tigray Quarry. According to him, monsters suddenly poured from the mines en masse. Worse still, Redmont's mayor, Edgar, was in the quarry at the time and never made it out. The head miner, Dewey, went back in to look for him.


~ Into the Quarry ~

Gardner wishes he could go rescue the mayor and Dewey, but he's needed in town, since no one else in all of Redmont has the skills or training to keep everyone safe. As such, he and Ricardo reluctantly decide to ask Adol to go in their place. And of course, Adol would never turn down a chance for adventure!

Upon arrival at the Tigray Quarry, Adol is greeted by a miner named Paul. Seems Mayor Edgar is stuck pretty deep inside, so Dewey went in after him, leaving Paul behind to guard the entrance.

Adol finds Dewey, and learns that Edgar is farther in-- but the mine ahead is infested with monsters invulnerable to physical attacks, making it virtually impassable. Dewey gives Adol the key to the quarry storehouse, suggesting there may be an item of some use therein.

Adol enters the storehouse and is almost immediately accosted by a mysterious voice from behind. The voice belongs to a shadowy sorcerer named Dularn, who appears out of nowhere and challenges him to a fight. Adol wins, and Dularn mumbles something incomprehensible before once again vanishing into nothingness.

In the back of the storehouse, Adol finds a beautiful, old-fashioned bracelet with a ruby setting. As if guided by unseen hands, he places the bracelet on his wrist. Suddenly, an awesome power wells up from within him...

Finally, in the very deepest part of the mine, Adol finds Mayor Edgar. Though safe, the mayor hurt his leg fleeing from monsters, and is thus unable to get out. In addition, he's concerned about the old ruins behind him, and laments that his leg is keeping him from doing a proper investigation. He asks Adol to check them out in his place, and Adol accepts.

At the back of the ruins, Adol sees a large statue. Upon going in for a closer look, the statue comes to life with a brilliant flash of light, taking on the form of a woman both beautiful and disturbing in countenance. A fierce battle ensues, but thanks to the bracelet he found in the storehouse, Adol manages to come out on top. Upon defeating this living statue, Adol finds a smaller, glowing statue, which he takes with him.

After the battle, Adol exits the ruins only to find Elena's estranged brother, Chester, accosting Mayor Edgar. Chester introduces himself as a knight in service of Felghana's lord, Count McGuire, and warns Adol not to get involved in the affairs of others-- or else!

Adol escorts Mayor Edgar and Dewey safely back to Redmont, then drops by the mayor's house to ascertain exactly what's happening. Mayor Edgar laments the man Chester's become, and wonders how he'll tell Elena-- but Elena, who had stopped by to check up on him, overheard everything!


~ Within the Ruins ~

Adol swings by the church and learns from Bishop Nikolas and Sister Nell that Father Pierre has gone off by himself to an old pagan temple known as the Illburns Ruins, now maintained and regulated by the diocese. Rumor has it that these temple ruins are monster-infested and extremely dangerous. The bishop asks Adol to go after Father Pierre and confirm his safety, and gives Adol a key to the temple's front gate.

As Adol pushes forward into the ruins, he hears the voice of Father Pierre, and witnesses him engaged in a heated discussion with Chester. After a few moments Chester notices Adol's presence, and reiterates that Adol was warned not to interfere. A fierce battle ensues between Chester and Adol, only broken up by the sudden appearance of Count McGuire and his men. In an instant, Adol and Father Pierre are surrounded by soldiers, and at Chester's suggestion, Adol is ordered to be tossed from a high precipice into the Zone of Lava deep below...

Adol survives the fall with only a few cuts and scratches (lucky for him, he landed on a travel monument!) and picks himself up, only to become acutely aware of the intense heat all around him. He begins to wonder if there's any hope of escape from this hellish pit of fire!

In the depths of the lava pit, Adol finds another ancient-looking bracelet, this time with an emerald setting. When he places it on his wrist, he feels an entirely new power coursing through his veins. At that moment, the sorcerer, Dularn, makes another appearance, simply leaving Adol with a few words of warning before once again vanishing from sight.

