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Ragna the Bloodedge by force_edge

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 10/08/09

Ragna=the=Bloodedge - Guide

Note: The wall of Xs below is purely for my formatting reference.

[79 Charlizards]


About Ragna & The Guide
Updates (Self reference)
Numerical Notation Explained
Pros & Cons
Distortion Drives
Combos and Combo Ideas

About Ragna & The Guide

Ragna is the poster boy for Arc Sys' latest fighting game, BlazBlue. 
As BlazBlue is a spiritual successor to Arc Sys' legendary Guilty Gear series, 
Ragna is a BB amalgation of GG's Sol and Order Sol, if you haven't already 
noticed. They look similar, play similar, and even have very similar moves.

I intend for this guide to be a constant work-in-progress. Even as I play, 
I'm still constantly learning new things about Raggie, and refining my opinions 
about old things. As such, there may likely be inaccuracies within; I'll 
correct them as I learn more about the game, and Ragna.

This guide assumes you already know BlazBlue basics, and general fighting 
game terms.

This guide was last updated: 8th October, 2009.


(Note: This section is more for self reference than anything else)

I've decided to add in a little updates section just for fun, so the guide can 
look a little more professional. Ha. Anyways, I'm adding this in as of the 8th 
of October, 2009, so I already missed quite a few major updates. Whatever.

8th October 2009 - Updated move properties, cleaned up the normals 

Numerical Notation Explained

It has come to my attention that some new players reading the guide might 
not understand the numerical notation used within, which is perfectly 
understandable. Well, fret not! I'll cover it right here, before you even begin 
reading anything with numbers in it.

So, what is this numerical notations I speak of? If you scroll further down 
for a quick look, you'll find that I list move commands like 623D, or 6A, or 
3C. To understand these commands, simply look to the number pad on the right 
of your keyboard, or look for a picture of one on the internet. It will look 
something like this:

7  8  9
4  5  6
1  2  3

The key to reading the numerical notation is to simply imagine the 8-way 
directional input system on any fighting game control or any of the standard 
console controllers today, onto the number pad. So, imagine that the numbers 
correspond to the different directions you can press. You should form a 
mental image that looks something like this:

7       8       9
   \     |     /
     \   |   /
       \ | /
4  --- 5 --- 6
       / | \
     /   |   \
   /     |     \
1       2       3

(I'm aware that the diagram looks like crap =/)

Well, if you can get past my crappy representation, then basically:

5 is simply neutral. Meaning you do not have to push your stick/d-pad in any 
directions at all (so in this case your character would be standing upright).

8 is neutral up. Meaning you push up on your stick/d-pad without any left or 
right directions.

4 is neutral back. Meaning you push back on your stick/d-pad without jumping 
or crouching.

6 is neutral forward. Meaning you push forward on your stick/d-pad without 
jumping or crouching.

2 is neutral downward. Meaning you push forward on your stick/d-pad without 
jumping or crouching.

So with that in mind, a 7 refers to up-back, 3 refers to down-forward, and 
so on and so forth.

Easy enough, yeah? Don't fret if it takes you some time to read it. Constant 
exposure will leave you reading it like a second language in no time.

Pros & Cons


+ Easy to pick up
+ Isn't particularly weak in any area (except maybe against Arakune/v-13)
+ Bread 'n' Butter combos are really simple to perform
+ Chipping normals


- Isn't particularly strong in any area
- Can get really boring after awhile (from experience, trust me)



5A - Simple standing jab. JC-able. Raggie's fastest move in 
terms of start up (5 franes). Also one of his best on block (-2 frames). Use 
this for poking purposes. 
[Damage: 165]

6A - Short ranged uppercut. Raggie's standard AA. 6A's hitbox isn't 
particularly big, but it works ok most of the time. Launches on normal or CH. 
JC-able, both on block and on hit. 5B combos into this. 
[Damage: 620]

2A - Low jab. Fast poking tool, but lacks range. It starts up slightly slower 
than 5A (7 frames), but has the same on block (-2 frames). Your other choice 
of a quick poke. Use it to punish blocked moves which don't have much 
recovery for the opponent.
[Damage: 150]

j.A - Aerial jab. Again, an expected lack of range here. However, it's fast 
enough (7 frames) to use as a quick air to air poke, but don't expect much. 
[Damage: 180]


