How to get the Overlord title?

  1. I`m trying to get the Overlord title, but had no luck so far.
    Beat many Netherworld runs with enemies higher than 700.
    Did they change requirements, did I only have bad luck, or is it a Demon Lord mode only thing now?
    (in the Demon Lord mode I had no luck so far, only low level Netherworlds...)

    User Info: nroejb

    nroejb - 8 years ago


  1. If I remember the original game right, you need to kill an Overlord above level 500 on every single of the first 9 floors and an Ovelord boss above level 1000 on the 10th floor.
    If even one floor doesn't have an Overlord it shouldn't work.
    Also, the Haniwa demons don't count.

    User Info: nroejb

    nroejb - 7 months ago 0   0

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