Adol doubles back after acquiring this bracelet, only to be attacked from behind by a vicious firewyrm. The battle gets quite heated (both literally and figuratively), but with a new wind power at his disposal, Adol ultimately emerges the victor.

Adol enters a wide, open cavern that seems to suggest he's closing in on the exit to this fiery maze. He rushes forward, only to find himself confronted by a massive, winged monster. Upon its defeat, it drops a statue very similar to the one found in the Tigray Quarry.

Successfully escaping the Zone of Lava, Adol finds Chester lying in wait for him. Chester demands Adol hand over the two statues, and is clearly willing to bring harm to him if he doesn't. It's at this point that Elena and Dogi show up. Elena confronts Chester, desperate to know why he hasn't contacted her even once in the last six months. Chester shrugs off the question by coldly dismissing his sister as a chain that's held him back for far too long. He then takes leave-- WITHOUT the statues. On his way out, he says his goodbyes to Dogi as well, accompanied to a warning not to interfere with his plans.


~ The Abandoned Mine ~

Adol once again returns to the mayor's house to sort out what exactly is happening. So far, all anyone knows is that Count McGuire is seeking statues, and using Chester to get them. The reason for this is unclear, but it does seem as if the two statues Adol found are in some way vital to McGuire's grand scheme. Dewey claims to have seen these statues once before, and on reflection, he recalls that they were part of a fresco painted on the wall in an old abandoned mine at the bottom of the Tigray Quarry. The assembly convenes as Bishop Nikolas elects to lobby for Father Pierre's release at the castle, Dogi sets off for the Elderm Mountains again to ask if his master might be able to shed some light on this mystery, and Adol-- ever the hero-- agrees to investigate the abandoned mine for any clues to the purpose of these ominous statues.

In no time at all, Adol discovers the fresco. He reaches out to touch it, and suddenly hears a voice speak to him from within. The voice belongs to an ancient warrior named Genos who believes Adol the successor to his mission and grants him numerous powers. Genos also reveals the nature of the statues: They seal away a being of evil that once ravaged the land of Felghana, and their power must not fall into the wrong hands. There are four statues in total, and the last two may be found within the abandoned mine and high atop a mountain, respectively.

Within the deepest chamber of the abandoned mine, Adol discovers a crystal that moves as if alive. On closer inspection, he learns that it actually is! The ground rumbles and tentacles pop out, intent on making Adol breathe his last. After a harrowing battle with the creature in the crystal, Adol predictably uncovers the third statue, and makes his way back out from these uncomfortable depths.


~ Atop the Icy Peaks ~

Adol returns to the mayor's house with his newly-unearthed statue and finds Father Pierre there, safe and sound. After all parties are filled in on the events that have occurred, the mayor confirms Adol's story by way of an old local legend that claims an ancient evil named Galbalan once terrorized the land, but was ultimately sealed away by a hero named Genos. It seems to match well with what Adol heard in the abandoned mine. The mayor then goes on to reveal that there exists an island just off-shore called 'Genos Island,' upon which a village once stood-- until all its residents were wiped out by a mysterious disease. Sadly, that seems to be all Mayor Edgar knows on the subject. He suggests Adol consult with Dogi's old master, Berhardt, in his lone shack along the trails of the sacred Elderm Mountains.

Adol's climb up the mountainside is interrupted by another random appearance by the sorcerer, Dularn, who summons three flying succubi to end his life. Adol makes quick work of the sisters, however, and Dularn vanishes once more, leaving behind only cries of incredulity.

At long last, Adol meets with Berhardt in his mountain shack, and is assured that the legend of Genos and Galbalan is no myth. Berhardt recounts the entire legend, and posits that the four statues may have some relation to the monsters that began appearing in Felghana one year ago. He also believes that McGuire's goal in finding these statues may be to control the monsters, creating a loyal army to do his bidding (though the idea, he feels, is utterly ludicrous). Berhardt then confirms that yes, there is likely to be one final statue hidden somewhere within these very mountains, and Dogi has already set out into the mountain caves in search of it. Adol, unsurprisingly, elects to go in after him.