5B - Simple standing kick. Standard ground combo starter or 
relaunch starter, and also excellent to poke with given its superb range. As 
said earlier, 5B combos into 6A. You can 5B, 6A for relaunching off certain 
moves (explained more below). For the times when 6A won't connect, you can 5B 
into Inferno Divider to finish relaunch combos. [Damage: 640]

6B - Overhead kick. You can mix-up with this, but it's rather slow; don't rely 
on this mix-up too often lest you become too predictable with it. Combos into 
5C, then 6C, which you can then combo into any variation of an air BnB 
(crouching opponents only). You can also combo into any ground BnB. 
[Damage: 720]

2B - Crouching kick. Combos into 3C, making it a decent and quick low poke. 
Also used to relaunch opponent after a 3C, by using 2B, 5C (only the 5C can be 
JC-ed in this case). As a low poke, can be used when you don't want to get 
too near for 2A.
[Damage: 480]

j.B - Aerial kick. While it isn't great for air to air, the strange thing is 
that the move's hitbox actually extends to behind Raggie, which means you can 
cross up with j.B. Pretty useful at times. It's also faster than j.C, so use 
it in situations where j.C will be too slow to combo. [Damage: 560]


5C - A downward sword slash that, for some reason, is capable of relaunching. 
Shrug. Weird, but very useful move. Can relaunch after 2D, and after 2B if 
you've downed the opponent with 3C. Combo into Hell's Fang from this if you 
think 5D will whiff. Note that 5C will ONLY be JC-able on hit. [Damage: 710]

6C - Raggie pokes low with the blade, then flicks it up to launch the 
opponent. JC-able and DC-able both on block and on hit. You can combo 
into this from 6B, 5C, then DC after the second hit, but note that 5C will 
only combo from 6B on hit. If you don't want to DC into 6A then air combo, 
just end with Gauntlet Hades into Keri Age after the second hit, or Hell's 
Fang into Tsuika after the first hit.
[Damage: 640+760]

2C - Raggie does a low horizontal swipe with his sword. Mainly used as combo 
filler after 5B/2B. [Damage: 780]

3C - A low sweeping kick. You can combo into this from 5B/2B/5C/2C. After 3C, 
either pick them off the ground with 22C into extended ground combo, or 
relaunch with 2B, 5C. 3C itself can be JC'ed both on block and on hit. 
[Damage: 720]

j.C - Aerial downward slash. Ragna's best jump in. Use it from a slight 
range though; it can be beaten out with AAs if you're too close vertically. 
[Damage: 680]


Note: Ragna's Drive ability goes by the funky name of "Soul Eater". This means 
that all D attacks steal life on hit. AKA: Chip on block. Yep, Raggie's got 
chipping normals. Although they don't steal much, they can and will kill 
people by eating at the opponent's one pixel life. D attacks are very useful 
when the opponent is low on life and playing defensively.

5D - Raggie lifts the sword high, then slams it down. Usually used as a combo 
filler before Hell's Fang/Gauntlet Hades. You can also combo 22C after 5D if 
the opponent is close enough. Also, certain combos only work if you cancel 
the first hit of 5D into specials. In Blood Kain mode, 5D can be looped by 
DC-ing after the second hit. 5D is DC-able on both hits, but the timing for 
DC-ing the first hit is very specific. For a good visual cue, try DC-ing when 
his sword comes back down for the second hit.
[Damage: 680+950]

6D - Raggie jumps with his back and sword toward the opponent, then he 
flings the sword over his shoulder for the hit. 6D is usually used off a RC'ed 
Hell's Fang as it comboes directly into j.D (and only j.D), and then into 5B 
etc etc, or you can use 6D, then j.D on an airbone opponent when he's near the 
ground. [Damage: 750]

