Figuring out what the command inputs do, and?

  1. So this question has been asked I know, but I have been searching and haven't seen the answer, so I'm gonna ask it myself. I've had the game for about three or four days, and I know the basic stuff. I can execute the A, B, C, and D attacks, I know what they're mapped to on the buttons, and I can move and use special 1 and 2. HOWEVER. There are some commands in the command list that have an icon that looks like the D-pad with either two of them connected with a line, or two of the buttons with a quarter circle between them, and a button with them. These do moves that I can't figure out how to execute, and they won't map to an input on the button layout screen. I thought the straight line would mean press both at the same time, and the quarter circle would mean press them in series, but I tried that with the buttons and just got the normal attack that button does. Some of these attacks are really necessary from what I've seen of certain characters (Carl, Rachel, Bang, just off the top of my head) and I would really like to move past the 'n00b' stage I'm at right now.

    User Info: Ragnarokreborn

    Ragnarokreborn - 3 years ago

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