Adol finds Dogi within the caves, standing at the foot of a deep crevasse, unsure how to get across. It's much too wide for a normal jump to suffice...

Using the power of the Ventus Bracelet, Adol is able to cross the large gap-- though Dogi is left behind. Adol is thus asked to continue the search in Dogi's place, and Dogi tosses him another bracelet found along the way. This bracelet is like the other two, but with a topaz setting. Adol places it on his wrist, and once again, feels a new power welling up from within him.

In the deepest part of the Elderm Mountains' iciest cavern, Adol finds himself face-to-face with only an enormous block of ice. Seemingly a dead-end, he idly walks toward the block, only to have the dragon that dwells within sense his presence and break free, launching into a fearsome assault with its sharp fangs and magic-like manipulation of icicles. Adol narrowly defeats this opponent, however, and lays claim to the fourth and final statue sealing Galbalan's power.

Shortly after obtaining this last statue, the earth trembles, and a cave-in traps Adol inside the icy cavern. Fortunately, the same cave-in created a temporary path for Dogi, leading him to Adol's would-be tomb. Using all his strength as Dogi the Wall-Crusher he bursts through the mound of solid stone blocking the exit, freeing Adol in what would later be known to historians as 'the usual manner.'

Upon their safe exit back onto the mountain slopes, Adol and Dogi encounter Chester, who had been lying in wait for them. Dogi takes this opportunity to ask a question that's been on his mind for some time-- namely, what does Chester REALLY intend to do with the statues? Dogi had seen through Chester's pretense, aware from the start that Chester could not possibly share McGuire's goals. Chester, impressed with Dogi's perceptiveness, reveals that he intends to get revenge on McGuire for the events of twelve years ago. Evidently, Chester and Elena were actually born on Genos Island, and are the only two survivors of its annihilation-- its residents were not killed by disease, but rather by undead monsters summoned into being by a sorcerer in McGuire's employ. Dogi, unsure how to react to this stunning revelation, attempts to convince Chester to find another way-- but Chester responds with his sword, stabbing Dogi quite unexpectedly. Adol is given an ultimatum: the statues, or Dogi's life. Fearing for his friend, he hands the statues to Chester and quickly carries the unconscious Dogi to Berhardt's shack for emergency medical treatment.

While Berhardt struggles to keep Dogi alive, Adol returns to town, only to find Gardner collapsed in front of the town gate. It seems a group of soldiers from Valestein Castle came attacking, and overwhelmed the old man. And most frighteningly of all, some of them managed to force their way into the town proper...


~ A Castle In Shambles ~

The first thing Adol sees as he rushes into town is a throng of wobbly soldiers surrounding Elena and Anya, slowly advancing upon them for the kill. Wasting no time, he bravely fights off the trained warriors, saving the two ladies from an untimely demise.

Adol joins the emergency meeting in Mayor Edgar's house and describes the events that transpired in the mountains, including all the details of Chester's past. Suddenly, the discussion is interrupted by Sister Nell, who rushes in to advise the mayor that Elena seems to have left town by herself, likely to chase after her brother in Valestein Castle. Adol feels partially responsible for driving Elena to this course of action, and volunteers to go bring her back-- in spite of the danger.

Adol finds Count McGuire's family locked in a tower high atop the castle's east wing. Apparently, Chester confined them there for their own safety, and told them all about the sins committed by their beloved count-- the husband and father they all adore.

Adol finds Bishop Nikolas locked in a tower high atop the castle's west wing. It seems Chester is attempting to use the caste's clock tower to release the power sealed within the statues. Evidently, the clock tower was built to harness spiritual energy and redirect it as needed, and its gears have already been used to spread a vile mist throughout the castle halls, turning all who come in contact with it into mindless, undead abominations.

After a lengthy trek through the waterway beneath the castle, Adol finally finds Elena locked away in a dark, dank dungeon. It seems she was successful in locating Chester, and now knows all about his plans for vengeance (as well as her own long-forgotten past). She strongly disagrees with his course of action, however, and begs Adol to stop him, before this tragedy escalates any further.