2D - Raggie stabs his sword downwards. Knocks down. You can combo into this 
from 5C, but only on a crouching opponent. Thereafter, you can relaunch after 
the KD with 5C into a JC'ed air BnB or a two-rep Hell's Fang loop. While not 
exactly spammable, you can throw this out at times to catch an opponent off 
guard in a blockstring, since on hit, you're guaranteed a free air BnB. The 
standard air BnB will usually work, but on smaller/lighter characters, might 
whiff. Try using j.A or j.B to start. On CH, 2D will ground bounce the 
opponent, eliminating the need for a 5C relaunch. [Damage: 750]

j.D - An upward slice with his sword. With a good hitbox but slow 
startup (13 frames), j.D is more ideal for a premeditated air to air 
attack rather than on reaction. On air CH, you can quickly jump up 
for a quick air BnB. If you combo into this from 6D, regardless of 
whether on hit or on block, you gain jump and air dash options 
equivalent to you having landed this in a single jump (since 6D's 
airborne movement counts as one jump).
[Damage: 720]


B+C - Lifting the opponent upwards, Raggie stabs at them with his sword. 
Special-cancelable after the stab. You can combo into Gauntlet Hades, Keri 
Age, then 5B or 5C into the appropriate followup. [Damage: 1200]

4B+C - Grabbing his prey, Raggie slams 'em down ont he floor before giving 
them an uppercut over his shoulder. Special-cancelable after the uppercut. 
You can SJC into an air BnB after this or combo into Gauntlet Hades, Keri Age, 
5B etc.
[Damage: 1100]

j.B+C - Raggie grabs 'em mid-air, before kicking them away. Can combo into 
Gauntlet Hades or Inferno Divider depending on distance to wall. [Damage: 1100]


Note: Any command special performed with the D button will life-leech on 
hit/block. Moves with * before their names are follow-ups; they can only be 
performed immediately after using the move before them.

Hell's Fang [214A] - AKA Order Sol's Rock It. Straightforward dashing punch 
thingy. Has very good range, so you can use it as a calculated poke. At -4 
frames on block, this is Raggie's second safest non BK-ed special. If 
blocked, you can throw out a C-Inferno Divider if you think they will try 
to grab you; the ID will cleanly beat out the throw due to invincibility 
Has a follow-up in... 
[Damage: 730]

*Tsuika [214D] - Follow-up for Hell's Fang, Raggie scoops up a handful of dark 
energy off and hurls it at the opponent. A standard combo ender after Hell's 
Fang, unless Hell's Fang is used against the wall against an airborne opponent 
(discussed more below). Will obviously leech life on hit/block. 
[Damage: 950 (Blood Kain Mode - 1150)]

Inferno Divider [623C/D](Can be performed in the air) - Like any self 
respecting main character in a 2D fighter, Raggie has his own Dragon 
Punch-esque move, the Inferno Dividaaa! Unlike Sol's DP, I believe that ID has 
a slower startup, making it more risky to use on wake-up. The D version 
life-leeches on hit/block, but the C version has more combo possibilites when 
used off the ground. More about this below. So use the D version for combo 
ending, and the C for beating out grounded stuff. Interestingly, ID has a 
bunch of follow-ups as well, namely... 
[Damage (C-version): 420+460 (both ground and air)]
[Damage (D-version): 440+440 (Blood Kain Mode - 720+720) (both ground and air)]

*Upper [236C after ID] - Just a single upward punch, which can be followed-up 
with... [Damage: 310]

*Yoko Fukitobashi [236C after Upper] - AKA Sol's Sidewinder. Unlike 
Sidewinder, Yoko will always "clean hit", or wall bounce on hit. This is the 
"more combo possibilities" I mentioned above; it is possible to relaunch after 
this, but only under specific circumstances. Read below please. [Damage: 400]


*Kakato Otoshi [214C after Upper] - Downward kick after Upper, more or 
less identical to Sol's VV follow-up. Knocks down on hit, although probably 
due to game physics, Raggie will drop slower to the ground as compared 
to Sol after his VV follow-up. Standard air combo finisher, at any rate. 
You gain jump and air dash options just like you would in a single jump 
after this.
[Damage: 480]

Gauntlet Hades [214B](Can be performed in the air) - Actually, upon closer 
look at the mook, this move looks like an ultra fast Bandit Bringer (Raggie 
leaps up and punches downwards with energy, for non-GG players). Like the 
lovely Bringer, it hits overhead as well Use this after moves like 6C or 4B+C 
for extended comboing purposes, or simply as an overhead. Has a follow-up 
[Damage: 950 (Mid Air - 720)]