Adol climbs the clock tower and arrives at the castle keep in the nick of time. Chester is there, cruelly taunting McGuire before striking the final blow. He senses Adol's presence and initiates an attack, holding nothing back. His anger has taken over his mind, and he's more determined than ever to bring his vengeful desires to pass-- and anyone who dares interfere will be struck down without mercy! Still, despite this intensity, Adol proves the better swordsman, bringing Chester to his knees. McGuire sees this opening and takes it, scrambling up the stairs to the castle roof for dear life. Chester, realizing his target has fled, picks himself up and runs to the roof as well. Adol has no choice but to follow.

On the rooftop, Chester finally corners McGuire, disallowing any further distractions to the fulfillment of his vengeance. Ignoring Adol, he steadies his sword for the kill when a voice suddenly breaks the tension in the air-- Elena's voice! Rushing onto the scene, Elena once again tries to convince Chester to stop what he's doing. At first, her words seem to have no effect; but when she reveals that she now remembers the events of her past, Chester suddenly begins to hesitate. Elena continues, suggesting that perhaps what the deceased of Genos Island truly desire is not vengeance, but peace. It seems to be working-- Chester is backing down!

Suddenly, amidst this peaceful resolution to what's been a long, arduous ordeal, the earth begins to shake. Chester accuses McGuire of foul play, but the real culprit seems to be...Bishop Nikolas?! Appearing before the crowd, the heretical bishop reveals that he is the mastermind behind everything, and his fiendish scheme has reached its final stages. Apparently, he had been using both the count and Chester all this time, preparing to resurrect the one and only true god (as far as he's concerned): Galbalan. Chester, filled with renewed vitriol at this revelation, lunges at Bishop Nikolas, but is blocked by a magic shield. In desperation, he draws the word once wielded by Genos and uses it to successfully destroy Nikolas' shield-- but when he runs in for the kill, he's swatted away by Dularn, who unexpectedly appears in his path. Adol then takes Chester's place, but finds himself no match for Nikolas' true power. With all present helpless before him, Nikolas reveals that he needs a descendant of Genos to complete the resurrection, and begins to leave with the unconscious Chester in tow. Elena calls out, however, convincing him to take her in Chester's place. And with that, Nikolas, Dularn and Elena all vanish from the scene...


~ Old Wounds Reopened ~

Adol brings Chester back to town and informs Mayor Edgar and Father Pierre of the situation as it currently stands. Dumbfounded, the two of them begin to wallow in hopelessness and despair until Berhardt suddenly walks through the door. Immediately taking charge, Berhardt agrees to help Mayor Edgar protect the town, and advises Adol to head for Genos Island, informing him that the small boat he and Dogi used to set sail for Felghana should be adequate to make the journey.

Before leaving for the final confrontation, Adol stops in to see Chester, who is now extremely remorseful for his actions. Chester gives Adol the Brave Sword once wielded by Genos, and asks him to please save Elena.

Adol makes the short journey to the dock at the other end of Felghana, whereupon he encounters Dogi. Still recovering from his wounds, Dogi should be resting-- but instead, he's been waiting here for Adol, quite insistent that Adol could never make the trip to Genos Island without his expert seafaring skills. Despite Adol's objections, Dogi simply will not take no for an answer: He's coming along, no matter what!

Having safely traversed the rough waters of Sienna Bay, Adol and Dogi arrive on Genos Island intact. Unfortunately, Dogi's wounds get the better of him almost as soon as he steps off the boat. He falls unconscious, but not before telling Adol to go on without him. Adol moves his friend to a safe location, then proceeds alone into the Dark Shrine behind the ruins of the island's once-thriving village.

Just before entering the Dark Shrine, Adol encounters an old foe: the sorcerer, Dularn. Except this time, she's come without her mask, revealing herself to be none other than Sister Nell! The sister in unwilling to allow Adol to further disrupt the plans of her master and beloved, Nikolas Garland, and has decided that this will be their final confrontation. She attacks with every skill at her disposal, but Adol's mastery of combat puts her in her place. With her dying words, she expresses regret for her many sins, but also claims to finally feel a sense of peace. With that, her life slips away, and Adol continues into the shrine unhindered.