*Keri Age [214D] - Raggie kicks upwards after Gauntlet Hades. Can be comboed 
into 5B, 6A when delayed. 
[Damage: 950 (Blood Kain Mode - 1150)]

Dead Spike [214D] - Raggie swings his sword around and creates a mouth of 
dark energy thingy that roars at you while screaming "DEADTO SPIKAAAAAH!". 
The secret of Dead Spike is that it is the ONLY move in Raggie's ENTIRE 
arsenal that has + frames on block (+3 to be exact). Use it to end 
blockstrings whenever possible for frame advantage.
[Damage: 700 (Blood Kain Mode - 400 x 3)]

It's Not Over Yet! [22C] - Reaching downards, Raggie picks up a grounded 
opponent and socks 'em in the tummy, giving extended combo opportunities. 
22C will only work at very close range. Interestingly, you can use this after 
the wallbounce off a grounded C Inferno Divider, but it's distance dependant 
(need to check more on this).
[Damage: 800 (Blood Kain Mode - 1000+3800)]

Distortion Drives

Carnage Scissors [632146D] - Raggie dashes at the opponent for a first hit 
with that sword of his, then unleashes more of his favorite dark energy 
thingy for a second hit. The second hit can be delayed by holding the D button, 
but if you hold D too long, the second hit will NOT come out at all. At any 
rate, Carnage Scissors has a tricky hitbox and will likely hit an opponent 
right above Raggie. [Damage: 1000+2100]

Blood Kain [214214D] - AKA Dragon Instaaaaaall! from Sol. Enhances 
Raggie's normals with damage, larger hitboxes, and techable times. 
Raggie loses health while in Blood Kain mode. Lasts for about 10 
seconds. Something interesting to note about Blood Kain, is that 
Ragna is completely invincible during the startup. So if you notice 
someone Bursting mid-combo, BK to negate their Burst and 
punish accordingly.

Eater of The Dark [214214D in BK] - Raggie's hand changes into a red claw 
thingy while he grabs the opponent. He then unleashes a large amount of his 
dark energy thingy into them. When the Distortion ends, Raggie gains back a 
HUGE chunk of life, easily half life or slightly more. A vastly rewarding 
Distortion when you're desperate, because on hit, you've usually as good as 
won the match. [Damage: 6000!]

Note: You'll need 100% Tension to hit Eater; 50% for BK and 50% for the Eater 
itself. Just thought I'd mention it.

Astral Heat

Black Onslaught [214236C] - Following Sol and Order Sol's tradition of having 
really lame looking Instant Kills (or Astral Heats in this case), Raggie smacks 
the opponent once with his sword, stunning them, then his sword extends. He 
then smacks them again 6 times with the sword, then holds up the sword while 
it drains another 8 hits of life from them, before stabbing them in the gut 
(oh how original!) with the blade for a 16th, killing blow. 
[Damage: The mook says you die on hit. Aww.]

Combos and Combo Ideas

Ok time to get this section going! While I'm going to post up some combos, 
I encourage you to explore your own combos. You're of course welcome to use 
these, but part of the fun of playing a fighter like BB is to explore the 
gatlings and work your way from there. As such, I'll try my best to explain 
some good gatlings to utilize.

Note: I'm aware that I'll probably be repeating stuff from above, but *shrug*.

- 5B will be a very standard combo starter because of it's range. 5B happily 
chains to 5C, which then goes into Hell's Fang + Follow-up. You can throw in 
a 5D in there, but only at closer ranges will a 5D connect; if you're starting 
it from further away, just drop the 5D to go into 214A straightaway. This is 
arguably Raggie's MOST basic BnB, so learn it. 'sides, it's ridiculously easy.

- j.C will be your most utilized jump-in option. j.C will combo into 5B for 
his super easy BnB as listed above.

- As far as air BnBs go, you should most often use j.C, j.D, JC, j.C, j.D as 
it does the highest damage. However, as air combos are usually more situational 
than ground combos, you can drop the second j.C, or begin with j.B/j.B, j.C 
instead. It's up to you to figure out which is going to work when; however, 
please, don't start with j.A. There's absolutely no reason to.

- Relaunching may seem like a difficult concept, but it's pretty easy with 
Raggie. For relaunching off the ground, you only have 2B, 5C, or simply 5C 
alone. 2B, 5C works off a 3C, otherwise 5C will work off a 2D. Then go into 
any variation of the air BnB listed above.

- For relaunching an aerial opponent (usually off a the wallbounce follow-up 
to his DP), use 5B, 6A, into any air BnB (or just 6A alone without the 5B). 
Alternatively, 5B into another Inferno Dividaaa! will work just fine.

- 6B, being an overhead, is just begging to be used on crouching opponents. 
The thing with Raggie is, somehow, he's got combo options that ONLY work on 
crouchers, so these options will NOT combo on a standing opponent even if they 
look like they would. As far as 6B combos go, you really only have two 
variations to learn. 6B, 5C, then EITHER 6C or 2D. If you choose 6C, you DC 
after the second hit, run a little, then do an air BnB. You may run up and 6A 
them before the air BnB if you wish. If you choose 2D, then you relaunch them 
after the knockdown with 5C, then jump cancel and do an air BnB. Your choice, 
but I prefer 2D for it's easier input. 6C's DC takes some practice to get 
right, for some reason. If you don't wish to air BnB after the 6C you can 
simply do Gauntlet Hades + Follow-up.

- 22C is a strange little thing on it's own. Use it after any combo into 3C, 
2D, or 5D (these three options work as far as I know), then do another round 
of Raggie's ground BnB without any 5D. Note that you have to be close enough 
for 22C to work; otherwise, just relaunch using the above methods (I don't 
think 5D KD can relaunch though).

- The C version of Inferno Divider, when used from the ground, can eventually 
be comboed into the wallbounce follow-up that can be relaunched with 6A/5B. 
If this sounds confusing, basically what I'm saying is that in most situations 
you cannot relaunch from the wallbounce follow-up even if you combo into it. 
The only situation I'm aware of currently is by beginning with a C-Inferno 
Divider on the ground. After that, DELAY BOTH the 236C follow-ups (Upper and 
the wallbouncing forward punch) for a bit. This is because, AFAIK, the 
opponent doesn't remain untechable for long once the punch is landed, so you 
want to use the wallbouncing punch as low to the ground as possible, so you 
can land quickly for the 6A or 5B/6A relaunch.

[COMBOS] - Below are some combos you can start off with.

3C, 5D, 22C, 5B, 5C, 214A, 214D

5B, 5C, 3C, 2B, 5C, 5D, 214A, 214D

5B, 6A, 5C, 5D (1-hit), 214B, 214C, 5C, JC air combo

5B, 5C, 3C, 2B, 5C, JC air combo

4B+C, SJC air combo

B+C, 214B, 214D, 5C, JC air combo

CORNER - Far out 2D, 5C (for relaunch), 214A (NO FOLLOWUP), 
5A, 5B, 5D/JC air combo

CROUCHERS - 6B, 5C, 6C, 214B, 214D, 5B, 6A, JC air Combo

CROUCHERS - 6B, 5C, 2D, 5C, JC air combo

CROUCHERS - 6B, 5C, 2D, 5C, 214A, 5A, 5B, 5D, 214A, 214D.

623C, (delay), 236C, (delay), 236C, 6A, JC air combo

CORNER - 6B, 5C, 6C, Blood Kain, sj.D, JC, delayed j.D, 5D, DC, 6D, 
j.D, JC, j.D, 623D, 236C, 214C


- Final Ultima of DL.com for helping me identify the moves within the 
massive corner-only BK combo
- Akane of Round1 for helping me check/confirm all move names
- Edz of Round 1 for combo suggestions
- Kiske of Round 1 for a whole bunch of useful move properties
- The official Enterbrain mook (Arcadia Extra vol. 76) for BlazBlue, 
for move damages.


This guide is copyrighted to the user force_edge on GameFAQs, and 
is currently only allowed to be posted in GameFAQs and Round1.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

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