After navigating the labyrinth of the Dark Shrine, Adol finally comes face-to-face with Nikolas Garland. Garland makes light of Sister Nell's death and rambles maniacally about the power and majesty of the one true god. He then fully unveils the demented body he created for himself at the Illburns Ruins, and attacks Adol with every intent to kill. Wielding the mighty Brave Sword, however, good triumphs over evil, and Garland is defeated.

Adol proceeds down into the core of the Dark Shrine, eventually finding the ritual platform upon which Elena is bound. Elena's life force seems to be feeding into Galbalan's body, ultimately causing it to awaken. As soon as it opens its eyes, it notices the sword in Adol's hand, and makes its hatred of Genos known with an ominous, booming voice. It then begins describing its evil ambitions until Chester suddenly leaps onto the scene, freeing Elena from her bindings with a single slash. Taking the chance Chester has granted him, Adol jumps into action, fighting the hideous creature head-on...and actually winning! But the battle isn't over-- Galbalan has been temporarily incapacitated, but its resurrection is still slowly continuing. Chester seems to have an idea, however, and leads Adol and Elena to the exit plate, insisting they leave ahead of him.

His plan? He intends to sacrifice himself to blow up the entire island, taking Galbalan with it. Elena disagrees with this course of action, insisting that there must be another way. She refuses to allow Chester to go through with it-- so Chester punches her in just the right spot to knock her out, then clumsily hands her unconscious body to Adol. He asks Adol to please get her to safety, and watch over her after he's departed...

For the rest of the ending... you'll just have to experience it yourself!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Which game in the Ys series is this?
    • 3. This is a complete remake of Ys III: Wanderers from Ys from the Turbografx / SNES / Genesis. I personally loved the original, and was completely overwhelmed with excitement when this was released. It perfects Ys III in every way possible.

  • Should I play this game if I already played the original?
    • YES! ONE MILLION TIMES YES! If you liked the original, then you'll love this.

  • But I really hated the original... Is this version any better??
    • In all honesty, this game isn't even COMPARABLE on terms of how good it is. Everything was revamped from the ground up, so the only parts that like the new game to the old is the story and music, and even then, both of those were greatly improved upon.

  • Should I play this on Steam or the PSP?
    • Honestly? Both, if you have access to them. They both have something the other doesn't, so it's definitely worth playing both to get the entire experience (see below for the differences.) If you don't have one or the other, then you'll be fine with the one you have. If you don't have either, go with the cheapest solution, if money's an issue.

  • What are the differences between the Steam version and PSP version?
    • They're virtually the same exact game, just with very small differences:
      • The PSP version has Voice Acting (EXCELLENT voice acting, if you ask me.)
      • The PSP version has Double-Boost, which is an even longer/stronger version of Boost that also heals Adol while fighting.
      • The PSP version has New Game+, which allows you to carry over certain boosts from your previous game to a new playthrough, depending on what difficulty level you beat the game.
      • The PSP version allows you to select the soundtrack that plays during the game, whether it be the excellent new remixed tracks (that play in both the PSP and PC versions), or the older tracks that played in the ORIGINAL PC versions of the game.
      • The PSP version has an Art Gallery that you can unlock as you complete the game and Time Attack.
      • The PSP version has a cheat code that you can use in Time Attack to max out your stats. You can also do the Boss Rush in Very Easy and Easy, which you cannot in the Steam Version.
      • The PSP version has a "Change Accessory" button for rotating through your Accessories quickly.
      • The PSP version has a couple of minor, unimportant treasures given to you that the PC version doesn't have.

      • The Steam version has blood spatter when killing enemies (which can be disabled, if you like.)
      • The Steam version has Achievements for completing certain tasks, much like a PS3 or XBOX 360 title.
      • The Steam version has MUCH higher resolutions and overall, it looks absolutely stunning with all of the enhancements added.

  • Why didn't they use the PSP version for the PC port?
    • The PC version was actually released first in Japan in 2005; the version on Steam is a direct translation of that PC version, whereas the PSP version was upgraded and ported from the PC to the PSP.



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